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Mueller Messenger

Volume 2, Issue 6

September 24, 2010

What’s New?

September Character Trait is

Responsibility !!

Weekly Quizzes &Work

Thursday- Missouri map quiz Friday ~ Math Check Up, Spelling Test, Editing Quiz Daily- Reading towards 100 minutes for the week, DLR

Future Plans!

Sept. 27-Grandparents Day Oct. 5-Open House Oct. 12-Fall Picture Retakes Oct. 15-Book Fair, PBS Big Event for Students Oct. 22-No School

Reading Corner Reading strategies can be used at home, and will encourage your child to think about their reading. Engage your child in conversations. Communicating orally is a prerequisite to understanding the written word. Encourage and ask questions like “Why?”, “What would you have done?”, or “Who was your favorite character?” from a book or television show. Discussion can help all readers achieve success! HAPPY READING!!

Can the Tiger

It is time again to start thinking about “Canning the Tigers”. This year’s

district and community wide food drive will be held


11-15 .

Last year was such a huge success with our district schools

working together to help fill the shelves at Least of These with some much needed items. In 2009, our school and community were able to fill almost an entire U-Haul truck with food and toiletries to assist children and families in our Nixa community. The icing on the cake is that we collected more food than Ozark and thus were awarded the “Can Do” traveling trophy. Please help us earn that trophy for 2010 and fill the shelves of our local food pantry as Thanksgiving and the holidays are quickly approaching.

Websites of the Week

Reading passages with comprehension questions- use in place of your 20 minutes of reading!

Congratulations to our Merit award winner this week: Katelyn Piepmeier
Congratulations to our Merit
award winner this week:
Katelyn Piepmeier

What’s Coming Up?

Reading: Context Clues Writing: 6+1 trait: Ideas, Descriptive writing piece: Secret knowledge of Grown-ups Working With Words: too, favorite, into, governor, submarine, nighttime, doorbell, classroom, downstairs, classmate

Prefix: sub-

Suffix: -or, -ite

Blend: compound words

Math: factors and multiples, probability Social Studies: Missouri river, cities and surrounding states Quiz Thursday