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Phillip E. Allen Douglas R. Holberg CMOS Analog Circuit ee Second Edition ra CE CE Aa Cana he cc isch ekki is eK niet ig eee ae ee Une ker all tortie a Ue are eadel eee er Phil and Doug have combined their expertise as engineers and academics to present a cutting-edge and Pen nicl tac a cae cae recut Mme Cet red # to mix the academic and practical viewpoints in a treatment that is neither superficial nor overly eerie! * to teach analog integrated circuit design with a hierarchically organized approach. eet Co een wae aac Rue cae aC eae eu ten years to industry members. Their needs and questions have greatly shaped the revision process, Suk ea ccek mre uence The trademark approach of Phil and Doug's textbook is its design recipes, which take readers step- Le Maelo ea Rec Roa eco ol Ue Rol) le eel re a hls Lote Coded De Rea eRe cum ace Coens circa oe eR CO ees mace eeu ee Raec ice Reus Scrum ett erent graduates and graduate students with background knowledge in basic electronics including biasing, eee Ree ue COR a Rete a Rc te an Oe Ul - Ree de reel oe ents a complete picture of design (including modeling, simulation, and testing) and enables readers to Peat sac ae eccueye FEATURES POC Ru Rieu Cul Sole a oo ea RUM cies teh Mele cso Mr Lalere ool) « Identifies common mistakes made by beginning designers ee uC aCe te cence cn ay * Contains numerous problems that can be used as homework, quiz, or exam problems SAN reel eM to oO oat eee lot Col ome co iC OCs eit ec nare cen ea ean cane ee a Rue ick aac ay materia A brief review of circuit analysis for CMOS analog design Re each eee enrno esr A summary of time-frequency domain relationships for second-order systems ABOUT THE AUTHORS Cn eae eae Cag aR Or a eter eee Sere MCR sal PRE ieee ee eR eee eS ce oe University, and currently teaches IC design at both Georgia Tech and in short courses worldwide. He is meee Ur eee RacVi ae cere Ment te Cer Riera eek Uae Award of Distinction from San Jose State University and the CASS Golden Jubilee Medal from IEEE. Pte ea eee ake ce ae ok eae dare a of Engineering and Chief Technical Officer. Prior to working at Cygnal, he worked at Cirrus Logic, Inc., Crystal Semiconductor Corp., Texas Micro Engineering, and Mostek Corp. He is an adjunct assistant professor at the University of Texas at Austin and an advisor on various technical boards in industry and Fee ME eee a eC Rd a ec Ll e000 OXFORD eg 3019541166 See) *TSeN 0-19- pite44-s CMOS Analog Circuit Design Second Eaton Contents gtr 2 es Techy TE 2 leo ens Rve Pee 18 1B mettornenane 96 2 pesmeompones BS ercomnnest OS Teer 4 U tiepundcestare 18 1 Siam utes cm ice Metin 12 Sipe os tape Spa ou SCELEVEL 1) 2 1M omtes ge spe Man Pana 79 BE seats sdtoaesos Tani 8 1 Compr Sma nt 92 16 Sooo wos at? 1 Seomey i Chapter 4 Ante m8 Societs TS 15 command ages 1 Mk ater 1 Chapter Scns empties 67 2 a s ‘Comat 8 ® Chapter & cm 0 a u u Chanter tyne 0 ” " fies 248 Comput Op ape 2 ‘espa Sg Op ne 2 ‘ewe jn ta Saye Op ape 286 Cae phaer 23 ‘Scents Op Ange 310 Mra Opa 33 mas ap Amps 381 Oy hg 3 rsp Op Awe 36 ‘aap Op ge 8 Monee Gp ge 3 Leese Opin 2 ee Chalet tenparts 418 u ‘Teedupe Opocy Compan 4 1 oerOpn tng Competes A tape oe reenact Opponent 1 hors mp8 cone ee a Chanter $ suited Cpa cies 482 AL sviteguiorceaie 1 Somes cer Atte 207 M1 Seniclometripat 39 1M Omiennn tee? 