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Saturated fats aren͛t good for you because it can cause hear issues and make you really

unhealthy. Unsaturated fats are good for you because it gives you the perfect amount of fat

needed for your body and doesn͛t harm your body in any shape or form.

The percentage of fat that a food is, is how much percentage of fat is in that type of food.


We are doing this lab to see the amount of fat that͛s in a certain type of food.


-Acetone -Graduated cylinder

-Beaker-Petri dish



To perform this investigation I will have to weigh an empty beaker, record the weight of that

empty beaker. Then put 5g of food into the empty beaker and weigh it again with the food in it.

Next add 10 mL of acetone to the acetone into the beaker. Stir the food and acetone for about

one minute. Then allow it to settle for one minute. Pour only the acetone into the Petri dish.
Try not to get food in the Petri dish. Add another 10 mL of acetone into the beaker and repeat

steps 4 and 5. Place Petri dish in a well aired place. Allow beaker and Petri dish to dry for a day

or so.

Food Type Amount of Fat Extracted From Food, (Total g

of Fat In Food)
Butter Bagel 12%

Biscotti 22.6%


!  "

I think the highest percentage of fat will be in the McDonalds hash brown because it has

a lot of saturated fats.


In this lab I separated the fat of a BBQ cheese doodle to find the percentage that was

removed. My experiment didn͛t go as planned because the beaker with the food in it wasn͛t

measured correctly. Other classmates did do it correctly so their data was used for this

experiment. For example a butter bagel was measured and the amount of fat extracted from it

was 12%. Also Biscotti was measured and the amount of fat extracted from it was 22.6%. The

data that was found doesn͛t really make sense because although Biscotti may contain fat the

butter bagel should have had more fat than it. I͛m surprised the butter bagel didn͛t have more
fat than the Biscotti. To make sure that the data that we found was correct we can do it again

but this time more precise.