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Justin Ole

I was born in Australia and have been
painting for over 25 years, selling my
works for the last 15. I spent my junior
school years growing up in Papua New
Guinea, I then moved to Cairns for High
School, I lived in Shenzhen and Fuzhou
and now reside in Guangzhou, but prior
to this spent 14 years living in the Torres
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Much of my art is cathartic, stylistically I
favor impressionistic backgrounds and
semi or super realistic subjects but I
don’t feel tied down to this and have a
number of favored forms, abstract and
mythoarchetype amongst them. As well I
also enjoy electronica and have internet
published some of my computer art.
Collectors have my artworks in the
Australian federal and state capitals as
well as China, Belgium, P.N.G., Vietnam
the USA and other countries.
I enjoy artistic challenges and
opportunities, having been appointed as
the international agent for 4 animation
houses in Shenzhen and Fuzhou ,
currently I am the Director of Marketing
with CWTC and executive member of the
NGO Oceania Transitions Foundation.
Li Wei Qiu
Ms Qiu (pronounced chew) is a senior
animator working with the major
animation houses in China, she has
worked on Disney, Jade and numerous
other well recognized animators projects
and works, as well as many famous
Japanese animation groups.
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Qiu was born in Gaungzhou (Canton)

Her interests also include photography
and art, she has traveled extensively
within China.
Her sense of style and line combined
with the ancient Chinese arts has lead to
a unique and beautiful style
as evidenced by her expression of form
and beauty in the works presented here.

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