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R EVI S ED ED 1 Tf 0 NO EVE LC PM ENT A'" 0 ED ITI N G Thanks to lucy Autrey Wilson and Howard Roffman of lucas

BILL SLAVICSEK, CHRISTOPHER PERKINS licensing, Leland Chee, Pablo Hidalgo of lucesfllrn ltd" the designers of the West End Games editions for their fine work,

EDITORS and \0 all of the authors who have mntributed to the expanded


MAN .... G I '" G ED lTD R Special thanks to George Lucas for creating the Star Wars films in

KIM MOHAN the first place.




U -5-, o,NAl'JII

ASIA, PACIFIC. &, WIN AMEl!to,' Wilard~ 01 the Coast 1 no-

p,b. 8e>: 707

RenlM WA 9aOS1·011'l7 Qu.";~o,,,? 1·800·324,64%

EU Rep EAN H ElIDQUART1;RS Wi ~a rds 0/ the Co •• ~ Bel giu ill 1'.112llill 2600 B"",heill Belllium +32·70-23-32.·77






TIl i< d20~ '!y<;tem ~.ame utili zes mechanics develop.M / or !he new DUNrrE"~.' ORMON$ [!)lme by Jo~~lhan rw_, MOII!e Gool\, Sltip Williams.

Rij:h ard Sa ker, and Pe\er Adlriscn.



'Fhls WI1,Al1'" "F-rnr Co!l5T"' l!"!l1e 1'roduci Cantai"" ncopen Ga rne Co "len I. N a pc rtian 01 this "'" rk may ba rep rod u red in, .• ny form witho u L writte n p"rmr ss 1Dn.

To learn more ebcut th e Open Gami!,!! L'censl! and the d20 5y,,!em Ll",n~, ple'l,e "',II www.wil;ard~<;om/dlO.


a S 7 ij 5 4· 1 1 R,,! Pnnnni' May 100;2



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DUNI;rn"s •. O~GONS. RPO,A. WilA.O~ "f TliE COM'[; and the Wurd. 01 th-e Co$! 10&0 a rs regi.u:"'d rrademarksol WI .. rd. ar 111~ Cca.1, I no- The d20 S1S!l'1n logo "n d d20 ere Ir~d~ marks of Wizard; of tlje CqasL lnc,

[)i.tributed 10 the he bby. lOy. ilnd CD m iQ ,tad" 1 n the Un ilea St.,e, .md Can. d. by '''IIio n ~I d islli buto rs, Dblrib ut e .;l' In the United SIOlas I" the beck Ita de by Holtol;,inck I'1Jb~.hing. DisuibLile<l in C"~.d. 10 the book trade l>'t Fenn lid.








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An\, r"production cr unautho,;",d u se 01 the ""'Ill rial 0' a rtlIIio,k '" nillined h .,e1n [s prohibil1',d wi!hoLlII~e express written pemlission ·,,1 Wizard, 0/ Th., Ce,,,!, lne, 1111, p ,,,dud i. a we ik til Retio n, My slmil. rilV ta "Ltilal p"o,ple_ <>rgantnMo oS; plec es, Of events is purely ~Qin<idern.t

~ade In Til" U.S·A











Your Ability Scores_______________ 17

Ability McdifilOfS _ 17

The Abilities IB

Chi! n gin g Abili tv Scores _ _ _ _ __ _ 19


Choosing a Sp edes Species Ch a r'acteristitS Humans_

Boll1ans _

21 2.1 22 2.3 24 24 25

Gamorreans 26

26 27 2B 28 29 3D

Cereens , _


Ewoks _

Gungans _

Ithorians _


Mon Calamari_ __ _ _ __

Quarren _

Rodian-; _

Sullustans _________30

Trandoshans 31

Twi1eks 32

32 33

Wgokiees. _



The Classes _ _

aim and It'Vel So neses _

l!'llel"Depende fit Ben ~its _ _ _ Closs Descriptions. _ _ _ _

Gain i n g ~periencl.! and Ufvels _

Fringer _40

Nable ~.2

Scoundrel _ _ _ _ _ __ _ __ _ __ 45

Scout _ _ _ 47

Soldier __ _ _ 50

Tech Spedalist___ __ _ __ __ _ __ _ 52

Force Adl'PL 5~

Jedi Consulilf __ 57

SO 63

Jedi Guardian _

MuludaYS Characters _

~mm~ SKILLS skftJs Sy mma ry __

How Do Skilrs Workl _ Acqui ring skill Ra nits

Using SkiI15 _

lable oH: S ilills


___________ S8

69 70 74

75 75

Table 4-5: For~~5'kllls _

Skill Descriptions __ __~ _

" 5


11]2 _____________ 1[J4

Tilble 5-1: Feats.

Feat Di!Scri.ililons _ _ _ 1114

Table 5-:1.: fOfCI; Feats _ _ _ _ IUS

r ~HM'ffil6 HERO IC


Delails 119

Reputation IZZ

Mission§ 124




Ta b le 7-2: Weapons __ fa ble 7-3: Armor

Table 7-4: Equipmen



How Combal Works 145

CombalSequence 147

Combat Sm~sti(s _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ 147

Combat Ba.sitS 148

Inftiatlve 15D

Actions in Combal 152

Injury and Death _ _ 159

Movement and Position 180

Combat Modifiers _ IG2

S pecia I Initiativ1! Acti ens I G4

Speda I Weapon Effed5 _ _ _ _ 185

Specia I. Alli!cks an d Damage__ _ _ _ ISS


The Force through the Age> 113

Ferce-Using TrilditiOM 114

The Jedi, _ 17~

TheJediCode 176

The Teachings 01 Master Odan-Urr 176

Force Points 118

The Dark S ide I BO



• 184

35 36 37 37 38

VehiCle Classe. 185

Vehicle Costs ISIi

Vehicle Systems lOB

Vehicle Combat J87

Vehicle Movemenl 190

Maneuvers _ __ _ __ __ lSI

Vehicle De>criplions Ill6


Starship Costs _ 204

Hyperspace Travel 204

Slarship Systems _ _ _ 207

Map of the Galaxy 20B

Starship Combat _ _ 211

Starship M[)vem~l'It _ 217

Slarship Maneilvers _ 21B

Heroesas Crew 224

Sta rsh ip Oescripli ons __ _ _ _ 2Tl



P fovid in s Adventures 238

Teaching the Game _ _ 239


Pro~iding the Universe _ _ _ _ 2IJD

Determinilig the Style of Play _ _ 2~D

Adjudicating 242

Propelling the Game Forward 2~2

Keeping the Game Balanced _ _ _ 2113

Cha nging IIle Ru les _ __ _ _ _ 2~5

Running a Game Session 2~1l

How to Build an Adventure 2.54

How te Build a Campaign 2111

Prestige Gasses _ __ _ _ 2 B3

Cernernaster Characters 2BI

G en elating Com mun mes 28'3

Favors and C ontads 286

The Environ m ent , 2B7

128 125 132 13B 143



Life in the Galaxy _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 283

The ThreHras _ 29~

M ai n Cha ra cters 295

Supporting Characten _ _ _ _ :ms

CH~rnR 14 ALLI E S



Aliens of the Gala:.:y __ _ _ _ 319

Crealures_________ 329

Character .ArdletyPf!s __ __ 339

~HAm~15 DRDIOS 358

A Oroid's Ufe

Droid CI~sifications_ 360

Droid l1mitalions___ __ 362

Droid Personal1tie5__ _ _ _ _ _ 362

Pmgrammin;g and .Equipment_ __ 383

Droid Maintenance 3114

DfoidRepair _ __ __ _ 3BB

Modifying Oroids_______ _ 3GB

Draid Death __ _ _ __ _ _ 366

Memory Wipes 367

Dtoid..Ams50ries 367

Sample Dr-olds 370











-I » OJ r rn

o "Tl

[1 o Z -I m Z -I [I]



1;01" me, it was love belore First sight, and for IIHIl I feel hlvssed. I came to 5r11r Wars ill 1977 wah only my own expectations. not SOI11C overfed media h:yp,' maehirre tha t seems to accornpany so many llash-in-rhe-pan movies these day~. r had devoured classtc .,chmcl' fiction nO\l('15 growing up, and W3& a F~11 of movj~ ~{'r!~h when Lh~y erueuairred me after school On my folks' small-screen 'IV

But Star Wars I lhar's ulwit)s been ~olll('lhing else, A~ a business journalht in Los Angde:., 1 had picked up some early rurJ1hling~ about the filrn. TI1Cft' were a few merulcns in 111(' Hollywood trades and In a new science flclion magalll1l' named SfllI'/og. Whal really did il ror me-and what became the first III " bam full (If treasured Srar WnfS mcmorabilla-wes a brochure sent to exhibitor; to entin' Lim)'1 10 rent the f11m fo r III eir I hea (er.;.

Wow! If the movie wa~ anything like I he huge coler I1ho IO~ in this

o v e~iled 2.B-lIagt! booklet, aeeompanted by a description or the lilm and ib Tnain characters, I couldn't wait 10 sec it. Then, three wet'k!> before the general openipg on May 25. 1977,1 attended a press screening On lhe harklot at Twentieth Ccn\llI'Y Fox. From the moment the Star Deslroyer p,mcd overhead and kepI going and gain{), I had a new passion in life.

Whal hooked me personally was another scene without word~. Luke Skvwalker gets up Ircm hls aunt and uncle's dIn ner t able I n Ii Usl ration. deslll'ralely wantlnq to kaye this dusly. barren planet-and the roadblock 10 his future Lhal it represents. lie walks u,p a small hill and casts his eyes toward the horizon to watch the twin suns of T3100il11: set as some of Juhn W111ialTls'& 11'1o~1 plaintive music swells in the bsckqround. I could taste Luke's )l.'arning. hb need to leave home and establish himself as his own person. I so related \0 that, FOT Luke.

\ he hero '5 j ourney was ~ bout to begin, 1 WIIS already on Illy jou III ey ... and

ill that point. I didn't know how either W;!~ gOing 10 end,

TIu' hera's journey? II was that, and much more, as Grorg!: Lucas deliber~ .m:ly set out Lo crcale II new mythos ("5In~1 m;my ofthe tenets or elassic

myLholog) -aenets that da te bad. 10 before recorded hi5(O~. There were feW heroes in the late '70s, 3 frer Vietnam and Walerg~l.t', Movi~ had golll'll dark, the lines between good and evll blurred, Then nlonq carne a film that, subtly. tied into myrhological archetypes and spread through worldwide culrure. That, ,111d II had rt·~ H,Y tool specia I effcctvl

The fact that Gcol1Je 1 u~as'~ epic spa cc fsraasy is stili going st rong a freT 2!) yellTS says something about I Ill' Irlmmaker, the frlms, and the audience. Ihe saga is so ingrainl.'d in the worldwide popular culture thai writers and arthb feel secure LI~in~t dialogue as punch 'lines without lurlher explanaLion, Stat W(/r~ helps ~Jivc rl181]Y of us 3 sll 11 red Identity A no a se nse of community. tt's the dlaloque, the

characters. theiT relationshi ps, the visual effects, the r'llU~ie-Yt':., it's all Saturday matinee, bUI it's the best Saturday matinee lmaqluahle,

'itor Wars has captured the hearts and Imaginations of millions of pl:opk world\'. ide in large part because the saga celebrates heroism and the lfmitless potenti a I 0 f I he f n rfivid ual. t t

eng ages us, 11 excl Its U~, lit inspires us, And most of all, it's fun, ll's fun to watch, fun tocollect rhc merchandise, fun 10' read the books and comics. and fun 10 play the games. like the ineredibl), Inventive one you hold ill your hand~. for an enure genelilllon, 5mr W(lrs has been a deFining cinematic moment, inspiring countless yOllllg men and women into pLlI!>uing creatlve careersof all Iyp{'!>.

The popularity of Srar Wars Is growing, The original SWr Wars gcnet,lIian-those of us who ITri:"w up with these .fllms on tht' braln-seems 1.0 hew passed on 11 Stu» Wars gen(' ro subsequent gl:"nemliol15, (file advent of movies on vldcocasscue didn'l hurt much, either.]

II can't just be I'IOslalgla Ihal draws people to the 5.3ga. Arter an these

yea rs Sill r Wa rs is ~Lill coot, Whelher lt's Han Solo with his Elvii grin. Darth Vader', sharp bul ominous black

out fit, the craftily wom look of tile spacc\hips. the E) ('-popping batt les, or the liUlllsaber swordplay, Star Wars ~till feels hip. TMere's a timeless element about the look or the films and ihe emotions I ht'y ~rovbke [hal ather films jusl don't seem to have,

If you've been a part of Star Wars random for a 'while, or returned 10 il .... ith the Special Edit ions or I he .. tart of the Prtquel films, I hen you knel\', what 11 wonderful' vOyi;lge II has been. But if you've picket! up lhls book as ~ relative "newbie,' I wanl LO welcome you as you proceed on your own path of discovery. your own "hew's jour- 111:"),,- What a joyride you're in fori

Slenhen J. Sansweet October 14,2001

Designer's :Pref'acE!

Welcome to the newestedttton of the SllU Wars Roiel'iayill.g Gam!? For me. this IS like coming Ful.1 circle. I say this because, ill general terms. I've always been a hUge Star Wars fan-i saw the movie 38 limes during the summer ot 1977, lncludinq the very illS! s!'lQwing. In specific terms, mos l of my career has been lied to the Sta r Wars fra 11- ehlse. It all started a lon9 limeagl'l, in a city Far, far away (from where I'm

wril ing I his) ...

I began my career in the hobby game industry in 1986 at a company Clllktl West End Games. A! the lime, the Comp~ny was mostly known For its military simulation gallles, and was

jusl ~tatti!1g to dabble in toh:playing g~mes. Near the end of 1 OJ 87, as pa rt of the tenthanniversary 0 f the release of the migina I. Star Wllrs movie, West ~ndGame.s Ilublished Star Wars: TIu'_ R(!/t'l'lltyillg Otmlf'. I was a member or the cksi0n ream, serving as an e:ditQr

a nd develo per ~tlr the RPG. Rig-Ji 1 OJ fter Lilli[, I was drafted to codesign the Smr Wllrs SOllrct'book, and them I was promoted to Star Wars Line Director.

During my time with W("~t End GjllT1~, I designed, developed. or

edited almost every Star Wars RPG product jlubliShed between 1987 and 1991. Since then, I've written two editions or A Guitie IQ tlu: Star Wars Uail'crse I'Qr DelRey Books and desiqned 3 host ofRPG prod ucts for T'SR, lnr., ami eventually 1 became the Director of RPG Ran for Wizards of the (oa~l, Inc, But throughQut that period, ltontinued to play Star W(lrs wHh my .gaminggT01..1pS and speak at eanvenUons to promote the Guide and Smr Wars in general.

\.il Ie in I 999, Wiz~ rds 0 f the Coast struck a deal for the rights to the RPG. And ~o the drcle doses. Then 1 was

but tile learner .. Now I a111 lhe: master. Or spmclMiTlg 11 ke I ha 1.

In 2.000, We releesed our nrsl {]20 5~1m1 versmn of' Star Wars. l'rn Vety proud of that g.3]Jle and the product line 1113l developed in its wake. 50

why did we decide to release a revised IlJleboo"k? For a number of reasons. let me explain.

TI'e f1 rst rea SOl] For a revlslo n rela tes tD nit' release of Episorle II: Attqck of

Jhe CIOII,es. The new movie provides a whelelot of impetus for rele.asing a new edition. Not only does the film feature some new characters, situations, aliens, gear, planets, allri other mal-erial never seen before that's just begging to be included ln our core rulebcc]; bur the time is rigllt lO relaunch tbe RPG toa potentially new and larger a ud ience,

Our previous edition hit tl1e shelves in the wa ke ef the 11ll~(" push for the new DUNGEONS E1 DRAGnNS~ game,and while it wasn't exacLlY lost in the shuffle, it didn't receive the attention it deserved. The excitement generated by tile new 1111'1l gives us a second opportunity to Isunch the RPG with as much f·anfare as we and the collective Star Wars marketing macbtne can muster, In other words, tile time was right, and

we were presenicd with an opportunity we JUSt had to take advantage or.

The second reason for a revision is your feedback. W~·ve gathered feedback from as many people' who bough! a-nd pl~yed the previous ('di tion as We could. Usi ngtl1a I data as a base, We retooled the game systenl lrem the gToul'ld up to incorporate everyone's sugge;tions. In many ways, our fans demanded this revision .. WI;' heard Whill you had to say, and we responded enthusiast ica Ily to improve the ga me

a nd the product.

The th lrd reason-our dedication 10 centtnuous product improvement. We've reworked the game 10 update errata, daril)! rules, anq make the

game even better than it was. A roleplaying game is a living' document that evolves as it is played. The audience has as much influence on the wayan RPG develops as the designers who created it,. and the Slur ItVllrs RPG is.

110 exception. We've monitored that evolution and incorporaterl the best parts on:! into this new edition.

I f you have the previous edttton, YOU'II11otice that while the basics are the same, we've gene in and redesigned mal')Y 0 r the sped lies, We·ve improved the Forte skliis and Feats. W~'ve redesigned the starship and vehkles rules. We've polished up the classes and some of the combat rules. We've added a slew of nllW material, lncludluq a new character class, new prestige classes. and new species to play. It's more than just a reprinting of the game you already have, but at Ihe same lillie w€ worked hard to keep the ltappings dose enaug], so that what you've already learned still applies.

IF Ihis is your rlrst time with our version of the Star Wars RPG, you're ill for a treat, Everything you need to play (except dice) is i nciud e d in this jam-packed volume. Wllh a g-roup er friends, this hook, and your imagina~ lion, you can create' youI' own adventures in the epic Star Wllrs tradition.

Now, read 011. Have fun, Playa game of Star Wllrs for me.

B1I1 Sia-vicsek October 1 B. 2001



o rn [fJ

GJ Z rn i1J [fJ

1] iiJ m ." l> C1 m


The Star War, rllnl~ depict an amazing galil~ of siranqe aliens, wondrtH~ mm:hlll{,l)'. lTl}Slic<J1 POW['I" epic ~Iruggle-;, greal heroes, aneln-rrihle villains. From IIII' mument the rlrsl 51~r Destroyer blazed across the screen, ihe slory or Stor Wl.!rs capliv.11L·(] II1\' world. With this gnrnc. voucan recreate the ~lory or thr Alms or crB11 your nwn adventures in I hr ~/(l r l'Va ts LI nh crsc. All you need IS some dice. a few friends. and your irnaqinatinn,

This Is Star Wars

Blasters: X-wing ~wrflr1hters: light~ben,: clone troopers: the Force ....

Sr(1 r Wu rs b ~PiJce FJJ nlasy ali ts best, rl III 0 f act lon, ad\enl urc, and a sense of wonder, The heroes art!" largl'r than life. Tlw vill.llns are utterly evil. The ~Irli"l·r:.e has a lived-In, well-used look and Icel to it It's <I lamllinr '>(01). but il"~ never bern lold qui te this way before, It has mythic elements that speak to the heart of the mrdlcnre. lts epic in scope: cvcrythmg appears on a grand ~I'lle. \nd it'~ fun. Vehicles move wry f<lll. l11jng~ blow up. Wi: I'<(lril La cheer For the Hood guy,> anti boo the bpd guy~. And, sometimes, we wanl 10 be a IJarl of 1113t rijT"3way galaxy.

This Is B R[]lsplaying 'Gams

11\ a game or )"OUt iT113gimltion, where )011 111.'1 10 tell stories b} laking 011 Tl1lt~ or the main characters-characters youcreate. 1I'~ a g;1I11l' that offers a rnulrlturlc or chokes to those cha rllr(~rs- more chokes than CVl"n I he nH!~1 soph isiieared 'Computer Hnmc, because the only limit 10 what you Gill do is what you cnn imagine. The ~Ioty i, llke a movie, except all or the action takes place in your imagiliOlion. J11L'Te'S no '>1 ripl to Ihe movie (olllt'r than a lOuali outline

u~cd by the Gamemasterl: you decide whal your character ~.~ .. nd does, The Gamemastcr IS lhe dircctcr and speCial errl"lI, lk"Slynrr, deciding wha t The story is about and t,.king on the roles of all lhe other characters-ahe villains, 111(" CXLtD~, the special gUr,1 stnrs, 1 he Gamemasier aha kerp~ I rark 0 r I he rules, i!llI:-rprc 1 ~ Ilw eu I come 0 r a ct it! ns, 1;In~ riesrrlbes what happen>. TOne-Owr, pla)'l:rs and Gamerrtaster create a story, and ('\"('rybolly has a gR'al lime.

This lstbe Stet: Wars Roleplaying Game

Combine- the fabulous elements or the Star WG~ universe wilh Ill,' hni1gilialion~p()WNt'd 1;'11[.11ne of a roleplaying !j<IIIlC, 1:1 Ilfl till' I"flraway g3 l~l<y draws nearer. E\rC"lJ'thin9 YOIl nerd Is ill lhb hoe], except the dice, Check out The Basics, ~Iarlins on Ilag" 8, to gel an idea or the lundamenrats or the gante.

Whl'n vou're ready. nip lhrough tue rest or Ihis book. h

a lfers a weal til or options, a lIowi 119 you 10 plB.)' in 0111) 5/t1r Wars era, It let'S you phi) the good !]1I)'5. the bad guys. or the guy:; in between if you WOl11t to add a liule <Jm\)iguil) to <111 otherwlse blaek-and-white universe,

Wilen you play the Star War,s Rfll~playill!l aClnl~', YCHI create a unique flcticnal character thaL liVes i1'1 the lmaqlnalions uf you and your Friends. One person in the game, the Gamernaster (GMI. controls the vlllalns and other people who IiV(' hI the Star Wars universe, I hmugll vour charartors, you and vour frtends fact' the darrgcrs and explore tile mvstcrie Inal your Gilmcma~tt:r sets before you.

An~lhll1g i~ possible in the lar WIII'\ Ra/epia.l'ing GIInW- You Call [lave your character lry anything' you can think or. II II sounds 'good Hlld the dire fall in your ravllT, the actlcn succeeds .. The Bnslt:"io ~ct:tion hils morc details,

No\~ .. ocl rC"lldy.. It's a long lime ago tn a galaxy far. far :may. And the Foree is .... itll you, ( ruoyl


Your characters are the stars of 1111' movie, the main charaeters In the gllme. We somcllmes refer 10 thelli as "heroes," no! ill the '"gMd guy~ sense pl'r se, hut in the sense or the main pro l<tgoll lsts of the slory. Each th ararter's imlig iT1~ ry lire 1~ dirrcmll. YOUT character mlghl be ...

a fI tough blaster-for-lure,

a A Pad,lwan learner sl'ckmg to 'Y~ln power in the FOTl\~. e A brash starngtner pilot.

Go l\ gambler looking to make the next big score.

e A grlnkd sparer milking a livinu 011 the space lanes. e A SI1I\Jf,19jet wlth a heart of qokl,

Go ".youI1O senator lrom ,. pr!J~pN(,IUS world. e A R~!Jcl or an Imperial.

e /I. Jcdl Knight wieldil1g 3 ligl,tsaber in defense of till' Republic.

e A Force-user nirting with the power offered b) the dar


A galactk scout exploring tile lJypcrspact' lanes, A soldier trained for war III !FIr Outer Rim.

A I erhnlctan who's marc rnrnfortable with machines I h:1I1 with other people.

e OT lillY orber kil1d or character you can imagine.

What You Need to. Plav

llcre's '!oJ h at you need 10 sl iii rl playi 119 the Star WII1'5 /1ulepll1yillg Game:

e This nook, which Lells you how to create and play your eharaeter,

G A copy of the character sheet.

a A pendl all!1 seratch paper; graph paper might be lIseTlll. roo.

a One or two fou r-stded dice (d<1 J, four or me re siX-sided dke (d61. an eighl-sided die (dB), two ten-sided dice (d 101, a twelve-skied die (d 12), and a twenty-sided die !d 20). a A miniature, an action figure. or someUling else to represent your eharaclcr in the !lame.

J%yers should read the Fronl sections or this book. the Pam riealing with character creatien, ~kiI15, f~ts. a nd eq-uipment. TIle rest of the book is rOT the Gamemester, providing advice rm rurminq the game', opponents to throw at the: players' rharaders, and a few ideas fOT adventures,


The rules ahhrcviate dice rolls with ph11lse .. ~ such as

"4~li+2.¥ which means ~FoUT six-sided dice plus 2" (gelleral!fig a number between G 3rHI 26). The fln;t number 1 ells yOu how many dite to 1(;11 (all or which are added together). Ihe number alter the "o" tells you what type of dice to use. anti any number a lter that indicate .... 8 quantity I ha I is ad ded 10 or subtracted r10m the resul L

Some examples:

3dB: Three sh:-sided dice, genera ling 0 number Irom 3 10 18. nus is Ihe amount or damage that a blaster pistol deals,

2d8: Two eighl-sided dice, generating <I number From J. La I 6. This is the arnounl 0 F d amaqetha l a lign tsaber deals in I he 113 r]ds of a tst-leve I Jedi.

d%: The "dille" [pCfCeJ1tile dice) is a special case. You generate a number between 1 and 100 l~y rolling twodifferem-colored ren-sided dice. One tOIOT (design:ned before yo u roll] is the tens digit. The other is the a nes digit. A roll of Band 5. For example. gives you a result orBS. A 0 and 3 !!qua15 3. Rolling 0 and 0 represents 100.

The Thr-ee Eras ;cf Play

The Star Wars 1?olrplayin9 Game supports advent UTeS and c3mp~igtJS set in three distinct eras, each described in detaf in this book. Youean set YO~1T t~m:pl1ign in lhe time of the prequel movies.. as seen In Episode II: A Itnc~ oj Ille (loHes. KnOwl1 as the Ris!;' or the Empire ern, tl'i~ is a penod when lhe Republit's power ~ waning .. wat threatens the gtilaxy. aud the Jedl Co~mcil still hOlds sway over ten thousand J~di Kilighs_

Or. yotl can go forward in time to rhe classic period of galacti-c civil war and play in lht Rebellion era, when the power of the Empik is supreme :'1l'lcl those capable of IJsing the I·~m:(' are few 3nd rifT between. This is the time described In the 01igil1al Star 'Wilrs films.

Dr.jurrm to a time twenty years a fL'f'r tht'. Battle of

En dar ~l1d pa rtici pa te in the. events sUTToundln g the lnvasion of the galaxy. Aliens From beyond the ed!;)t' of known space have beg-un an incursion into 1IiB New Republic as lorces corrspira to threaten the hard-won peace In the era of The N('.w Jedi Order (<IS de';l;'ribed in the Del Rey Books

novel seril"S).

Z -I ;;U

o 'D C n -I

o Z

The Basics

A {uug 11111(' (jgo ill (I g(lla,l~V Inr, Jar 111M]! .••

Will' [hi compellinq phrase. evety tar Wars film Ihunders ent Lhe creen, These epic movies enthrall us with a mix of space fantasy, high adventure, ami mythology. We thrill to tile adventures of Luke Skywalker and Han Solo, Qtli-Gon Jtnn and Obi-Wan kenob], Anakln S~aTker an~ Padme Amidala. We imagine ourselves piloting X-wing lItarlighlm OPWIl the Death Star trench or engaging in lighl-lo-lhc-dealh lightsabe:r duels with Datth Maul or Coun! Dooku.

Wilh the Srnr Wars .Rokpia.vjIJ9 Garffi', you can I:'.XPQrience this cplc ago in a whole new WHy. Imagine yourself as a Jed! in lraining or a Republic Senator, a brave stamglTler pilot or <1 powerful Wookiee. Whetheryou Want to be a player or the Gamernaster, this book is YOLIF portal to the action-packed SIOf Wars g.alaxy.

The Galaxy

TIle Star War ga1i11<Y is hug. More than a billion star systems fall within the known reaches of space, offerillg eountless epportunlties For wonder, mystery, and danger. Thousands or alien species live in this g~laxy. from humble Jawas 10 powerful Wooldees. While humans are prevalent throughout known space, other species can be Found everyWhere. In this galaxy, the many worlds share a common history that extends thousands of years into the past. A galaxywlde government (be it Republic or Empire) malutains law and orde-r thanks to faster-than-flqhl-speed Iravel provided by the amazing hyperdrive engil1e. Because hyperpace makes the di tance bet ween the stars in ignilicant, trade. commerce, and culture mi freely in regions as diverse as the Core and the Outer Rim.

You play till." rule of a character in this seLting. You carry a blaster or a li911 tsaber, You fly hyperspeed starligh1ers. You regularly converse with members of a thousand differen;

e R II a d20.

G Add any relevant modifiers.

e Compare the result to a target number.

species. rou have aC{:f'.SS ta a d epen cia ble 1~'l'1dspf'etler or a helpful asirornech dreld. YOl! l11igh I even be able to i.;1I1i upon the my tic power of the Force.

The galax.Y isn't all aliens and technology. hOwever. Peril ron lantiy endangers the galaxy. and only you can save iL You must battle evil Silh Lords. struggle against tyrannical Imperia I Porces, or va nquish invaders fro III () lher regi ons 0 r space. You (ill) depend on YOUT own skills and abiltiles. your friends and aUi ,and a good ship La aid you, Hopefully, those things will be enough.

Listen! Do you hear tha1? WS 1I1C sound of a thousand terribk things heading your way. But don't worry, you tan handle !1.

Ant] remernber, the Force will be with you. Always.

The Cere Mechanic

The SUIT Wljrs Ro/eplayillg Gtwu' uses a core mechanic to resolve all actions. This central game rule keeps play fast and inlllitNe. WheneveT you want to all rnpt an action that h85 some chance Dr railure, you roll a twenty-sided die ror "diO"]. To determine whether your character succeeds

a L a task (such as a 11 ana ck, the u e elf a skill OT a bill ty, or an a Ltf.'mpt (0 saw your character rrMI harm), yol.l do thi,;

If the result equals or exceeds the target number Isel by the OM or givel'] in the rules), your character succeed at the lask <It hand, If til r ult i lower than the target number. you Fail.

The Gamemaster

When you play the Star Wars Rolc:pll1yillg Gall/e, you're part! ipatin,Q in an interactive story. Players take On the roles or unique characters, called heroes. One player serves as the Gamemasrer, a combination director, narrator, and referee .. The OM describes situations, asks the players what their characl ers want 10 do, and resolve these actions according to the rules of the game. The GM sets each scene. keeps the rtozy moving. and lakes en the roles of lhe opponents' and other character that the players' heroes encoun ler in each adventure, I r you're the GlVI. you should read \l1rough all

eClions 0 r I his book; you don 'I 11 eed 10 memorize it. but ycu do need to have an idea of where to lind thing~ 0111'(' play begins.


lf you're a player, you lake the role of a hero-aile of the "stars" of the Star Wars s,lga that you, the other players, and the GM all help to develop. You create your character with the help of Ole game rule thar follow, according to your own vision for the lYI''''' of hero yOu want to play. As YO u r character pa rttetpa tes in advcn tu res, he or she ga ins experience points (XT'lll1a I help him or her improve and become more powerful,


!iath character belongs to a 5p~ciflC species. The Smr 9illaxy offers. a wide selection of species to choose fro m. Chapter 'Two describes these species. ill detail, You can choose from Human. Bothan, Cerean, Ouras. Ewak, Gamorrean 61,Jl1gan, Hhonan, Kel Dar, MOil Calamari, QUllrr~n, Rodiah, Sullustan, Trandoshan, Twi-1ek. Wookh:e, and 7,,1bra k.


A class represen ts 3 waY of life embraced by a character; It serves. as a starf ng pain t to help you deli ne yopr hero, a

hook 011 whith yOlJ tall hang the character's personallty,

skills, and other tralts, Think or a class as a profession. You can build upon that professtou as your hero improves, or you ran branch out in to a dlfferen tel ass if it better sui ts how you want the character to develop.

The classes are desrrfbed in Ch~ttr Three. You tan cheese trom frillger, noble, scoundrel, .stmll, soldier, tech spedallst, force ad ep t, Jed I co. nsul a r, and j <'0 i gll8TOi an,


LeV~1 measures a character's advancement and relative 3l11out'il of powcr. A rst-level character, for ~amp1e, isn't as pawcrnll as a Slh-Ievclchiltac:t~r.

CII~racters gt'Tlerally begin play at lst leveland attain addluonal hovel. 9, they complete sdve III ures, Altai III I1g a new level provides a character with irnprovemems to lrnportant statistics, such as base a Hack bonuses, nU111 ber 0 F atlacks, salling throws, Donust:5 to 0"1I:ns(', and vit~1il,y poinra


Evl:'ry character has six abilities that represent lhe eharseter's basic strengths and weaknesses. These a bilitie!>-Slrength, Drx1crity, Conslllu[io.n, lntelllqenee, Wisdom, and Charismaalfcct cv~ryth1ng a hero does, lrorn flghtin 9 ttl us"h,-g liklns.

A score of 10 Or I I ill an ability is i1veraQe. Higher scores givl.' a character bonuses, and lower scores give penalties. When .)fUli create your character, you'll want to put your higher scores into the abilittes mOM dosdy associated with your character's class,

Vitslity and Wcund Pnlrrts

'Eacti character can withstand a certain amount of damage before becoming fa I i9 ued, getting knot'~kerl u nco nscio us, or clcYIng. This ability tQ take ciamage ilnd keep on functioning ,~ represented by lheeharacter's vitality and WOl,lnd points.

VitalitYllolnis represent the character's abili1;y to tum deatlly a uacks into 9 hmt!ng blows a rid near misses. 011 l.Y some characters (including all heroes] have vit<Jlily points. Whtm a character suffers damage. his vitality points. arc red IJC~ti first. This represents a lass or ene.rgy as TO II ing whh the punches we~i"S' down the character, but u doesn't cause actual physic~1 dam~,ge. When a character's vi [alily p()ilm are depleted, further damage reduces the character's WOII rld pain ts ..

