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Product Internet Campaign

Description: Nov-Dec’08

Requirement Deadline: 6.11.2008

Why are we advertising? :

Ginger Hotel is promoting website as the primary medium of booking. This activity
is expected to build website traffic and further convert into business leads.

Background so far:

Ginger has got significant presence on internet domain. Advertising campaign that Ginger
runs are in the form of Search Engine Marketing, Banner Advertisement and E-mailers.

Banner and E-mailer Marketing in months of Nov’08 and Dec’08 is expected to increase web
traffic in the peak season when customer are looking out for various offers.

Who are we talking to (and what do we know about them)? :


 Gender: Male Primarily

 Age: 22-45 years

 Region: All Ginger Locations and major cities

 Education: Graduate/Post-Graduate

 Occupation: Working Professionals/Business/SMEs& Traders


 Stage in Family Life Cycle: Young at Heart, Single/married

What do we want them to think or do? :

Customer should get to know about the growing Ginger network and should induce customer
to try/sample Ginger Hotel on their next visit.

What should the advertising say? :

Advertisement should primarily communicate following two themes:

1. Attract leisure customers to book their stay at Ginger Hotel.
a. Weekend Traveler
b. Holiday planners
c. Packages staring at 750 Rs. per night on twin sharing basis
2. Ginger Network of 16 cities with following properties:
a. Bangalore
b. Mysore
c. Trivandrum
d. Pondicherry
e. Goa
f. Nashik
g. Pune
h. Vadodara
i. New delhi
j. Haridwar
k. Ludhiana
l. Pantnagar
m. Ahmadabad
n. Bhubaneshwar
o. Agartala
p. Durgapur
Advertisement will contain following mandatories:
1. Image(as per the communication)
2. Text (as per the communication)
3. Contact points:
a. Website link
4. Ginger Logo
5. A TATA Enterprise
What is the desired tone and manner of the advertising? :

- Smart and vibrant

- Quick and easy to read

- Informative

Creative Deliverables :

• Three creatives with following communications:

o Liesure

o Network

o Both Leisure and Network