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School Vision: Through a vertical team approach and collaboration, all schools in the Del Valle area will

produce a fluently
bilingual graduate who is a productive, responsible member of society prepared to enter a four-year college or university.
(Our school vision is in progress to be revised and changed this 2010-2011 school year)

Inquiry: What are the benefits of cultivating a positive school culture where teachers
collaborate, build trust, and build collegial relationships?

Goal: The purpose of this action research study is to improve the collegial culture at our

• Will it enhance teacher instruction?

• Will teachers take responsibility for each other?
• How will it affect faculty and staff?
• Do teacher attitudes transfer to students and how will it impact students?
• How will attitudes affect a teacher’s “well- being”?
• What kind of an impact will it have on administration?
• Will teachers take ownership and participate in sustaining a positive school culture?
• Will extrinsic motivational factors improve cohesiveness and spirited team(s)?

Outcomes Activities Resources/ Responsibilit Time Line Benchmarks/ Revisions

Research Tools y To Address Assessment to SIP/PIP
Needed Activities based on
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outcome of student surveys conducted through Action weeks of 2 survey outcomes
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surveys is students and and 8th grade Compare data develop
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