Wound pOIl'l1.S represent how much physkal damage a character mn su ffer before -dying. Damage reduces wound

points only after a character has exhaustt'd IllS \(ilalit;y pOin(s or when the character is struck by 8 critical hit.

A character's class and level determine his number of vilality points, and that number increases with each level 9a1l1ed. A character's wound polrns are equal lO his Constitution score. They do not lnerease with level advancemen t un less speci fled by a class leatu re 0 r a feat

Skills and Feats

Skills represent how well a character does at dramatic tasks other lhan combat All characters are assumed La have a wide selection of averaqeskills: the game only measures ihe skill .. in which a character has bel ter than aVl;'rag~ ~hilily and socan use these skills to attempt t13s!q. in dramattc situaticns.

Skills are measured in ranks. whit represen; hew much training a character has applied 10 a spectfic sklll. Each rank <ldds .._ 1 to 'checks (rolls) you make to use 11 skill. See the class descriptions in Chapter Three ror the skills that are associated with each class, All skill descrlprlons can be found in Chapter Pour.

f'1'G!l$ are speclal features Lhal preelde a character with new (8p~bililies or improvements. All characters start Wi1h at least one feal, thOUgJl certain classes and spertes provide addilional feats. Sec Chapter Five rOT a liSL of available lears,

Game Fllay

TIlls Overview gives YQ-u el10ug h or I he basics to gel a feel for hew lhts rol!!,playing game works. TI1C. chapters that fonow take these bask concepts and expand upon them.

Imp!lrtEintl You don't 11 ave to memorize the contents 0 f this hook to play the gam~. It's a game, Tlol homework. Once yo II understand the bastes, start pi ayiligl Use this book as a reference during play. The table of contents <111\1 index si10uld help you filld a ~peciflc topir easny. When in doubt, stick to the basics, keep pla~ing, and have r1Jl1. You can always look up an obscure rule after your g~ml' session ends, bu L re-member tha t you don't have to swea r the details ill the middle uf' play,

R[]IHng Dice

We've ah:ead:y explained the baste rule that forms the rOllTlda I ion (I f the game-roll a d 20, add a modifier, and tl)' to get a result tliat's equal to OT grealer than the ["ryeL number. Wh~nt'ver your character tries to aceornelish something sigl1incan I, the GM asks you to I'bll a (1,20.

Impcl"t.antl Not every action requfm a die- roll. Rondier in comba land either drnmatk situa t ions when the success or an scnon is in doubt.

The d20 is used to determine results in combat and when making skill checks, ability checks, and saving throws. In ether words, the d2Q determines whether or nol yo\.l succeed II tan actiOn.

The 01 her dice [d4, cl6. d~, dID, and dl2J a re used to determine what happens ~lter youSllccl:cd. Usually, the-

e! her d ice come in to TJlay after rna king 11 successful a track roll ie determine how much damage the attack de-als to rhe target.

~ I rn

[JJ » [J]

[J [JJ

A Game Session

In the SlIIr Wllr~ Ro/ep/oyillg 0(1I/Ie. the Gamernaster ami players geL Logeth~r to tell a tory Ulrough the ploy of the game. We call these group-('featecl stories "advenlures.tA St{]I' Wars adventure re~lurcs plenty of acrion, lots of opportunities r'or combat, cool villains, epic plots, and a sense of wonder and grandeur.

Typirally, lhe game consists or adventure, that resemble episodes in the movie sage. One adventure ti1ighi play out in a single gam session; another might stretch across several ewning!i r play. A e S1011 can last as Inng as you're comfortable pia in9, from a short as one hour to as long lJS a twelve-hour marathon, Most groups gel rogetlrer and play for two to rOUT hours at 3 lime. TIlt: gam", tan be stopped at <Iny Lime and restarted when the players get back together.

Each adventure consists of in lerrela ted scenes, A scent' 111ighl Fca lure some: kind or cllallergr Or roleplayil'1g encounter, or \1 could revolve around combat. When there's 110 combat going on, play is much more casual. The GM describes the scene and asks the players whai their characters do. When combat breaks out. game play becomes mare structured, and the action take place in rounds.

What Characters Can Do

A character «an try to do anything you can imagine. Just so long as it ~ts Ihe Scene the GM describes. Depending an the situaucn, your character mighl wanl La:

(it Llsten at a dOOT

a US!.' a computer terminal e Explore a location

e ConVt'rse with an ali n G Ba~gai]'1 with a merchant a lntirnldate a thug

a Talk lo an ally

G Pilot a vehlde

G Search for a, clue & Bluff an officlal e Repair an item

e SwiT1~l across a turbolllt shaft G Move

a Duck behind 11 bulkhead e Atrack an opponent

Charaelers accomplish things Qy making skill hec ,ability checks, or ai(acK roll. While the rules tor makIng the e rolls follow the core mechanic, ea 11 type ef'roll is used lor II slightly difFerent purpose.

Skill Checks

To make iI skill check, roil a d20 and add your character's skill modifier For [hal particular skill. Compare 111l" result to the Difficulty Class (DC) for the task at hand, The DC may be determined by the skill's description. set by the GM, OT t5tablished by another character's check result.

Unopposed Chaoks: An unopposed skill clieck's uccess depends only on your character'S action.

F~r ... ~all1plt", cllinbing a chain tl'l g~l oUI of a repulsorlift reparr Pit depends only on your character's skill and luck,

SO the Climb check is compared to a target number provided by HIe skill's descriptlcn or set by the Gamemaster, If your result is equal ttl 01 high<:r than the DC the

attempt succeeds. '

0ppoBsd Checks: An opposed check occurs when another character ~rtively attempts LO preven; your chararlet rrom succeeding 111 9 givel' task.

The DC For an opposed check is tile check result or the character opuosinq your action. The opponent's check might be made using tile same skill you are using OT a different skill. as clefmed in the description or the skUI you are uSil1g. The character with the higher result sucre cl at the action being perfurmed, while lhe character with the lower result fails. In the ase or a tie, roll the checks agei" lmln one character achieves a higher result thsn the other,

For example, if your character tries to hide from an opponent, your Hide check is opposed by the opponent's Spa I check 1 r YOtH result is hlgher. your character successrully hides. and your opponent fajls LOBpol him. If your result is lower. your opponeni spots ou, and your attempt lo hide fails.

Ability Checks

Ability checks art usee! when II character doesn't have any ranks in a particular kill and tries 10 use that skill untrained, Note that orne skill can't be- used untrained.

FOT example, if your character wants to bluff a couple or lmperia] officers but doesn't have allY ranks in the BlufF ~kil1. rhe GM calls for a Charisma check [Charisma is lhe ability associated Willl the Bluf" skill).

Abilily Cl1<:cks are also used 10 determine success when 1')0 skill applies. Trying to move a heavy cargo centalner, tor example. requires a Strength check.

To make an abili y heck, roll a d20 and add your character's modirler for rlre appropriate ability. Ir the result j equal to or greater than the DC of the task, the check succeeds.

Attack Rolls

To aLtack an opponent, roll a d20 and add your character's attack bon us. I l' the IC,U I L eq ua I~ 0 r exceeds rhe opponent's Defense. the attack succeeds,

On a successful attack, you roll to de ermine "how much damage your auack deal to the eppcnent. Roll the type of diet' indicated for the w apon u cd and arid any modifiers thai apply.

For example. if your cham ter 1I es a blaster, a successful auack deals 3d6 points of damage to the opponent. If your character uses a Jightsabcr. a successful attack deals 2u8 points of damage plus your Strength bonus.

Damage reduces vi ra lity poin ts frrs l. When a II 0 f a rharacI er's viI ality points are gone. al~y addi ttonsl darnaqe reduct> W0l111d points.

. A .rritic~l hit [a potent reSl,J1L 011 an attack) I:lypasses any vitality pomts a character might possess and strikes directly at lhat character' wound points. An aua k may cause a critical hi! if the attack roll is a natural 20 (or, For certain weapons, a 19 or a 20). That result represents the threat or a critical hit. Then the attacker makes a second attack roll to cenfurn the critical hit. If this second attack roll sl.l~eed~, [hen the critical hit ls confirmed ami dlimijge

"I WANT 'TO .. LEA. R.N IlQ1 Q~UO~T8~I:£CJ~ ... :1:1 ~ffi .. :li1.1~[ ~~~- •. Tril r---------,ITHE WAYS OF THE.,FORCEl':::::=11 ='WJ======I ~


i5 lIllpller.1 10 the target's wound potnts, Sec Chapl tTS Sever, ,mel Eigh I For [110re detai ls,

ImpartantlThcrr. ore two types of attacks in the game. A longed attack uses 3 weapon thal attacks opponents al il distance, such as a blaster or a bowcaster. A melee auack U~eJi· a weapon thai ~ tracks cpponen 15: in close quarters,

such ~~ a lig htss her, vibro blade, or your own fists. Your character may have a (IilT~rel1t attack bonus for (:ael1 lype

of attack.

Tha Eurnbat RDund

Mosl of tbe li me, ga me play is relaxed a nd casual TIle aM sets the scene, and playe~ lake ttl ms describinq wli~ t their characlers are doing. Whe:nllie situation t1IlI~ for it. the GM 1135 the players make die rolls (skill checks pr abiltty dWcks.J lO determine 111e results of their characters' actions. Bui. when a scene involves combator the imminent threat or comba ~ a structured seq ue nee 0 FC0111b<ll rou nds is used io govern play.

111 a combat round, each character gels to do something.

A round represents 6 seconds in the game world, regardless orhow long it takes the pl3yers 10 complete the round.

At the start of a baulc. each player makes all iniUaUve check for his or her character, and the Gamernaster makes jniliallve checks For the opponents, The character with the highesl resul; am rlrs!" followed by the other characters. in order (from highest result to lowest result). This order of play is used in every fill! lid unt iI I he batt le ends. When your tum in the order comes up, you perform ,all rheacrlans you arc eruitled to in Ihe current round.

There <Ire- fOllT types of actions: attack actions, move actions, lull- roun d a crtens, a rid Frllle actions. In a rou n d, you ran do one or the rollowing things [but see Chapter 6ight lor additional infotm!ltionl':

a AUackand move a Move and attack

a Mow and move ~gail1

6 P"rForm a full-round actlon

Attack Acti[]ns

An attack action Jets you do something. You can make- an attark, use a skill or a feat (e:>(cept lho~ s'ki1ls and Feats that require a full-round action). or perform an equivalent

aclion, You can perform an attack action and a move

action, Inellher order, in a combat round ..

MOV,8 Acti[]ns

A move acl ion lets. yOu 'move your speed in a rou nd or I'Elrform lin equiva lent action. Eq uiV<llenl actions i nel ude cJimlJing, drnwing or loading a weaprm, opening a dOOT, and picking up an item. Yo u can move and al tack, in ei I her order,

ill a round. Or you can ptdbrrn two move actions in a round, u~ifl9 a second move aetton in place of an attack action,

Full-Round Acti[]ns

A full-round aetlon consumes all of your effort in a round. Allacking more than once- (if you are of sufficient level to do sol or usinp a skill or feat tha t requires a full round to accomplish is considered a full-round action.

Free Actions

Fret' actions consume almost no time or effort. Over the span of a round, the impact of these IJtpe$ or actions is so mtncr that Lhey are considered to be free.Spea,king 10 an ally or opponeni,lIropping an item, or 8~tivatingal1 ltem arc examples or fret' actions. YOll can perform a Free aolian in addluon 10 rJerfarming olher actions in a round. lhouyh ~h~ OarnClllasuo'r can plaretlrnlts all how much yO\I can reasonably do for Free in a given round.


Some skll1 checks are instant reattions [0 specmc events. The GM tens you when a reaction check is appropriate, dCf.lcnding on tile siruatlon. A reaction takes no lime and is nOI ccnsidered to be an actkm.


Every character starts play with 1 Force Point. Force Points represent a character's knack for uSlng LI1I" Force to aid h~r ~c:tiol"1s. Characters who don'l believe in the Force C<l1l this luck. hut 1110se With a more powerful connecuen to the Force understand how the Forte providt'sassistance.

In game terms, a Forte Paim provides bonus dice to all task-resohrtlon die rolls (d20 rolls) for an entire round, including attack rolls, sklll checks, ability checks. and saving throws. You can decide to spend a Forte "Poinl either before or after you make the roll, but before the OM tt;lIs you the resull (:) F you r actton.

At tst level, a character spends <I Forc~ Poi n I to add I d6 to ~II ,d20 rolls For tneentlre round,

What's N,ext?

H y(lu're new 10 roleplaying g~lTIes, yOIJ Inighl be wonder- 1119< how to prl;lceed. Aner you've reml over these basks. 10 gel an ullc.h!rStllnding or the ga111e, check eut LIm example {IF play on tlre next pagf'. I t provides some insight i11[O how a roLepla.¥i 11!J ga me session plays 0 lit. Then review the first f~w chapters of the book. WI1~n you're ready, use the Character Creation o\lerv!ew {page 1<1-) and a topy of the character sL1l:'{' l from the back of the bllok to crea te a charactor, Wilen yoU, your Gamemasti.>r, and the other players are ready, start playing!


011 -I I m

III » [!J

[1 UJ

Playing Star Wars

The Star Wars galaxy is huge. Mure than a billion star systems fall within I he known reaches of space. oFFering

cau ntless 0 pportu n itles for wontl,er, mystery, an d da nger. Tho l&~ nds u r ill iel' ~Pl'ci~s live In I h is ~ra I axy. iron'i humble Jawas to powerrul Wookkes. While humans art prevalenl Ihro,lIghoUL known spare, orher species call be found everywhete.ln this g<JI~'X.Y" lhe many worlds share a common history that extends thousands or 'y~8T5 into the past. A gal~xywidc government (be it Republic or Empirel maintalns taw and ord e r thank to tasleT-than~lighl-speed [ravel providf'd ~y the amazing hypcrpriVc englnt.i;ler3use hyperspace trawl makes the dio:,ta nee between the stars lnsiqniltrant, trade, com me rce , andculture mix rlecly in ft'gions as diverse as the Cart' and the 0 u rer R i!'T1.

The SUlr Wars Rv.lenklyillg Game lets yal1 explore UTis imagilmry gala'X)'. All you need is lhis book. some dice, ·3 few willing friends. and youI' imaginatioll. The gam!: works best willt a group of live, one GM and four players. It can be played with 3$ fl'W as ~wo parridpants [one GM 1:l11d one player] or as m!lny as seven,

This ga me lets you partlcipa te in the u lfirna te in teractivc sLory, ~ story in Which you gN Ie detetmlnc what happens flexL by the aeriens you take. There's no board, no joystick, no keyboard. You might use action ligures or miniatures to help visualize 'some dramatic scenes, but otherwise the action takes plaee in the irnagin~tiQ:r15. of lhe parficlpants,


After you've created a hero, get together with the test of your 9;1ming gmup for your rlrst adventure. Prior La (his. 111e GM has developed a storylirre Fijr lf11: aeiventurc, Sll~ mighl bllY a comptcle, ready-to-play ~tlv{,llll.lfe or grab oneout of SlIlr Wrlrs Gamer magazlnc. Or the OM might develop one using th~ guidelines in Chaplet Twelve. Once ihe OM becomes comfortable' with all the rules, she can (Nell get away with simply descrlhluq a STarling scenario and using archetypes straipht ou I of Cha pter Fourteen:

Alfie5 and Opponents,

Pick an eVl.'niny or n wee'keml aft emooncr some other convenient time when you imo your friends can spend a few hours pl<Jy1Tlg lhe Star W(lrs R(}/~pl(lyillg OClnlt'. Decide on how much lime ytlU want LO spend playing. (Two 10 four hours is a good length For a ga me sessien.l

Wherc should you play the gilt11e? Anywhere I hal's comfortable. The place should have a fiat surface to roll tlicc on, such <IS a kitrben table. The OM sits so that the

I) I her plaY"I~ ca n' L 1001< ever her shoulder or peek a t her ~dventurc notes, She needs fnollgll iOOI11 La spread nut lhe rulebeok and any other matcrlals she mighL have lOT tile game session. indudin~ other SI(lI' Wllr5 books, a pad or pa per .. 8 pencil or pen. tHee, and her adven tu re notes.

The other players nerd pi aces to si t. TOO III for their dice and ,chaT<lctl'f sheers, scrap PiJPCT 811d pencils. and their rulebcoks, Sinn' <J9'ilme slission i~ as much a social event as it i~ an evening or emertairrment, having pll1rTty of snacks

a nd beVerages 0 n hand is hi-g hly recomm ended.

Gen:eral Advice

Players should roillhe dice openly -so that everyone can see the results. The GM may make some rolls in secret to build suspense and matntain mystery. All attack and damage rolls should be made in the open so that ali players can see them,

The frrst couple or g~mt sesslcns you play mighl be a little uneven as t'VeryOlle learns how the !fame works and !,jl"ts cern Forlab.le with the idea of role-pluying. Remember that these rules are guidelines. II framework and structure For playmg SUH' Wa'r;s ~dventure5 in a roleplaying-game environment. A roleplaying g~hle i~ a living ga·Tile; it evolves and develops as you playlt, IF sometliing isn't working for your group, and the entire [fOl.lfi agrees, make a th~llge. BUl walt until you've played a few Limes with the offTc:ial

ru II'S he fore you decide to tinker.

The First Game Session

You and your rriellds hsve reviewed the basic rules and created I st-level characters. Your Garnern aster has reviewed rue rules and is ready to run her first adventure, You've agreed upon II time and place to play. Then the time arrive) and the ganw beg1n~!

Si!:l:ing around the lable; with dice and snacks scattered in all directlons, 11\<, players gaLi1C!r. Michele is theGM. Sill' takes h .. r place at the head or the table. Chri~ sits in the nex; seat; he'; running Sia-Lan, a female J~i guardian. Next to Chris is Mike, practicing his Wookiec sounds to inject a little authenticity into his character. ROrwOTT the scout, Aeross the table, Permytnakes some last-rninute nOLl'S on her ehararter sheet .. adding a little more detail to Vor'en the soldter, Nexl to f'enT)y. Brian anxiously waits (0 gel started, HI;"s rUllning Deel Suroal, tM ("rofLy scoundrel,

Mich~11i' has selected a number of actien rl91He.s from her cotlectlon to use in tonight's game. They aren't necessary fOT pl<JY, but sill! thinks the figures will help the playcr~ visualize the action in certain situations. She's got a figure: to represent each of the players' cha ratters, ~ nd she places them in till" middle pfthe table. She leaves a few otl\l';l"i hidden on the noar beside her. She'll use these IfJtN 10 represent opponents Ih~1 will challenge and compete with 11110' heroes.

Michell" doesn't have a 5pt<cili.t character for hersel r.

Whil e the players ea eh run a single hero. the Garnemaster narrates the story, adjudicates the rules, and plays all of the OM characters-the supporting cast lllaL serves. as aHie.s and opponent) FOT the heroes.

Anyway. it" looks like everyone's TI:acly to get ~13rlrd.

Michele al1SWl'rs a Few last-rninu te rules questions, then beqins t he ~Ia me,

M[chele (£3M): A long rime ago. in <I galaxy Far, far away ... it is Ihe time of the Republic, about twenty-two years be Fore the days o f the Empire find I he first Death Sta r ba It le station. Supreme Chancellor Pslpailne leads (he Rrpublic. M~.ce Windu and Yod~ lead thit' Jed; Coundl. and the start or the Ctone Wa~ is slTll a re~v weeks away.

You're: In a spacepcrtcanttna on Corellta, a pro mIT\{'nI world in lh~ galaclic cere. The place is prel(y busy for a weckdajl afternoon. lhough it's not packed to capacily. You se-e i1UrT1<1I1S and .8 variety of other species drinking, lauqh-

in(:j. and Lalking qlJielly near the bar, in shadowy bocrlts, and at a SC~;lt{'ring of freestanding tables, Among those you see are the other player!>' characters, VVhy don'l you each lake ~ moment to describe yourselves?

Chris (Sia-Lan): YOII see 11 yO\.lng woman with Brown hair siLling alone ill one of Lhe booths, She's sipping a dear liquid and watching the crowd. Her hair sryle-';md outfit

Ill. rk her 115 a Jed i. She's a Pada wa 11 lea rner, iF a l1y 0 f you imow ,my thing about the specifics or the Jedi Grdtr. She lias a ligh'l5iJberhllnging at her side, but it's probably

~i~dell beneath tlie la bl e.

Mike (I'~arwcr.r)~ There's a young male' WOOkjec standiny at the bat. He's ¢)(cl1anging words wllh the bartender. He'S tall, but perhaps a bit thin when compared to other Vl'oo~i"es you may have seen. He's gOl a bowcastcr slung across his back. all d he's nursing a huge IllU:9 u r so me foamy liquid.

Penny (Vcr'sn): My character sils in a tamer booth. his 10 tile wall a'5 he nenehalanily sludies the crowd. He's gol dark eyes and an intense gaz!'. and he looks strong and capable. He's wearing bits and pieces of light body armor, H lie 113S ~ny we~pons-~nd you're sure lie dCes_-tll~'re ~ilhcl' hlddE'll under the table Of in rhe boOlh's darker shadows.

8rian (Oaal): You also see <I young male Twi'lek-you know, tile gu,YS with the head-tails, like Bib Fortum-sitting at one of the tables in the middle of tlre roam. He's pl~ying sabare wfth ;j few of the spil.C'er:s, and it loo~ tiir,t' he's

begun to amass more IMn his share of credits.

Michele (EM)! Okay. You've all noticed each other, bu 1 you don't know each other yet. Before <ltlythin9 else happens, why don't each or you make a SpOL check For me?

Tilt' players each roll &l d20 and add liJeir Spot skill Illodifier to get (l result. {f a chart/Cler doesn't have [he Sp~r skiU. (hr 1l11l;ver still gers fJJ (J p]lly /lis Wil>dr;m mod ifi~r (if !lilY) to (/a: mil. After all I./le players lioue IlltIde rile skill check. 111t>J' lrl 1hr OM kllow tlie fe!julls.

Chris (Bi!!-L8n): Sls-Lan got a 15. Mike (Rorworr-): 17 for'ROrWI'lTT! Panny (Vor"en), The soldier gOl an a.

Brian (De,al): TIU' amazingly perceptive Deel Suraol got a 22.

A&/le/e ~'(jllsuIIS her notes, che(;kill!J to Sf'!" when rile DC far /lIe SPQI check is. She nods alld Illa'kes a !lote ar II1'Q, JIJ~I /(J ket'J,l lilt' p/(lyrrs guessillg.

Michele (GM): vor'en the scldter; even tl10ugh he's w@lching the room, rails La nctiee somelfiin'g that the rest or you ~uccessfully spot. The rest of you see a h urna n male who too ks a 10l I ike Alastar 1 reen, the senator from Co rulaq, He's dressed like most of the other spacers hi the cantina, and he's deep In rcnversattcn with a Rcdian Female.

JuSI then, yO\! all see llle C<111tina dOOT5 slide open as 111 grollp of lough-looking IllUgS enters tile room. The banender y~lIs, "l-ky, no bl asters in here!" He ducks behind the ba r, j\Jst in time, as one of tile t hugs casually fires a blaSler bolt in hIs drr~ction. There are Faur thugs-two Humans, 3 Radian. and a Gamorrean, TheOarnorrean wields II vibroblade, and the other I hree me armed with blaster plsrols, 1'111'. Gamnrrean grun I~ somelh ing fOu r and gestures toward (be lllble where the senaier is sllrinq.

"For the Separa lists!" shouts one of the humans with a sneer as }]e prepares to Larget Senator Treen.

Everyone make an inilialive check!

Thr j)/1I)'t'T~ each rd!/ II d2D {HId add /lleir illiti(llil'e I1'Ipdijier to grt a r(lsllit. Michele rolls a siuglr illili(l/jlJe dl ed. Ie r till! grot! P of 1/1 !lgS, /1,11l1 am: Jor Ille diSli II iscd senator ami iii!: ralllpalliOII.

Chris (Sla-Lan): Sia-Lan g0.1 art 18. Mike (Rtlrwar'r): 10 tor Rorworr! ]:lanny (Vtlr"an): Vor'en got <I 12.

8riifn (Dllal}:111e Fa5t-actmg Deel Sum 01 gal <I 15. Miclwlr INiles (iOll!11 1/1(;' il/iliaNllf order, from tIi!llirsl

result 10 l{}Il'est. 5111;' jOls dOlil/l:

Sil1-Um ]8 Deel15

Tlrugs IJ (fler mil) VaT'eli J 2

RUl"l/'rlrr IQ

Seno 1M 7 nll'r mil)

Michele (8M): The thugs look like they're -gunning for I \1C senator, Sla-Lan, what are you g'oing to ~o?

Ghl"'is (Si.a-Lan), I leap out Of the bonlh and posi1ion myself between tile senator and the thugs as my rm\ move actlon. As my second move action 1 draw my lightJ;;aber. As a fre'e action, I ad lva te the" I igl1tsabt"'r and shout, "This mall is under the proieclion of lhe Jedi Knightsl"

Michele (8M): YUWT lighlsilber hums to Ii fe. D e el, Y0u're next. Whal are YOLI going !O do?

Brian (Dea]): Helping a senator and a Jedi could be IJrolHable. DC'rl tips his table over and erouches behind lt ttl g~l some cover. 19ues~ that's a move action. Then he !lulls 01.1\ his blaster for his second move acrton.

MiI:heh:~ (GM}.:. When the table rrashes onto its side, sabacc ca rd-cl lips and credits sea tter across the tl oor. The "5p~cm yau wcr~ playiri~ with dive For caver.

Brian (Dsel): Oops, I forgot about the sabacc ga.rne in a II L he exciternen I.. No matter, I 9fH!SS. Most or the cred Its beJonged to Deel, anyway,

Michele (GM): The Lhugs oct next The lWQ humans each rake a shot at the Jcdi who's 5l.anding between them and the senator. The Radian thug takes a shot at Deel, and the Gamorrean rushes forwarrl to slice at the .ledt with his vlbrob la de.

Chris (Sia-Lan): 1'111 going LO use deflect [derf"fisello protect myse.lf from the blaster shots.

Mlchsle(GM): Sllr~. That costs Y0U a move action in llle next rounrl, but it increases your De-fense by + I.

MidI/de makes rile lItwrk :rollsjor (JIf' twa tlwgs. Tile fi I'M onl' qets an 11. TiJe second OIlC gr-loS a J 7.

Sia-Lan's Defense when she uses her lig h tsa her to prater! herself is 1 6. Tha t mea ns she blocks the flT·sl bol t. bu l the second bolt gel5' throtlgh,

Michele r(jfi.s J!IG dlltrlll,l}cfor th e slJcre:;sJul bl ster pis/oi ntfa('k, TIle llitlll is /J. Sirl·LflIl litis 12 lIila/it)' points, so lire nt/aek reduces Iwr /lit'llity ptlill/S ttl 1.

Till.' rest of IIIC: rotlfltil'OnfiIWes, Illil/l Micln'le jillislrillg u.p the Ih ug 's ImiOiM. Iluflt VOf 'ell, ROnJ1()7T, (//)'{) tb f' seJ1l1- tor OC11119 ill f1!l"Il. Ellc·h I'uwul plllYS 1)111 in II! is order unt il Olle side or tile other is dcjc:afed .or Ikes. Theil the 11((01'$ UJolI.lti get a cnanc» to mccr each arilerani/ ]ilur our 11.11Y ille :;I'!/ull)r i~ ill dis!lUi~.e Gild Imrl~~r attock. Alld so begins tlli:; Star Wars 11c/I'f'lIturei

Charo.cter Creation

Make sure you review Chapters One' lhrOlJgll Nine before llsinglhis overview when crea ling a Stnr Wars character. M'a ke a topy of the character sheet from the back 0 r Ihis book LO use i1S a retard 0 r your cha racier.

Generate Ability Scor-es

Use one of the rncthods dcscrlbed in Chapter One La ·genera re your six a bm i:Y scnres, Record the scores on a piece of scrap paper and put them aside For the moment.

Selec.t Your Specias

As <I Star Wars charaetcr, you aren't limited lo simply beillfJ Human, Then: arc a variety of species available, from MOil Calamari to Wooki(>f.. 51."1(>Ct the species you want LO play From t11flse presented in Oia[lter Two.

Choose Your Class

A class provides yOu with a siartlnq point for your character, a frame. upon wliith yQU Can hang skill~, feab., and various story elements. Choose a class from those presented ill Chaplllr Three.

Assign Ability Scorss

Now that you k110W what species arid Class you want yom character 10 11e. take the stores yOu g~n~TInecl ellrlier and assign each to one of the- six abili[i~s: Streng1h. Dexterity, Constitution, lntelllqcnce, Wisdom, and Charisma. Then make ~ny odju~ln](ml~ to these scores according 10 the species . .you selected,

For guld::i!lC(, each class descrlprlon Indicates which abililies are rnost lrnperteru for that class. You might want 10 pUl your 11igi1est scores in the abHil ies thai aGcel1tu~J.e the natural b!,!nefll<; of I he class,

Record 'your ability scores, elass, and specie'> 011 your character sheet. Record your ability modifrers as well.

Write Down Your Species Features

Each species offers a combinattcn of special leatures ul1il'[ue LO lhat species, Record the features yeur species provides 011 yo ur character sheet,

Writs Pawn Your .Class Features

Each class elfers a cornbiI18·(ion of special Features unique 10 tl'31 da~~. Record the feal UTe~ your class Il[o"icks all yo ur cha ra cter sheet.

Vitality Points

Your class determines yPur eharacl er's vitality die--fhe die you rol] ttl g~in new vltaflty points at each new level. Reeerd [his die (n6. tiS. or d 10) Inthe space On the character sheet. I hen fig ure out wha t your starring nu mber of vi rallty pain Is are. A lsi-level chnracler gets the maximum points From the vitality die, plus; ~he charaeter's Constitution modifier.

Por e}j,lImpl~. lf your character belongs to the seoul class a nd you h ave a 1 2 Constltu 1 ion, you start with 9 \Ii ta nty points (B, I he maximum result Of H riB roll, plus 1 far YOllr Constitution bonus).

[he Quiclme'!s feal increases your yi tal i fy pain \'S. I r yo u select this feall<lter, make any adjuslments a~eordingly.

Wound Points

YOur wound points Girt: equal to your Cpnsti[u(ion score. lf your character's COllSrltutiOl1 is 12:, for example, you have 12 wound points.

l1H! Toughfl ~ss feal lnereases you r wou nd pain ts, 1 r you select this feallatcr, make any adjustments lII:rordingly.


To determlne your character's Defense, add the following numbers to!ilether:

to + class honus + Dexterity rnodifrer

So, II in-level 5coull+2 class bonusYwilb a 12 De~terily woulrl heve a Defense of I J (1.0 + 2 + 1 = 1 J).


Your charot=ter's species ~et~rmiJ1es her speed. Most species 11 ave a speed of 10 meters.


YOur rI1~rnct~r'~ inillaliVe nledirl·eF equals lhe character's Dexterity modJlic(.

The Improved InitilHiv~ feaL provides lin additional m-odirlC'r. If yml select this feal later, make any adjusLments accordil'lg Iy.

Base Attack Bonus

Your character's class determines yom base attack bonus. Record this number on rhe character sheet,


Your character's elass determines your base Reputation bonus. Record this number ill thespace provided on the chararrer sheet,

Forc.e Pl1ints

Your character starts play wlth I Force Point. Indicate this in the space provided on lhe character sheet.

SaVing Throw Bnnuaas

Your class determines your base.:>aving Lhrow bonuses. To these bast' numbers, add the modifiers for the associated a billti e!i as rollcws:

For Fortit ude, aqd yo ur Censtitu t ion mod i frer, Far Rellex, add ycur DeXterity modifier.

Far Will, add ,your Wisdom modifier.

Some feats provide additional saving throw modthers, I f you sel ect on e of r hese feats. rna ke a rry 8 djustrnenis accordingly.

Melee Attat:kBtJl1us

lo determine your melee attack bonus, add your Strenqth mmliner (0 your base altacK bonus, C~rlain fents and

sp~d"l feal ures m iyl11 provide sddi Uti nal modi l'Iers, so rna ke adju~t men IS 3S necessarY.

Ranged Attack Bonus

TQ determine your ranged attack bonus, add yOur Dexterlly modtficr 10 your base al tack bonus. Certain feats and

~p~dal features might provide adtJltional modlhers, so- make adjuslmenls as necessary.

'select Skills

Your character's class and lrrtel) igence IlJI"ldifll;!r de termme hnw many skill points you C31l spend ,0 buy skills.

Skills @TC measured in T8111<S. Each Tank adds +1 to: skill checks. made using a sped fir skill. So rile skills a re co nsldered to be class skills for yo u r ch aracier's class. All orher skills are eonsldered 10 be rross-clsss skills.

At 151 level, you can buy up to 4 ranks il1 a class skill For a cost of 4 skill pl)lnl~, or up La 2 ranks in a cross-class

sklll ror the same cost. (You gel more out of RUfchaslng class ~-kIIIs.J

Buyhlg skills goes fasrer and provides maximum power if yo U spend 4 ski II poi nls (your rna xim 111m] 011 eVlery sk ill vou select,

Skins a re described In (ll<!lw"r Four,

Duee you ve sel ec ted your skill,. del errnt ne !l)e ski II modirn~r Fm each sk III. Todo I his, add toge'!ll er Ihe skill r:1 n ks,

111~ arl~ropriah: abi!lly modilter, and any other modtliers

thai may apply.

For example, if YOll haY\"' 4 ranks in Climb and a Streng tl~ modlficr of +2. your Climb skill modifier is +6.

Select Fsat.s

You start witb atleast one Feat, thouqh your class and species might provide. additional feats at I st level. Select your fl!<Jts from Chapter Five HTld record llrern on the char~der sheet, Some realS may affect [he illFOr]l1atiCll you've ~Ir~dy recorded. so make adju~TI1~nts as necessary.

