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Using the principal parts of verbs and the nouns in your vocabulary list,
find English derivatives for the following Latin words:

HINT: Latin words that have “ae” in the spelling will drop the “a”
before forming an English derivative; sometimes the “ae” becomes
an “i” in English

1.commoveo _________________________

2.paene + insula _________________________

3.eicio _________________________

4.emitto _________________________

5.incendium _________________________

6.opprimo _________________________

7. quaero _________________________

8.ornamenta _________________________

9.dubium _________________________

10. infirmus _________________________

II. Answer these questions:

1. If someone defenestrates themselves, what have they done?

2.Explain the name of the parietal lobe (in the brain).

3.Explain the connection between the Latin vis and its English
derivative violence.

4.What is vim, in English? What is its Latin ancestor? Can you

think of an expression that uses the word in English?
III. Using the Latin words in the word bank given here, derive English words
that complete the sentences below. There may be repeats or combinations:
1. Using an ___________________ device, the arsonist blew
up the fire engine.

2. The patients stayed in the ___________________ until

they were well enough to be sent home.

3. The detectives ___________________ the suspect, but he

would not confess.

4. Without a ___________________, the 76ers will win the

NBA championship this year.

5. We hung ___________________ on our Christmas tree.

6. A ___________________ is a piece of land that protrudes

into a body of water but is not completely surrounded by the

7. The knights went on a ___________________ for the Holy


8. There was great ___________________ in the streets

during the Los Angeles riots.

9. We tried, but were unable to ___________________ the

video from the VCR because it was stuck.

10. It was a good thing our landlord gave us a fire

___________________, because our toaster oven went up in
flames one day.

11. The heat was ___________________, and we were grateful

for the air conditioning.

12. On Halloween, when the clouds ___________________ the

moon, the night can become very spooky.