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“The hannutbing technique fr sugical hand preparation must be performed on perfect cea, dry hands. (On arta nthe operating theatre and ater having donned theatre thing (caphhalbonnet and mask, hands must be washed wi sap an wate. ‘Mer te operation when roving gloves, hands mus be rubed wit an lool based formulation or washed with soap and wate i any residual tor ilgica fds ae resent 9. the ges punctured), Surgical procedures maybe cared out one ater the citer wthou the ned fo handwashing, proved that the handubting tectnique fr sugial hand preparation i flowed (mages 11017, Putapprosiately Sm (3 doses) of Dip hefingetis of our right handin rages 3-7: Smear he hand on ‘eaho ased hand inthe gam of he hand to dezoniarnae under the the ight forearm upto the eon, yourle hand, using the ebow of your nals (5 seconds) Ensure thet the whole stn areas other am operate the eispenser ‘covered by using euler movements i ) NS, YY, ‘hash evaporated (10-15 seconds) ‘See legen for mage 3 See legend or mage 3 ‘See egent for nage 3 7 See legend or mage 3 Putapproxiately Smi (3 doses) of Dip the frgertps of your let hand inthe _Scoho/-based handubin he pa ot hand to decotaminate under the your ight hard using the ow of your nals (5 seconds) ‘tera fo operate he dsperser ‘Smear the hancrub onthe forearm Putagproximaely Si (3 ses) of ‘uptothe ebow. Ensure that the whole ‘leah based hand inthe pam of ken area is covered by using Grovar youre hand, using the eos of your ‘movements oud the forearm unt the ter ar to operate the dst. Rub hhandrub has uly evaporatod (10.15 both hans athe sare time upto the seconds) wrists, and ensure that al the tops e- presented in Images 12-17 ar followed (20.0 seconds) 2 ° Rg Cover he tole sutace ofthe hands Rub thebackofthelethand, inducing Rub palm agains aim back and forth Uuptothe wrist wih alechobasedhan- he ws, moving the ight palm back with ages interinkad dnb, ubbing palm against pain wiha and fot, and vice-versa rolaing movement Rub eback ofthe fingers by holding Rub te thurb ofthe ft handby rota When the hands are dy stele surgical themin he pan oft ober hand wih tngitin the dasped palm ofthe ight ching and gives can be domed asteways back and fot movement hand and vice versa ‘Repeat te aboveilustated sequence (average craton, 60sec) according io the nurberof ties cespondig to the otal uration recommended bythe manuiacuer or sul Nand preparaton wih an alcoho-based hand. Hand Hygiene Technique with Alcohol-Based Formulation Duration of the entire procedure: 20-30 seconds, ‘cctv a pant ofthe productina cupped hand, coverngallsufaces; ubhands palmtop: Wh i Oe Fights cveriett dorsum wit Palntopakn with frgersiniaed; Backs of rgers to opposing alms Inrtaed tng and ven aay rvs aaractaee / £8 ee i Oe Aatcral boing oti hur otatcral boing. bckwarde and Ona. yourhande ae cte, clasped nnigtpam and veeversa; Towards wit cusped roe of Ft ‘andi pam ana weo vere: Hand Hygiene Technique with Soap and Water Duration of the entre procedure: 40-60 seconds ‘BB wotrane nama Ay em exe tc up nance pam o pam; ” Nya "Xie Ea Eurpumoerencomimein Fame pamwentrgen ies: Sats of mays ozeere ame Inecad trgers " oe “Gh ry rand rerughy Use owelto uno vce: Your hands ae now cate. wnitvaine use tere