Determine Starting: Credits and Buy Gear

Your character's class determines how muny credits YOlI

start play wi th, Some feats provide addit ional cred I ts as well. Use your creclit~ to purchase equipment For YQur rhar~tleT. Ci1l1pler Sevrn describes weapons, armor, and gear you call select Fro I'll.

Finishing VourC h ara ete r

rhe last detalls yOll nett] to add La your character sheet h~lp you visualize and roleplay your character. You need

a name, of course-something tl1~ 1 fits your class. sperjes, and the Star Wars galaxy. You should also determine

youl charsercr's age, gC11der. height, weigh t, eye and hair [0101', SKin color, and any relevant background inforrnalioll you wa 11 L to provide. (M ske su re \0 run yo ur ideas

p1ls;t :YOI.,Ir G~TfI(!rna.sle.T 0;0 tha L he o[5he can fit them into the carnpaign.]

Chapter Six provide; glJidcJii'l~ [bat can help YOll with these deli! ils and cha ratteristics.


Some players like to participate in Roleplaying Game Association (RPGA) LIVING FORCE adventures. To create a character for use in a L!VING FORCE adventure, use this character creation overview with the following adjustments:

Abilit,y Scores

The LIVING FORCE campaign is tougher than normal Star War5 campaigns. Use the Planned Generation method to generate ability scores (as described in Chapter One), but use 28 points instead of 25 to balance the campaign's inherent difficulty.


The following species are available in all LIVING FORCE events. Others (such as the Iarasin species introduced in tile ill/ING FORCE Campaign Guide) may be made available in specific events or campaigns.

Human, Bothan, Cerean, Duro), Gungan, lthnrian Kel Dor, Radian, Sullustan Trandeshsn, Twi'lek, Wookiee, and Zabrak,

Multiclass Restriction

In the LIVING FOlK!: campaign, the path of the Jedi requires complete devotion" A ledi charecter who adds a non-Jedi class can never advance in a Jedi class thereafter. If a character abandons the Jedi path before reaching 7th level in a Jedi class, the character must return his lightsaber to his master.

Vitality Points

Characters created for RPGA events receive vitality points at each new class level as shown below. Constitution modifiers apply.

Fringer 6 Scout 6 Force adept 6

Noble 4 Soldier 8 ledi consular 6

Scoundrel 4 Tech specialist 4 Jedi guardian 8


Starting characters receive maximum credits for their class (see Chapter Three). Characters can purchase equipment from Chapter Seven with the following restrictions.

Not allowed: double-bladed lightsabers or storm trooper armor. Allowed only through play opportunities: lightsabers, vehicles, starships, and droids.


Characters in the LIVING FORCE campaign are heroes in the goodguy sense. Characters with Dari( Side Points and dark side abilities are not allowed.

LIVING FORCE adve ntures ta ke pi ace du rin g the Rise of th e Em pi re era. Species and equipment from later eras are not allowed.

Find Out More

The RPGA Network is an international roleplaying game fan dub and organized play association devoted to playing and promoting roleplaying games, including the Star Wars Ro/ep/a)'ing Came.

For more inlormalion on Ihe RPGA, RPGA Star Waf5 events, and the LIVING FORCE campaign, or to become a member of the RPGA Network, go to ::::

Dl5 [] I » AJ » n -l rn A]

[J AJ m


o z



If your scores are 100 low, you may scrap thorn and reroll all six scores, Yow scores are considered too low it the total of your modi !'leI'S (before changes because ef species) is 0 or l-ower. or ir Yllur highest score is 11 or lower.

Pia n n ad B ene rati a n

lnste(:ld of r01lino dice, yDU may select the scores yQU want by using tlre planned character genemtlor1 method. Th! requires ;j bil mere Ihough1 and effort on your part, Since you need to know what kind of character you want 10 play so you tall select your scores appropriately, Determine your species and class beforehand. then select your score as outlined below.

Your character's ability scor 5 an start at B. You have 25 points 10 spenti 10 increase these scores, using the costs ~}10WI1 below. Afler you select your scores, apply llny species rnodifiers.

Score Cost Score Cost
B 0 14 6
9 1 15 8
10 2 16 10
1j 3 17 13
12 4 18 16
13 5 Standard Scare Package

The third method of determtnlnq abillLY SC:OfC5 is l11(,"' standard score pal'kagr, ? balanced mix or scores designC'd to 'Iuitkly ere-ate hero characters, Assign the scores tn LlH~ abillties as you like, Arter you asSign your SCOTe5. apply species modifters,

The standard score packaq is: 15,14.13,12.10. and s.

The Abilities

bnch ability partially describes your character and affects 501T11:. 0 r yo II r character's acrlons,

Strength (Str)

Strength measure your character's muscle ami pl,yslcal power. This ability i, especially important for Soldier<. because il helps them prevail in phyo;ical combat.

You apply your character's Strength modlfrer to:

6- Melee attack rolls.

e Darnaqe rolls for melee and thrown weapons. {Exc\!]ltion: Grenade damAge isn't modifted by SII\:119111.)

Table I-I: Ability M[]difiers

Score Modifier Score Modifier Score Modl.ier
1 -5 12-13 +1 24-25 +7
2-3 -4 14-15 +2 26-27 +8
4-5 -3 16-17 +3 28-29 +9
6-7 -2 18-19 -+4 30-31 +10
8-9 -1 20-21 +5 etc. ... etc. ...
10-11 0 22-23 +6 Ei- Climb. Jump. and Swim hC'cl<s. and mher skill checks using Strenqth as the key ability.

@ Srrenqrh checks [Ior breaking down doors and the

Dexterity (Ilax)

Dexterity measures hand-eye c:or:mHnation, agilily. reflexes, and bala nee, This ability Is important fot charaeters Who wantto be good shots with ran_ged weapons lsuch as blaster pistols) or who want te handle the controls or <1 starshlp or speeder fairly well.

YOIi <Ipply your character's Dexterity modifier to:

@ Ranged attack rolls, such as with blasters.

a Defense. provlpl=p the character can react to the attack. a Ren~ saving Ihrows, for avoiding grenades and

slmilar a ttacks,

a Mov~ Silently, Hide. and PilOt checks, <I net other skill checks USing. DexLerity as the keY'<lbility.

C[]nstituti[]n (C[]n)

Constitution represents your character's health and starnina. ConsLiiutidn determines a hero's wound points (your numb r of wound points i equal to your COl1slitulioll

core). 50 it's important for everyone, but most lmporla III r r characters who plan to gel into the Illie)., of combat 011 a regular basis.

You apply your Constitution rncdlfrer to:

a Each die roll for gaining additlonal vitality points (though a Constitution penalty can never reduce a vitality poirlt roll below 1; lhat is. <l character Ilh vJtallty point alw~ys gains at least 1 vitalit'y point each Lime he or she goes up a level).

a Fortitude saving throw, ror resisting polson and slmllar threats.

a Some Control-based Foree sklll checks.

IF a character's CO.l1stitutiol1 rhanqes, his or her vitality and wound polnts increase or decrease aceordinqly,

Intell.igence (lnt)

lntelllqence determines how well your character learns lind reasons. lntelllqence is lmportaru for any character who W~l1tS to have a wide assortment or skills.

You apply your haracter' lntelligcnce modifier to:

e The number or laJ1gljagc your character knows at ,he start of the game.

G The number nr skill points gainl:!d at each new level (thouqh all Intel1igence peTlalry can never reduce this number below 1: your character always gets at least I ski II point per IcwO.

a Search and Knowledge checks. and other skill checks using Intelligence as the key ability.

@ Some her-based Force skill checks,

Wisd[]m (Wis)

Wisdom describes a character's willpower. common en e. perception. and tntulticn, Compared to Intelligence, WIsdom i<; more related to being in tune with and aware of une s surroundings. while Int.elligence represents one's

ilbilily to an~lyzc information. An "absen t-rrrinded Drore,$or~ has a low Wis.dQm score and a high

10l~11 igen ce scare. A sim pic ton wi l h low In! ell igenee tnlghl nevertheless have great insighl [high Wisdom). tr you want your character 10 have keen senses, put a high score in Wisdom.

You apll1y your character's Wisdom modifier to:

a Will saving throws (for negating certatn 'Porce attacks], a Li~lel'l, Spot. and Trea l IlJjuJY checks, a nd other sknl cheeks uSing Wi~tlom as the key abilitY.

e All Sense-based Foree skm checks.

Charism.B (Cha)

Charisma measures a character's force of personality, prl.~II~)ivcnrss, personal magneTism, ability 10 lead, and physical attractiveness. It represents strength of personalily, not n1(~rC'ly how 0 thers perceive you i11 a socta I setti n g.

Yllu ~pp Iy your Chatisrno mpdi Ikr 10:

(30 Bluff Diplornacy, and Disguise checks, as wl.'lI as other skills using Charisma as the key abililY. and checks rcpresentl ng. attempts to infl uence others.

G SOI1lC Foree skill checks.

Example nf Gene.rating and Assigning Ability SC[]r.Bs

Chris sl LS t10wn Lo crea It! a new cha ra c tel'. He rolls fe u r ~i'r;-sided dice [4d6) and geb. 5, 4, 4, and I. 19110flng the lowest die. I~~ records the su 111 of the o ther t h ree on scratch pa per: 13. He d oes th is f\.ve. more limes a I1(j gets 111m' six scores: 13. 10.15, 1 2, B. and 1 4. Chris decides to playa strong, lough Gungan soldier. Now he assiITI1~ his rolls 10 abi I ill ~S.

S"trenglhgm the higln.:s( score. 15. His character has a

+2. Slrellgtl1 bonus that will serve 11im well in melee cernbat,

Ccnstlruticn getS the next highest score: 14. The

a1mgan'~ +2 Consfhutlon species ability adjustmen l ls-er Table 2- I: Species Ability Adj us tl11 e 111.5 , pi:lge 22J improves his Constitution score to 16, for a + j bonus. 1 h lit mea ns more vitality pain ts per level, 16 wound points. and a better Fortitude £Iving throw bon us.

CI1tis puts hi'; loWest score. e, tnto Charisma.

Chris has two scores with bcnuses left (1] and 12), plus an average SCOle (10).

D~)(telitJ' {Je ts I he 1'3 [+ 1 bonus). Th a t hel ps with al1ackin~ with ranged weapons and with Reflex saving throws. (Chris is also thinking ahead. A Dextcri ty score 0 F 13 qualiftes his chars cter For the Dodge fea t -see Tab I e 5~1: 'Feats.1

Wisdom get'i l~e 11. The Gungan's -'2. Wisdbm spo:l"ies ability ~clju'itment (:;;ee Table 2-1; SpeCies Ability AtljUSImenrs, page 221 dro flS his Wisdom score to i 0 [n o bonus or penal tyl.

illtdligellcl:' gets the 10 (110 bonus or penalty]. Avenage Wi~dom and Intelligence aren't bad for a soldier.

Chris records his character's species, d ass, a b!li ty scores, and abili ty modifiers on his character sheet.


You (an use your character's intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma scores to guide you in roleplaying your charerter, Here are some guidelines Gust guidelines) about what these scores can mean.

A character with a high Intelligence score is curious, knowledgeable. and prone 10 using big words. A character with a high Intelli.gence score and a low Wisdom score may be smart but absent-minded. or knowledgeable but lacking in common sense. A charaner with a high intelligence score and a low Charisma score may be a know-it-all or a reclusive scholar. The smart character lacking in both Wisdom and Charisma usually puts her foot in her mouth.

A character with a low Intelligence score mispronounces and misuses words, has trouble fOllowing directions, or fails 10 gel the joke.

A character with a high Wisdom score may be sensible, serene, "in lune," alert, or (entered. A character with a high Wisdom score and a low Intelligence score may be aware but simple. A character with high Wisdom and low Charisma knows enough 10 speak carefully and may become an adviser or "power behind the throne" rather than a leader.

A character with low Wisdom may be rash, imprudent, irre· sponsible, or "out of it."

A character with high Charisma may be beautiful. handsome, striking, personable, and confident. A character wilh high Charisma and low Intelligence can usually pass herself off as knowledgeable, until she meets a true expert. A charismatic character with low Wisdom may be popular, but he doesn't know who his real friends are.

A character with low Charisma may be reserved, gruff, rude, fawning, or simply nondescript. ::::

r::::.hanging Ability Senr-as

Over lime, the ability scares your character starts with tan thange. Ability scores tan increase with no limit.

e Add I point to any ability score at 4th, 81h, 12th. 16th, and 20th level.

H Polscns, diseases .. and other effects can cause temporary ability damage. Ability poil1l~ lost tQ damage return naturally, typiC";3l]y at jl rate or 1 point !fer !.lay rer esrha ffetted ~billty.

e Asa character ages, some ability scares go Ull and others go down. See Table 6-]: Aging Err-ects, page 120, For details.

When an ability score changes, all attributes associated with thai score change accordingly. For example, when Sia-Lsn becomes a 4lh-level Jedi gl,.lardian, .. he decides to inqcOlsc her Dexterity from 15 to 16. Now she's harder La hil, better al using ranged weapons, and all Dr her Dexterity-based skills; her Dextl'Ti1y modifier increases.

r ~ m fj]


score ! I 21 in Const i 1111;0 n. It drops to 10. w h ich provides neither a bonus liar a pena l!:y.

Table 2-1: Species Ability Adjustments

Species Ability Adj .. stments

Human BOlhan Cerean Duros Ewok Gamorrean Gungan Ithorian

Kel Dar

Man Calamari Quarren Radian Sullustan Trandcshan Twi'lek Wookiee Zabrak


+2 Dex, -2 Con

+2 Int, +2 Wis, -2 Dex

+2 Dex, +2 Int, -2 Str, -2 Can +2 Dex, -2 Sir

+2 Str, -2 Dex, -2 Int +2 Can, -2 Wis

+2 Wis, +2 Cha, -2 Dex +2 Dex, +2 Wis, -2 Can +2 lnt, -2 Can

2 Can, -2 Wis, -2 Cha +2 Dex, -2 Wis, -2 eha +2 Dex, -2 Con

+2 Str, -2 Dex

+2 Cha, -2 Wis

+4 Str, -2 DeX, -2 Wis, -2 Gha None

What's New?

I r you don't have the pr vlous edition of the tar War Roleplaying Game. you an skip this section, It explains What we d1Bngeu ill this chapter for the new edition.

111 Ll1is chapter, We added more species Ior you to choose lrcrn w hen crea lil1g a cha raeter, Six new species hav been included, We've: also made rt111101 adjustrllenls Ihroughout each pectcs entry, including standardizIng automatic languages and reworking the primitive species trait For Ewoks and Gamorrcans,

Spscis.s and Languages

All characters know Basic, lHe primal)' lallguage used throughout known space. Most characters can speak the language. and all understand it, Nonhuman characters can III 0 speak and read the language associated with their species, Smart cl1araclcr., [those with an In lelligence bonus) spe;:Jk and rearl other 1~l1gu~ges as well: orre ('xlTII langu~ge per point or honu . The bonus can be spent to either speak a language or to be' able La read and wtite it. Select your character's bonus langtlages (if any) fr m the list found In the peak Lauquaqe skill description. page 98.


Humans dominate lht" COTe World and can be foun I in virrun lIy every comer of the gala1(Y. They are (he ance tors of early sp~ccf<lrfng pioneers. conquerors, traders. travelers and refugees. Humans have always been people on 1 he move. As a result. Lhey can be fO!lhd 011 almost every lnhahltcd planet. As a species. Humans are physically.


Cllllur~lly, a ncl poll tita lIy d iv,,~l'". Hi! rdy OT fin e. lig h 1- skinned or dark, Humans remain one of the most dominant species throuqhoutall era'S of play.

Parsonality: Human personality runs the gamut of ~os5ibHiti~5, l hough members of til is species tend to be highly adaptable. tenacious, and willing 1.0 keep striving no mailer the odds. They are Mexiblr ami ambitious, diverse in lhelr tastes, n'iorllls, customs, and habils.

Physical DB:>criptlon: Hurnarts average ahoull.8

meters tall. Skinshal:le.s TUn frorn nearly black to Vl;lJI pale, hair fTQ.1T\ black 1"0 blond. Men an:: usually taller anti heavier than WOI'l1en. Humans achieve marurtty about [he age of 15 and ml!ly live beyond 100.

Human Hnrnawnr-ld: Various, including Coruscant.

Carulag. NcabCO. Tatooine, and A\deraan,

LanguagB: Humans speak and read Ba!>ic. lhtzy \ypically learn 0 lher la nguages, i "dueling obscu re ones.

Enmpte Names.; Anakln, Arani, Bail. Ben, Beru, Bi~lgs, Baba, Corran, Dark, Dam!, Oalak, uarm, llan, Jango, Jcdo, Lando, l.ela, Luke, Mace, Mara, Obi-Wan, owen, Pad me, Qui.Gon, Sia-Lan, Rann, TalcJ11. veren. Wedge, Winter.

Adv8ntup.ers: Humans aren't a I'raid to try anything, and Human adventurers are the most atrdacious; daring. ami ambltiou~ members of an audacious, daring, and ambitious 'ijleci~~. A H timan can earn !] lory by a 111<155ing riower.

wealth, and rame, More than any O'tIH:t species, Humans champtnn GOIU5B rather than lerritortcs orgroups,

Harnen Species Tr-alfs

@ Medium -slze: As Med i u m-stze crea tu res. 'H urn ~ ns have t10 special bonuses or penalties due to their size,

a- Human base speed is 10 meters,

G 4 extra bkill points al lst lcvel and 1 exira ..,kill point al each adell! lena I level: H umansare versatile and ca psIlk. (The 4 extra skill pOln ts a List level a re a dded on as a bonus, not multiplied in. See Cllapter Pour: Skills.]

a I extra f(,~l at tst level: Humans are. quick to master ~ptdaliled tasks and are varied in thei r talents. I See Chapter Five: Feats.]

e Automatic L~ngua'ge; Rc~djWrite Basic. Speak Basic,


nit: planet Buthawu], in the Mid Rim of the gal~xy. g-ave rise to the Bnthan species, These short, fur-covered humanoids have ha~ Iwperspace trovel for thousands 0 r years and were <lmpng the FlT'lt civilizations 10 join galal'tie society.

Bothans deal in inFt>rnlatioll. They use lnfanna lion as a measure of wealth and power, even wicldijlg it as a weapon when necessary. The Bcthan Spynel SfNr;, as one of the largest im elllqence agl:'nrles: througho ut most eras, and i I play; nn important and poignant role in tile Rebellion era

Culllll"llily. Bothans don't believe in direc:! ccnflict, They Ilrefer 10 manipulate sltuation~ from behind the scenes, 10 watch and wait For in formation ~nd opportu nily, and to usc these looh to gain sta iusand in n lienee.

PerSlln;iUty: Bothansare m<tnipulative .. crafty suspiclnus and curious by na lure, and a Ii ttle paranoid. They can be inii!Jling, bur I"hey are also I oy~ 1 .<1 nd b rave,

Physiccill Description: Bothans arc covered with fur that ripnles in response La their emotional state. They have


I aptrc:d ears, a IllI be til mate a nd [-'crnal e Both ans spOrl beards. They average about 1.5 meters tall ~ncl have a maturity rote and IIPe span slightly grealf!r than Humans.

Bnthan Homewlll"ld: The in d ustria I world of Bnthaw ui, withvarlous colony worlds throughout the Mid Rim Ternrerles, lncladi ng Koth I is a,nd Torolis,

laogua[Je: Botb'~hs> ~'Pta"k ahd re~cJ Borhese and Basic, ExamplE! NBmE!s: BbrSk Fey'lya, Karka KreTry. l<qlll M<:I~Il, Tav Breil'l.Y'cl, Tereb Ab']bn,

Adventure<rs: Botlran adventurers, such as operattves in the Sp;YI1€t. engage in ~~ring deeds-even when such deeds put I hem ill great personal risk. In addition La il1[dli~el1ce opera lives, Botha n heroes serve as soldiers and pilots, dip I 0- mills and ambassadors, Th-eir ruriesity leads some to be explorers and scouts. Even when a Bothan lakes up 11 noble rause, his or her cultural upbri11girig makes it hard 11(')1 to look rOt the prCiIH and prestige in the situation.

BothanSpeciss T ... alt s

G +2 Dexterity. -2 Constitution; Bothans are quick and dexterous. They me less robust th811 most other species, however.

G Medil,'ll)-size: As Mt(rlium-siz;e creatures, Bothans 1law 11I'l special bonIJS5 or pemtl(ies due to their size.

G Bothan base speed is 10 trreters,

e +2 species bonus on Gather Infomlation anti Spot ehecb: Bnrhans display a natural superiority When lt comes to matters of gathering ill teliigcnce.

.G Automatic l.anguages: Speak and ReadjWrite Bothese and Basic.

[IJ -0 rn n

m [IJ



Ccreans ronlr from a rC!11Dl't" utcpfan warlt]. M[}~l Cereans are peaceful, follo\\lng fam\ing IrarliHon~ that dale back Lhou';<lnd~ 01 )'liar... The ~jledes indud<.'\ more rcnwle<; than males. and Ccrcan ~udctY is matrtarchnl, lhelr high-domed heads hold bmary brams, and 1,,"0 hearts beat 111 a Cerean's chest. WII h a IIOIl(19~Fl-s~ivt' heritage. it i~ only rflr('"'ly rha t a Cerean devc lops the desire to advenlllrl'. ~nd even more rare that OI1~ ta).,c~ un Ihl."" roues of-a Jedl KnlghL.

Per,soflality: (er,'am k'no 10 he r~1111. rational, and l')"lll"mrl)' loylc .. 1.

Physical Description: Cereans a\l 'rall,~ ahout l meier; tali, \'.111"> elcnqaicd rraruurus. nlt') havi.' a 1113lUrilY rare and Jill: span slmltar 10 ihar of Humans,

Gel"ean HClmeworld: The blissful pl~!lll ('('1("<1. Langlul·ye: Cereans speak and rend !.)n~an and Basic. Example NBmBs: Ki-I\di, So l.eet, S.ylvn. I i-Dal, MQj-Odo. Adventurur's: Ccrcans wl10 become arlveuturers do so in

dlrec! colllr,lIlitlirll1 10 lhelr Irn(lItion~ and Ij~lil'l~. Even 50, when a cau~~ nr sltuatlon turns a rl'f~'~n 10 thl' path. he or she tries to approach lin: wilh as many of Ihe Cercart beliefs lrnart as IIO'i~lblr. A9YTe<.sion should he the last 150rl alter <III peaceful solutions are attempted, for example. The binary bruin allows a Ccrcan to C0l1Sl<ll111y weigh both sides in <lny di""gTt'~'nwnl and gt..e~wo !l()inl~ 111 vil'w equal cOI}iirticn.'Jlioll .. ] hl~ ability !"'xlenrb even 10 I~wt's surround- 1119 IIII' Force. anll a Cerean FQrCt:~l,Iser 01"11,'11 t'!)Iltl;:rnpl.31es the liyhl ~id~ andthe (lark side slmullarreuusly,

Cet'.ean Species Tra.its

e +l Intelligence, -tl WI<,(jom. -'/.. D~lelity: Ccreans <Ire vcry tJright and inllljlive. illCY <Ire. less coordlnated Ih!l!1 most other spcdn, however.

S Me(liulfI-siz.e: As Mccllllll1 ~ile creatures, Cereans have no ~pr('i31 bOT1u5e~ or pe null ie~ d ue to lllt~ir sill'.

e Cer~~n bsse speed is 10 nWll·r~.

e .1 species bonus 011 lnttlatlve checks: Despite L1wir gcnrrallack of coordination, Cercans' reaction <;JJCCd 1$ superior to that of most other species. Some have theolil~'d that this is II low-level form of prffOgnilioll. Ilt'rhaps due to lhl'jr billa!) brain'>. lJut lie hard t."Vir!el1['f" ~'),bl~ 10 suppor! this.

S Aulnmalic Languagcs: Speak and ~ead1Wrile Cercan ,1.l1d Ba~it.


ThL' Duros originate in till' Duro star sy;h.:m, located at the C\LTCml' edge or the Call." r gion OfSJldCC. Wilh an almost

lnn a te a mllity for spare travel, tilC Duro.s wert' "mony rue flf'oi 10 leave their world and sprend to the stars. Whall'wr the reason for their wanderlust. the lrurus lend to gr<Ivi La te

I awa rei the space lanes rur hW01l1r and ad venture, I heir hOIT1~ s)'!tlcll1 i. gowrned by va~l sJarsllip engineering corpuraL!un, and 1110\1 Duros learn 10 pilol a sl1l p or rebuild a hYIl{>rdriyr >horl1y after the) bt'gin IQ walk and talk,

ParsDnaUty,A Duros tends 10 be lruense and adventurC)\J'), alwa)'!o ~el"'king to 1e-~TIl whal's 31 the end of the nl'l.1

Il} pl r>PIl(C jump. They are a proud, 5dr-su I1icicn t, f 1111-10\111111 people who also have a iL-nlirncy toward gregariousness.


Phys[,clIl DescriptiDn: Dums average about 1.8 meters tall, They arc h~iTI('ss, with large ~es and Wide. llpless muulhs. Skill eo lor r<l1lgrtS lirom b.lue~gray 10 deep azure.

Duras Humewnr-ld: The orbiting cities of (he Duro IyStem.

LllnguajJe: Duros .speek and are literate in Durese and Basic,

EXllmplB Names: Blrniss Keeg, Ellor, Kaillo, Kir Vantai, Lai Ne(llka, Monnda Tebbe,

A.dventurer::;;: Duros adventurers include hyperspace explorers, star charters. a nd spacers 0 r a II descnp tions, They also lend to gravitate toward the sciences, including enginmillg and astrogplion. Some Duros shunexplcration ill favor of smuggling and l~ding, and il small number go into diploma tic IjroressitJ11s.

Dur'[]s Spe.cie.s Traits

G t2 DexlerlLy, +2 Inrelligl:ncc, -2 Strength. -2 COl1Sli~ ruuon: Duros an: agil~ in mind and bndy, but lh~ aren 'I a physically hardy people ..

G Medium-size: 1\5. Medium-size creatures, Duros have no

speclal bonuses ot pena Hit's due ro their size, G Duros base speed is 10 meters,

G uuros rec~hle the Spacer FfJ;i3L as a bonus feat at \<.1 level. a Automatic Languages: Speak and Read/wrlte Durese

and B~sic.


[woks hail fTOm the Iorest moen or Ender, where Ll1l'Y milillL~in a primi1ive hunter/gatherer society. Prior \0 the Battle of Ender (four years after Episode IV). Ewoks were almost entirely unkn own 10 the go I 3l\Y a l 11) rge. SOllie traders and explorers visited Ender's moon, but with no 1"onl1 of space travel. E'Wok~ never Ie ft lh elr homeworl d. Allhough primitive by galactic standards, the tri'bal E.woks all;' resourceful am11li9l1ly adaptable.

The tribal Ewaks may be lechnologically primitivE' when compared to most or galactic 5oci~, but tlll'Y ate also c1~r and lnveutlve, While they tend to inftial1;y be Will}' around machinery, lt isn't long before thetr natural curiosity Will;' ou land th ey plunge into wild andexuberant expertmentation.

ParSllnallty: Bwoks lend to be C\lriOqs. superstitious, and tou rngeous, I h 0 ug h I he'y can bl:; Fearm I aroun d thi ngs that are stmnge a no new,

Physh;;~1 Description: E:woks averagE about 1 meter tall.

Their thick fur varies WiQ('ly in tolar and pattern, The,y often wear hoods, decorative Feathers, and animal bones.

EWiIlk Heme-wDrld: 111e forest moon of Endor.

LangL!age: Ewoks speak Ewo.kese. They hove no written form or their 13nguag('. They can learn to .speak B<Isit.

Example Names: Asha, Chirpe, lJeej, Knees,a~, Latara, Log:I'lI,Y, Malani, NfppC!-l, Paploo, Shodu, Teebo, Wicket, Wiley.

Adventurers: An Ewok aclven l'llfer may be motivated by

a love of excitement. a rtatural inquisitivel1e!S's, or a warrior's quest, Usually, all Ewok hero joins up witha stout Of 01 her hero who has access to a starship, Co.lleetinQ powerful "magiC" items trom fallen Op-ponellts, such as a SlO~lrOOpet's ITl!lmt'1 or a rang'e lrrtder from 8 blaster rifle, is a sure way l'or an Ewok to eafll the respect of his tribe.

Ewok Species Troaits

e +1 Dexterity, -2 Strength: Ewoks are very agile and good wiLh r.:mged weapons. out their small size makes limn wea ker than Medium-size species.

G Srn..all: As Sma11 creatures, EWQks gain a + 1 size b0I111S to ihctr Defense, a +1 size bonus on attack roll$, and a +4 size bonus on Hide checks, but they must use smaller weapons than Humans use.aud their Iiftil1g and c~rryin9" limits are three-quarters .of those or Medium-size characters.

5 Ewok bOSe speed is 6 meters,

1& Primitive: All Ewok receives the bOIl,l1$ felll Weapon Group Proficiency (ptimitive wra"pon~J and Wraflon

G roup Pro Ikiel1ty [Simple wea pons} at t st level i nstead or the usu a I Wea pon Gr01J p Pro flcienty' fea LS available 10 whatever class tile character selects.

G Ewoks recefve tile Alertness feal IlS :J bonus feal At 15t level to account rcr their heightened senses,

@ Alllomatk Language:. Speak Ewckese.

[JJ 'n m [1

rn [JJ


B~lli~1i ami violent, the porcine GamorR'ans come From the Outer Rim world of Gamorr, Green, khrned with piglilu-. s:!louts, ln~ks, and small hams, Gamorreal'lS are T5pected ror their grea1, 51 rengt ha nd short tempets, 11111' history of GamOrr I,> marked

1.lY ~Il almo~l ennstant slate of warfare. Males train rOT and lighl wars, while the f",males farrn, hunt, and h~ndl!:; rrade,

Since their world was discovered, a number of Gamorreans have Found their way lnto galactic society. The technolegically poor h orneworld has a .avage, primi tive cu I ture that resern bles tilt: prelnd ustrla I periods ,11 at hu man cilVi lizatlons experienced more thari 15,QOO yems ~go. Even so, the physlcally ill1PQSiJl~ Garnorreans rna ke gt.lod la borers, bodyguatds, and rnereenartes. While they' prefer primitive melee Weapons, they have no problem l~arnitlg to use powered weapons and ~Ven blast ers,

Personality: an m orrea ns are- bru ti~h, vi alent. and pro ud.

TIley respect pf~si~1 prowess and have no problem filrillSdca th 8g~ ins t a foe they r~el Lhey are on at least equa I Foo1ing with. Thc:y do display fear in the race of obviously superior opponents, however, c<Jnsidcrillg srreh a display lo be prudent arulevcn r.llinnat

PhySical Descriptilm: Gal11orn!~ns a.verllge about 1.6 meters lall, with lhick green skin covering powt'rful muscles. Clnse-sei eyes. a 1 hick snout, tusks, and srna II horns lend 3 distinct look to I.'V~ry Garnnrrenn.

Gamal"rean HllmewoJ'l& The preindU'!'l-rial13gricuHurn.1 world of Garnerr,

l.anguage: Garnorreans speak. Garnorrean, Hey have no writ len ve~ion of the language. They can learn 10 under-

stand other I . .anguages. but Gamorrean» lack the meehantsm 10 "Peak any tonglJe but (heir own,

Example Names: 08rlogg, Juhrruk, Ortugg, Ugn1uSh, Venorra, W.arlug.

Adventurers: Gsmorreans leave their homeworld ror a varl ely of reasons. So me are ta ken as slaves <111 d ].<1 ter eS'Cflpc or buy out their contracts. Others sen thelr I?ontra~ts on the open market. flndin!1 employmentas bodyguards., mercenaries. and pro l'essi Ot1a I soltliers. A Garnorrean i~, constantly at war, no rna lIe1' where he Or she resides in [h e galaxy: it'soften only ~ m3 uer or flQllr· ing Out who the enemy is. Garnorrean heroes lend to select the ITi nger or sold icr cI asses, 1 o d 8 le, l her~ are no known examples of Gamurrean Force-users,

!l3amcl"rean Species traits

e +2 Str'l!l'1gth, -2 Dexterity, -2 lnlelligence-; O<Irnom:ans possess greater physical power, but have limited agility artd intelligence.

a Medium-size: As Medium-size creatures, Gamorreans have no special bonuses or penalties due to their size.

G Garnorrean base speed is 10 meters ..

a Prim itive: A Garrrorrean receives the bonus rea L Weapon Group Pronc;{'ncy {primitive weapons} al1d W .. apQIl Oral/Ii Profll::iel1~ l'iiltnple weapons) ~t l sllevel ins tea (i of the usual Weapon GrdUp Pronciency feats available LO whatever (']a;;s the. character selects.

@ +2 species bonus on Fortitude saves: Gamerreans have ~ rest ph:fSkal resista nee,

Go Garnorreans receive I h e bonus f .. al Power Attack at Is! level.

EO Aulomalic Language: Speak v31110rrn:Hl.


Prom the watery depths of Naboo, the Gong.lIls are an ancien t ~eries wilh a warl ike I radii ion. Gunqans ea II' hold their breath fqr extended perlods, and they live within underwater cities. Their bubble dwellings contain a breathable atrnespherc .. TIle most common Gl1l'lgan race is the Olalla Gu I1gl1n ,dmract('rizt"u flY' taller, Ie:~ ner frames and extended eyestatks, The rare Ankura Gungan has recessed eyes. 9"'('n skill, and a heavier, shorter frame. Except for the physical characteristl cs, there are no genelic differences between the (w,e Dungan raees, Usually distrustful of strsnqersand slew ]-0 a~cept aic;i, Gungans are T1ev~rlhell'Ss brave, strang, and ronfu:.ienL 1,11 tlieir own traditions.

PBl"son.illl.ty; Dungam tend Lo be inquisitive, C:illitious, and suspicious.

