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Ngee Ann Secondary School

SPARKS Project-based Rubric

(Individual / Group Work)
Total marks = 15
Quality of Content (10 marks)

Criteria Beginning Accomplished Professional

1 3 5
Information gathering 1. Research 1. There is evidence 1. An in-depth research
gathering process of research gathering process.
- Data/Results very minimal. gathering process.
- Quality of 2. High level of
information 2. No evidence of information synthesis
2. Minimal attempt
para-phrasing made to synthesize displayed to suit the
information to suit information problem statement.
problem statement. gathered to suit the
problem statement.

References All references are At least 3 references At least 5 references are

online resources. No are from scientific from scientific journals /
references made from journals / articles / articles / books.
scientific books/ books.
articles etc

Product – Either Poster / Display Board / Newsletter (5 m)

Beginning Accomplished Professional

1 3 5
Presentation – 1. No overall theme 1. Evidence of 1. Presentation has a
Technical Design & for the final presentation with a theme with an overall
Creativity product. theme. professional look.
(appealing to
2. Little creativity 2. Moderate level of audience)
displayed in the creativity displayed in
presentation of the presentation of 2. High level of
research research creativity displayed
in the presentation of

Updated 27 August 2010