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Club Mahindra is among India’s leading brands in the hospitality space with over 110,000 members.

Their senior leadership

team comprising Mr. Ramesh Ramanathan, Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Harinath, Head of Product Development and Mr.
Anirudh Haldar, Head of Marketing would like you to respond to the following issues:

What are the trends prevalent now which should define the destination strategy? Evolve a compre-
hensive destination strategy including the type of holiday, what to be put up, where the sequence.
(Wildlife, beaches, hill station, heritage etc) How to have a differentiated strategy that will appeal to
tomorrow’s consumers? How will the holiday market progress over the next 5 years? How do we
appeal to the green conscious consumers?

Vacation ownership has historically sold as a ‘push’ product. How should we transform this from a
push to pull product? How do we create a need for 25-year product? How do we build a brand with
revised packaging and bundling so that the consumer experiences sufficient pull and the product is
‘bought’ and not ‘sold’?


What should we do to satisfy all the needs of the Indian family comprising of many members with
different needs, who vacation together at our properties?


Are there any creative ways of segmenting the holiday market beyond the usual socio economic
segmentation that allows us to understand how the market will move and spot opportunities better?

Evolve and assess the opportunity for Club Mahindra in the following spaces that are ‘adjacent to the
current business:

a. Online travel
b. Hotel Management School
c. Branded Spas
d. Restaurants

Should we venture into these areas? If so why and how? What should be the roadmap for the busi-
ness so that it attends significant size in the medium term?

Pilgrimage tourism has historically been an integral part of Indian culture characterized by a strong
mindset of austerity, self-denial and giving. Is this going to change with the new pilgrimage consumer
having higher requirements for comfort, if so what should be the strategy and roadmap for Club Mahi-
ndra to lead the pilgrimage tourism market in India? Please provide a comprehensive blueprint includ-
ing the location, types of offering, marketing strategy, business plan etc to attain dominance in this