Physica] Description: Gunqans range from 1.5 [02 meters tall, with two eyestalks, floppy ears .. and long tongues.

G!)n!jsn Homswllrld: Naboo [with celonies Dn the Ohrna-D'un moon) ..

Langua'ga: G),lngans Speak Gl,lI1gan and Baste, Example Namas: Fassa, Jar Jar, Rugor, Tarpals, Toba, Tobler (eel, ross,

Adventurers: Gunqan adventurers have a strong warrior tradition. Many leave lheumlerwa ter cities 10 explore the ancient swamps and shorelines. Since the iT['<Ity With Ihe Humans or Nabco, same Gungans have

IJken a larger step lruo Qalattit soci..zy. These l)rave lndividuals are drlven impulse 10 explore and regain Ille warrior spirit of old. There are no ('1(omples of Gunqan Jed! as y~l. thotlgh there have been legends of Force B!i~PIS 3)110ng these peop le,

GiJng:a:n Species Traits

G +.l COllstiluJion, -2 Wisdom; Gungal1s are a hardy spedes but aren't particularly slTOng;willecl Qr perceptive.

G Medium-size: As Medium-size creatures. Gungans have no speci 91 bon uses or penal ties due to their size,

S. (iunyall base speed is 10 meters.

G Hold Breath: Gunqans art al hcmeetther in airor

waler, When under Ws\er. their nQ-sln1s seal, and lhey can sLay subml'Tgt'Ci For much lonqer than members of other 5pccies. A Glmgan can hcltl his bteath rOT a number of founds equal to 25 limes his Ccnstiuuion score befQT(' he nerds LO make checks a gainsl r.Jrowning. (iungans also have a, +4- species burrus on Swim checks,

e Low-Ligllt Vision: Gungans can see twice as far as 'Humans in dim light [such 3S mccnligh; or underwaler]. They retain the <lbi!ily to distinguish color and delail under Lhese cOllditio ns,

G +2 specks bonus 01'1 Listen checks: uespue thelr low Wisdom, Gungans 11~v~ extraordinary hearing.

a +1 sprcies bonus on Re-nex 53\1('S: G ungans hsvc an ullcanny ability to avoid danger.

G Automatic LJllgU8g('_~; Speak and ReadfWritl" Gunqan and Basic,


uhorians ccrne from lhe jungle world or Ithor or one or 11.s many spacewcnhy "herd" shlps, Also known as

11a rnmerheads by the g<1 laxy a l l(lr9f', I ih orians are a peaceful pceple, lthorians dedicate themselves to ecological

en deavors, especia lIy all th elr horneworl d. W here Ilwy seek to prl'ser\lr the pastoral bea u lv of the gr~a I. LTOpic3 I jung1cthe MNller Jungle. A gt:ntle people, I thorlans have. a great leve of art. Many I rave I the ga'iaxy 111 giant hyperrJriw hero ships dC5igned La serve as ('(010git31 repllcas of the lthorlan hcmewerld, bringing the beauty or IWlOr wherever they go.

PBrscnBllty: lthorians lend to be .calm, peaceful, tranquil. and gl:ntle.

Physil:BI OBsr::riipticn: lthorians arc humanoid, ranging in height from I.a to 2.:3 meters tall, with long necks that curl FornartJ and end in dcme-shaped heads. riley have two mouths, one on each side of [11 ~ir neck. prod ucinn a stereo effect Wilen they talk.

Ithcrlan Hnrrrewcr-ld: lIhor, Or a specific hefd ship. langualllil: Ithorians speaK stereophonic lthorese a,nd Basil'. Example Names: Fal1dornar, Momaw, Oraltor, Tomla,

Trangle, lhnwaw,

AdvB.nturl!rs: llherlans lend 10 concentrate on peaceful professions They love to meet new heings and see new places, They crUo.)' l1egotiatillQ drab and findil1g peaceful so lu li 0 ns lO con f1 lcl, They have a spirit ua I na lure tied Lo their devotion to lhl' Mother J\.mgle of their homewerld, Often, wanderlust leads them to explore the greater g~lax.y for a rtrne before they eventually return to lthor or the herd ship that spawned them.

[fJ 1] rn n

m [fJ

lthnr-ian Species Traits

@ +2 WisdOll1. +2 Charisma, -2 Dexterity: Ilhorians are wise- anddeljberate lbin1<rf~ whose personable nature allows them to gel well witl1 others, However, they are also relatively slow to react, with below-average coordtnatlon,

@ Mediu rn-slze: As Merli urn-size crea III res, lthorlans have 110 speci a I bon uses or pens I lies d ue to their size,

& lthorian base speed is 10 meters.

eo +2 species bonus on Knowledqe (wilderness lore] checks: llhnrians study the natural environment.

a +4 species bonus on Survival checks: lthorlans are in I;U ne with na rural surroundtrtqs.

Gi + 1 species bon us on Will saves: I tborians have a bovenvernge willpoweT.

& Automatic Langu::lges.: Speak and Read/Write lthorese and BasiC'.


The Kc:l Dar onginateon the planet Dorin. where Ihey develQped ill an atmosphere of helium and a ga:i unique 10 thclr world, CQRsequently, mere tomml;1l1 atmospheres, includillg those IIlal corrstst of oxygen. nitrogen, ;tnd carbon dioxide, are deadly to the Kel Do~. These Kel Dnr that operate b!:wontJ the confines of thEir herneworld must wear b realh III asks and pro teetlvc goggles.

The Kel Om have 8 long and proud Foree traditton, lhough lhoy have adapted it to the Jedl tradirion since joininrl rhe "Republic over sii';. thousand yt'<l1'$ aqo, Kind-hearted, the Kel Dsr neverth~le5S believe 111 s:v<ifl Justice.

PersllneUty; Evert-tempered and klnd-hearted, the Kti DQr never tum ;lway il l:Jeing in need. Al the same Lime. the average Kel Dor belieVes in quick. slmpte justice ,Ind isn't averse to taking the law into i]is or her own hands.

Physical Oescriptilln: 1111" avemae Kel Dorsrands between 1.4 and 2 meters t'311. Their skin I'lln9"es 11'1 color rrom peach w deep Ted. Most have black eyes. though a fow are born with silver irises that some believe mark them as strong ill the Porce,

Kel Dar Humewur-ld: The technological planet of Dorin. Language: The: Kel 1)'01 iPe(l1\: Kel nor and Bask. Example Names: P0[11 Tlo, Pip Koon, Tarin lJql. Adventurers: Kel Dor who decide 10 brave the dangers of

living outside their hcrnewerld Umd LO be nobles such as diplomats and traders, bounty hunters, and Jedi. Their willingness to help others often mixes wtlh their lnnale sense or justice, leading m any ill t 0 some form of lawen forcernen t,

KelDer Species Traits

@ +2 Dexlcrity. +2 Wisdom, -2 Cpllsti(uLioh: Kel Dor art quick and Wise. btl I Ill!!,)! 5 U rrer rTOIl1 <omewha I weaker constitutions than other species,

@ Medium-size: N. MediuhHize creatures, Kel Dor have 1'10 special bonuses or penalties due to their size.

@ Kel Dor base speed is 10 meters.

a Iias Breather: K"I Dar require their native atmosphere LO survive, WithOut protective gogglrs outside t1,eir hcmewerld, Kel Dol' are conslriered blind. Will10ul a breath rtrask.. a K{'I Dot begins 10 suffocate [see the 511 Ffocalion and 0 rnwn ing ru les ill Chap LIT Twclvel.

@ Low-Ugh I Vlsicn: Kel Dot Ctl n see twice as raT as a Human ill dim light (such as moonlight) when net in their native 8 lrnosphere. They retain the ability to distinguish color a,nd detail under these conditions.

a Autornarlc Languages: Speak ~l1rl Read/Write Kl"l Dor and Basic.

Mcn Calamari

Soft-spoken QU t forceful, the MQn Cnlaf1lari are '9real starsnip engineers. Tht'y sec C'V\;'r'y1 hi 119 Ihry create 8S a workM art, not just as a tool or weapon. They are a lawful. organized people who havcliule tolerance fm thos<' who operate outside the sta lus quo. They ('0111(': from J water-covered world and can breathe both air ami water.

Recognized for their analytical and organizarlonal skills, Men Ca.lalllarl also have a keen Jove of flying among the S~8~. They bel ieve in order ~ pd the grea ter good, S01ll~ tlmes g0111!i so far as to support tIH.· gQod of society aver the gnorl or the individual.

Pel'sona.litv= Creative. ~lIfCL, ~ntl inquisltive, the MOil Cal<lmari are dreumers who c:neri<;h peace bur aren't afraid La w~ge war for the causes Lhey believe \11.

Physical Dascr-lptlnn: The average Mon Calamari stands be tween 1.3 and 1.8 meters tall, The,y smell of sait and the sea with high -domed hI-ads. lwge C,Y!'$. and smoot h, mouled skill.

Man Calamari Hcmawarld: TIle water;y, technoleqieal planet Man Calam~'ri.

Langu,age: The Mon Calamari speak MQn Calarnarian 3ml Basic. They te1le1 lO learn Ousrreuese,

Exampl,e Names: Ackbar. Ballt, Cilghal. lbtisarn, Jesmin, Oro, Perit, Rekara.


The 1I\1111;)'1oio 0 uarren sha re th e wa lcl)' world or Mon Calamariwilh the Mon Calarnari. While the Mon Calamari live on the surface, the Ommen dwell in air-fined underwater elites. Where the Mun Calamari are curious and optimistic, the Quarren rend to be staid and pessimistic. They consider the Man Calamari idealism to be the result of rOQlish, ~\t'll1'1 dangerollS, ciream1ng lhal only leads to troubtl'. Many Quarrm tend to be pl"iigma~k, vnwiHing to trust or accept new ideas.

Pel"son.allty: Practical and I:tll)Sel'"'r.lliYe, Quarren tend LO hi! re change a no d istrust anyone who displa~ OVert optimism and idenlism.

Physl1::al DescriptlDn: The awrag-e Quarren stands between 1.4 and 1.9 meters tall. TIley have heads thai resemble four-te"lladed squids, hence the name ·'squid head" that has followe(j them to ether woJiOs. They have leathery skin and suet Ion-cupped lingers.

iluarren HDmeworld: The \Nal!:!)" technological planet Mon Calamari.

LB'tlguage: Quarren speak Quarrenese and Bask. They tend 10 learn M01l Calamarian.

Example N.ames: Kelmul. SeggoT, Tessek, Tsfllin, Vakker. VUlllg.

AdvBllturers: Quarren leave their homrworld to escape their dependency on the Mol'! Calamari. They tend lO seek OUl the rrinl{es or society, Dperatinga5 sceundrels or nobles in ('[imina1 organjzation~ or with mercenary groups, pirate'S.

MON CAL.A,MAR I outlaw bands, or smugglers.

Advehturers: Men Calamari seek their Urc~ms among the stars. Tl1ey 1ITl' idealis.tic and daring, eften attaching themselves to causes thai seem hopeless or lost righl hom the

start, An individual Mon Calamari has greal spirit and an

en tl, U~iillffi1 that often remains hidden behtnd a quiet. orderly exlerier, They st rlve to prove lha I even thinkers lind dreamers can be brave and darIng when the need arises.

Man Calama.ri Species Traits

G 4-2 Intelligence. -2 Constttutfon; Mon Calamari me vel)' Might but have relatively !'rail physiques.

Gr Medlcrn-size: As M~dium-5ize creatures. Mon Calamari have no special bonuses or penalties due to their size. a Mon Cslarnarl base SJlce.d is 10 mt'lelS.

Go Breathe Underwater: As amphibiQus rreatures, Mon Calamari can't drown in waLer; They also l,flve a +4 species bonus on Swim checks.

e Low-Ugl1l' Vlslon: Mon Calamari can see twke as Far as a HUman il1 dim lighL (such 8S 11100nlighL or underwater], Tlrey retain th e abil1t:( to dtsti nquish color and detnil under these conditions.

@ +4 spectes bonus on !2ra ft (necks (seil'el 0)11' Craft ~'kill For each incllViuual). due te their artistic. nature,

Go + 1 species bonus on W!II saVing throws when in 111015t or watery envtrunmerns: Man Calamari art! most comfortable in wer 5urroulldings.

13 -I species penalty 011 Will saving throws ill dzy or arid environ men ts: Man Calamari are extremely uncorn fo rlable ln dryenvlronments,

@ Automattc L.al1gtlages: Speak anti Read/Wrile MOn Cllial11ariall <Inti Basic.




[/] "'D m n


Guerran Species Traits

(3 t2 Constitution. -2 Wisdom. ~2 Chatisma: Quarren <Ire extremely resilient and physically touqh, though they lend toward defictencies in wisdom and otial graces. a Menium-slze: A~ Mediul11-siz~ creatures, Ouarren have no special bonuses Or' penalties due LO rhetr lze.

e Quarren base speed is 10 meters,

a Brest he Underwater: As amphibious creatures, Qu~rren can't drown in water, They also have a +4 species bonus on wirn checks.

@ Aulomatic LilnguOlges: Speak and Reatl/Write G,luarrt"nest' and Ba~c.

AdvE!nturers: Rodlan adventurers leave their hcmeworld to improve their k1l1s, hopi,.,g to on!' day return arnl claim the title or Hunt Master. '10 this end, they take on roles that allow them to flex their hunting kill, in rease their battle prowess, and ultimately gatn experience to someday earn the prestigious professton of "bounty hunter." Few Radians have anything to do with the Force, so Rodisn Force-users me extremely rare,

Rodi.,.n Species Traits

@ +2. Dexterity. -2 Wisdom, -.2 Charisma: Rodians are quick and Well coordlnaled but oftert act before Illinkin9 Lhings through and are often rude and try [a bully others.

@ Medium-size: As Medium-size creatures. Radians have 110 special bonuses or penaltle due LO their size.

@ Radian base speed is 10 meters,

a RGdiill1$ receive the Track feat as a bonus fest al t st level. All Radians are tauqhl haw [0 track from a very young age.

e +2 species bonus 011 Listen, ear h, and Spot checks:

Desplte their low Wisdom, Rodians are very perceptive.

G! Automatic Lallguages: Speak and ReadjVVrite Rodese and Basic.


Redians grow up in a culture ba ed on lwnling and tracklt1g. They consider bounty hunllnq to be an art fnrrn. TIley romanucize death and U1" hunt, revering gladiatorial gJtnes and violence. 11ley tome from a lifjhlly controlled satiety on an industrial world where the grCfltest aspiration is to become the best hunter in the galal\Y.

Personality: Rodians lend to be violent, tenacious, and dedicated,

PhyS:ical Desoription: Humanoid. wilh mul tifacered eyes, a tap~red 511 au l. a nd deep green skin, 1 h e ,lV~rage Radian .,tallds between 1.5 and 1.7 meters tall.

Rodlsn Homeworld: Rorlian come from the Industrial world Rodia.

Language: Rodians speak Rcdese and Basic, but many lea rn lu spea k Huttese as well.

Example Names: Andocrrn, Beede, Chtdo, Dada. Greeclp, Greeata, Kelko, Navik, Neela, Ne h, \Nald.


Sulluslans live in a se-ries of complex dty-GlVC5 beneath the surface of Sullust, a 118TSh. volcanic world covered in thick do uds of noxious gas. Their planer hosts the headq II a rters For the mighty SoroSuub Comoraticn, and visitors From all over the galaXy come to see its underqround cities. liVing underground ha allowed lhe Sullustans \0 dewlop acute senses, and lhey are renowned for their naviqational and piloting skills,

Friendly 3 nd 0 ulgoi 119, Sullustans enjoy lnteractinq with unusual and interesting beings of other species. They have a corporate mind eL and a knack for business, Ol!> well as a love or space travel and explorarien.

Personality: Sulluslans tend LO be pragmatic, "pleasant, and Fon d 0 r practlea I jo kes.

Physical Description: Humanoid with large round eyes, big ears. and jowls, lhe average Sullustan stands between I.J and I.B meters l,.IL

Sullustan Hnrnewnr-ld: The volcanic. technological world Sullust,

Languaga; speak Sullustese and Basic. Example Names: Ar;l NUl1b. Dllr Nep, Nien Nunb, Sian Tevv, Syllb Snunb.

Adventurers: ullustan adventurers enjoy exploring the galaxy, conducting business, and pulling pranks to sec how others react, l1wy are Inqulsittveanrl love too discover things through personal experience, Al times they can even be a bit reckless. Though some Sullustans hear the call of (111' for . few attempt tn Follow i path.

Sullustan Species Traits

e +2 Dexterity. -2 Cqflstitutioi'1: Sullustans are quick. agile, and good wilh rnnged weapons, but they are not llS hardy as other species.



GMedium-sile: As Medium-size creatures, Sullustans Ililve no special bonuses or pen allies due to lheir ~i~e.

G 'ju II ustan base speed is 10 meters.

G Darkvlsicn: Sullustans t~n see ip lh~ dark IIp to 20 meters. Darkvlslon is black and white only, but it is otherwise like norma I ~ig:ht. <mel Su II uS1.11ns can runelion just fine with no liUhl at all.

G t2 species bonus on Climb and Listen checks: A~ a '~lblerrnn~an species, Sullustans are particularly adept al climbing around in their unqergrol.lnd homes. They ~!';O have a strong sense 0 r heaTing.

G AUiOl)1atk Langu~g~s: Speak and Read/Wrile Sullustese and Basic,


rh~ rep tlllan Tra ndoshers are known for 1,I1f'ir gn.:a L s Lnmg L h and warlike natures, Many or these beillg5 dedicate them';d~'c.s [0 martial tra ini ng, a rid some Fl:lllow L he ps Lh 0 r the hunter on their na live world. A rew have even become renowned [or infamous) bounty hunters in galaclicsaciety, laking whal they learned on Trandcsha and uLilizmg it 1,I~ond Iheir 110me star .system, These reptilian humanokls make gOod scouts and soldiers, but an or the nDl1-Forc(:- 11,1119 da5S~S appeal throughout their "otiely.IFo!'ce~using TrandQ,hans are extTt')'llely rare.] A feud has developed between some Trandoshans and some Wookiees (lheir hemeworlds are in close proxirnlty], but there are as many

ar more examples of Trandoshans and Wookiccs working tog~th~r and cooperating as there art instances of nrcblems tl~IWe~l1 the two C\oJ It ures,

Pers.onBllty: Viol en t. brutal, and driven, Tra 11d oshans love to compete, but ca 11 .show compassion and mercy as

the sitcaticn warrants, .

Physlcal Des.criptiDn: Trandoshans range rrom 1.5 to 2.1 meters sall. Thelr scaly hides offer addltlonal defense agai'ns ( attacks,

Tr-andcshen Hcmewtlr·ld; TraT1dosha lalsn known as Desha]. LanguB!je; Trandcsbans speak Dash and Basic.

Example Names: Bossk, Fussel, KT1.JS'Sk. S,sULlTg, Tusserk, Advantur,ers; A Trandoshan adventurer eraves the thrill of

battle, Some leave Desha to become bodY!:Iuards or mcrcenarfes, Others set out to And new p'ISC5 to hU1l1 and explore. A few use their warrior h<lditiolls to become soldiers, some even developinu1nlo bounty inmt('1'S as lim!" gO('5 by. Tiley 111&Y appeal griJr1' and unpleasant at l'1[<;l, but if gi~n the chance Lhey become valuable members of ~ny mission tearrt,

Trandcshan Species Tr-aits

e +2 Strength. -2 Dexterity: Trandoshans He stronq and powerful but lack agility and gl'ilce.

e Medium-size: As Medium-size creatures. Tl1ll1do~llans have no sped~1 bonuses or penalties. due to lheir size. e TmndQ~h~n base speed is 10 meters.

@ + I natural armor bonus to Defense: Trandcshans have a 11<1 11;lJ<l I botly armor I.h31 en 11aTlt!!S their Defense,

e Darkvision: Trandcshans can see in the dark up to 20 meters, D.arkvision is black and white only, but it is otherwise like normal sighL, and 'Trandcshans can funcliol1 jlJsL Fine wil h no ligHt at 1l11.

Go AulOl'l'allc Lan9llages: Speak and Relld/Write Dosh and Basic.

[/] 1] rn n

rn [/]


rom the dry. rocky world of Rylolh. wf'leks have made

a place rOT themselves alt'l'l'1lJ the galarlic rim. T"5C exotic beillg!>, known for their beautlful bead-taus Icalled lekkul, tan also be fQU lid on planets such as Tatcotne and Malastare, Sly, cllieulaling beings, Twi'leks prefer to avoid trouble and stick to the shadows untll an opportunity to act without undue danger to themselves presents itself. nlt'y like to observe. plan, and prepare-rarely does an individual Twi'lek rush into anything. Some can be vain, but TIlOSl keep an eye out for a way to profit from any situation,

Personality: Twi'leks lend to be unntnq, charismatic, and profu-ortented.

Physical Description: Humanoid, with long. tapered headralls, the average Twt'lek stands between 1.6 and 2.1 meters

La II. Skin Innes include shades of blue, whi leo and green.

TW1'Iek Harrrswnr-ld: Twi'leks come from the planet Rylolh. Language: Twi'leks speak Ryl ~nd Basic. Some aha le~rn Hul lese.

Example Names: Bib Fortuna, Dcel Surocl, Firlth alan, Koyl Kornad, Lyn Me, 0013. TOll Doneeta,

Adventurers: Twi'lek adventurers leave their termwvepl planet to e plore the Outer 'RIm and seek Fame and fortune. nle,y prefer to work behind the scenes. lettillg others stand in the fulilighl of day. Few Twi'leks can stand the reqirnented lifrstyle of tile soldier, but many wind up in business IwhNher legal or illegal), perf(lr!lling as entertstners. or even sctvillY as diplomats. The Force is strOng in thls species, and some Twi'leksgravilate Ltlwanl Jedi studies,

TW I 'I..!'; I<

Twi'lek Species Traits

G +2 Charisma. -2 Wisdom: Twl'leks make eonvlncinq diplomats but arc relatively weak-willed.

a Medlum-size: As Medium-size creatures, Twl'leks have no special bonuses or penalties due to their size.

e Twi'lek bas!" speed is 10 mete!'>.

@ low-Ught Vision: Twt'leks can see lwice as far as a Human in dim light [stH::11 as moonlight). They retain the ability to distinguish color and detail under these conditions.

e + 1 species bonus on Fortitude saves: Twi'leks are genernlly very healthy. with a natural resistance to toxtns and illness.

G Au~ol1Talic Lallgu~ges: Speak and Read/Write Ryl and Bask.

e Bonus Language: Lekku (Ihe heati-laillanguage).


Known ror their ha ttle skills, Wooklees are long-lived and vety strong. wfth a n aptitude ror mechanical endeavors. They may appear 10 be primitlve, but Lhey are qulte adept with l1igh Lechnology. While Wookiees have a reputation for hostility (such as pullinq arms off droids], they also possess a gTeat capacity for kindness. They make Inyal friends. Wookiees have a great many customs and traditions that revolve around honor <'lId loyall)!, inclu~il1g the special bond 0 F friendship called the honor family, a no Int' sacred pledge of honor called the IIr" debt. Tl1tlugl1 arboreal, a Wookieer'levt'T uses i ts tlitnbing claws ill combat, Doing thi .. Is considered dishonorable and a sign of madness.

Per'sonality: Wookiecs tend to be honorable, rash. loyal. and short-Iernpered,

PhYSIcal DescriptiDn: Large. arboreal humanoids covered in thick fur, Wobkie5 range in height From 2 to 2.3 meters, WODkiee Hnrnawnr-ld: Wookie{:5 come from the jungle world of Kashyyyk.

LellguBge: Wookiees speak Shyriiwook; which consists of grunts and gTOwl5. They can understand Baslc, but they can', speak anything other than 5hyrliwook due lu vocal limitations.

E):arnple N!iI!T1es: ChewbaC'C'a, GClrwooken, Groznik, LOll' bacca, Ralrra, Rorwnrr, Salpcrin.

AdventurBr's: Wookiet' adventurers usually start out as wanderers Or e plorers, They tend t(:l bond with rellow adventurers, Forming extended honor families. Some even plcdgt' life debts to individuals who perform a great service (equivililenl 10 saving ill Wookiee's lif!::) , There an:' Force adepts arrronq the giant trees of Kashyyyk, and a few Wookiees have even laken up the traditions of the Jedl,

Wcoklee Species Traits

G +4 Slrength, -2 Dexterity, -2 Wisdom. -2 Charisma:

Waokiee are exceptionally powerful but tend to be illlp-ulshte and have little patience for diplomatic matters. e Medium-size: A Medil,llll-size creatures. Wookic('s have no special bonuse Or penalties due to their size G W<mkiee base speed is 10 meters.

@ +2 spede!> bonus on Climb checks: Wookiees have clam that allow them La rlllnl) particularly well.

~----------------------------------------------------------------------------------~, ....


[.I) 1] rn []

m [.I)


@ +4 species bonu,s on lntlrnida te checks: Their reputalion makes lntlrnidatlon lhe Woo~ices" primary lorm of dlplomacy,

@ Wookiee Rage: When necC:S.Sary, lhe Wookiec can tly into a frenzy. In a rage. a Wooki('c gains phenomenal strength (even for a WQokiec) and durability. but hecoml"S reckless anel le!i& able to defend himself. He temporarily gains -1'4 Strength, +l vitl;llity points per level, and <I +2 Tag~ bonus on Fdrtitude and Will saves, but suffers a -2 penallY to Defense.

While raging, <I Wookiee cannot use skills that require patience and concentration, such as Move 5ih~lltly. Combat Expertise. or ~ny Force-based skill.

A. fu of rage lasts rOTa humber of rounds equal to 5 of the character's Consrltutlen modlfrer, At the end of this liliration. (he Wookiec loses the 0011\15 vi[<lliLY lJoil')l~ gained from the fage and is fatigueo (-2 penalty re effrclivt' SLrengl hand Dexterity, (:8 rt't ru n Dr eh a rge)

FOI 3 number of rounds equal to the rage!s duration.

a Extraordinory Recuper~tion: A Woockiee regains vit8.lity and wound points at twice the normal ra te (2 vit~111y points per character le~l per hour, 2. wound points per day of rest],

a Automatic L::mgllages: ReM/Wrile Shyriiwoak ana Basic. Spes k Shyriiweok, 1I11 derstan d Basic.


The Zabrak took to rhe sters eor1y in g~lactic history and have a vast number of colony worlds. (Men;y Zabrak iden tilY themselves by the colony (hey hail from.) '['he Zabrak h~ve an iron will ~nd a survival Instinct ~et:ond to none, They 8 re explorers and warners without peer, with ili',Lincts Forged by the harshness or the origil1al Zahrak homeworld and the pioneer spirit that led to the seulemern or the Zabrak colenies.

b. bra I< possess a greal amount of confidence, and they believe that there is nothing tl1ey can't accomplish. While Ihis innate attitude could lead to feeling:; of superior;Jy, most Zshrak don't look down upon other spedes, They believe in themselves and are proud and strong, bUL Lbey r.rrdy projrrt any nega! Mly toward Lhost' of 01 her spedes, Each 7AJ hrak Is extt'emcly proud o f his or her ho me colony.

Pe;r.sonality: Zabrak lend to be dedicated, inl.~h:S", and focused. They are sorneilmes considered smgleminded.

Physlcaj DEl5cription: Humanoid, Zahrak are dtstinguislwd by pa ttcms of vestigial 110 rns aiop 1 h ~i f heads. TIll." averilgl' Zabrak st;mds between 1.6 and :1..1 meters I.BII.

Zahr-ek Hamewar-ld: Iriclonia or one of eight colonies in

lhe Mid Rim region ofspace.

language: 72br~k~peak Zabrsk and Ba~ic.

Exarnpla Namas: Aagll Odak, F.eth Keth, Keeth Aan, Adverttu rars: Zabrak ~ dven t UfeTS love LO expl are I he

gal~xy. No challenge is too big to deter a Zabrak, Zabrak adventurers ... nge From frin yers fro rn dis!~n I colo l1y 1'.'0 rl ds, to. noble diplomats and merchants, to scouts. soldiers, and even Jedi,

Zabrak Specie!s Traits

a Zabrak hove- no ability score adjUstments.

@' Medlutn-slze: As Medium-size creatures, Zalrrak have no special bonuses or pen a Hies due to their size.

e /'~hmk base speed is 10 meters,

G +2 species bonus on Fortitude and Will saving throws:

Zabrak are hardy and pessessabove-average willpower.

G Autornatie' Languages: Speak and R"ad/Write Zsbrak and 8asic.



Adding the soldier class would give her proficiency ill more If a character has more than one class, add U](~ base
weapons, better Fortltude saves. and so on, but it would attack bonuses fOr each class together to determine the
also mean that she doesn't gain new noble abiljlie, and character's base attack bonus, (See M\lllitlass Characters,
thus is not a pOw\lrful a noble a he otherwise Would have page 63, for an example.l
become. RI,II I'ot rfallllg and advancing multtclass char-
arters can be found at the end or this chapter. Table 3-1:
Class and Level Bonuses Experience and Level-Oependent Benefits
Class Cross-class
An attack roll or aving throw i II combination or three Charader nm Max Skill Max Ability
numbers, each represertring a dllfcrent ractor: a random Level XP Ranks Ranks Feats Increases
factor (the number you roll on the' d20J. !l number repre- , st 0 4 2 1 st
senling the character's innate abilities (the ability modifier). 2nd 1,000 5 21/2
and a bones representinq the character's experience and 3Td 3,000 6 3 2nG
training. 1 his third radar depends on the character's class 4th 6,000 7 31/2 Ist
and level, Each la table summarizes the figures for this 5th 10,000 8 4
third Factor. 6th 15,000 9 41/2 3rd
7th 21,000 10 5
Base Attack Hnnus 8th 28,000 II 51/2 2nd
Check ~hc table for your character's class, On an a ltack roll, 9th 36,000 12 6 4th
apply the bonus from the Base Attack Bonus column lo the 16th 45,000 13 61/2
ld20 die 1'011. Use the bonus that corresponds to the character's 11th 55,000 14 7
class level. Numbers after a slash indicate additional attacks a] 12th 66,000 15 71/2 Sth 3Td
reduced bonuses: "+ 121+7/-t-2" means three attacks per round, 13th 78,000 16 a
with a base "ltack bonus 0 r + 1 2 ror I he first a uae], +7 For the 14th SIl ,000 17 81/2
second, and +1. for the IhiTel. Ability modifiers apply to <111 these 15th 105,000 18 9 6th
attacks llonl1ally, bullJther bonuses do not grant e tra auacks, 16th 120,000 ]9 91/2 4th
For example, 3 sth-level noble has a base attack bonus of 17th 136,000 20 10
+4. With a blaster or other r:mged weapon, she adds her 18th 153,000 21 101/2 7th
Dextclity modifier. Even if lhis would increase her attack 19th 171,000 22 11
bonus to +6 or higher. she: doesn't gain an additional attack. 20th 190,OO{) 23 11 1/2 5th Base Save Bonuses

C11t'(k the ~8ble for your character's class. You'll see the base s;lI'lng throw bonuses for IIW three lYile5 of saves: Fortitude, Rr~~x. and Will. Use the bonuses that cerrespond 10 111!! charocl er's class leve I. I r a cha (<J cter 11 as more il1i11l 'one

class, add the base save bonuses fOr each class together 10 determine the character's base save bonuses. (See Mullicl.llS~ th~f9ClerS, paqe 6), for an exarnplc.]

Level-Dependslnt Benefits

III addition 10 attack bonuses and saving throw bonuses. all characters gain other benefus from advancing in level. Table J-I: Experience and Level-Dependent Benefits summarizes

I hese additt 0 na I benefits.

XP': This colum nshows lheexperience point Lol,~ I needed 16 aehleve a given character level. FeT rnulticlass rharacters, XP deterrnines overall character level, not individual class levels.

Class Skill Max Ranks·: The rnaxtmum number of sklll ranks a rha racier C~ n have in a d ass skill is equs I to his or her character leve I +3. A class skill is a skill freq uenlly asso[iared wilh a particular class, Class skills are lisred under eerh class de s crip tieln in this chapter.

CI'i!SS-CIBSS Skill Max Ranks: For cross-class sk11ls 1,~iIIs not associated witl11he character's class), the maxtmum ranks are one-half the maximum for a class skill. Ma\ing out a cross-class skill costs the sa me amount 0 r point, QS IlII.I'i ng I he maxi rnu m ra nk i n a class skill. (For example, at I st level, a character can pay <1 poin ts 1'0 r-4 ranks in a class skill, or spend the same 4 points for .1 ranks of a cross-class skill . .1 The he If ran ks {1/21 indica t ed on the table db 11'( lm prOVe ski II checks; they si mply represent

partlal pu rchsse 0 f the nex I skill tank and i ndlcate the rna raeter is ltal ni ng to i mprove tha l skill,

Feats: This column indicates the levels at which a charaeter gains feats. These feats are in addition to an:y bonus feats granled in the class descriptions elld the bonus FrnL gTilllled [0 'Humans 'II 1st level.

Ability Increases: This column lndlcates the tevels at whirh a character g~in~ ability score tncreasesUpen gaining 4111', slh. 12lh, I GU1, and 201h level, a til a racter i 11 ere a ses One a r his or her abil it;y SCQl(!S by 1 poin L. The player

ri1qo~es which ability score to improve. The ablllty imprDvement is permanent.

For example, a noble wi lh 8 sl a rti 11 9 Charisma 0 f 1 6 mighl i mprove to Cha 17 ill 4th level. At !II I h level. the s:Jrn~ chaTlI(;tl't mig-hi Improve Charisma again {from 17 to 1 ~l or could choose (0 improvrsome ,l!h:er al;,ility instead.

