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Malaysian Primary Care Research Group Primary Care Medicine
Academy of Family Physicians of Malaysia University of Malaya

Date: 16th & 17th October 2010 (Saturday & Sunday)

Venue: Faculty of Medicine, University of Malaya (the exact location will be informed later)
Fee: RM 200 (non-MPCRG member); RM150 (MPCRG member)
Speakers: Prof Low Wah Yun, A/Prof Nik Sherina, A/Prof Ng Chirk Jenn, A/Prof Tong Seng Fah

Time Topics (Day 1) Topics (day 2)

9.00 am Qualitative research in primary care Computer assisted qualitative data analysis
software: NVivo as an example
9.30 am Qualitative research methodology: translating Hands-on exercise IV: Managing data using
theories into practice NVivo 8
10.00 am Common qualitative research methods I:
Conducting in-depth interviews
10.20 am Common qualitative research methods II:
Conducting focus group discussion
10.40 am Tea break Tea break
11.00 pm Hands-on exercise I: Writing a qualitative research paper: Nuts and
a. Developing a qualitative research question
Rigour in qualitative research
b. Selecting a qualitative research method
12.45 pm Lunch Lunch
2.00 pm Analysing qualitative data
• Registration is limited to 50
2.30 pm Hands-on exercise II: Familiarisation and Coding participants
3.30 pm Tea Break
4.00 pm Hands-on exercise III: Categorising and Forming
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themes and enjoy a special registration fee
(please visit AFPM website for registration form)
5.00 pm Q & A and Closing for Day 1
Workshop Registration Form
Name Preferred name on name tag
Address Registration fee: RM200.00 (non-MPCRG member)
RM150.00 (MPCRG member)
City Post code Mode of payment:
State □ Cheque/Bank Draft/Bank order made payable to:

“The Academy of Family Physicians of Malaysia”

Phone Email
Kindly pay before the workshop to ensure your place
□ check if payment made

Please contact: Secretariat (Attention to Ms Thilaga Annamalai)

Dr Mimi Omar Suite 4-3, 4th Floor,
Email: Medical Academies Of Malaysia,
210, Jalan Tun Razak 50400 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-40252900, Fax : 03-40246900

3 CME points will be awarded