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Rafea Sultana (Jhuma)

House No. 178 (Sugandha, 4th floor)
Road No. 4
Mohammadi Housing Limited
Mohammadpur, Dhaka.

Personal Details
1 Nickname: Jhuma
2 Date of Birth: 15th June, 1985
3 Blood group: O’ (positive)
4 Height: 4 ft. 11 inch
5 Weight: 44 kg.
6 Complexion: Moderate Fair
7 Academic Qualification: MA in TESOL (study on going), North South
BA (Hons) in English, Govt. Eden Girls’ College,
2009, stood Second Class 11th in the college.
HSC (Humanities group), 1st division, 2002.
SSC (Humanities group), 1st division, 2000.
8 Interests: Traveling, studying, listening songs and music.

Family Details
Father: Maolana Anisul Haque, Retired School Teacher
Mother: Fatema Begum, Homemaker
Village Address: Vill- Alexander, Thana- Ramgoti, District- Lakshmipur.

1. Hasan Mahmud, Lecturer of Statistics in Savar Model College
(Government MPO listed, Awarded ‘Best College’ in Dhaka district and
2nd in Dhaka zone in 2002) Mobile: 01553431077
2. Rahima Begum Ruma, Homemaker.
Husband: Huzzat Ullah Shahidi, Accounts Officer, Salatin Syndicate of
Petroleum under BPC, Motijheel C/A, Dhaka. Mobile: 01917738825
3. Rabea Begum Suma, Homemaker.
Husband: Hamidur Rahman Habib, B.Sc. teacher, Ghatail
Gonomaddhom High School, Tangail. Mob: 01817119462
4. Meshkat Raihan, student of BSc. Engineering (EEE), Cape Breton
University, Canada.
5. Rafea Sultana Jhuma
6. Salman Shakil Farhan, Seventh Semester, BBA, Asha University,
Dhaka. Mob:01914105203
7. Ariba Jahan Juthi, HSC, Science Group, Preparatory School & College,
Mohammadpur, Dhaka.

1. Md. Siddikur Rahman, English teacher, Balurchar Senior Madrasha.

2. Md. Shahjahan, Businessman.
3. Md. Shah Sekander, Businessman.
4. Md. Abdul Mannan, Madrasha Teacher.
5. Maolana Md. Ashrafuddin, teacher, Alexander Alia Madrasha.


1. Late Md. Shahabuddin, Ex-teacher.

2. Maolana Mushfiquddin, Police Department, Chittagong.
3. Md. Ziauddin, M.Sc. in Statistics, University of Chittagong,
Businessman, Dhaka.


1. Late Maolana Abdus Shahid, founder & life-long Principal, Alexander

Alia madrasha, Ramgoti, Lakshmipur.
2. Maolana Abdul Momen, Ex-Muhaddith, Alexander Alia madrasha, Peer
Sahib, Ramgoti Daira Sharif, Lakshmipur.
3. Md. Abdul Kuddus, Teacher and businessman.


1. Dr. Ridwan Ullah Shahidi (eldest cousin brother), MBBS, DCH, Child &
Medicine specialist, One of the founder doctors of IBN SINA, Authors of
QIMP & BMF (medical books for doctors), Ex VP- Chittagong Medical
College Students’ Union, Ph: 9673237
2. Rahmatullah Shahidi, B.Sc. Chief Marine Officer (Nautical).
3. Barakat Ullah Shahidi Niaz, MBA (CED), Cape Breton University, Nova
Scotia, Canada.