Pm multiclass charatl{,~, Ieats and iilbility increases are gaill~tJ at:tording ((l Overall character h:vcl, ho 1 class level, Thus, ~ 3rd-l!.'vel nfJblellsL~level soltJl~l' is a 4th-level charader overall and elig ible for her rnst ability score boost

Clas.s De.scripti[]n:s

The rest of th is chapter. up to' the section on 111 U lticlass rhararkro, dcseribes each class, These descrl pti ons are g~nell1l. Individual members of a class Illay differ in their allihlcle~, outlocks, and other aspects.

Bam;eRul;e Information

Game rule lnforrnatlon follows tile genNalciass desrrtprion. Nol 0111 of the following categories Jpply to every class,


This t'nlry tl:'lls YOll which abillttesare illOst nnpottant Por a characrer 0 r I ha I class Pla1Y'f'rii can "pla,}' against type," but a l,ypical chs racler 0 r a class put'> Iris 0 r her l1ighe~1 abil i ty scores where they'll do the most good. (Or, in qame-world terms, the characrer is attracted 10 tile class I hal most ,<IUilS hfs OT her talents, or for which he or she is best qua llfied.]


TI1e type of die used by characters of the class to determine Ihe nurr1bitl of vitality points gained per level.

Die Type ld6

lda ldlO


NobJe, scoundrel, tee,h specialist

Force adept, Jedi consular, fringer, scout Jed; guardian, soldier



n r l> UJ .UJ m UJ

A P layer rolls one cI re 0 F I he lls! eel tYPe each time his or her characierqains a new leve], The charscter's Constttutlon rncdlfter is applied to the r<ll1. AtJd the result to the character's vitall ty poin t tota I. EVe'll i r rhe resu ll i-s 0 or lower, I he character 21 ways gels al least i n~w vitality pohtt, A 151'level character gets the maximum vitality points rather than roniJlg (allhough you ~till apply your COn.~litLllion madillerl.

FQr exaM ple, Rorworr the WQokiee SCO~1 L gets I dB \!ibli ty points per level, plus hi~ Constitution modifier. At 1 sL level, he gets 10 vilalit;)! points instead of rolling (S. the maximum ror the die, plus his Constlrutlon modifier. which i:; + 2).

Class Table

This table details how a character improves as he or she

gai ns levels, Class tables inclede the follow iny in Forma tion:

Level: The ehsracrer's level in theelass,

Base Attack Bonus: The eharaeter's base attack bonus and number or "tracks.

FDI"t Save.: The base save bonus for Fortitude ~aving throws. The character's Constiurtton modifier alia applies. ~'ef Save: The basesave bonus for Retl~:>c saving throws.

The character's Dexterity modifter also applies.

Will Save: Th{!" base save bonus 'for Will saving throws, The eharatrer's Wisdom Tnoclifler also aplllie~.

Spec.ial: Lcvcl-oepel'ldc.en [class abil iftes, eaehexpta i1ll:rj In tile Clas, Peatures secllon lh131 Follows,

De,fense Bonus: The eharacter·s bonus to Defense. Tile ella racier's Dexu~ri1.y mod i f1CT also ~ pplles,

ReputaLhm Bonus: 1111' cha racter's base R'ep1..ltatioll bonus. Sec Reputation in Chapter Six: Heroic Charactertstlcs for more irfOflJ1alion.

Class Skill.s

This section of a Class descnptlcnqtves the number of skill POil1lS the character starts with <I,t lsi level, the number ur skill potnts gllil1ed each level llJeres rU~'f. and lhe list of classskills. In each case, the char<leter g.et5 some number of skill points each level, such as <1 for a soldier or 6 Fa r a 110b ile. To this number, add th c chars ct er's It, lcllige nee modi fier to ~I erermln e the to tal poi n is

9Bn1cd each level (but always a l leas! I skin point per lev~l, even for a character will, all !nLell.igence penalty).

Remember thai a 1 st-Ievel character starts wlth 4 Limes tili, number of skill points. The maximum rank In a class skill is tile character's I'eve! + 3, so al I st level you (an buy up to 4 ranks in any class skill. a I a co . st or I skill poin L

~~f r.nk.

F()r example, a noble get£ 6 skill points peT level. If she has a + 1 In trHigrn ce merllher, her La ta I beccm es 7 skill points per level. At rst level. she t1i!ts 4 limes this amount, or 28 sklll points. Her maxi mum rank rCIT a class skin is 4, so sbc could. for example, divvy up her 2B poin ts among seven ria,s skills with 4 ranks each [it's marc useful to have 8 high 5(000 in a few skills Ihan a low score in many skills).

YD\J can <115:.0 buy skills from other classes' skill lists. Each ,~1I1 POil11 buys l1al r II TaT)k in 111!;;5l' I;rcJS5-class skills, a nd ~nu can only buy up to hal r the maximum ranks of" a class ,~III. Thus, lIW rnaxirnu rn rank a L 151 level for a rross-cla 55 skill IS .2.

Note, however, lilal Foree skills can't be purchased as rross-class sktlls un less the character has the preTeq uislte leats associa ted with the skills. Sec Chapter Four: Skills For mare lnformatlort.

Class, Features

T111, entry details speelalch 3 rad eristles 0 f the cl a 'is, mcludi119' whith wea pen groups 111e charn cter is profrrierrt With. Chal1lcu:~rs car become. proficteru with ether

weapons by aequiril1g lhe various Weapon GroujJ Proficiency feah. E:irh cJa8S also has .eTI~ill uniq ue capabilitit's, ra nging from

bonU5: rea IS to spec;iai ahi11ri~, which are

descri b ed he re,

What's New?

H you don't have il1e previow; edition or the Smr Wars Roleplaying Ga /ltC, yo U ca 11 skip

rhls section. It explains what we changed in th)s ~haptrr For I he

~~W edltlen,

111 I his chapter; y..'!t illJded II new class, the tech specialfsL, bringmg the number or

hem classes up to

nlne, We've also made Edjllllmen I:. LO each doss 1.0 conect problems ami 10 en ha nee ga111e balance. Every da~s goined new IperJal abilities. W~

made adjllsl ments [0 each class's bonus (0 Defense (0 ilring the Defense progression more into llne with the

at tack bonus progression. We increased 1 he SLtJrlipgrreciiLs fm each class. and we marie some adjustments 10' class skills and bo IlUS Fea LS to 8 ccoun 1 r () r new skills a 11 d rCf! ts added to the game. Reputation has been changed 10 a bDn"US instea d Cilf a scan: 10 reflect a new mechanic 1 ha L we believe 1llakf;'S Reputation more \Isdl.ll 111 (he: 9,3mc. For the Foree-ustnn classes, inslrad oi" gaining (he- Alter, Conlret, and Sense fe;:Hs in a speclflctJ order. we've l)To:\~t1ed the Fgtcc I raining class rl"i'\' Ih3 L allows a Fotee-11~erlo select these lrrrportant r1'ats in ally order. Jedl rharaerers IlOW start play profrcient witb their ligbtsabers. We've also listened to your feedback and turned .lcdi Masler into 3 pres:tige class {see Chapter Twelve for prestige classes].

Class Level

and Character Level

Class IlNel pertains La a character's level in a partlcular class. Character I evel pertains to a rharacter's total experience. So, a character who has only one class h as <I character level and a class level that <Ire the same. {A 7th-level Jedi guardian has a chal'lc(er level of 7 t h 3fl d a class level of 7 til ,1 Bu I For a character wlth more I h an one class, class leve I anrl eharscter I~vel me differl'lll. A -nh-level Fringer! Jrd-Ievel sequndrel has a rharacter Il'vel of 7\h, with a rringer class level Qf 4111 1I11d a scoundrel class IINel of :lrd.

[1 r l> [IJ [.I]

rn [IJ


Frinqers come From out ide society, r~pljlcing OJ formal . educauon with kills and knowledqe gained TOrn expenence, Usually, a rringer hails From II world that lies outside the "civilized" regions of space, but frh19crs can come from the fu nge of galacLic sodety- wherever t ha t m~y be. They use their dexterity, wisdom. and s1 rength a survive whatever the giilaxy at them, A frlnger isn't ncc!'ssari1y unfamiliar with [ethnology, but he tertainly doesn't h<,lVl' access to the convenrences available.- to Iho e of hiqlier status on worlds such a Coru; cant and Corellia, Ihe Fringer is hardy, robust, independent, and an xpen ai survival due to learning the lessons of "frontier" region:;, be they in the Outer Rim or in [11(' dankest levels or CoruSC8n1.

Some fringers might be from prirrtlttve, low-tech societies. but most have a basic lmderstahding of high-tech equiprnenl=they JUSl eorne from a world or a pari of scclety where such equipment Is in ('x\rt"mely short supply.


MOSl rringeTS who beeorne heroes do so because of circumstances. They are farmers whose families were killed by stormtroopcrs; colonists whose planets weft: overrun by marauders, aliens from backwater worlds, streetwise laugh From the lawless levels or Coruscant, or spacers wprkhlg the hyperspace lanes rar From the galaclic centers of power,

Fri nqers usu B l1y have a drea m they wish Lo Iu I fill or an irkalist1t view of tile gala)(y. Many hope lO nnd their ram!.' lind FO'TI une closer to where lhe action is, viewing lheir homewcrld as insignificant and well off the beaten path,


The rringer is a jack-or-all-trades, learntnq a little bil of ~wl)'lhin!d to lncrea e hi or her chances of suI'Vivillg. Often, a lring.;:r can keep even [he oldest, most beat-up piece of equipment runlling. Where 0 scout er a soldier has Jl:tcn$ive

training in repair skills. a Fringer is bel ter at keeping cqulpmentjury-rigged than fixillg iL completely, This means the Fringer is r .. ster al making slapda h repairs, even In e treme situation!>. but less likely to Fully repair an item. The fTinyel II at home ill lhe hinterlands of space, able [0 gel by wltheul lhe conveeuences of clvilization. or· all the Classes, iril1gers ~I't b~ able to deal with whatever troubles Ihcgalaxy throws their 'Wa_y. They have excellent survival i nstincts a nd an enthusiasm that gets them through diffrcult circumstances.


Fringers come to their profes ;01'1 by seeking OJ heuer Iffe,

ear<,hing for excilemenl, e capinq the situation On their planet of origm. or' av nging an imagil1~cl wrot1g done b~ the Republic, Empire. Imperial Remnant, New Republic. or orne other power group (cl~pellding on the era of play].

Some seek wealth and power, others adventure. Others still are mortvated by 1 ('Venge. They may be lured from their home world by the promise of riches, nu'j' may be !'Scirping from slavery or servitude, They could he re~rujlep to a cause they believe is W0rt11 following, or driven from I heir horne by invaders. They U ually think of themselves not a fringers but as whatever areer they aspire to, such as spacer. mechanic. PiiOI. or colonist,

Examples of Fringers in Star Wars Luke Skywalker (at the beginning of Episode IV: A Nelli l-lfJ/~C:), Anakln Skywalker fin EpiSOde I: Tilt> P/ICJII trm7 M,;lwrr), Biggs Dark1ighter lin Episode lV: A Nell' flopr:).

Game Rule Information Fringers have the roilowillg game stausrtcs,


Dexterity. Wisdom, and lrength are the most important ability scores rer til frillger clas .

Table 3-2: The Fringer Reputation Attack Fori Ref will Defense
Level Bonus Save Save Save Special Bonus
+1 +0 Bonus feat, bonus class skill +3 +0
1 st +0 +2
+3 +2 0 Barter +4 +0
2nd +1
+2 +1 Jury-rig +2 +4 +0
3rd +2 +3
+4 +2 +1 Bonus class skill +4 +0
4th +3
+4 +3 +1 Survival +2 +5 +1
5th +3 +1
6th +4 +5 +3 +2 Jury-rig +4 +5
+5 +4 +2 Bonus feat +6 +1
7th +5 +6 +1
8th +6/+1 +6 +4 +2 Bonus class skill
+6 +4 +3 Jury-rig +6 +6 +2
9th +6/+1
+7/+2 +7 +5 +3 Survival +4 +7 +2
loth +7 +2
11th +B/+3 +7 +5 +3
BOIlUs class skill +8 +2
12th +9/+4 +8 +6 +4
+B +6 +4 Jury-rig +8 +6 +3
131h +9/+4
+10/+5 +9 +6 +4 Bonusfeat +8 +3
14th +9 +3
15th +11/+6/+1 +9 +7 +5
Bonus class skill +9 +3
16th +12/+7/+2 +10 +7 +S
+10 +4
17th +12/+7/ 2 +10 +8 +5
+8 +6 Survival +6 +10 4
18th +13/+8/+3 +11
+10 +4
19th +14/+9/+4 +11 +8 +6
+12 +9 +6 Bonus feat +11 +4
20th +15/+10/+5 Vitality

Frillgers Hain I cia vilality points perlevel, 1111' character's CO!)S\il1Jtion modi F1er applies.

Class Skills

The Irinqer's class skills. and the kl.'Yability for each, are as folloW"i (5_!,1' Chapter Feu r: Skills For skill descrip tic Ils),

Climb (Sir], Craft" [lnlJ. Gamble (Wis), Handle Animal IClt~l, Hide (D!?I(], J u 111p IS tr], 'K nowh.'(lg~'" [lnt], Listen [Wis), Pill'll [Dex], Prefessien' {VII[sl, Ride (01')(1, Search (Inl), Spot {Wi,), SUTVivijl (\!IIis), Swim [51:r).

"TIt!! jill/! atlnolly "'1comp"'~e< 0 /lumbel of unreialed <;kills, Efli:h lime rhiS Ulllls learned. 17 <pedrlC rntegaty mos: 171)'(; I", ci1asen, Examples indutil?'Cr"fI (d,wiJs). lfIlowlr?dge (JIU:i/ /01<'), and I'ta~an (<lrf# pl'Ogrominer).

Skill Poi n ts all 5\ Level: (6 -t In L modifier] x 4.

Skill PoinL!, at Each Adcli1ion~1 Level: 6 + Inl modifier.

Class Faatur-as

Allor the following are class femture.s of the rnnger.

Starting Feats

lilt rrillgcr begins play with the following feats:

Weapon Group PrQrlciency {primitive wtapQm) Weapon Group Proflcienl;)' (simple weapDns]

Bonus Feats

1\1 lst, 1lh, 14th, and 20th level, [he frirlger gal ns a ben us real. This feat must be selected from the fnllowing list, and the rnng~r must meet any prerequisites.

AI0r[n(1SS, Armor Proficiency [light). Endurance, Gearhcad, Rlin. Spacer, Weapon Group ProJldetli:y (blaster pistols), Weupon Group Profu:fenc,Y {bla~lerrifles], Weapon Gmup P'rolkiency (s!ugt!lrOWers).

BEmus GI.ass SkUls

At ht, 4th. ath, 12th. and 16th level. the rringer may designate a ernss-dass skill (c-xcept 1'0 Tee ski 115) as a class skill, OnCl' desig natcd, 1 he ski II is considered a d ass skill every lime the character adds a new level of fringer, The skill must be one rQl~tivelycommon LO the campaign, For lnstante, if ll'~ !'iurrpaign is llrnited to a single star s,Y!ltrrn, AstragalI;: lI'o~irJ b~ an lnappropriatr chotec The OM is free [0 rule

lilal a speCific ski II Is on' Ii mi ts as a bon us class skill.


Beginning at 2nd level. the frinqer g~ins a +5 competence bon liS on Diplomacy checks made to buy or 5~11 equipment.


Bt'ginning at 3rd IIOVt'l, .~ frlnge.T gains a +2 competence bonus 011 Repair clletks made to a ltc m'jJl tern pOl'ill'y or jUl:Yrigged repairs, (See the Repair skill description for' del ails,) This bonus increases by +2 at 6lh, 91h, and 13[h level ,


B~ginning ~I 5Lh 1.llve\, a mnger gains a t2 competence b()Tlu; on any SllTvivai cl1ec~ made, TIlls bonus increases by "hl 100h and lBth level.


A 1st-level rTin,ger starts play with 104 x 500 credits.

- 041

n r l> [f] [J] rn [!]



Members of the noble class use lheir il'llClligC'ncC" alld natural charisma 10 make their way in tile galaxy. From true royally to elected officials, mllitary cerrrmenders lO cttme lords, 1 rad ers, mercha nts. a rnbassadors, 1101 ovi d Sl ~($, and influential eorporate rnajmares, chamcter types ~hD appear in the noble class an: varied and numerous. Some bring honor to the name. Others are sly. treacherous, .md dishonorable to lhecore. Wilh a winning smile, a golden tongue. a powerful mess .. g~, or II knack lor ln3King cemprcmlscs, the noble commands respect, makes friellds, and inevitably lnlluences people,


Moslnohles wind up in d~I1W'roU5 siruetions because of something they believe in or because their job calls for it. Oth~ hope to use their lll:'goLi:rtinglalttnl$ to navigate a course Lhrou!l~1 [he troubtes areund them, or Sl't'K to fino profit in the lroubles cf others, Whatever their initial motivatlons, noble-s usually wind up taking [0 a cause anda goal that sustains tlrern t hren .. rgh the roLifllrest missions. An 30\1('11- wring no1)le mighl be 3 senator's aide, a rr{'e. trader, 3 diplomat, a hue prince or princess, or an outlaw's lieutenant, Nobles often f~el responsible for others, lhough some consider themselves La be better than those around 111el11.


TIle n~blt' rDsl~r; Feeling~ of good will and honesty. OT at le~SL the illusion or such, to succeed, Where ether classes shnnt first. lhe noble starts OUI asking questions arld hopes to funsh by negotiating a des t. The noble believes she can be more efferlive. with words ~nd deeds than with violence, though scrne .draw a blaster when push cernes to shove, The noble is more comfortable in civililed regions of space, where law and order have some meaning. Of all Ihe classes, nobles have ll,e 111"51, cl iploma Ii c and bargaining SKills.

T~Izy're g<'.lod I alkers, neqotiatars, and bluffers, They have a knack rOT inspiring others. and lhey make good leaders,


Nobles rome to their profession in a vmicty of ways. Allruistic nobles believe i l is thefr duty and re.~ponsibility to servt' and lead. More selfls1i nobles seek the i'<Jme,

weall h, a nd power a Flel' assocla led wi th (he positicns 1 hey aspire 10. Pow~-hlJnglJ' nobles Lake atlV<ll1lage of U,{' system and wind up helping others only to help themselves. The halls of power are tailing. I low the noble answers O1n make 0 II t 111: d lfference.

Examples of NobJesin Star Wars Ida Organa, F'<;Idme Amidal;!. Talon Karrde, the vile glrngsicr Jahba the Hutt, Chancellor Va 10i11 rn, Supreml.' Chancellor Palpatine,

Game Rule Inform.ation Nobles have the Following game statistics.


Cherisrna is "ndoubtedly a noble's most hnportant ability score, ~5 the noble's >kill at inLemcting wiLh others and ll]"Ojccth,g a sense of ecnndencc are crucial for his or her success. Wisdom and IntrlligencE' fum the basis of other hnpo rta n l sk i11s. so these ab iii ty sec res are also. sl gil mea 11 I .


Nobll's gain I d6 vitali t)' poin ts per level. The ella racter's COr1stil.u.!iOTl modilier applies.

Class Skills

The no hle '5 class skills. and the key abi I ity fa reach, <lIT' as Follows (see Chapter FOUT: Skills For skill descrlpttonsj.

Appraise (1 n 0, Com pu rer Use (l nt), Cra ft" [I n t], Diplomacy (Cluj, DisgllT,e (Cha), Entertain" (ChaJ, Knowledge (1I1i),

Table 3'-3: The Noble Reputation
Base Attack Fort Re.f Will Defense
Bonus Bonus
Level Bonus Save Sa'lle Sa'lle Spedal
+0 +1 +2 Bon us class 5 ki II, favor + J +2 +1
rst +0
+0 +2 +3 111 spire oonfidence +3 +1
2nd +1
+1 +2 +3 Favor +2, resourreaccess +3 +1
3rti' +2
+1 +2 +4 Ccnrdinate + 1 +3 +2
4th +3
+1 +3 +4 +4 +2
5th +3
+2 +3 +5 Bonus feat +4 +2
6th +4
+2 +4 +5 Favor +3 +5 +2
7th +5
+6/+1 +2 +4 +6 Coordlfl.i!!e +2 +5 +3
8t~ Bonus feat +5 +3
9th +6/+1 +3 +4 +6
LOlh +7/+2 +3 +5 +7 +6 +3
+8/+3 +3 +5 +7 I rrsp i re a mess +6 +3
, l th
+9/+4 +4 +6 +8 Favor +4 +7 +4
+9/+4 +4 Hi +8 Coordinate +3 +7 +4
14th +10/+5 +4 +6 +9 Bonus +7 +4
+11./+6/+1 +5 +7 +9 +8 +4
+12/+7/+2 +5 +7 +10 Favor +5 +8 +5
+12/+7/+2 +5 +8 +10 +9 +5
+13/+8/+3 +6 +8 +11 Coordinate +4 +9 +5
+14/+9/+4 +6 +8 +11 Bonus feat +9 +5
+15/+10/+5 +6 +9 +12 Coordinate +5 +10 +6
20th Profession [WisL "Read/Write Langusqe (none], Ridt" (ne~], Serse Motive ('Nisl. Speak Language (none),

'TIllS :!/<III acw:al/y enCOnlp<ln<!s" number ~f uflr"lat~ 5MII};, fad! HfTJ ~ thiS ~k"l J!!IiD=d. ~ ,p~cifi< ~~regary must ,,/so ~"dlOS'l/n. -E>umpieJ; mdwie Cr1111 Itlltlo',), fIIlefloin (Moo hCrrj),1(n~wlerJiJ" (jerlr' lore), orrrJ Pr"fe~,iDn (timid l"<'9'amm~IJ.

Skill PCllT1l~ at I SI Level: (6 -l- ln] modilier) x 4.

Skill Poinl~ at E<ldl Addllional L~el: 6 -l- tnt rnorilfier.

Class Features

All 01 the lollowing are class features of the noble.

Starting Feats

The noble htgins play wltl1 rhe r011dwing fea ts:

Weapon Group proncltm(}' [blaslet pistcls] W~ajlot'l Group Proftclency [simple weapons]

Bonus Class Skill

~l lsi level. a noble may deslgnate <my one cross-class skill [excrpl far a Porce-rela led skill) as a class ~kill. This represeuts an area o f experl ise thenoble picks up 0 u tside his or her narntal training,


The noble has I he abili ty to rail in favors from those she !ul0WS. By making a favor check, the noble can r~11 upon contacts 10 gain important information without going through tile lime and trouble of doing a ltll of rl::s€<lTch. Fsvnrs tan also be useq 10 acquire the loan of equipment or doeuments lrom tnfluenrlal acquaintances.

T~ t311 in a favor, the noble mskesa favor check. Roll a d20 and add till! character's favor bonus l+ 1 at lst level, +2 at Jrd Ic\od, and so onl, The OM sets the DC based on the scope of the favor being rcq ucsred. The DC r.lTIge.s From I (j for a simple f<JVllr to 35 high as 25 for highly dang e rous, expensive. or ille!pI favors. The- noble can't lake 10 Of take 20 011 this ched:, nor ell I] ~hfret:ry Ihe check for IhE:' same (or virtually the same) filVOr. IS e e C118]'1ler FOUT: "ikills for in forma lion on takin9 10 ~nll (ok'ing 20.1 Note (hat favors should help advance the plOl of an adventure, A favor ihat woulcl enable 3. Character to tilromvent anadverrture should alw,iYS be ~navailable ('0 the character, regard tess of the results a r a ravor check,

A noble can try to call in a favor ~ number or limes in a wf~k of game jime that's equal 10 hall her noble levels, rounded dp\~1'1 {minimum one), So, as a 1 st-level ri.oble, ean attempt to ra II fn a si I'Igl e favor, wi illl' as a 71 hlevel noble she ern ;Jttem p I La cal1 in favors as rna ny as Ihrce times rrom differem ron ra cts,

nil' GM should carefully rnenttor lilt noble's usc of favors 10 ensure that this a b il ity is n't a bused. Th c success or railmc or a mission shouldn't hinge on the use of a

favor, ~J1cl calling in favors shouldn't replace good roleplaying or Ihe use of other skills. The GM may diiallow any

fa~ol dermed to be disruptive to the game, See Chapter Twelve: G$mema'>teMl1!1 for additional lnfurrnatlnn en

f~vor; End ron "~cts.

Ins:pil"E! Confidence

B~g;lll1ill g ~ t 1 nd I evel, a nob I e can use ora tory to inspire confideuce in ellies. bolsleri'ng them and improving their rliall~~ of suecess. An ;,llly must listen lc and observe the



n r » [/]

[/] m [/]

..... RANI K ...... D"'N.


noble for a full round for rh inspiration La lake hold. The effect lasts for 5 rounds. The noble can inspire a number of allies equal to half her noble levels, rounded up. She can inspire confidence once per day for every four levels of nob le she POS5t"S e r once per day fro rn 1 s l to 4th level, twice per day !'rom 5th 10 8111 level. arid so on).

An ally inspired with confidence gains a +2 morale bonus on saying throws and a + I morale bonus all attack and weapon damage Tolls.

The noble can't inspire confidence in hersel f. The abil!1y on Iy aids her allies.

Resourca Acoess

Seginning at :lrd I vel, a noble has access La an array of resources [usually from famlly, innucfllial Irlcnds, or patrons). Once per day, I he noble can make a Charisma check 10 usc I hose reso urces during the ~ dvenurre,

The value of resources ga.inl:'d equals (he noble's class level multiplied hy Liw result 0 r the Charisma check mulliplied by 20. 'rllU:', 9 :lrd-Ievel noble who gets a result of 16611 her Charisma check would gain 960 credits: worth of resources to lise in til advcntur e (3 x 16 x 2{') = 960).

TIu'! e resources can tak almost any lorm rh noble

11005(,S (within rea on) all I ar hers La do wlth as she pleases. She can keep them, 1I e them, give then! away, or sell them as she sees fit. 1 he T ources gained arrive i11 U1e noble's possession 1 dS hours after she makes the check. These resources must be reasonably available when and where she chooses to make the check, FaT illstanc~. a noble I re"kitlg IIHoUgh the wilderness of Ender's rpr~ moon won'l Ilave access to many rC50,lrCe5.

Resource access I end lO be monetary. whereas favors tend to be benefrts tha; ',In'l nece sarily be measured in credits,


A noble has a knack Ior ~letling people to work. toqether, Wh('n the noble C<ln aid others and give dlrectioll~ she provides a bOhU5 to !lw task at hand by making 311 aid another check, This bon ~ is in addiuon lo lhe 1'1 011113 1 aid another bonus or +2 (see page 165), an~ H increas s as lhe noble gai ns levels, So, the noble provides a 101011 +3 bcnus at qth level (+2 aid another bonus, ~ 1 cooperation bOTlUS), II +4- bonu al8lh level, ere.

TI1is abilhy can't be u ed to assist in combat.

Bonus Feats

At 6111, 9th, 14111, ~11c1191'11Ievel, the noble g~ins a bOI1U:' feat, This 1'(,,,1 must be selected from the following list, ami the noble must meet any prerequisites.

Fame, Frightful Presence, lrrfluence, Mimic, Persuasive, Sharp-Eyed, Trustworthy.

Inspire Greatness

Begimling al t uh kvel, a l100k can inspire grealne in an ally, granting extra flghlh,g capability. This works simllar to Inspire confidence. ex ept it affects bul a '>ll1gk ally. All ally inspired WiLh grcalnes!; gains +2dG ierrrporary vitality points. a +2 competence bOITU5 011 attacks, and a +2 morale bonus La sovinq throws. The cffec! lasts rOT 5 rounds, 1111.' noble can inspire greatness once per day. For every three noble I!!veb a ttained beyond 111 h level, the noble ca n inspi re glea tncss in one adclitiona I a liy.


the noble c .. n't inspire greatness in herself The ability oilly aids her allies.


A ist-level noble starts play with ld4 x 1,000 credil:5.


Scoundrtls ate rogues-good, bad, and neutral-who either lilt OliLside the law or light againST it in order La gel the uppw hand, They can come from any world or region of thr g~II>x;f. Most use their intdligencc and d~xterity Lo accomplish task'S, and many rely on charisma as a fallback. when all tl~e rail s, The scoundrel get'>' by with bravado, cunning, duplicity, an~ tTic"k,ery. They live by thdr witS, lYing, cheatIng.lteiJling. and ev.en Fl,gl1!ing When the need arises.


Ml).1ly 51COU ndrels IiV!'. .~ li Fe of adven lu re For I he exettemen t it provides. Others go adventuring toadvance their illicil careers, Some are good-hearted rogues in it for the thrill or 10 ng hi a wrong done til them or those they love. others are deSllie;Jble knaves who serve only one master-fhe gr~l!d ihat swells inside them, MOTe often. a adventurous

seuundrel Falls somewhere in the middle, ch~nginQ alleBinnce and attitudes as the pol i tica I climate. Ch8 nyes. lll'lLi! ~om~lhinglaTger than hirnsel]' set'> him on a particular rourse I hroug h the ga Ime)'. Adventurous scoundrels C_~ II themselves smugglers. pirates, outlaws, gamblers. slicers.

eM artists. lhiews, Togues, and "pies.


Scroumlreis have a knack for getttng into and out of

tmuble. TIwy have an instinet for self-preservatirm that keeps them aHvf', but it's usually tempered with a need to experience I he th ri lis that 1 h eir professlon has to 0 lfer, ~ nd many adventu IOUS scoundrels are a lso sa ddled with 8 sense o] honor that sometimes makes them go ag8il1.'>t their natural inclinations.


Scoundrels dun'[ often start out seeking to dety aUthbrity and llla)k the law. Some are thrust into llle profession as a means of rebellion. Others wind up 011 the wrong side of the law due to bad luck, poor decisions. or circumstances beyond their ronllDl. The skills they pick up along 111e w~y make them

great memhers of any missfon team.

Examp.le.s of Scoundrels in Star Wars

Han Solo, Lando Cah'issian, Dash Rendar, Dexter Jertster

Game Rule Information 5I:oundrels have the following game statistics.


De~l~ril..Y and Illtelligence are a scoundrel's most illlptJrtant Jbility seores, because he must have quick reflexes and a jhaT~ wil LO survive. Charisma is important for talking one's way out of trouble, and Wisdom is useful for spotting trouhie before it Ii nds I he scou ndrel,

045 [1 r »


[jJ rn [jJ




Scound rels 9<1in I d6 vita Ii Iy pl'Ji n ts per level. The character's Constltutlon mQoiller epplles,

Class Ski.lls

The SC{lU ndrel'selass skills. anrl I he key a bili ty lor I::~ch, 3fC as follows (sec Chapter Four: Skills fer skill deseriptlons],

Appralse (lnr], Astragate (Int). Balance [Dexl. BluFf (Chal, Computer Usc [I nt], Crar[~ [In I), Demolitions [lnl], Disable Device Ontl. Disguise [Cha], Escape Artist IDexl. Forgezy Untl. Gamble rWisl. Gather In formation leha). H.ide me:..:], Knowlrd!Jc~ (lnt), Listen rWisJ, rvlave Silently (De:<:)1 Pilol (Dell.), [,rOPC!i5ion' {Wb), Hepalr [Int], Search fil1ll, Slciglll of llandlDcxJ. SPOI IWis), Tumble IDel<).

"Thi. sllill oorua/ly en~"'pussesa nllmb", or unntfate!iskJ1/s; .ad! lime Ini •• k~l.i$ learned. 0 spedfl/c (tJIe!/Q'Y must also ,be <boisen. &qiflples ,"dude (('If (droids). /IIlow/tfdge '(Jetillm,e). 00</ PrOre",[qn (dlO;d progt<Jmmer).

Skill Poin ts at 1 51 Level: [8"1 lnt modi fia) x 4.

Skill Pain ts a t Each Addition a 1 Level: a + In L modiher.

Class Features

All or the following an: class [eatures or the scoundrel.

Starting Fea1s

The scoundrel begins play with the rolluwillg leats:

Weapon Group Proficiency [blaster pistols] Weapon Gtollp,Proficicncj (simple wespons)

Illicit Barter

Beginning a L 151 level, the scoundrel gains a +5 ecrnpetence bonus 011 any Diplomacy cheeks made 1.0 bu;>, or sell illicit or illegal goods.


The scoundrel is often as lUcky as he. is good OIl something. Therefore, st:;lrting al 2nd Ic\id, lht' scoundrel can retell <lily

Table 3-4: The Scoundrel

rall~d ahi' i ly (heck. skill check, a ttack roll, Of "SalVi n9 I hrow. (III ether wortls, any task resolu tion d ie roll. which are die rolls u£ing a d2Q.l The second result must be used, regilfdle~ of w heiher i I is better or worse than the nrst. The 'salund rei CllP use thls abUily a number or limes per tlay. lIt'pending on his level, btll only once in any givth encounter; At znd level. the scoundrel can use lucky once per day; at IBthlevel, he CBIl usc it up to lour Limes til a day (bul only once ill any encounter),

Precise Attack

Every round, Ill\': scoundrel call add this bQnu~ ('!-ther 10 one attack roll qr O)1C damage roll llsing a Dextcrtty-based attack, bUL not to both. (A Da:te:tit;y~ba~ed attack is an auack made with either a ranged weapon or a melee weapon. using the Weapon Finesse reaL) You rnusi declare where the bonus applies at the start of the attack action.

Skill EmphBlsis

Al 4th, 8th, 121h, 161h, ;ind 20l1l le\'l'I. the scoundrel gains 1i1~ bOT1US feat Skill Ernpl1asis. This Fe~1 may be ap)ll\~ lp any elass skill. TIle scoundrel may liar select the same skill twice,

'Bonus Feats

At 5th. fOth, and 15th level. the scoundrel gilimi a bonus feat. This feal rmrst be. selected from the rollowing list, and the s!C!!mndrel must meld Bily prerequisites.

Alertness, Dodge. He8dslrol1g .. Heroic S1Jrge. Improved lililiatiw. Fame, il1ram1/. Low Profile. Weapon Finesse, Weapon focus.


