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Andy Warhol – Food Item Drawing


0 Beginning 1 2 Developing 3 4 Proficient 5

Food item is not fully Food item is mostly colored Food item is fully colored
Color colored, or lots of white with some white spaces with no white space. Colors
space is visible. Colors are showing. Colors may be dull or are bright and match the
dull and/or do not match lightly shaded. An attempt to original
original item. match colors to original item item chosen.
has been made.

It is not clear what the Image resembles original item. Image is realistic and
Image original food item is, or the Attempted to create letters, clearly resembles the
item chosen is not a food logos, shape, depth, and original. Lettering and
item. No letters or logos dimensions to match original. logos are properly spaces
are recreated. Image is flat and sized. The shape,
with no depth or depth, and dimensions
dimension. Shape does not match the viewer’s point of
resemble original. view.

No fine lining. Parts of the image are fined Image is fully fine lined
Details No shading or texture lined (item, letters, logos). (item, letters, logos).
added. Little or no shading or texture Shading and texture are
added. evident in the image.

No effort was made. Time, Some extra effort is noticeable. Extra details or ideas were
energy, and thought were The final product stands out added to the final product
Creativit not put into creating the amongst others. Appropriate that were not originally
art, or were not evident in use of time, energy, and asked for. Time, energy,
class time. thought were required to and thought are evident in
complete the piece and the art or were noticed
noticeable in class. during class time.

Overall Score _____ /20 = ______