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Login Hamas: Israel Assassinated a Senior Hamas Commander in Dubai

By: cosmo on: 29.01.2010 [07:45 ] (213 reads)
Hamas should have been aware that the security in the ziouae both civil and military are run by a talmudist
zionists mati kovchavi`s company.
The Iranian intelligence is aware of all this and its weird that the Hamas guys went right into the trap.There
is no security in the ziouae for any person against the ziowest.
The ziouae should be treated there after too.
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Hamas: Israel Assassinated a Senior Hamas Commander in Dubai
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29/01/2010 Israel has assassinated a senior Hamas military commander in Dubai, an official in the
Support the Site Palestinian Islamic resistance group said on Friday.
Iraq-War board rules Mahmoud al-Mabhouh was killed on January 20, Izzat al-Rishq told Reuters in the Syrian capital
Damascus, but did not specify how the assassination was carried out.
Al-Mabhouh was suspected of having participated in the capture and subsequent killing of two Israeli
Iraq News occupation soldiers in 1989.
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Rishq said Mabhouh was an "important" member of Izz el-Din al-Qassam brigades, Hamas's military
Historical analysis &
wing named after a Syrian religious leader who fought British colonial forces in Palestine in the
facts 1930s.
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Economics He said Mabhouh, who had been living in Syria since 1989, was assassinated a day after he arrived
in Dubai but that Hamas could not say more at present about how he was killed.
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Rankings The report comes at a time when Israel and Hamas are in the midst of a crisis in negotiations over a
prisoner swap deal that would secure the release of captive occupation soldier Gilad Shalit.
German newspaper Der Spiegel reported earlier this week that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin
Netanyahu retracted his last offer to Hamas for a prisoner exchange deal.
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RSS feed for articles According to the newspaper's sources, the current state of affairs puts negotiations at risk of failure.
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