'A I st -level scoundrel starts play with I dG x 500 credits.

Base Attack fort Ref Will Defense Repl!tation
Level 'Bonus Save Save Spedal Bonus Bonus
1st +0 +0 +2 +0 Illicit barter +2 +0
2nd +1 +0 +3 +0 lucky (l/day) +2 -to
lrd +2 +1 +3 +1 Precise attack + 1 +~ +1
4th +3 +1 +4 +1 Skill Emphasis +3- +1
5th +3 +1 +4 +1 Bonus feat +4 +1
6th +4 +2 +5 +2 Lucky (2/day) +4 +1
7th +5 +2 +S +2 +S +2
8th +6/+1 +2 +6 +2 Skill Emphasi.s +5 +2
9th +6/+1 +3 +6 +3 P reci se attack +2' +6 +2
10th +7/+2 +3 +7 +3 Bonus feat +6 +2
11th +8/+3 +3 +'7 +.:s +7 H
12tl1 +9/+./[ +4 +8 +4 Skill Emphasis +7 +3
13th +9/+4 +4 +8 +4 LlIc~y (3jday) +8 +3
14th +10/+5 +4 +9 +4 Prec,ise attack +3 +8 +3
15th +11/+6/+1 +5 +9 +5 aonus feat +9 +4
16th +12/+7/+2 +5 +10 +s Skill Emphasis +9 +4
17th +12/+7/+2 +5 +10 +5 +10 +4
18th +13/+8/+3 +6 +11 +6 Lucky (4/day). +10 +4
19th +14/+9/+4 +6 +11 +6 +11 +5
201h +15/+10/+5 +6 +12 +6 Skill tmpnasis +11 +5 SCDut

~r~uls are natural e;>:plorer~ and 3c1"('t11Ure~, full or curiosit) and train .. d to handle the out-of-the-way locations whm they often operate, Scouts lend to be- lndcpendent, llgning on when lhecrcd i Is are good and thel r sk ills ~re best utilized arid tested. Scouts understand the loy 0 I the land and the orbit of the stars, They know how to reeogI~ZI' danger and locate Ihl' basic necessities ror survival. Unlike lhe Fringer, wlro is born to the frontier and oFten wan~ 10 escape rro1Ti it. the scout consciously embraces

Ih~ wild regitm~ a ncl u rrdersta nds I he skllls 11e 0 r she pcssesses in~t ~ad 0 r eomillg to I hem by irma Le abi lity ilTitI h~ppenst~nce. The scout seeks knowledqe, tTi(1S t~ solve mYSl~riesj and wa n ts to be the firs l to see so 111O'tl11 11 9 new ami dllferent. The scout learns to lind a path through the wild regions. often becoming iI decent pilot along the way, arid usuallv learns how to protect himself frmn whatever hicl~'~ over· the next hill or beyond the most distant nebula,


M,111Y scouts become adven rurers to see- what's in the nex;

star system. They pick up skills that make them excellent .

umnbers of rn Iy lea 111. 11 ley ~ re usua Ily Ihe best trackers" trailhbzers, ~ml survivalists the galaxy has 10 offer, Some scou ts are scientists and researchers who learn the skm~ of the IlrllfC'$sioll so they don't have to rely on ethers, SOm~ sell th~ir s('l'lice~ \0 1111: 11igll1$( bidder, More often. the adventurous ~\II has a good hearl.a sense of honor, and a burning desire 10 embrace the wild regions of the ga,laxy a nd lea rn to

conquer them-either figuratively or literally. Adventurous

SCOD ts call themselves rangers, outriders, hunters, explorers, guicks • adventu reus scholars, and V3llg ua rds,

r:: h a r a ct e.ri st Ins

Sr:PUB temper illS<! liable eurlosl \y wilt, excellen t !>l)rvivIji instincts. They rna ke USIi: of d~~ I ~rily a ntl In lelligenrt', as well as wsdom, La spot and avoid dangel'S. The scout bas an undying faith in himself and his abilities [hal sometimes allows th~ sec lit to call upon reserves a nda n in ner stren gth lo get out of tough slruarlorrs. Scouts like 10 be the f:rs~ 10 reach any location. although they <1150 want to reach ,It 111 one piece, TIley ca 11 be gruff or 5i lent, jovia I or I~ lka trve. They OTe rcn n dent and brave, and thllY often II PPTJ::cia.l1" 1111.' wonders tha L the galaxy 11a5 to 0 ffe.r,


Scouts come La their profession in search ef something. usually knowledge or secrets or the answers to the

mys I erles a F I he a 9CS. Se h oiars, while possi b Iy associ a ted with an in5tiLJJ Ie of learning or a particular govcrnmc:n l. often forsake the l1'a115 cf academe ror the pure researc:h or wotking in the neld. Pa lhli11del'S ami explorers may work fo r a galien" me ntor a 1'11i1i ta r:Y i nstitutio n, or I hey may lake on freelance contracts from anyone Wil1illg to pay for 1 heir services. Many SCOUI§' ~evel~~ i1110 b.ount~ hunters. ,,"specially those who combine mllitary Skll1s With I heir I mcking and searchinq abilities. Every g:mup of adventurers benefits From having <I SCQU l in the. party,

Examples of Scuuts in Star Wars Chewbacca, Wlckel the Ewok, .lar Jar "Sinks.



n r l> (J]


Table 3~.5: The SCDut .Defense Reputation
Base .Attack Fort Ref Will
Save Save Save SpeCial Bonus Bonus
level Bonus
+1 +1 +1 Bonus leat +2 +0
1st to
+2 +2 +2 Trailblazing +2 +0
2nd +1
+2 +2 +2 Heart +1 +3 +0
3rd +2
4th +2 +2 +2 Uncanny dodge (Dex bonus to Defense) +3 +1
+3 +3 +3 Skill mastery. extreme effort +4 +1
5th +3
+3 +3 +3 Evasion +4 +1
6th +4
+4 +4 +4 Uncanny dodge (can't be flanked) +5 +1
7th +5
8tn +6/+1 +4 +4 +4 Bonus feat +5 +-2
+6/+1 +4 +4 +4 +6 t2
9th +2
10th +7/+2 +5 +5 +5 ski.11 mastery +6
+8/+3 +5 +5 +5 Heart +2 +7 +2
+9/+4 +6 +6 +6 Bonus feat +7 +3
121h +8 +3
13th +9/+4 +6 +6 +6
+10/+5 +6 +6 +6 Heart +3 +8 +'3
+11/+6/+1 +7 +7 +7 skill mastery +9 +3
16th +12/+7/+2 +7 +7 +7 Bonus feat +9 +4
17th +12/+7/+1 +a +8 +8 +10 +4
18th +13/+8/+3 +8 +Il +8 Heart +4 +10 +4
+14/+9/+4 +8 +8 +8 +11 +4
+15/+10/+5 +9 +9 +9 Skill mastery +11 +5
20th BamBRulB Information Scouts have the following gam!! sta tlstlcs,


Most of the stout's key skills rtly on Dexterity. Intelligence. and Wi"dom. SlTenglh is also useful for the 5C01.l\ who uses a III letlc skills.


Scouts gaiT1 1 de vitality pain IS per level. The chsrac: er's Conslitu lion m odlfrl."f ilTIplies.

Class Skills

Thl." seoul's class 5kfils, and the key ability for each. are as follOWS (see (haptt;T Fo ur: Ski I Is for sk ill descriplions).

A!)lrogate (I.nIJ. Oimb (Dtxl. Compwt,r Use (lnl). Cra ft" fihlJ, Demolition (Inll, Disgul~ [eha), Hide (De:x], Jump (SLr), Knowll:uge' (InLl. Listen (Wis). Move Silently (0 ex] , "Pilot (Dex), Professiorr" [V;'is), Read/Wrt,e. Language [Ilone). Repair (1I1tJ. Ride [Dex). Search [lnt]. Speak Language (none), Spot {Wisl. Survival [WisJ, Swim (Str).

• Thj~ skill arW"lly en rnmp~'.~"S·" nU<I,b et of untBfa!ed .kills. I'"IJrn 11m ~ fbJS skill IS }oom"';, ~ ~I'ecific '1:11"9ory mils! 11150 be fflfl!iM. £mmples ,,,,:Iud~ er,,{t ("'oids), KnoWledge (Jedrio' ~. nne PlM!SSfun (drOia ,i'''9rummei)

Skill Points at 151 level: (6 + InL modifier) x 4.

Skill Points-at Each Addi~ional Level: 6 + In! m(')difier.

Class Features

All of the following are class features of the seoul.

Starting Feats

The scout beqtns play wili1 the follQwing leats:

Wrapt1l1 Group Pron("iency [blaster plstols] Weapon Group Proru:;ienty (bhJSLeT rWes) Weapon Group Proficiency [simple wc"ponsj

Bonus Feat.s

At 1 st.8t h. I 2111, and I 5th level. the scou I gains il bones reai.Tl11~ fe'<ll must be selected from the follOWing lis1, and the seeut must meet ;;r.ny prerequisites.

Cau I to us, En d urs n ce, Grea I FOT! i[ ude, Hllgged. SharpBYed. Skill El1lpl1aS1S (Sllrvivall. Starship Opera lion (space transport], Starshlp Operuttcn (slar~ghlerl, Track.


Beginning;1t and level. the scout becomes particularly skilled at An.ding the best route lhrougJ1 unfamlllar or Obstructed areas. Whl:!l'1 traveling in poor rondltlons or tlifflcull terrarn, Ihr scout may make a Survival check 10 reduce trave 1 time.

Wit11 a check result of ISor better, lhe SCOUl reduces rbe total travel time by 2501Q. Wilh a 25 Of better, the Lime is re(itu.'ed by 50%.

The scout can guide a group of up to three individuals ill no prmally, However, for each additional three. in the group being guided. npply a -2 penally 10 the lrailblazing check-.

·11l(: SCQul. ca n take TO 011 Ihis check, bu l he can't til ke 20. (See Chapter Four: Skills for Infurmatton on taking 10 and la.king .20.) This ability does not apply [0 tactical rnovemern

. or local rnovemen t, as described fn Chap rer Six: Heroic Characlerist! cs.


111 e sea u I pass CSSI3 a grea Ideal 0 r .sel f~CQ n fr cl en ce ant! cotrr~ge. Because of lhls, once per d~,y the sesut can Focus "is will Hnq ,gain a clreumstance bonus based on hi~ innate belief irt hirnself and his abilities. The bonus r'lilig~s lrom .;- I at ]rd INel to +4 111 18th level, The bonus can be- applied LO any skill check. 'ability check, or attack mil. You can decide to use this class feature after making a die roll but hefore the GM reveals the result of the check or attack roll.

Uncanny Dodge

Slarting at 41h level, lh~ scout gai~ lhe extraordrnary abllit~' to react La dmlger before his senses would normally ~llow him 10 do SQ, At 4th level and above, the SCOIlI

rfwin'i his De)fferity bonus to Defense (if any) rl'gardles5 of hellig cauqhr He t-footed or struck by a hidden attacker,

IHe still 1055 his Dexterity bonus to neft"nse if irnrnobililed.l Thi~ aspeCL of uncanny dodg!" does not neg.ale

Oank attacks,

!\l 7th level, the scout carl no longer be flanked, since he

am react to opponen Is on opposite sides of himself as easily <IS he (call react 1:0 a single attscker.

Skill Mast!ery

!'It 5th level, lhe scout designates a skill. Wht:1l making !I I~III check With Ihis skill, the scout may take 10 even ir ~lrI'Sl and dlstraciicns would normally prevent him from doing so. He bec-omes so certain in tile use ofthis skill thai lie can usc it reliallly even under adverse ccndlticns. [See Checks wi thou t Rolls on page 72 lor more in formatloll on (liking 10,) He designAles. an additional 'Skill at 10tn, 15th. gild 20th level,


~t 6th level, a $t'out gains evasion. If exposed loa llY

trf~cl lha I norm ~ Ily ~ llows a eh aracter In ,II tempi a Heft ex Mving throw for hal r ds mage (such as a gre'nadr blast],

tile seeut suffers no damage With a. s1Jcceslsful sIwing

t.~rol'l. Evasion can only be used if the scout is wearing liqht a [1110 r or no a rill or.

Extreme Effort

Th~ seau I can push hrmsel r to make an ex treme e Ffon a number 0 F limes per day based on the ella ra c ter's

It!:Iut leYi'I [but only once ill any encounter], The effart must rela te to either a Str(;'ngl h check. a Strength-based sklll 'check, or a me I ee ~ nark.

)au can decide to use this class feature

afil'f making a die mil but before the GM TeVt>ills the result of the check or attack mil, Th~ effort provides II circurnsta nee bonus ba~ed on the character's scout level.

Moking an extreme effort ~ lso hinders the scou I with a penallY to Defense for I round.

5c.out Circumstance Penillty
Level Bonus to Defense Uses
H +3 -2 1/day
B-11 +4 -.3 2!day
12-15 +5 -4 3/day
16-1'8 +6 -5 4!day
19-20 +7 -6 5/day !\fler making an extreme effort, the scou t beco rues fa lig [led until the emf of the current encounter,


1I1~1-I~wl scout slam play Yliit~ 1 d6 x 500 credits.

[] r » [/]

[/] rn rJJ



So ldiers cam btne d L~cipli ne will1 In artlal skills to become tile best pure warriors in the 'galaxy. Soldiers can be stalwart defenders of those in need, cruel marauders. or brave

adven lurers, They rim be h ired guns, noble champion." or cold-hearted killers. They Fight for glory, ror honor, 10 right wrongs, 10 gain POWer, [0 acquire weal 111, or simply ror lhe thrill of battle,


M,my soldiers see adventures, raids 011 enemy strongholds, nne! dangeTOus missions as thelr jobs. Some want to defend those who can't defend tile mse lves; others seek to use their muscle to carve thelt own place of lmportance In the gall)XY. Wllalewr Ihelr inirlel motlvatlon, most soldiers wind up living for the thrill of rom ba I and lheexci len 11"111 of adven turc. Adventuring sol\liers call themselvesquards, UoOY9ual'tls. champions, en forcers, mercenaries, warriors, scldlers 0 r fortune, or simply adventurers.


Soldiers have the best all-around fighting abili lies. and ~T1 lndlvldua] soldier develops ~Ly1esalld terhriiques th~1 SIl'l him apart rrcm his peers .. A given soldie-r might tie ~speciallI capa b le wlt h cer I (lin 'wca po n" ana ther Lril i ned lo, execute !iped rtC cornua L maneuvers, As soldlers gain experien ct. I hel gel more opporruni Lies La develop their f19 h ling s~iI15.


M 05t soldiers come to the pro ression <I her recl."iving at least some ilm6Ul11 of rQn11al Lraining from a military r;rgal1izalion. local mill[j~, or pl'ivllie army, Some a rtend FOH1'1al

aca demies; Q l11 ers arc sel Hauglll a nd well tested. A ~o1 dier may have taken up his weapon to escape a mundane life. Another may be following 8 proud family tradltlon. Soldi~ in a particular unit share a certain camaraderie, but m0.51 have nothing in common except battle prowess and the desire m apply it Io a giwn situation.

Exarnplas Df SDldiers in Wars Admiral Ackbar,. Carran Horn. Caprnin Panaka. Cantain 1;.ypho, Lt. P~g~. General Madlrre, Zarn Wesell.

Table 3-6: The Sc.ldier
Base AHadl: Fort Re' Will Defense Reputation
Level Bonus 5i1ve 5i1ve Save Specili!ll Bonus Bonus
1st +1 +2 +0 +0 Starti ng feats +3 +0
2nd +2 +3 +0 +0 Bonus feat +3 +1
.3rd +.3 +3 +1 +1 Bonus feat +4 +1
4th +4 +4 +1 +1 Bonus feat +4 +1
5th +5 +4 +1 +1 +5 +1
6th +6/+1 +5 +2 +2 Bonus feat +5 +2
7th +7/+2 +5 +2 +2 +6 +1:
6th +8/+3 +6 +2 +2 Bonus feat +6 +2
9tl1 +9/+4 +6 +3 +3 +7 +2
lOth +10/+5 +7 +3 +3 Bonus feat +7 +3
11th +11/+6/+1 +7 +3 +3 +a +3
12th +12/+1/+2 +6 +4 +01- Bonus feat +8 +3
13th +13/+8/+3 +8 +4 +4 +9 +3
14th +14/+9/+4 +9 +4 +4 Bonus feat +9 +4
15th +IS/+W/+S +9 +5 +5 +10 +4
16th + 16/+11/+6/+ 1 +10 +5 ·~5 Bonus feat +10 +4
17th +17/+12./+7/+2 +10 +5 +5 +11 +4
18th +18/+13/+8/+3 +11 +6 +6 Bonus feat +11 +5
19th +19/+14/+9/+4 +11 +1} +6 +12 +5
20th +2:0/+ 15/+ 10/+5 +12 +El +6 Bonus feat +12 +5 "YOUR FRIEND tsl.._______----..

mL9lJrrEA ~ERCeN~RY.1 .. I

~ I WON. D ... ··R n IF HE .EALLY CARES.. . .. '

1 iowore] ABO, TANY ING ... OR ANYBODY.'

Game Rul'e InfDrmatiDn SQldier<; hay,' I he- following game statistics.


Smce most combat in the Star Wllr5" univl!T'iJ.' uses blasters and oilier ranqed weapcns, Dexterity is the soldier'f> most hnpertant ability seore, Followed clG~ely QY Constiltrttcn and Slr~nylh. Don't undercsttmate the importance or II'lte.llig~nc~ ~n{1 Wisdom. however. sinee m<lllY of a soldier's

lJ'!~fLlI skllls are based all these abllities.


Soluitn gain 1 d 10 vita lity pc in ts per level. The character's CCI\s\it u [iOI1 modifier applies-.

Class 8kills

Ihc soldier's cia;" skills, and the key ability for each, are as follO:l\'$ (see Ch~llter Four: Skil1~ for ~k!ll deseriptloas),

AsllOgate [lnt], Computer Use (Int), Craft"'(lnt), Demolirions [lnt], I nrlmidate [eha). Knowledge· [lnt], Pilot (Dt .. l, ~roFession' Mis), Repair (lrul, Treat Injury (Wis],

'rhrl 'iMI ar;1u~lIy ~n CQmposws a numoe, vf ~",e!<J!.eQ skills. Each tIme rhls ski!! IS I,"med (upoofilC rQtegQry mU'll~!ia be chas,,". Examples Iflclude (ra! Idnlrd>J, Knew/edge (Jed" lore), Dnd ;>",'"s.wn (droid w"y,,,mmet),

Skill Points a I 151. Level: (4 + lill mod iner) x 4.

Skill Points at E~ch Additional Level: 4 + lnt moclfter,

Class Features

l>Ji or the followil1g art' class features of the soldier.

Sta.rtil1g Feats

TIl\' soldier beg Ins play Wi!!l lilt' following rea ts:

Armnr PrMlciency (light]

W~~]lonGroup Fro ftciency (blaster pfSlO Is] Welljlon Group Profrcleney (blaster rines) Weapoll Group ProficielJqt {heavy weapons] Well pon Group Proficiency (simple weapons) Weapon Group frotkienC,Y (vibra weapons]

Bnnus Feats

ill ~nr1. Jrd, 4Lh, 6th, 81h, 10lh, 12lh. 14Lh, 161h, I Blh, and 1011, level the soldier ~ets a bonus rea t. This fca I must be d!;JWll from the FollOwing list, and lIre soldier must meet

an) prereq U i 5 i tes,

Ambid~xlcTity, Armor Profiricnc,y (medium]. Armor rlOrld~nl;y [heavy), Blind-Plghl, Cleave, Combal Reflexes" Dodg~, Exotic: Weapon Profn;:iellCY, Combat Exp~rtis~, Far ShOL, Gre,H Cleave, Heroic Surge, lmprowd (Critical,

Improved lnirialive, Improved Martial Arts, In1prOved TwoWeapon Fighting. Martial Am, Mobility, Point Blank ShoL, rower i\IIDck, Preeise ShOl, QUick TImw, Rapid Shot. Shot on lhr RUIl, Spring Attack, Starship Dodge, St8TIi1ip Operation". T\\()-W~apon Fighting, Weap.on Finesse" Weapon Focus. Whirlwind Attack,

A rha raeter ran select rl'ats marked Wittl ,,1'1 asterisk (Oil more [han 0 nee, bu I it In us] be for 3 tli ffereli l aspee; (1 l' S!arsjlif1 operatlon or ~ differen~ weapon each lime,


A rst-level soldier starts play with 1 dG x 500 credits,

051 [] r » [j]

[j] III [J]

VQ""EN I<U"'N.

HUMAN 501...01."'"

Examples of T soh Specialists in Star Wars

Watl.o. Ghent. Lobat. Danni Quee,

Tech Spet=ialist

Tech specialists combine expert lralning with nal urnl genius 10 reach I he lap 0 r llH:ir ch oseu neld. Tech special hsls C:~;1

be dedlcated physicians, curious scientists. brilli$.nt \eclmieians, or computer geniuses. They seek to help people or Q~in knoWledge. to create technical g<ldgets or develop new sderulfic theories, Every adventuring team benefits From tlte talents Q r a tech speci~lisL.

B.,.ml;l. Rule Information

T('Ch specialists 113ve 111(' Fllllowinggam.e statistics,


Intelligence, by far, is the most important ability For 3 ted, specialist. Whdom and Dexterity serve the tech specialist well, providing the ability to better perceive the world around him and to interact whh it at an advanced level.


Some tl!cl1 spcdallsts become adventurers FOr the eredits and tile" glory. Others see tht:' rleld as tbe best plate to test their sktlls and add Iu their body of knowledge and training. Some believe it is their duty to provide the kind of help that is available nowhere else. A tech .5pec.iaiist migllt be a doctor or a ~eIlQbi~logist, a starship mechanlc ar a weapOllsmilh, a computer I'lrbgT<wnmeror a droid engille~.


Tech speciallsts gain t dtj vltali,y points per level. The character's Constlunlen rncdifier applies,

Class 'Skills

Tin:: lcch spcria list's class skill's. and the key ability fo reach. are as follows [see Chapter Four: Skills Far skill de;;criIlUon,).

ASlrpsat~ [Inti. Computer Use [Int], C:rn Ft" Ilntl,

Dernoltt lens [In L), DiS8 hi e Device n n l]. Knowledge"lI n t], PiiOl (Oe;o<), Profession" [Wis1. Reml(Write L;ln911age (nom'), Repair, Search (In I), Treat Injury !Wi~J,

"TIll •• kill Clcru~//Ji~rrrompd~f'SC number ~f uMre/afl:(/ 5kllls. Ea,h rime Ihi5s1<W f~ learned, " ~pe"fff' rotegory mu~ 0/"0 be th,,<en. EJmmples [nell/de Cr~ll (draills), KnaW/re<lgf (j!id./aro), ,,~d Pror=lan (draili prcgff1m'l)Elr)

Skill Points 8 t 151 Level: [4 + In! modffier] )( 4.

Skill puints al Each Ad~mon;ll Level: 4 + Int fl1odifler.


Ted! specialists haee the best all-around technica) abiliti~. and an individual spccialisldevelops skills and techntques that set him apart from his peel'S. A given tech ~eQj81i'>1 might be especially capable in acertatn field of study, another t rained tp use a specific set Q Fioo Is, Ao;. tech specialists gaill experienre, they gel more opportuuljies 10 develop their technical prufrciencles.

Ba.ckgrc und

Most tech specialists start out in d('cjdedly unheroic careers. They train ! 0 reach I he top 0 r ! he; r rl IOSlm fil'l d, even ltrally offeriTlg their services to an aoventurh19 party Unl ike' mos [ of the ether examples of the heroic classes, I'hl' avernge tech 5PE(1~lis! can't wail to gel back [0 hiS workshop or labora-

I cry. He does whalis 1\~Ces5~ry while It is 11 ecessary, but the call or research ami develclPllwn l make [he lEC\' spetialis( long 10 return La hls prll1'1a~ profession.

Class Faatur-as

Allor the follOwing are class fcattJl'es of the tech speclalls;

Starting Feat

TIle tech specialist begins play wuhthe Following ri:~l.

VVeapOT1 Group ProFlcil:'nc;y (sim~l{> weapons)

Table 3-7: The Tech Spec.iBlist Reputation
Base' Attac.k Fort Ref will Defense
.Level Save Save Save Spedal Bonus Bonus
+0 +1 +1 Skill Emphasis +2 +0
tst +0
2nd +0 +1 +1 Research +3 +0
+0 +1 +2 j n stant: mastery +3 +1
3rd +2
4th +1 +2 +2 Tet':hspec.iaJty +3 +1
5th +3 +1 +2 +2 Expert +4 +1
+2 +3 +3 +4 +1
6th +4
7th +2 +3 +3 +5 +2
+6/+1 +3 +3 +4 Tech specialty +5 +2
+6/+1 +3 +4 +4 +5 +2
lOth +7/+2 +4 +4 +4 Expert +6 +2
l l th +8/+3 +4 +5 +·5 Tech specialty +6 +3
12·111 +9/+4 +5 +5 +5 +7 +3
+7 +3
13th +9/+4 -t:5 +5 +6
14th +10/+5 +6 +6 +6 Tech specialty +7 +3
+11/+6/+1 +6 +6 +6 Expert +8 +4
161,h + 12/H/+2 if-.] +7 1"7 lnstant mastery +8 +4
17th +12/+1/+2 +7 +7 +7 Tech specialty +9 +4
+13/""8/+3 +,B +7 +8 +9- +4
+14/+9/+4- +8 +8 +8 Tech specialty +9 +5
+15/+10/+5 +9 +8 +8 Expert +10 +5
20th Skill

1\1 IS! level, the lech specialist !:l~iIl5 the Skill Emphasis feat. This fral must be applied La a skill from the following list, Ihv! selling the diredion for your tech specia It)'.

('Qmp,lter Lk;<!, ern ft (s,elect one). Treat Injury. or RepQir.


nee techspeclalist has a knack rOT linding rechrriral infermaliun of' all types, SLarting al 2nd level, he gets to add his t~ch specialist level to any Knowledge check whenever he searches through databases and other sources when seeking ledmi[al in lcrmaticn,

lnstant MastE!ry

AI lId a nd 16th level, I he tech specialist gai us 4 ra n ks In any lntelllqenre-basecl skill (including cross-class skills, but 1101 Force §killS) I hat 111' currently has 110 ranks in.

Tech Specialty

Ai 4111, Bth, II lh, 14-th, l7Lh. alid 19th level, the tech Illetialis[ gains a tech spedal~ Each lime, the tech specialIII <;elects a specially From ampng those described below. II ran be a dtffercnt specially each time, or the tech snectaltst all dlf.lo~e tlre same ~peciallY as many as three limti5 over tnt course or lh~ six selections.

(nmpllrl'T ."iperil1/ist: "Receive a + 1 bonus on Computer lse checks, Arlditlonal selectlons of thls tech specialty can I 111 prove the bonus to +2 and +3.

Masrrrcro./ier: Applying this specially La a spcciJk era Fl ~kill allows you to build mastercraftuems \Ising 11131 skill, Ihe Iype!o or II f; ms I hat can be masterera tled, and the relev;1111 Cmfi skill for each type,are as follOWS.

Weapons Craft (S)JecHk weapon group)

Armor Craft [armor]

DBtHpad: era fl [electron ic devices]

Mtdpac era It [medpac,j

Security kit Crafl Ielectronic devices)

~m,or 110tk eran [el0ClrDl'1i", devices)

On iNl'ragc, it Lakes l wtce as long to censtru ct a maslerctaft Hem as 11 does to erca te an ordin 3ry item or the same SOTt:

YOII must pay double lheedS'! ror raw materials [2}3 of the Item's normal price rat her thai' 1/3), and (he resnl t of every d811y Craft check you make is halved [round down). You can 3dd the mastercraft I'eature to an eXisting ordinary item by pl1yi~g [he raw material cost and then making daily Craft ~Il~cks a. IhtJugh you were eenstrucf ny the item i LM~I r.

In addhlon to [Ile? ('OSI Or row materials. tl1e tcch speciallsi ~I;:o must pay a number nfexpcrtence pOints equal llj, one-hal] the price or an aftlimllY item (for instance, 250 XP Illr a blaster pistol prieed liIl 500 ered i LS). These experience points must be paid 810ng with the raw materials cost,

before the character makes .any daily Craft checks to create ~tte maslertrafi item. H the expenditure of tlrese }(P would dmp !tIe ChaT'!lclefs lotal La below the rnirrlrnurn needed for Ills qr her current level, I hen the XP cannot be paid (and the m3.Jtrcrnn work cannot be begun] until the character gains tnougl1 additional XPto remain at Ilis eurrent level a Frer the l'lIpellditlire is made.

fit" ting a mastercra ft i tern is II task of extreme complexlIy: as such, tile DC of the hnal Craft check to complete the Iltlllis 20.


U53 n r

» [II [!]

rn [!]

When successfully completed, a mastercraft item provides e t 1 bonus to 1 he qua Ii I;y of an ordina ry item 0 r the S8111C type. for more information, see M~5lcrcr~r1 Items, page 136.

Add i ti ortal selections o f I his tech specially can gtve a Ch3f1ltt~r the ability 10 make items with +2 and +3 bonuses. To make a +2 item, a \eell specialist needs to start wnh a

+ I i I ern, paying the rnonetary and XP eests a ppropria te to that item. SimilaTly. to make <l +J irern, the character needs te start with a +2 item,

MechtHlic: Receive a + 1 OOtlUS '011 Repair checks.

Additlonel selections of this lech spn:ialty can improve the bonus ro +2 and +3.

Mrdfml Sprr:iu/isl: Receive a + 1 bonu.'> 0 n Treat I nj u ry checks, Addi tiona I selections 0 r Ll1'is Led, specially ea n improve the bonus 1'0 -t2 and +J.

Surgical SpeciaJisl: Improve the number of wounds you call restore using the Treat Injury ~kill and the Surgel'¥ feat by + 1. Addi tiona I selections of tl115 'tech special ty can i rnprove the number or wound, restored to +2 and +3.


At 51h, 10th. 151h. and 20th I !i"ve I , lhe terh specialist .selects il 5pr.!cil'lc: Craft, Knowledge, or Professlcn skill. Edeh time,

he must select a different skill. for example, II tech speelals; mighl select Crart (blaster pistols and rifles) at 51h level, Profession {weapollsillithlat 10th level, and Knowledge (engineering) at 15th level.

You receive H +4 expcrl bonus-on C:ht'ch made Tlsing the selccle(l skill. No te I hi! l expert ho I1USes dQ no L s\ack.


A 1 st-level tech speciali« starts play willi 1 dG x 500 eredits,

Fierce Adept

The Perce adept is ~Lron~ in the I-ore!;,. bul rGIIoWS 8 dirfer· ent :pall, [TOm that or lhe Jedt, To the Force adept, 1M Porn: is more m~lerious and more supernatural, and the aid it provides hus a magical quality. A Forte adept cameo from a different tradition, with different beliefs find codes of conduct from those of the Jedt, There arc precious few Force- ade:p 1:5, and I he n u mber who becomeadventurers i; even smaller. Some call the Perce by its Familiar name, while oUler.; ~rer 10 it I)y sorne alh e r term that reflects their own rradltlons.

1 F ycu seleet the Forte adept class. ,you need 10 detennlm how yo UT character views the POTtI:'l, lt's i mpo rtan L to der.irl~ what yOUT hero believes, in. Is your j;on:e adept all allen student of the fIorce? A shaman From a primitive culture? A follower of one specifiC aspect of the Fon:,e [such as the <:c-ologica I prie.sib 0 F 1th or}? A Force mage from an isol~ led planet lSl)cl'\ as the witches of Dil'tIJornirJ? A lighl:5ider?

A darksider? 111e tlloice is y~urs, ~nd it will affect tile way :yo\ilr character lnteraets wtth lht: campaign.


Some Force adepts become adventurers as part of a quest to learn more about the Force (or whatever they (1l11 i1,j. Olh~T". <10 so out I:l f l1~~~1isily. They are Ftlrred from their world. hunted by unscrupulous agenl:5. OT are interested in wha: the galaxy mIght have 10 offl;'T them. Force adepts mighl be talled Wizards, shamans, witc:ltes, or prophets. depe.mJing 011 where I hl:Y come 110m a nd what rrad hions they Follow. M09t Force' adepts follow the light side [or at least their version of it). but some Fully embrace rhe dark side.

Cha.rac.teristi cs

The Force adept masters the ab1li1y La affect the external world. as lypied by the Aller feat, and usually starts her Force lrairtillg with Lhis dlseipline. The adept I"l1lghl be a shaman, an alten rrum an nut-of-the-way world. !".IT a Forctsensitive hero who never received the benefit of Jedi training. Because the adept's rmlning is less formaliaed, she must depend on more mundane skills to cornpternern her Force powers,


Foree adepts discover a power inside themselves tha: thlO:! don't fully understand. Much of their tt:aining is haphazard, since few rmdlrlons exist to help [hem achieve mastery. Same come from prirnttive cultures where rhey were looked upon as godlike or holy by the people they served. Others jUlil folloW a dit'fe~'t path from lhe Jedi-h Isn't better Qr worse. it"; a different tra dlti on. Perce adepts have gl'(lV.n accustomed to being either revered OT hated, depending on when and where [heir I-orcr powerscame 10 prcmlnence, Olhers hove learned [0 keep Iheir powers secret, both because they do not rully understand ihelr powers and because they are- a Fraid of how others mfyhl treat them.

Examples of Force Adepts in Star Wars

Teneniel Djo of the witches of Dalhcmir, Rokur Gepta the 50rCNt:r or Tu no, a n d til e Jeasacro I.