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ES Chapter 2 (CHOS Technology ———— ‘Sserotemseaanyenr eaves mets wm EE SS lon tmplanaton suerte ee a a Sh ee “Caen eis Sete Nee a eg Sem metals me be Oops 0 ie en vate Than Ss met ecnind Pitan anne anf aan nn sieaionamtamedesieaee av ti 8, aan) com SS Se ec ceca ak Teese om SSaceentata ae eee Tet Qos -anipnie sna EXOT eA MDH yn aes en eee aes at say eb ey a =f ve] Pa ciple enna ear tem) oon acing one ea ao et a8 88 aysumane Chapter 3 CHOS Device Modeling etapa sen inv) ee e+ a + SMS gy ronan) SES i -eaimmancnarmaten= Hit) = ncn pg cor RB esa ee cerca cute Heme a eek ” ea AVERETT Erwan 34 comer sano. a semen (Hee om enone E san = ir scan VR) vert) o sonsse( GF ne (E-ircka) secwnlta-w-(2aJme 0s Epa eenenes hie Same eee Sates ys urcunes Chapter 4 Analog CHOS Subcircuits seine apalpni ts duc emecnane or tancotor od (SP) ninefa-n wan oan IB > fuente tanecanscenterraeanees as VEE ee hate woo Eas coapeamensnoa mage Gs) CS) Ge) ce yy rent Aptana eT entewspsteten) ae Sentiment cece nny se Use A ae (tis) Qi) we r— = cies Chapter 5 CMOS Amplifiers h(n) = (tir —2) a a= Ha 09 Singhs ern eeteatent Ee eee a NTS san Vana * era esa Sacantdrg hacen mies wraps ne ote a Ibe p-ss Sz 1 PUES ‘et i tae ing oop ah Shy” rivesseonome aan en 20 Snen eeeeeeT Slceeeeromepeet gs eaten tated Nee ee aA ah aa am omens rm Hahn ah) vn avy EET pay two 19 sea (ov = ate tn ETT yy Ne oa =, Vat YY Min 13 128-fES BV seat marae anatase re rae eee eS LG PgOp Ss: Ruins igen Sima anata bb tae em 3B arama Stitttrapea, om OES OI OTE oe. cet ft aéshan TORT OEE cacaanas a nO arte rme erate Eoghan emicstacme tomate oom TORR as Huet, i poe ade 55 OUT ampcns weet Nate WV er ee a EEE edditraneisgar ers of TH spe gy ee wine oh ECE Smt xr eagurecrnes Setemtcppeptanash ant s y g eet ane a ne an Sceesce tegatana —— wi oo tiie oe ss chapter 6 HOS Operational Amplifiers fl OS sas ba ais Content p Age Donan See Saas Feencenteied 1. actor tbe onyten =a Se ga ue ope See eee ta See Sia Sgn mai owas Op ng Se eee Solanaceae (2)>(@) am matt eet pa eh 4 pin en SE =i Avonmtateson-(BSn), aan wren macnn (f-matanenas 09 meorcatae-neffonm~nien 0 een o- ort Gh Ta mc yl sg an aeomnalls woe une cpm nas or rg Hea Yan bts n ort 19D, en pay of eer hw aa we Ags te i tie ‘eee est ae tn et en somor-o(t)-a(3) oan Deine tenia =a 2. oust vasen- can SEEE amen Annis =00 Spey pet 0 ne SOE sna tak (3 Dekatite Tooter op Ame 278 ME gta tn ‘Swine gp oman Sinope ty ae Pa Eas 4 rven-suey wevcin aa OF TaL-SOe PS ‘pt pe in eo econ the Pt tage eee sen eta eos esate se pee indi Se Se ent an s Nirman can go - nnn eopniteegeman ames ese tamrgct techs Au ral | a S56 gee VETS Tes ot 5p me VERT ns ae pans ea nas pists tn ogee heres ge ee Som Ee a= (A thapter 7 High-Performance CHOS Op Amps wants Sn dete 9 tna De iver rene ta vi tend Op Amp Sareea ae Spey iea pate Taser gee Ma Nal = tat any z atone aK 12 me-sreuuctuen nas was Seieemeeeneenes ate te) gi Team toe eae ie see caren unos sae cance wmuscwy =e a et aT I 2 Clements 209s pera N9 =a Greaney one ae te Genco tance -n6e nent nthe le, Gans Ury cy as Groawnie maces manpuneiet io 30H noe se ome" Gut ae ee Garant send summenUtt ae cer eneie ocean Dagens 830 een ea a on a eon Eo C0 HH Vabveocws weary ese Gen mmxronexiea38 "owe wiser aise resus th eRe cit ath py RNC Sted p Age suhedaponpeen dene tung dog toteaneeamynd anceeaes Setanta aie (12 Ato C am SP sey S gesowesn, B-G)GSa) SGN al eae arene |, ean Gt Gt ett Ge conn oun = amon =e Cimcon eh ecm ty he Genome si) soma y= remit ary onanaan arto ns SS ern oye SioQictetplatce ean fa pt gaerne ~ pl 1 rene.-0Te ANS ‘Siecle of mats onder fDi Sgn recy conn) ama am ‘ep mp Opting nt Wea nen Regn 8 so Bethea Bae ak nae ieee ema em ae MEY gael Loma p Ape ing MOSFET: aL me, oo ope" Fone Tes (NAT oe a, saw ance ant 22 saan mgs 0190 [=a bap apap tenet =e vom =u 0 Lone op Amps ae } 14 Laman Sp hagt 8 U6 TMA ons ‘get macro ge ait ttcen wey Tee ‘Rirsnoaatempinscasegn ane natangeouinne nse towtnagept Sage Soper ieee eee ‘ag ls a3 Vas a Jo Seeman ists sceeetare a Sere emereeen ne ae om VOR Vea Eom ae bunt wnw See Unt 261 nerve ot tng te 58 tupPTeR 8 Comparators =D ee Seas Se en mur 82 Notas Open Comps seat SLIT oe eter omer elit wed aan po lee ta) l= aay SER ee ate rae iene iene eae eave eBRerestaeteghes an itt sd