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A Flawed

The Allies Meet at Versailles
• Woodrow Wilson (US)
• Georges Clemenceau (France)
• David Llyod George (UK)
• Vittorio Orlando (Italy)
Wilson’s Fourteen Points
• End to secret treaties
• Freedom of the seas
• Free trade
• Reduced national armies and navies
• Adjustment of colonial claims with fairness
towards colonial peoples.
Wilson’s Fourteen Points
• Points six through thirteen were specific
changes to borders and for the creation of
new nations.
– Self-Determination – people allowed to decide for
themselves under what government they wished
to live.
• Fourteenth Point – the establishment of the
League of Nations
New Nations Created
• Austria, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, and
Yugoslavia created from the Austria-Hungarian
New Nations Created
• Ottoman’s forced to give up most of their
– Palestine, Iraq, Transjordan, Syria, and Lebanon
New Nations Created
• Russia lost land as well:
– Romania and Poland gained
Russian land
– Finland, Estonia, Latvia, and
The Treaty of Versailles
• Creation of the League of Nations
– International Peace Organization
– Germany and Russia excluded from the League
The Treaty of Versailles
• Territorial Losses
– Germany loses the Alsace-Lorraine region
– French border extended to the west bank of the
Rhine River
– Germany surrenders all of its overseas colonies in
Africa and the Pacific
The Treaty of Versailles
• Military Restrictions
– Limits set on the size of the German Army
– Germany prohibited from importing or
manufacturing weapons or war materials.
– Germany forbidden to build or buy submarines or
have an air force.
The Treaty of Versailles
• War Guilt Clause
– Sole responsibility for the war placed on Germany
– Germany forced to pay $33 billion in reparations
over 30 years.
The Treaty of Versailles
• The Treaty of Versailles was rejected by the US
• Americans wanted to stay out of European
The Treaty of Versailles
• The Treaty created bitterness by the German
people against the Allies.
The Legacy of the War
• The extreme cost:
– 8.5 Million soldiers died
– 21 Million more wounded
– An entire generation of Europeans were wiped
• Economic Cost:
– $338 Billion
– Farms, homes, villages, and towns destroyed
The Legacy of the War
World War I created the groundwork for World
War II!!!!!!!!