Game Rule Inform.ation

Force adep 1.5 h ~vt' the fa Ilowing gam~ sta rlstics,


Tnt FC/Tct adept's most impp rtan t ability scores are Intciligelice and WisdOlll, since these tontrollm 1110.l ImportaT1i Perce skills (those or the Alter and Sense rears), as well as many ether Cia'> s skllls, Ch~ri~ma can <llso be sig1]!Iiram lor a vane lyOr inrerpersona I skills,


F{lli;elld~pt5' gain I da vitality points per level, The chsractel's Conslitution modWer applies,

CI.8ss Skills

Tbe Force adept's class skills. lind lile key ab 1lity [or each,

are as rollows (see Chapter Four: Skills fof skill descriptions).

Climb (S rr], ern ft· [J n tl. Handle Anima I (Cha), Hide (Dexj, JUllip (Mr), Knowledge" (lilt), Listen (Wis).Professioll-- (Wis], )el1~e Motive (\NIsi. Spot rWis). Survival (Wisl. Swim [5tr). Treat Il1.iury (Wi~l.

'rhli >1<111 actually ~ncoml'l<IS>1!S Q flumb~r of unre/mM sklll~ "ach time this skill <I /fam""'. ~ SpEtifi~ w1egwy milS/ al~o be <iwscn. bamp/1!5 mdude Craft <ftp,d5). I(llowled~~ (1"dl/ote). f11>d Pmkssiol> (araid pro9'omm~).

Skill Points at l st LI~ve1: (6 + ln; modifier) X 4.

S~iIl ?ohm at Each A.d~iliot1al Level: 6 + lrrt mcdtfret.

Glass Features

/\11 or t~e rellowiT19 are class reatures of the Fo!!;e adept,

Starting Feats

The Force adept begins play with the following feats: force-Sensitive'

\'Il'apan Group ?roncien!;) (primitive weapons) WCopOIl Group Profielency (simple weapons)

'TIii. /tal ha. l:J<'iComf'fi force <kills. these o.sodO!ed forc" 5. il/" ore dm;; skil/~ for I!liS morado' tlQ5~ due /" the passli5s(OI1 ~[mis [M~

Force Traihing

The forte ~dept g<lins 11 hdnus Fotce feat, al I st, 21l~, a.nd 4111lcvI:1. Tl1iS bonus Poree real is selected from the rollowing list.

Alter, Control, Sense.

Once om' of these Force feats is selected, usassccisted For,~ skills become class skills For the character.

Bonus Feat.s

AI Ird, 9th, t4111, and 20th level, I he PQiee adept gains a bonus fe~l. This fea] must b~ selected from the follOWing 11;r. and the Force adept mUSI meet <lJ1Y prereq uisi res,, Animal Affinity, Endurance. !'rightful Presence, Link. Mind Trick, Mimic, Stea II hy, hack,

Force We'apDn

AIS!h level, a Foree adept call imbue a nonpowererl melee weapon [suel, 3S a dub, a knlfe, or a quarlerstllFn with tin:' FOI'e. This must he a weapon that the Perce adept wields pmolliJlly. II takes a full-round ;;IClion LO imbue the weapon with the Force, and costs 1 vltall ly poi rus.The bl:"11efi t the weapon g~ ins lasts tor a n umber 0 f rounds eq 1I a I [0 the c1lilITlct~r's Force adept level. II t 5th level, the weapon's


0.55 [1 r l> [fJ [fJ m [/J'

damj:lge inerea es by + I d8. (SO, a Force-imbued quartcrsta rr deals lcJ6 + Ida d<mage.l Al 13th level, [he weapon's damage increases by an additional + t dB (for 8 total of +2dBJ.

A Force-imbued weapon gains another benefu wl1en used against a lighlsabcr. lr the: Wielder of a liqhtsaber attempts 10 striKe a Force-imbued weap n wielded by 81'1 opponent

( ee Attar~ an O~iect, page 166), the llghtsaber does not ignore the darnaqe reduction or the Force-imbued weapon.

Skill E:mphasis

At 6th. 12th, and l.8th level, the Force adept gains ill Skill Emphasis bonus Fe<ll. Each time the Force adepl gains Lhis bonus Fecll. 11 may be applied to a different kill that the For"e adept already has ranks in, including Porte skills.

Gomprehend Speech

Al 7th level, a Force adept gains the Force ability La comprehend ,my pO~t;n language. The Force adept can't speak any hmgtlages through this ability, only understand them.

Force Talisman

At 8th level, a FOTce adept gains thl;! abilily to imbue a 5JtlJi item cf personal igniflcance with the Force. H lake a Iull clay to imbue the item, as well as the xpenditure or I For r Poi Ill. Once imbued, the- lrern becomes a Forte talisman, providing the Force adept with a +-2 Force bonus 011 saving throws made to defend against Force skills or Force feats, fJJ. 15th level, the same process can increase the power of the Force tallsrnan: it then provides a +4 Force bonus.

ForCE! Secret

TI'e FOrce alh:p t discovers 1:1 Force Secret OJ I Illl1 and 1 Gll1 level. Each lime, the Force adept ma;}! select the same or a dl fferem, secret.

Improve Battlernind: Increase the bonus on attack rolls provided by the skill by s-L

Improve FOTCe "Defense: Increase llle bonus on saving throws provi~II!':c1 by the skill by + 1.

IrilprO'/e Forte Strike: Increase 111e damage dealt by the kill by + I.

Improve Ileal Another: lncrea e the amouru of healing by + 1.

Improve Heal Self: Increase the a mount of healing by + I. lm pr eve Force Ski 11: Ad d a + 1 Force bonus 10 a flY one Force skill the character has ranks In.


A 1 sl-IeWl Perce adept starts play wllil I d4 X 500 tr'edits.

Table 3-8: The Force Adept
Base Attack Fort Ref Will Defense Reputation
hvel Bonus Save S,ave Save Special Bonus Bonus
1 st +0 +1 +1 +2 Fo[ce training +3 +0
2nd +1 +2 +2 +3 Force training +4 +0
3rd +2 +2 +2 +3 Bonus feat +4 +0
4th +3 +2 +2 +4 Force training +4 +0
5th +3 +3 +3 +4 Force weapon + 1 d8 +5 +1
6th +4 +3 +3 +5 Skill emphasis +5 +1
7th +5 +4 +4 +5 Comprehend speech +6 +1
8th +6/+1 +4 +4 +6 Force. talisman +2 +6 +1
9th +6/+1 +4 +4 +6 Bonus feat 6 +2
10th +7/+2 +5 +5 +7 7 +2
11th +8/+3 -+5 +5 +7 Po rce seer et +7 +2
12th +9/+4 +6 +6 .",8: Skill emphasis +8 +2
13th +9/+4 +6 +6 +B Force weapon +2d8 +8 +3.
14th 10/+5 +6 +6 +9 Bonus feat +8 +3
15th +11/+6/+1 +7 +7 +9 Force. talisman +4 +9 +3
16th +J2/+7/+2 +7 +7 +10 Force secret +9 +3
17th +1~/+7/+2 +8 +8 +10 +10 -+4
18th +13/+8/+3 +8 +8 +11 Skill emphasis +10 +4
19th +14/+9/+4 +8 +8 +11 +10 +4
20th +15/+10/+5 +9 +9 12 Bonus feat +11 +4 Jedi CDnsular

rile Jco i consuls r uses th I:' Forte For ~nowl edge ~ n d neqoll,lion, ~eek,i I1g I he most peaceful sol u I ions, te ewry problem. As Forte-usm ll'aif1ed in the Jed; traditlon, characters or

Ihi~ class conCl'nlrllle more on diplomacy scholarly pursuit" and the spiri I uai side of the Farce tl1:111 on more physical ilmv11i.e~. Healers all d researchers seek 10 better u nders L~ nd the 11;JlUrc of the Force and their connection to il. Mentors and teachers II ope to i ns truct others and pass all wha t tht'.\' have learned. Negotilliors,al1d mediator~ are skilled <It b~rgailliflg and strikll1g compromises. Censulars train thems~l\'es to be versatile, able: lo handle many sttuations

IIlihoUI r~aching for a weapon,


Some Jedi ccrsutars explore the gal~x,y to further their own ~nQwledgeahd mastery of the Porte. Others conllrrually seek 10 learn or discover more of I he Force's secrets, Siill others

Sl'\' thetr rnle :15 merilators aT1U cooneilors, using their posillen and sklll~ 10 IH11p those in need. Most Jetli consulars lulluw the lighL side, but some become d:arksidm and use

lhe Force for evil er sclftsh intent. Those imbued wi LII the ·Iight slde refrain from using the Force FOT every task, prefernng to rind 0 thcr solu tio ns a ncl save the Force for when it ;s Irlll) needed. Those who succumb La the dark side use every oltl.:anl~gll at their dispos~l, wit"ldin9 the Force ~g;!inst chalIrngrs as a noble would spend D smatl forlune to be rid of a minor Inconv,enience.

Ch a rante r i s ti cs

I hc Jcdl consular often starts out by mastering the ability

In leel thc living Force in the world around him, as lypiFu:d IJY "he Sense feat. Wisdom and Charisma are the most in)p(1r(3 n [ ~lilil i t les For the Jed i consula r, Followed closely by Intelligence.


1\ J~cli ronsular typica lIy starts au t as II Pads wa n learner attach .. d to 1;1 higher-ranking Jedl Master, ~Prior [0 lsi

I~d, the ch arncter lrained as a s I udell I with the J~di cou ndl. He. begins his heroic career a lis I level when he is

<,rl~cl~d as a Padaw1;ln learner.l Ihe Jedi c:oiTSular (las a gelluin~ love- of sen olarly pur.suiu arul diplernatk endeav- 01'>. Some cortsulars want to leach, 01r,CT5 want 10 learn. A .ledi (t1115Ular has a tI~p connectlon to his men lor <1110 the Jrdi Order hut often opera 11'5· wiLh only tangential contact with chile)" master or ord er,

Examples Df J!edi CDn.sulars in Star' Wars

Yooa, JI)(1Ist~ the J!,'di Ii!;rrarian, Tionne: of Luke S~walke(s lrdi acarie my.

Game Rule InfDrm,atiDn

Jedi consulars have the Following game statistics.


A Jedi consular should be gifted in an abilili~s. bu1 Wi.sdom. [jt;lrisma, and 1111(':lIi~enc-e are [he mns; irnportant. Those

who expert to fall back tin tbeir eornbat prowess should also have hi~h StTenglh and Constltutlon scores.


Jedi consulars gain IDa viLalil), points per level. The rharacI er's (onsli I \J I ion rnoeli ~er a pplies,

Class Skills

The .Jed I ccnsular's class skil1~ and [h(' key ~bi1l1y ror each, are as fbllows [sc-c Chapter Pour: Skills fOT skill descripliQhS).

Bluff (CliaJ. CompuLN Use [lnt], Craft [lnt], Diplomacy ICha), Gather Information [Cha], lnrlmidate [Cha], Knowledgc· [I nt], Pilat [Dex], Profession" f\lVisl, Read/Wril e Language (nond. Sense Motive (WisJ, Speak Longuage (none). Trcaf lrliury (WisJ.

"Th"fssMI actJJally~""mpd""'s tl nlJmj,~r 91 Untel~led skills. fad? lim~ this 31<;11i ;s learned, a .pedfic rolegOfY mUR alsQ m, ctiasen. ¥ample!; mclude C;mf< (drO/dsJ 1((I(Jwledg~ (Ji'd' IqreJ Qnd.PrQ{e5S/OfI (rJ")J(I'''1l9rVmlll~r).

Ski II "Poi n ts at 151 Level: (6 + ln: rrrodifrer] x 4.

'ikill Points at Each Addltlorral Level; 6 + tnt mndlfrer,

Clas.s Features

All or the follOWing are class features of the Jediconsular.

Sta.rting Fie·ats

J edi consul aTS begi n play wi ill the lollow iny rea ts:

Exotic We3110n ?r-olld~"f1('Y (lighLsabtr) Ferce-Sensltfve"

Weapon Group Proficiency [blaster pistnbl WC8-pon Group ProfJriency (simple weaponsl

'"This feollras <15$vtictc</ for~E Skills. TIl .. se a, .. Klo(qd F,,= 5~iII, 'If" cla • .,~krlls for this d!ara.w do" due 10 Ibe P(J5$"$5"io" of lhrs r"Ot


A J ed j starts play wit h (I I i9 h rsa b cr provlded by hh master. l.arer, the Jedl cart build his own liqhtsaber;

Force Training

The Jedl consular qatns a borrus Force feal at lst, 3rd, and 4lh level. This bonus Forer re~ I must be selected from lhe rollowil1~J ust,

AlLer, Control, Sense.

Once one of these- Force rea~s is selected, its associated FOTce skills become class skills for the characi e r.

Deflect (Defense)

A Jed' learns to deflert blaster bolts and other projectiles with his- ligh tsaber, thereby providing a dpdge bonlJ~ to Defense againsL 51.1ch attacks. You must be carrying an acllva ted ligh tsaber to use lhis special ability,

DcnctLif1g an anatk is ~ reaction Lil,3 t costs I he Jedl <I move action in his next round. The Jed; mUSL lndtcate

rr,[Ju NT !J[JOICU'S LlGHT5A13 E'R

- 051

'[] r » (fJ

(fJ rn (fJ

that he is uSIng deflect (defense) when an opponent declares an attack against him but before any attack rolls are mad!'. When u ed in this fashion, the Jedl gains the dodge bonu against all fanged ~(lilck~ rllrected at him in the rou!lQ.

I'or exa mple. if Sell lido-Mal \,j~es his activated

Jig \1 tsaber to deflect any number of blaster a tracks in round three 0 I· combat, in found fnur Sen Ucla-Mal loses a move action to account for the effort expended to lienee! tile attacks in round three.

Each time the Jed; gains deflect [defense], it provtries

a + i dodge bonus to Defen e when he use hi lighlaber LQ bl ck ranged attacks. So, at 1 st level the dodge bonus to De ense i + I. at lOth level it tncrea es to +2. and at ISt!1 level it tncreases La +3.

Deflect (defense] can be used in conjunction with total defense for even greater protection. providing the uod[.J13' bonus fur deflecting the a track and the -1"4 dodge bOl1US granted by using total defense. In this ease, deflect ldefensel isn't a reactlcn: it's an attack actlon used In a round w~en the Jedl expects to come under heavy rJrC~. Set> flilge 154 for 01 P Information on total defen c.

Deflecting and rediT!.~ctitlg an attack is a reacilcn Ihal rash lhe Jedi a move action in hi. next round. The Jedl must lndicate that he Is using deflect (attack) when an epppnenl declare 811 i1tiad against him bUI before any attack rolls are made, Deflect (defe:n<;e) and urn CL [aliack] can be used togeLher in the same round (Ihouyh the Jedi can decide not to usc the defense it lie wants a better chance at redircctinq the incoming attack].

The Jedi cat"! deflect and redirect a number or attacks equal to one-half hi Jedi level, rounded up. TIle redtreeled attack must miss the Jedi by 5 or less: any :1llack that bits the Jedl or misses by G or more points ca n't be retli!'ec led.

I r I he Jedl can redirect the attack. the J~dl immediately rolls an attack using his liqhtsaber attack bonus and applying a -4 penally as described below. If this TOil is lligh ('110U911 to hiL the LarHet. the redirected attack deals damage to the targ t Ith type or blaster determinD lIH: ctaml!lge dealt by a redirected attack],

Bonus Feats

Al2nd, 11th, and 16th level. tbe Jedi consular gains a bonus re~ l. 'Fhls feat must be selected from the following list, and the Jedi consular must meet any prerequisites.

Alertness, Aware, Cautious, Compassion. Cernlia t Exp~rtisc. Fame, Persuaslve, Sharp-eyed, Trustv¥ortl1y.

Deflect (Attack)

A Jedi learns LO deflect bla ter bolls wlth his llqhtsaber 10 redirect the attock toward a Larget within one range increment of the Jedi's position. '(The tyre of blaster determines the range incrcmenl.] You must be carrying an actlvated lightsaber to use this special ability.

Table 3-8: The Jedi Consular
Base Aftack fort Ref will pefense II eputa.ti on
Level Bonus Save Save Save Special Bonus Bonus
1st 0 +2 +1 +2 Force training. deflect (defense + 1) t3 +1
2nd +1 +3 +2 +3 Bonus feat +4 +1
3rd +2 +3 +2 +3 Force training. deflect (attack -4) +4 +1
4th +3 +4 +2 +4 Force training +4 +2
5th +3 +4 +3 +4 Deflect (extend defense and attack) +5 +2
6th +4 +s +3 +5 Increase lightsaher damage (3d8) +5 +2
7th +5 +5 +4 +5 Jedi Knight +6 +2
8th +6/+1 +6 +4· +6 Healing +6 +3
9th +6/+1 +6 +4 +6 Skill Emphasis +6 +3
10th +7/+2 +7 +5 +7 [)eflect (defense +2), block +7 +3
11th +8/+3 +7 +5 +7 Bonus feat >1-7 +3
12th +9/+4 +8 +6 +8 Increase lights-abeT damage (4d8) +8 +4
13th +9/+4 +8 Hi +8 Deflee! (attack -3) +8 +4
14th +10/+5 +9 +6 +9 Skill Emphasis +8 +4
15th +11/+6/+1 +9 +7 +9 Deflect (defense +3) +9 +4
16th +12/+7/+2 +10 +7 +10 Bonus feat +9 +5
17th +12/+7/+2 +10 +8 +10 Deflect (attack -2) +10 +5
18th +13/+8/+3 +11 +8 +11 Increase llghtsaber damage (5d8) +10 +5
19th +14/ 9/+4 +11 +8 +11 Skill Emphasis +10 +5
20th +ls/.+ 10/+5 +12 +9 +12 +11 +6 SJ;:N UDCI-M'AI..


Each time the Jerli gains deflect [attack], the penalty associated wlth the redirected attack is lessened by I. So. at lrd level I he penalty is -4, 'ill 13th level -3, and a 1 17th level -2.

Deflect (Extend Delanse and Attack)

Al 5ih level, a Jedl consular learns lcexiend his defensive and Ml'cnsive deflection skills (0 01 hers within 2 meters gr the J.;drs pOsiLion. YO'Ll rrtust be carrymQan activated liqhtsaher to use this special ability.

Now the Jedi can provide a dodge bonus to anyone within 2 meters of Ilis positlon, and he can deflect and reilirect ranged III racks rna de against anyone wi thin :2 meters of his posjtion. All rules assaria Led with drflerl (defense) and dctlc~l (attae~) apply: the only diffetenGe i~ 11m nnw the Jedi can extend this abilitY 10 help those nearby.

Increase Lights,abe.r Damage

As E Jedi consular gains levels, the amount of {I< he can deal with his liqhtsaber Increases.

Each time the Jed! ga,il15 increase lightsaber damage.

Ihe W~~pol'l'S dalTlsge increases by + I dB. So, a 16th lew! his lightsaher Meals 3ci8, al I 2 III level it deals 4tiB, antl at lBtl1levri it deals 5tiB points of dmn<lQl'.

JE!di Knight

At 7th level. the Jedi consular gradualts from Padawan learner to .Jedi Knight and qets a bonus kllight feat. 111is bonus knight feat must be drawn from the FolloWi"ng list. and !l't~ Jedi eonsular must meet allY prerequisites,

BLIJSi of Speed. "Knight Speed, Disslpate EnergY. UghLsaber Oefell5e, Knigl1\ uercnse, l-orce Mas: er\t, rorce Mlntl, Knigh I Mimi, Weapon Focus (lighlsaber).


Beginlling at 8lh level, 'il Jcdi consular may spend 'vitality points lu increase the effect of Heal Self or He~1 Another when he uses these ron::e skills. Por every 2 Virnli1y points he gives up. he I:3n add 1 to the t1l!mber PI" vil~lity poin(s he heals. POT every J vitality points he spelld:;" he can ildd I to the number or wound polnts or ability points he heals,

Skill Emphasis

At 9th, 14th, and 19th level. the Jedi consular gains a Skill Emphasis bonus r~at. Each rime the Jedi consular gains this bonus feat. it must be applied to 9 differen! skill that the Jcdlconsular already has r<mk$ in, jl1~llJtling Porce skiTls.


This i5 a 1l10difled version of deflect (defense) that allows the Jedi to deflect a ranged attack without the use or a light5lJber. The Jedi must haw some form of protecrtve Sjear (such as armored gauntlets) or an item that rail withstand the range.d attack, 'The doage bonus provided by deflect (derense) is l,Jsed when a Jecj blocks a J1!nged attack WI t!lpul a Ilgl1l.Sal:ier. Block doesn't allow a Jedi tp redirect the atrack OT to ex tend the de Frnse beyond I he Jed i's pos.llion, and all other niles !:ollceming d",nec! !clefei1se) app1y.


A lst-level Jcdi consular starts play wi1 h 1 d4 x 250 credits.

- 058

[J I » (J]

[.IJ rn Ul

Jedi Guardian

Furcc~user> trained ill the Jedl trad1\ion, Jed; yuardian .. comulne phYS1C~11 If:linlng wilh ma~le1)l of thl! Force, Jedi f1l13rli'ial'ls concentrate on battle prowess. defense. llqhtsaber (l::Ii 11 i ng. and p h\l!liC;J 1 actfvt 1 irs. I r Judi co nsula rs arc IllI'"

ambassadors of the Jedi 'Order. guardian~ are the defenders, IlmlCClil19 the Republic



from all danqers. Fl,'w arc stmn~1 cnouqh in the l'orrc and have the devotion to walk the Jedi's path. but those rew a awarded with 3 powerful ally. Ihey walk in a largn world th~ n l hose 'A ho nei t ber reeJ nor Im'lI the Force,


All Jed; guanJia 11~ jeumey into the gal3'XY a l lar~w to

I U nher t heir ow n k no\\ ledge and 10 help those in nccrl.

I hey take their rl'~ronsibi1ity serilJu~ly. considering evrn mundane missions 10 be personal tests. Most Jeui yuardians follow I he light side, but SO!l1~ become dark)id!.'. ~ a nd usc I he l-oree for evil or ~e1fl~h intent. lhnse imbued \\ itll the Ugl1l slde refrain lrom u,inu till' I urre ~ l'"er~ task. prderring [0 fmd other ~olu\ion~. and '03,~ th( t-erce for when it ls truly needed, lhose who succumu \tl 1 he dark side U~~ l'very >Idvan!iI{]1' ill their dlspo~lI. wl~ltl· ing the Force ro solve problems as a sotdler would use a blaster \0 destroy a ~lillgH:v.

Characte ristics

The Jrlli guardillTl'~ wenglh ~aws I rom Lilt' Foret .. 9rtm!· In\] hrl special powers, fills characic often masters the ablhl;'i 10 feel tlre IIvil19 f.orce 111 the world within her. as t'fpifled by the Control feat. Consthutlon and Stnmyth are the most important abilities for the JCtHgU3 rdlan, fnllowed by \ 11lelligence.


A ltd! quardlau I}piC'tllly starts out as a Padawan !l'a!l1cl attached to a Jettl Ma~tcr. {Prior to tst level, I he character Ir~jl\l.'d 3S a sturlenl with the Jt'dl council. She bl'gln~ her hero lc ca reer a I 15t level when slw is selected as a P'ldJ wan lcarner.] TI1C Jedl quardtan has a qenuine desire 10 use Lh~ l-orec to help rhe people of tl'll' Y;II~xy. !\ 911DHli:w has a deep connccuon to her mentor and the Jedi Order but ortl'n operates with only t!lllgellti~l ton tact ..... lIh ehhei master Or order,

Examples of .Jedi Buardi.ans ln Star Wars

I ukt> Skywalker lafter tT1lining under Obi-Wan Krt10bl .11111 Yolinl. Obi-Wall kenobl (in Fpl~odl' I: TIle Ph(JIIWIII

and in Episode II: Atmrk vj r/le Clom:sL Anakin Skywallm fir1 Episode II: 1\ Iwell oJ lilt' C/I)III'S).

Game Rule Information

Jed! y uardlans have tile foil 0 wing ga me ~1;Jlistirs.


A Je(ll guardian shouk] be gifted in all "bilitil5. but Constitution and Strength art> most important. Dexterity h 0150 useful. Wisdom I'md Inlelligl;'t]("l' 11 re I he backbone 11 r many impertan] Force ~kil1~.


Jed! quardlan~ gam 1 d 10 vitalitv points prr level, The character's Ccustlrutlon rnodilrcr applies.

Clas.s SkiUs

I hr Jedl guardia n's class skills. and I he key ab~ i ty for each, Arc- ~S roll ows (see Chap rer Four: Skills for skilld eseri ptiens].

Balance (D~xj, eli mb [Strl, (ampul er Use (1m). Cra fl ~ 111111, lntimldate lena). Jump IStd, Knuwh:dge· UnO, Pilot (U~~), Profession' (Wis), Tumble (De:x).

'1IIi! Vrilll1dual/y e,,<:aml'as>e5 <I "~mber of unre/<I,ed ok,r/F,. f_ach time. this skill " a ,pEdff~ caregpry muSl "I$Q be CM<lS<ell. BiQmpl~s ,,,dude Croft . rdrqJd», /;nQwledg. [Jed, Ipm). and l'rafes:;lPn (drold prQ{Jr:l1mmer),

Skill Paints at lst Level: (4 + 1111 modifil'T) x 4. Skllll"aints at Each Additional Level: 4 + lnt rnodlfter,

Class Features

All of the followi ng arc fea lures of !Ile Jed i guardia n class.

Stal"ting Feats

kdi gu~rdians beghi play with the r~lIowing feats:

ErotiC Weapon Proficiency mgntsaber) force - Sens i live"

I/veapufl Group Profictcney (blaster pistols) \II~apun Group Proficiency (simple weapons)

'""s leo! ha~ a~5rxJated force 'kl/ls.. T1Ie" as<;<1CJated Ii"",,, ~k,lIs ore dass .kills ilJlllrlS dlal~der doss due tG the possessidn or Ihis fMI.


A J~di SIB rts play with al ig h [sa ber p ravided by her 11I.ller. tater, the Jedl can build her own lightS~bN.

Force Training

lilt' Jedi guardi;:rn gains a bonus FOTee rea t <11 1 st. 3rd, 3m1 ~i1lltl'd. Thl~ bonus Perce feat is selected from the FollowIng 1M:

AIl£T. (unl rcl, Sense.

Once one of' these For!;r;' feats is selected, its assoclated Foret' skills become class skills for the character.

Deflect (Defense)

A ledi learns to deflecl blaster bolts and other projectiles wllh her 11g11 tsaber; thereby providing a dodge bonus to Ddr lise H ga i nst 5U eha ttacks, You must be r<lrrying an at1iv~lf'd lig 11 tsa bel t 0, use l11 Is specl ala b i If!'y.

Den~l'"ting an attack 1$ a rea cliOn tha L costs the Jcdi a mow action in her next fOU nt!. 111e Jed I must indica te iha t lhc IS lI5mg deflect (dd'ense) when an opponent declares an attack ~g8inst her but before any all ad: rolls are made, WllclJ used in this fashion, the Jedl gains the dodg~ bonus Bgain~t all ranged attacks directed at her in the round.

FQr example, if Sia-Lan WelZ USe!> her activated lIyhtsaber to deflect any numbe of blaster a ttacks In round IWO of ct'Hl1ba t, i 1'1 ro un d lh ree Sia - loses a mo~e action to account lor the effon expeT1ded to deilect the attacks in round two.

Each time the Jedi gaitlS deflect [derensej. it provides

,I t I dodg~ bonus to Defense when she uses her liqht<,aber to b i nck ra nged attacks, 50, .1 lst level rhe dodge bonus to Orf~nse ls + 1. at 91h level II IIIcrfases to +1, at 13 th level it (0 +3, and at 17111 level

it mcreases to +4.

Deflect rdefensel can be used in co r1j L1 nctlon with total defense for even greaTer pml eel Ion, jJfoviding the dodge bonus fOT deflecting the attack and the +4 dodge bonus granll(d by usjn~ total defense, In this case, deflect [defense) isn't a reaction; it's an attack action useo i1'1 a ro,L111d when the Jed' expects loecmc under heavy firf:'. See page 1,4 For more lnformatlon on total defense.

Bnnus Feats

At 2nd, Bth, 1.21h, and t8th level, the Jedi guardian gains. a bonus fest. nl13 feat must be selected from the following li:;[. and the Jed! gu~.rt:iian IlHISl meet any J1rerequi'iilcs.

Arrabaiit, Athletic, At tuned, Lo.mbal Refle'llc5, Mettif', Power Attack. Quiekn~5S. Toughness, We<lj1oll Flnesse,

Deflect (Attack)

A Jedi learns to deflect blaster bolts with her l.ig!HSaber, ~edil1'cting The aitack toward a tinget within o~e ranqc increment of the Jedi's position. [T11C type of blaster determines the range lncrement.) You must be carrying an activated liglHsaber \0, USe' this special abllizy.

Dellecllrlg and rQ,d;recLing an a llack is a reaction U1l'H costs the Jedl a move action iM her next round, The Jedi I11USl indicate ~h~H she is USing deflect (a rrack] when all opponent declaresan attack againsl her bu L before any attack roll. ~I re made. Deflect (defense) and deflect [attack) can be used together in the same round [though t he Jed i can d eel de no t to use I he defense if she wan ts a better chance at redirecHng the ilu,'orning a uack},

-fhe J~dl can de-lied and redirect a number 0 F aHacl<~ equal to one-hal r her Jecli level, rounded up. TIle redireeled !It tack must ll1i~;; the Jrdi by 5 OT lesstany a uaek t hat hits the Jedl or rnlsses by 6 or more points can't be red irected.

IF the Jcdi can redirect the attack, the .lerli trnmedl-

a Lely rolls 011 a tta ck us; ng her Ii gil tsaber atta ck be n us and a pplyin;J a -4 penalty as ,de-scril:!ed below. I F this roll is high en (lug I, to h! l the- Larget. the red irected attack

[- J e DI MAS T ·e R Y D lJ A

n r l> (.I]

[fJ rn (.I]

fl· .~

deals damage to tile target {the type of blaster deterllli nes the da Illage dealt by a redirected a ttackl,

Each lime the Jedi gains deflect (auack), the penalty

associated wUh the redire led attack is I ened by 1.

So, at JTd level 111e penally r!; -4, at 11111 level -3. at 161h l~wl-2. and at 191h level i- t.


The Jedi guardian is available as a character class in all eras. bul anyone playing in the Rebellion time frame must adhere to certain restri ctions. D uri n g Ih e ti me 0 f the Rise 0 f the Em pi re, a II ve r5i ons of the Jedi exist and the Jedi council remains active, so guardian characters are abundant-at least for Jedi, In The New Jedi Order period, Luke Skywalker's Jedi academy has once again opened the door to characters who want to start as tst-level Jedi guardians.

In the Rebellion era, higher-level characters from an earlier era may still be around (such as Ben Kenobi), but no hero may begin playas a Jedi guardian during this time of turmoil. A hero who wishes to become a Jedi guardian must begin as a member of some other class. AI any time after attaining his 2nd character level. the hero may (if he has the Force-Sensitive feat) choose to gain a level of Jedi guardian.

For example, a [ringer selects Force-Sensitive as his I 51· level feal. Upon reaching 3rd level, he decides to become a 2nd-level fringer/15t-level Jedi guardian. ::::

Increase lightsaber Damage

As a Jedi guardian gains levels, the amount of damage she can deal with her liqhtsabcr increases.

Each time the Jedi gain~ increase lighlSaber damage. the weapon's cia mage i ncreases by + I dB. So, at 5ti1 level her ligh tsaber deals 308, <II 10[11 I C\! I:.' I it deals 4d8, ill 15th level It deal 5dij, and at .20th level it deals seu points r damage.

Deflect <Extend DefensB and Attack)

At 6th level, a Jedi guardian learns to extend her defensive and cffensive deflectlcn skills to others wi I hln -2 meters of the Jedl's po ltlcn. YOIJ must be 'srrying an

a tivaLI'Qlighl aber to USI' this special ability.

Now \h~ Jed! can provide a dodge bonus to anyone within 2 meters or his position. and he can deflect and redirect ranged a uacks made l'lgflinst 3nyorre within 2 meters of her po ttlon. All rules associa Led wil h deflect [defensel and den eel [attack) apply; the only difference is t hat now the Jed! call ex lend this ability to help those n~aTby.


This is a m()dl6ed version of defied ldefense) that allo» the Jed; to deflect a ranged attack without the u I.' or s liqhtsaber, The Jedl must haw some !'orm or nrote live gear (SUl'h a~ armored gllUnrlelS) or an itcrp thai can withstand the ranged attack. The dodge bonus provided by dellect [defertse) is used when a Jedi blocks a ranged attack w11i1PUl a lightsaber_ Block doesn't allow a Jedl 10 redirect the attack or 10 extend the defense beyond the Jedi's position, and a 11 other rules cnncerning deflect (defense] apply.

