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AMAZING COWS 610.95 US. PAPERBACK (IGEN 978-0-76il-G2I4-8): $15.95 6. HARD COVER (IGEN 978-0-76I-G371-8) Frequently Asked Qow Stuff Q: Is “cow” really spelled with a Q? A: Possibly. Q: So what is Sandra Boynton’s new book Amazing Cows about? A: Frankly, we’ve been wondering that ourselves. Q: Is it perhaps a 96-page, lavishly-illustrated, exuberant miscellany of bovinely—inspired stories, jokes, poems, a gong, a myth, and even a vintage Amazing Cow comic book entitled “Trouble on Zebblor 7”? A: Why, yes! Good guess! Q: And who is the target audience? A: All kids, and algo any non-kid who admires cows and/or Boynton things. Q: Is it true that the book comes with a free download of a recording called “Boléro Completely Unraveled,” a 300-kazoo arrangement of Ravel’s renowned work, agsperformed by the Highly Irritating Orchestra? A: \Ne’re afraid so. a large cow here ¢ D tiong wouldn’t be room A: Well, a number of tually, yes, we did. FOR PUBLICITY nNGUIRIES, PLEASE CONTACT KIM HICKS ‘917-374-344 kInHeWwoRKMANZOM