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Definitie: - reprezinta un determinant substantival care contribuie la realizarea intelesului unui

substantiv intr-o propozitie.

Tipuri de articole:
Articolul Hotarat - THE
Articolul Nehotarat - A / AN
Articolul zero (forma implicita sau neexprimata)

Articolul hotarat THE:

Cand folosim articolul hotarat THE?

- Inaintea unui substantiv care a mai fost mentionat in textul respectiv:
Exemplu: A man knocked at the door and a girl opened it. The man was her father.
- Inaintea substantivelor care sunt unice:
Exemplu: the moon, the earth, the star, the sun, the air
- Inaintea numeralelor ordinale:
Exemplu: the first, the second, the third, the twenty-first, the seventeenth
- In realizarea superlativului:
Exemplu: the best year, the youngest girl, the most important, the fastest, the tallest
- Inaintea substantivelor care reprezinta nume de colectivitati si institutii:
Exemplu: the army, the crowd, the government, the police, the parliament
- Inaintea unor nume proprii (nume de familie, muzee, teatre, ziare, hoteluri, etc):
Exemplu: the Browns, the Johns, the National Theatre, the Marriott Grand Hotel, the New
York Times, the Beatles
- Inaintea substantivelor care indica nume de locuri geografice, munti, fluvii, oceane, mari etc:
Exemplu: the Alps, the Atlantic, the Thames, the Danube, the Red Sea, the Sahara

Articolul nehotarat A / AN:

- Utilizam articolul nehotarat A:

Inaintea substantivelor care incep cu o consoana:
Exemple: a girl, a boy, a teacher, a family, a classroom
- Utilizam articolul nehotarat AN:
Inaintea substantivelor care incep cu o vocala (a, e, i, o, u):
Exemple: an elephant, an apple, an interview, an onion, an action

Articolul nehotarat - exceptii:

- Folosim articolul nehotarat AN inaintea unui substantiv care incepe cu litera "h", doar atunci
cand este vorba despre un "h mut".
Exemple: an hour, an honour
- Folosim articolul nehotarat A inaintea unui substantiv care incepe cu litera "u" sau grupul de
litere "eu", doar atunci cand acestea se pronunta ca "you"
Exemple: a European, a university, a unit

Cand folosim articolul nehotarat A/AN?

- Inaintea unui substantiv concret nedeterminat si numarabil:
Exemple: A boy entered into the classroom.
The reporter took an interview.
- Inaintea unui substantiv concret cu functia de nume predicativ:
Exemplu: She is a teacher.
Ronnie is an elephant.

Articolul zero

Nu folosim articol in urmatoarele situatii:

- Inaintea substantivelor care indica nume proprii la singular:
Exemplu: Paul is going to the school.
- Inaintea substantivelor care indica nume de tari, orase si limba acestora:
Exemple: France is a European country.
You speak English fluently.
Bucharest is the capital of Romania.
- In unele expresii invariabile:
Exemplu: by car, at school, in church, by train
- Inaintea substantivelor abstracte, care indica nume de culori, stiinte, arte, materii etc:
Exemplu: beauty, health, dinner, lunch, breakfast, truth, green, gold, silver, mathematics,

1. Completati cu a / an / the acolo unde este cazul:

___ woman
___ unit
___ United States of America
___ Johnsons
___ elephant
___ beauty
___ hour
___ Thames

2. Completati propozitiile din textul de mai jos cu a/an:

a) ___ old woman laughed at him.

b) ___ cat and ___ dog were in the kitchen.
c) I saw ___ elephant at the zoo.
d) It was ___ excellent movie.
e) She watched ___ TV show.

3. Completati cu a / an / the acolo unde este cazul:

Daniel is ___ teacher. He likes ___ Physics very much. He teaches at ___ Theoretical
Highschool from ___ Bucharest. ___pupils like him very much. One day, he decided to take
___ children to see ___ laboratory from another highschool. There, they made ___
experiment. All ___ children considered ___ experiment ___ most interesting they have ever

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