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AMAZHIG COWS 610.95 US. PAPERBACK (ISBN 978-0-76i-O214-B} 15.95 LG. HARD COVER (ISBN 979-0-76N-O37-0) Sandqauyoymions ‘TaD DASHES OFF TO A NEARBY GOSET. An Interview with the Author @ Why did you want to write AMAZING COWS? ¢B: | felt | wag ready to move beyond chickens and pigs, to really take it to the next level. @: But aren’t there a number of pigs and chickens in this new book of yours? 98: Oh well, yes, an artist can’t Just leave chickens behind altogether. find of course the throughline of pigs in my work over the years is critical @ Describe your book. What’s in it, who ig it for? 38: Certainly. AMAZING COWS is a book with lots of amazing cows it I¥’g for people who like books with lots of amazing cows. @ What was the hardest part of writing this book? $8: Now and then, | would write something and suddenly realize it had maybe gome basis in reality. So then | had to carefully rework it until | was pretty certain that it was total nonsense. It takes vigilance and discipline. @: What advice do you have to writers who are Just starting out? 3B: Be yourself. Eat a balanced diet. Remember to say, “I love you.” @ There’s a free download that comes with the book. But it seems to actually have nothing at all to do with cows. Can you explain this? 98: [1's a full-length recording of Ravel’s “Boléro,” arranged for orchestra and kazoos.There’s a limerick in AMAZING COWS that mentions this performance, and so | thought it only fair to make the recording available. | imagine it will change people’s lives. Though not necessarily for the better. @ What’s next for you? Where do you go from here? $B: | don’t want to give too much away. It’s Just too goon. But, okay: Ducks. a peer aroeert Poeates Seay WoRkiaN PUBLISHING, 225 VARICK GTREET. MEW YORK 00's WWW. WOREMANLCOM