JeLli Knignt

Al 7111 I evel , the Jedi guardian graduales ITot'11 PaOaW31'1 learner Lo Jedi Kl1ighl and 9 t a bonus knighl real. Ihls bonus li.nigh! feat must be drawn I'rom the following list, and the Jcdi gu~rdian must meet any prerequisites,

'Bur~t of Speed, Knight 5pt:ed. Dissipate Energy, Lightsaber Defense, Knighl Defense. Farce Mastery, Force Mind. Knight Mind, \!Ve<lpon FoclJS [liqhtsaber],


A lst-level Jedi guarilian starts play with 1 d4 x 250 rediu

Table 3-9: Tha Jedi Guar-dian

Base Attack Fort Ref Will Defense Reputation
~evel Bo.,us Save Save Save Speciaf Bonu.s Bonus
1st +1 +2 +2 +1 Force training, deflect (defense + 1) +3 +1
2nd +2 +3 3 +2 Bonus feat +3 +1
3rd +3 +3 +3 +2 Force training, deflect (attack -4) +4 +1
4th +<1 +4 +-4 +2 Force training +4 +1
5th +5 +4 +4 +3 Increase Iightsaber damage (3d8) +5 +2
6th +6/+1 +5 +5 +3 Deflect (extend defense and attack) +5 +2
7th +7/+2 +5 +5 +4 Jedi Knight +6 +2
81:h +8/+3 +6 +6 +4 Bonus feat 6 +2
9th +9/+4 +6 +6 +4 Deflect (defense +2). block +7 +3
10th +10/+5 +7 +7 +5 Increase llghtssbsr damage (4d8) +7 +3
11th +11/+£/+1 +7 +7 +5 Deflect (attack -3) +8 +3
12th +12/+7/+2 +8 +8 +6 Bonus feat +8 +3
13th +13/+8/+3 +8 +8 +6 Deflect (defense +3) +9 +4
14th +14/+9/+4 +.9 +9 +6 +9 +4
15th +15/+10/+5 +9 +9 +7 lncrease lightsaber damage (5d8) +10 +4
16th + 16/+ 11/+6/+ 1 +10 +10 +1 Deflect (attack -2) +10 +4
17th +17/+12/+7/+2 +10 +10 +8 Deflect (defense +4) +11 +5
18th +18/+13/+8/+3 11 +11 +8 Bonus feat +11 +5
19th +19/+14/+9/+4 11 +11 +8 Deflect (attack - 1) +12 +5
20th +20/+ 15/+ 10/+5 +12 +12 +9 Increase [ightsaber damage (6d8) +12 +5 DORN TAVERB, HUMAN ,J'EP' l3'UAI'ID'AN

Multiclass Characters

A character may a dd new dasse. s a~ he or she f1rogres~c5 ill levels, The class abiliLlts From a character's different classes combine tu ¢e~rmine the rnultlclass character's total abililies. Mull iclassii'lg lmpreves a character's versatility at lhe expense 0 r fecus;

Class and Level Features

As a genera I rule, t he a b ill I ks 0 r a rnul Ucla';'> character are the' sum of the abilitie~ of each of the character's classes,


"Cha racier level" i> a !;;ha rael"'l 's torn I number of levels. It derives from overall XP earned slid is used to detennlne when Fears and ability score boosts lfI'E' gahied. as pet Table J- 1: Experience- and t.evel-Dependem Bene Ill's. "Class I evel" is the character's level 111 a particular class. as per the individual class tables. For the siuqle-class hero, character level and ChlSS level are the same.

VitaUty Points

The hero gains vi La 1f(y 110il113 from each class as earh class level lnrreases, with [he resulting vitality POi111S added tllgether. For example. Al'llni is a 4th-level noble/2nd-level soldier, Her tala I 11 U Il1bN 0 f vi tality poi nts we U lei be 1 dE. + 1 dB + I d6 + I d6 "I- I di~ + I d 10. Her Constitution modlfier applies to each Yitality point die roll.

BaSE! Attack Bonus

Add I he base ~ ttaek be nuses I'or ea ch class to gt'l (he hero 's base a uaek bonus. If Lhe resulting va I ue is +5 or 11 igher, the hero gets mljltiple auacks. Per ins\ance, .a Glh-kv~1 IIllbk/2nd-l~vel soldier has a base a track bon LIS or +G (+4 for noble and +2 for soldier]. A base attack bonus of ... 6 allows a second "tlatk with a bonus of + 1. even though neither the +4 rmTT1 the noble l10r the +2 from the soldier nonnally allows an addi'iQl}al a ucck,

Base Attatk Bonus +6















Additional Atta.cks at +1










+11/+6/+1 +12/+7/+2 +13/+B/+3 +14/+9/+4 +15/+10/+5

DG3 n r l> [fJ [fJ m [f)

Not~ tl1!H to use rrrultlple auacks in Li1e same round, y(:lu must use a full attack, which is a full-round action.

Saving Th'rllws

Add the base save bQnuses rnr cad' class togetlle-r. A zth-level noble/4,lh-levcl soldier gets +S on Reflex 5<lWng throw, (+4 fOr noble and + I ror soldier), +6011 Fortitude saving throws 1+2 and +4), a!1cl ·~5, on Will saving throws [+5 and + 1).

Defense Bonus

Add the bonuses to Defense foreaeh class togNher, then apply a -2 mulnclass penally for each class ar!~ the first A 4tlHevel nob'le! Isl-lewl soldier has" bonus lo Defense of +3 plus +1 plu':! -1 [the mulliclaes penalty], fur a total or +4. I r the S~ me hero then pitkecl up ~ level 01 SCOUl, she would add +2 (for the SCOUl level) plus -2 [For I he second multtclass penalty): her bOl1US to Defense would stay at +4, but she would gain other benefits for taking 11 level of scou t.

Re,putati'Dn Bonus

A mulliclass Hero's Rcpu lalion bonus is equal to the total of the bonuses provided by all ofthe classes he has levels in. So, a 4llHI;'vei noble/41h-level scam has 1'1 +2 Reputation b011US for being a noble and a + I Reputation bonus for being a scout. The hero's total Reputation bonus is +3.


!he rnulliclass hen:) uses his character lev!;'l to determine the !l1alli mum ranks he C811 11 ave ina skill. 1 r a skill is a class skill

Cliass Features

The character gets all class features pf all classes for 1l1e I eve I ~ Ii e possesses,

for any of the mulrielass hero's classes, then use the cl19rBt· let Ieve I 10 de termine a skill's maximum 11 umber of 'ranks. [Remember that ,he maximum rank for a class skill is 3 + the character level.]

The exception to lh is is 1<0 rre sktl Is. In 1 he case of Force skills, use the hew's Forte-user level to determine a Force skill's maximum number of ranks,

When a lllullic1~S5 h~rl)gain~ a level il1 a class. he -;penes I hal level's skill points 3$ a member of that class. Only thai class's class ~ki1l~ Illay be purchased as class skills. All other skilts, including .skills for a nether class the hero has levels i~, are con~iclered cress-class sktlls when purchased at this IeVI'I For a cross-class skill. the maximum rank is half the maximum for a class skill.


For rnul ti el ass characters, re~ts are received every I hree char acter levels, n!g8rrTless 0 F individual class level {see Table 3-1: Expertence and Level-Dependent "6cneI11sJ.

AbilU:y Increases

For multlclass characters, abilities are lnereascd \:!vtry fOUl character levels, rega.r{I1~ of individuill elas s level [sec Table ]-1: Experience and Level-Dependent Benefttsl.

Adding a Seco.nd Class

\\'Imn d slnqle-class character gains a level, he or she may C!IQOSl' to i ncrease the level or his or her curren t class or

pick lip a !leW class ell Is! level, 11110' GM may restrict the rhoices available according I.Q how he or she handles

d~,ses, skills, eeperience, an cl I raining, Por I nSLa11l'C. the dnraeter r1'lay need Lo I'md a teacher to instruct him in the ~",)'i or the new class. Additionally. the OM may require the ~Iayer to derl a re wha t class h is or her hero is "workrng on" belore he or she rna kCB the juin p La the nextlevel, 50 the dlameler has Lime to practice new skills, In this WJy. gaininq the new class is the result of previous effort rather than

sudden development. (l1me are also restrictions on 11"Irlil1fj a Jedi class as all addi!i(;l"nal class: see below.)

The character tr~ll1s a 11 I he Ist-IC\I(!I base attack bOl1 uses, base save bonuses, class skills. and other class features or [h~ new ctass, as well as lIila Ii l:y poirus of 1 he appropriate die type. In addition, the character gets the new class's ~er·le~eI ski II pain ls,

Picking up a new class ls not exactly the same as starling Hh~racler in that class. Same of I he benefits for a 1 at-level hrr(l represent the adva-ntagE' or t10ining while anri l're~ll, with 10 ts 0 r Lime to practice, When picking 1,1 pa new tIm, a hero does not receive the following starling bonuses ~Ivcn to characters that begin ihelr careers in thai class,

G MaximLim vitality points from the first die @ Q1,1acln;pJe the per-level skill points

G Stmting equipment

& SIMinyerediLs

To add a Forcl.'-using class (Force adept, Jedi consular, or Jrdi guardian), a character must purchase the ForceScn,itive feat, rather than acquiring it for lree as a startinq ffilt [only new 1 sf-level POl"re~using characters gain the force-Sensitive: Fea l asa free starting feat], A character with one JetJi class may not add another Jedl class in a multidass proeess, IThll!i, q c]1a!'acter who has a I least one level of Jedi 91;1ardian can never add a level of Jt'cti consular.] A i'ol"t:e adept "an at! d levels 0 r on e or the other Je·d i class, if 11ll" character desires. 2Il1d a Jedl who abandons the order [Quid progress 3S a Force adept,

Advancing' a Level

Each Lime a multlclass character achieve'S a new level, he ritner increases one of 11 is CD rrcn I classJevels by one or llil'k5 up a new class a I 151 level,

When s 111lJ1Lidass character increases one of hiS dMses by line level, he gelS all Lilt' standard benefits tha L eharaeters

q~l for achi~ing lha t level i n Lhal class: mort" vi La Ii tY points, po~sible boo uses 011 attack rolls, Defense. and saving throws dep~ndil1g all the class and the new level], possible new

dos, features (as defmed by the clas'SJ. and new .skill points.

Skill pl')ints are spent accQrtling to the class that the mulliclass character jus] advancred in (see Table 4- I: Skill Pomts per Leven, Skills p'urc11ao;ed from Table 4-2: SJdIl5 and T,hle 4-3: Force Skills are j')urchaSE'd at the t(l~t appropriate [or that class,

How Multiclassing Works:

Arani,a 4th-level noble, decides she wants to expand her repertoire by learning some soldiering, Whell Arani achieves 10-,OQO >[p, she becomes a 51 h-levelchara c ter,

1 nstead of becorni hg a 5 th-level noble. however. she becomes a 4th-level l1oble/l 51-level soldier. [l10w exacLly she pickt"d 1,11~ 11li~ new area Dr rotU~ i~n'l critical 10 the campaign, thOugh the pj~yer and Gamemaster art> encouraged to ere-ale an in-g~.IT1C reason and OpPOrlllliil)! ror the hero to do so ,J

!\row, instead or gaining the bcncirts of a new level of noble, she gains the benefits of becoming 9 Ist-Ievel soldier, She gai11s a Isl-level soldiet's VItality points

(lei 10 plus her Constlluticn l11otl!fl!~r), a lsi-level soldier'e + I ba se ~ tta ck eo n us, a 15\-1 cvel sol diet's + 2 Fe rt i tude save 11 011 us, a nd a sold ier's skill poin ts (4 + her lntelllqence mcdlfrcr]. When purchasing skills for Lhis

new level, Aram uses the soldier's class s.kills; i r she W3111·s loa dd I"~ Ilks [0 (J nob I e skill, it ls considered a cross-class skill for tlns level,

The benejils de-scribed a bcve are added to the scores Aranl alr~ady had as a noble. Her Def"ell~e gels a + I bonus (+3 For a lsi-level soldier. reduced to +1 by the mulrlclass penalty; see Defense Bonus, belqw] .. Her Renex 5,aVC bonus, Wil have bonus, ami Rep u La I ion bo IWS do not increase because these numbers are i'O For a tst-level so lei icr. Sh e gets a II of lh e sol d ids starting fea ts, She' doesn't gail1 any of the bcnef ts <I 5lh-level noble gains. S}1c could spend some of her new skill polrns to improve her noble )kills, hu: since they would be trea led as cror,.class skills For this purpose, lI1CSI!' skfll pojh!S would each b-uy only half a rank.

On achieving 15,000 XP. she becomes a sth-leve: hero, She d ecides sh e'd Ii ke to cent' nul' a 10 n 9 111(!' so ldler patb, sash e i ncreases her soldier level instead or her noble level. Agai~ she gains the soldier's benefus ror iltl~inill~ 0 new level rather than the noble's, AI this point. Arani is a 6th-leve-l hero: a 41h-level noble/2.nd-le:vcl soldier, Her combat skill is a Ii ttle better than a 4th-level noble's would be" because she has learned something about I1ghliTlg during her time as a soldier. Her base attack bonus is +5 (+J From her noble class 311d +2 rrom her soldier class). Her Fortitude save is +4 l+ I from noble and +J from soldier). better [han a 5th-level noble's bu t not as good as a 6Lh-level soldier's. Her Reflex save is '+"2 (all from her noble class), and her Will save i.;; +4 (again, all from her noble class), tier bemus to OeFm~e i~ +5

(+3 From her noble levels ~ncl ·1-2 lrom h'er soldier levels, a Iter a pplyi ng 1 he mull lei <ISS pen a llyj.

At each new level, Anmi decidl;5 whether to mcrease her noble level or her soldler level. or tOl1TSe, jf she wants to have. even 1I10r(' d lversc a b ilities.she could acq ul re a third class, such as scoundrel. In gencRli, a cha racter ea n !1l111ticlass as many times as there are classes available, except that no chcrscrer may possess level, in troih Jedi consular and Jedi g uardla n; 0 nee a level in 0 ne Jl;'di class ~ take 11, the other cannot be added,

(]G5 n r » OJ OJ rn (f]


In this chapter. I'll;' did a let of .... nrk to clarify each skill and i15 uses in play. [vel) skill descrlptlon \\011:> It'worked fTum the Htound up to improve comnrebensicn ami to adlust rules I'<hclt.' app roprta te. We 've adrh d ;1 few new skills to the ~ame, such ~s Balance ,alld Illusion. We've also simplified lht: idea of synergy bonuses, nlOkil1!1 them more basr:<rl on situations than selling them lip as automatic addtuons 10 ~klll 1Il0dlfl~f!o. Finally, we leOlgflllizcr! I he chapter so that all the skills are

presented ln alphabetical order. TIle Clau

chapter lsn't divided mle skills anti Skill? sJdUs

Foret' skills a,u'ymore, though the Force skill, are still called out "'1 yOu can spol them ea~ily IhrollHhuut the text.

Yes No Yes

Astrogale Bluff

Computer Use Pilot


How DD Skills WDrk?

Thls extended t'\Jmplr shows how .I<.ilb wor~. lletailed rules Follow the t:'iaml)k.

Skins at 1st Level

Rorworr, ~ Wool,dl'l' scout, gets" skill pomls per I "\I{' I. Since his In L~ 1,ligl'llcr score is Il. he gets + I poi Ilt per level, for a total of I ~k:iII pain b. As a I sH!'v~1 hero, ~lJrworr gelS four Ii rnes I h~ numher, Of 2 B ~kiU poinl\. Al 1,1 level, his maximum tlInl in OJ .. kill h hb It'vellwnkh is I) t J. for a maximum rank uf 4. With 28 points, he eat st'1~('1 seven class ~kms and inHea,~ each 10 its maximum df 4 ranks,

Rorwon chooses the skills ASlrog~ll', Climb, Computer Us!', r Itdc, Pilot, Repan, and Search (all rlTIS~ skills), at 4 rs n ks each, Til t' s~ lllsscc I i on 011 his charar ll'1 sllli'lil looks like this:

elas.s Key Ability MJsc
Skim Sldlls Abnity Mod + Ranks + Mod
Yes Astcogate lnt +1 + 4 + +0
Yes Chmb Sir +3 T 4 + +2
Yes Computer Use lnt +1 + 11- ". +0
Yes Hide Dex +1 + 4 11- +0
Yes pilot Dex +1 + 4 + +0
Yes Repair lnt +1 + 4 + +0
YJ;'S Search fnt +1 + 4 + +0 Climb is a 51 renqth- based skill, so "" hen Rorworr rna kes a Climb check, he add~ hls 4 ranks and his 511f1191h modifier (+3) together wlrh hrs 1-2 species bOI']U5. for a ~kill modifier or +9. Bul h Hirie and Pilot are Dexterity bnscd skllls, so when he makes <l Hide or Pilot check, he adds 4 I'~Jr his rank and t-l lor hls Drx.lerity bonus. for a ~kill modlfier or +5. The other skills are all based on lnlelligrn('l'. so he- gets his 4 rlI'I1ks ami i1i~ + I tnLr::1Iigence bonus, for ~kill modifier; of +5.

Skills at 2nd Level

When Rorworr reaches 2nd level, he yC'h another 7 skill poi 11 rs, as he wlH for each level aft nih B t [\111 less his Intelligence score 9 OC5 0 p by enouq ill cmcrease his

In lell igcnI:L' ho I1tl~). He decldes to IIW j ~k ill poll1l:; to increase 1* A~lrmJiltl', Pilot. and Computer Use skills by 1 rank each, ral~my his ranks to 5, and hh ,I.ill modifiers up

10 ,,·6 for these' three skills. He can't have more than ') Tanh in a class skill at znd level, .. 0 he e:m', raise these ~kllh an) h1911er. He uses lne remaining 4 skill pafJ1ls 10 bu) 2. ranksof Bluff. (BlutT i5 a cross-class sklll ror ~(UUIS. so lli~ 4 skill petnts Dnly blly 2. ranks.) Bluff is a Charisma sklll, bUi since our scout has no Charisma modi!irr, ihc skrl modi her is +2.

These skills on his character sheet 110W look like this:

Key AbUity Mise SkUl
Ability Mod of- R.lnks + Mod - Modtflet'
Int *1 + 5 + +0 +6
Cna +,0 + 2 + +0 +2
Int +1 + 5 + +0 +6
Dex +1 + 5 + +0 +6 Skill Check

Wl1rn RorWOfT makes II skill cheek at 2nd level, his jll<l)(I mils 1 dlO and adds his skill modifier lrank + abilily n10dilW

any mlscella neons modifier). The hrgner the. r{':.u!t, the hl'll er ROI worr dot's. On avera ~(', ~orworr wi 11 mil a I U or I Oil 1 ci20, ~o he will lI~ually 91:1 a rherk resu!l of )6 01 17 with ilis Pilot checks, us thb 1!,Halclred, result lhat n18U~K nOI the original roll. A result 01 17 by all average splicer with no plusses or minuses who rolls i! naturally is me san ;_r~ a result oj I 7 by Rorworr ln 011 I d20 .... 1th +6 for hl~ skill rank and lntelligence modilier).

Opposed Check

!{ilrwQTr meets a bounty hun tt'l III OM character] in n cantlnaand tries to bluff hls way out ar trouble. ("No, 1'111

net the Wook.iee YOU're looking Ihr."j ROT'\'OT(~ player rolls 1 d2U+l for hI> Blu ff check and get5 a resu It 0 f I (j The OM secretly makes a Sense Molivt" check for the bOUnl) hunter {,inee Blur h oPllo!;!'d bj Srn~1.' M()III,Ic:-j, ~mJ the result IS 14. 'lInn' Rorworr's HI uff result is hiUhrr than the bounty hunLer\ Sense Motive result, the aM tclls Rorworr's [llflVI.'I that the bounty hunter looked SU~rJI'

cious for a moment, then turned and .... alkt,d out of the cantina,






+5 +5 +5

+5 +5

Check Against a OifflculitV Class (DC)

l.;l(l'r, ROI'Worr decides to climb to the lop of the caplln~I IIJ watch tOI S\g n& 0 r lile be u r1IY h u 11 t er a nd any min iOIiS he may h~\IC in the area. The OM checks the descriptIon lor \Ir Climb sklll and determines that rhillbing 10 the roof 01 till Ihrl'C'-ston,: building has 11 DC 01 7.0. ROTl'<orr's plajcr rolls an B on 1 d 10 and adds Rom orr's t 9 Climb skill modifier r a rnlill of 11. This result h not high l"Hough for Rom orr 1 clim!:J [he u\lfldlng, bul lt's 110t !ou low that the scout rf\k~ F"II. 11n,' GM tells the player Iha,t I~orworr needs to hnd a tlilT"rl;'lll huilding Lb cliTnh, or lzy .. tIIlTerrl1t approach 1(1 walth ror his enemles.

llntralned Checks

1111.urcessFui <1.1 climbing to the roof of tile cantina. Rorworr lnstead tries to ask the locals abou t the bounty hunter and arlyo~e seen In his company. Rorworr doesn't have the

G,lIlwr lnfcrmetton skill (he has 0 ran1:.s in Gather Information), and he doesn't have a Charisma l1']odifier. The OM secretly sets the DC at 15, and ROTwQrr'S player rolls all IB Ol1lci:zo. Mer asking around for a while, R0TW(lrt determint> that the bounty hunter and a gang of Trandoshan Inug5 have been seen earning and goin~ From the Royal

Hun Hotel a few blocks east of the cantina.

Acquiring Skill Ranks

Ranks indicate how much lraitling or experience your charact~ has with a given skill. "Each of your skills has a rank, IIQm 0 (for a skill in which your character has no training 8 t alljlo 23 (for a 20LI1-1evc"l1;h<llI1cter who has illtte<l~l!d a

\kIll to its maximum rank). Wlu::n making a skill check, yOIJ add yow skill ranks La the roll as part of the skill modifier,

~ the more tanks you have, the higher your skill check

r~\ull will be.

Acquiring SkUlsat 1st Level

USf the follOwing steps when pi~king skills For your l slIml ebaracier:

, Drlcrmint the number of skill -points yQU gel. 1111.'

number I'll' skill points dep~d5 on yOUT class and

Illrc]ligence moclifH::r, as shown an Table 4-1:: Skill PoirllS

'I( I Level, ror example. Deel Surool is a I st-l evel SCQ'U ndrel \li!h 6TI Intelligence score of 14 (+2 Intelligence bonus). At I he start of play, he has 40 SKill pain ts (6 + 2 = 1 Q, 10 x i = 40).

G A character gets at feast 4 sklll points (1 X 4 = 4) even if he has an Intl!lIigence pemlllY.

G A I lnman gel3: 4 extra skill poi n tS as a tsi-l ('\11.'1 hero. A Human hero with the same class and InteHig,t'Tlc~ mcrltticr 8~ Deel Sumol would have 44 skill potnts at

I he start of play.

1. Spend the skill poi n ts, E~ch s1<illl poi n L you spend 011 a dass skfll gets you I rartk in that sktll, Class skl11s are Ute s~ms Fou nd all yOUT th a ra cter's class skill list.

Each ~k!ll point you spell d o,n a cress-eta 55 sknJ geLS

your character a hal fran k in that skill. Cn,:»-cJ,lS'S skllls are ;klll, not found on your character's class skill list. (Hal f nnks do not improve your skill modifier; but two half

ran~ mnke 1 rank)

Your pwxi In um ra 11 k i t1 a class skill at 1 st I Eve] is 4. 1 n a ness-class skill, it', 2.

Foree skills assocla ted with lilt primary Force fea ts (Aller, Con1rol, and Sense] call only be seleC\ed by a character with D Forcl'-ll'lin 9 class.

~ Table 4-4: Skills lists all th" skills and indicajes which are class skills, which arc cross-cl ass Ski lis, and which C<I~ be used untrained.

e Spenrl a 11 your skill points. VO"U ~all'r save them to Ill~ntl I hem la ter,

Ta.b.le4-1: Skill Points per level

1st-Level Higher-Level

Skill Potnts· skill Points ~

(6 + Inl modifier) x 4 6 ;. In! modifier

(6 + Int modifier) )(4 6 + Int modifier

(8 + Int rnndifler) )( 4 8 + Int modifier

(6 + Int modifier) x 4 6 + lnt modifier

(4 + Int modifier) x 4 4 + In! l']'1odifier

(4 + Int modiliel') x 4 4 + In! modifier

(€I + Int modifier) x 4 6 + Int modifier

(6 + Int modifier) x 4 6 + Int modifier

Jedi guardian (4 + Int modifier) x 4 4 + Int modifier


Fringer Noble


Scout Soldier

Tech sp e cia ltst Force adept Jedi consular

•. Humr:m~ tldd '1'410 /hi. total m I.t level.

b HUmafJs add + I I'IJ In/um", "I e.~d! /"",,1 crJier I st.

Skills at Higher Levels

WhC!1 you attain a new experience level. follow these steps to g.ain new skills and improve those you already have:

I. Determine the number of skill points you get. See Table 4-1: Skill Points per Level.

@ A character gets at least 1 skUI polnteven if' he l1as an Intrlligence pen;:Jlty,

e A Human gets 1 exira skill point per level,

2. You (ran improve any class skill tha t you've previomly maxed out by 1 rank or any cross-class skill that you've? previously ITHfXe,d OUl by a h 31 f ra nk,

3. If you h;;ve not maxeq out a skill, you can spe.nd extra skill points on it and Increase- its tank to: Its maxtmuni.

First, find out what your maximum rank \Vllh the skill is.

If it's a class skill, your maximum rank Is your new level plus. 3. If it's. a cross-class skill, your maximum rank is onehalf that number (rio not round up or down],

069 U] 7\ r r [J]

You may spend as many skill points as it takes to max out the skill (provided you have ~hal many skill point'>

10 spend].

4. H you want 10 pick UI) a new skill, yOll can spend UIl La your level plus J skill pOin\5. on it, TI1~e skill points I:HI,Y 1 lank each lf lh~ new skill 15 a clas skill CIT a half mnk each if it's a cross-class skill.

Using Skills

When .ya\! use a s.kill. you make a skill cheek to see how well you do. The higller the result all your skillcheck. the better you do. Based on the circumstances. your result must equal or excced a parttcular nu rnber (i1 DC or the resu It 0 F <lll opposed ,kill cherkl For you to ~e the ~ki11 successfully, The harder the task. the higher the number YOLI need La mil.

Clrcumsl~11ces can a lfeet your' check, 11 you're lree to work withoul dstractions, yot! Gin make a COlle fu I aucrrrpt a nd a.void ~iTTlple mists kes, I r you have I o ts of I iTn!;!, you ca n try over and over again, assuring that you evcntuillly, succeed. If others help ;)1m..!, you may succeed where otherwiSe you would Fail.

Skill Checks

A skilli check takes in [0 ac_:coun l your training (ski 1'1 ra n kJ, n3tural ra lent (abnily mod ifier), and I lick (the die TO iii). It nIB) also take Into account ,your species' ~nack 1'01' certain ~kills (spedes bonus) or what armor you are wea'ring [armor (11m penalty). among other things.

To rna ke a skill check, roll 1 d20 and ad d your skill modi fun for that skill. The skill rncdlfrer incorporates }'01:lr .. ink with that skill, your ability medlfier f0T that skill's key abilIty, and any other rnlscelleneous modifier} you have,

I ncl ud Ing sperle,:; bonuses and a 11)' a rrnor check penal!y, 11 higher the result. the better. Unlike in the combat rules. a narurel 20 is not an automatic success when rnakhlg 8 skill check, and a natural! is not an automatic failure.

Difflc.ulty Cla,ss

Some checksare made against a Difficulty tlas~ (DC). TIle DC b a number set by the GM (using the skill rules as a guideHne) that you mustscore as a resul: on your skill ched to succeed. ror example. ciil'nbing the outer WaH of a mineU warehouse may have a DC of 15. To climb the wall, you must 9't"t a result of 15 or better 011 a Climb check. A Climb check is 11120 plus Climb ranks [if any) plus Strength plus any other medilrers. Table4~2.: Difficulty Class Exa'l11ples shows example Des lor ~~m cheCks.


Tabla 4-2: Diffipulty Class Examples SituatiO!1



(Key AbllIJy) Spot (Wis) ,


Notice something large in plain sight

Who Could Do It·

U1 7'\

r r [/]


A nearsighted Gtmgan fleeing from battle droids

A weak merchant carrying a heavysakbe!


Very easy 0
Easy 5
AV€fllge 10
laugh 15
Challenging 20
Formidable 25
Herol!:: 30
Super heroic 135 illimb a kn:otted rope

Climb {Sir}

H.ear a storrntrooper palmi walking 10 meters away Disarm an .explo,sive:

plot a course throu,gh hyperspace using data more-than a week old

Break iritoa seeure computer system Leap across-a lO'rmlfer chasm Convince the guards that even though you're not wearing a uniform and

don't know the pa~swon;r, you're a(l~ually Senator Farson's personal, assistant

(and yes, you know that the senator

is actually away from Coruscant right now)

Rack a Wookiee through the forests Survival (Wis) A very wise 20th·level. scout

of K.ashyyy,k on a moonless nigh! after who has 'taken the Skill

12 days: 'of rainfall Ernphilsis. (Survival) feat

• ,rIrls. ('plumn ideiuHie-;" r;h"r,,~er who ,wo~id h"Yceabout" ~Q% &!pl1i:e 10 $~<;a:e!Ii. When ihi.!; entry'n<rmes ~" tifQ(il,qt,f b~ c/ass, ita5.sum~s thai Iii}! c/l"tatf;'( h~l ~si.ill to quli.,\ap. (Qlher chQ"';~mlgh! /io;nre <l' fjett~r or WQ, •• e dilin.<'e /(l,$ucr;e;od.)

Listen (Wis)

Demoli(il?l1s (In1;} Ast.rQgate (Int)

A s~art·level soldier A smart 5tl;J·letlelsC0ut

A smart HUh-level scoundrel

Computer Use (Int) Jump (Str)

Bluff (Cha)

A strong 15th-level fringer

A thal'ism(l{ic 20Jh·level noble

Nea'rly impossible


Opposed Checks

Some YKil1 (Checks are opposed checks. They are made

a!JilITisl a randomize,1 number, usually another tMrater's ~kiil check re!;lJll. 'For eX,a,mpie; to .sn!!;ak up on ,3 guard"you nel'd to be:at the.guar,d 's Listen check re~ull with 'your Mdvl;' 511ent)y eh~ek result, You make a Move Silently c:i1e"ck, and the GM makes a Listen 'check for the guard. Whoever.cores the h ig h er result wi n s' the co n test.

Fpf !"xarrilll.e, if I',)tH!1 5vrool (a $::jJundJel) mi's~s a Disable Device check Lo open a med'raTiieallock; he can tty again and Ketl-p tl'yin,~r. lf Ii oWever, an alarm sounds if the Disable Device check is missed by 5 or more. then failin9 has its own penalty,

Similarly, if'Rorworr [a scout) misses a (,'Jimb check, he ean keep trying, bilt If he miss.e~ by 5 or more, he falls [after wl1ieh he can get up and try lIgainifll1e fall waS11't tOQ far or too lethl)l).

Table 4-3: Example Opposed Checks

If.a skill ca rrtes no Rena It for falltiro, ?j,a'u tan take 20 .and assume thal you keep g;ying ul'\lil you evemu<JlI_)I succeed (see 'checks wit.hout RGlls, page n).

Opposing Sklll (Key AbIllW) Listen (Wis)

Serise Motive'(Wis} Spot (Wis)

Pilot (Dexl

Spot (Wis)'

Spot (Wis)'

Forgery (Int)

Skill '(Key Ability) Move Silently (Dele) Bluff (Cha)

Hide (oex)

Pil,0t (Dex}

Disguise (Cha) 51,eight of Hand (Qex) Fs,rg:e ry (! nt)


Sneak up behind SQme.9ne Gon so meO ne

Hide'from someen'€.

Win. a Podrace

Pletend to be someone else Steal a key cylinder Createa'f:aIse map

Untrained Skitl Checks Genera Hy, lf y6u a tten'1)Jt lp lise a skill JlQU dOn't poss,e$S, .you mak~ a skill check as described. Your skill modifier doesn't include ~knl ranks; hecause you

don't have any ranks in the skill You do get other modlfiers, though, such as the ability modifier fOJ the skill's kl1lyability.

Sotne ski'll., can be used only if you ate traineci In' the skill.

If you don't have,Astrogate. foreX'i.iTr1pl(\, reg3rdlessofyour class. abf i ty scores, and (;xperienee level, yeu ju~l 'don't know enpugh abo).ll as~mgation ,<Ml11 to <lUempt to plot a co'UT~e tlll;oug h space. Skills. that can't be used "Jl1ll1ain~d <Ire marked with a "No" in the "Untrafned" eolumn 011 Table 4-4; Skills ~l1dt,able4-5; Force Skills.

FOr example, Rorworr's 4 ranks in Climb make his Climb check resulJsA pelnts higher than they otherwise would be, but even a cbat<fcter with uti [!lnks in [limb tall maKe a <::1)m'0 Chf,'.l::K. Anotl1erci1ilTacter mig ht even h ave 'a penalty

For ties oM opposed checks; the' character with the hig~er key ablli1;Y seore wins, FaT Instance:, in a M9v:,e Sjlently agahlst Ijsten tl1e~k tl\at resul tsin a tie. tbe sneaker's bexteri\Y would be ce.mparea to the Itstener'~ Wlsdom. If those scores are "the same, roll again.

Trying Again

In general, you 'call try a skill·tM'tK again if you fail, anQ o can keep !:lying ind,eftliitely. Many skllls., hbweVEr> have natural CQllst::Ruence Cor failing that rrrust b,e actounted fdT. Some ~ki1l5 ca n 't O~ trie.o 3!'j a In once a <heck has failed for apartiJu lar task, For most skills,

when co character has succeeded at a gJvelT task, additional successes are meaninqless.

for low Strenqtl: or equipment carrlcd, but she can give ila try. Tile 6i1mC character's ranks in A5tro~late, however, let her do ,omethln[l [hal she otherwise couldn't do ~L all, ~m:h as plot II course thrQl.)gh ilypenpace, A ChDr.1th1T with no ranks in the skill can't make an A5lrogate ~h"ck, even 8\ a penalty,

Favorable and Unfavorable Conditions Some situations rna,Y make 8 skill easier or harder to usc, resulting in a bonus or penalty to the skill modifier lor the skill check, or a change 10 tile skill check's DC. It's OTIC': thing rOr Kciko, a Rocliall rTitlgel wil h the Survival skill, to l1Ulll down cn.ougl~ IQod lo ea l wili Ie he's camping for 111('" day on Ille forest moon or Endor, Pomgil'1g fOT flOod wilill:' crllssing 100 kilorneters orTatooine'~ Jurrdland Wasll.'s is an entirely tli rfcl1'rrI matter,

TIl" GM call alter the adds. of success ill four ways to lake into account exceptional cirrumslances:

I. Give the skill user a +2 tlrculll~rance bonus LO represent cenditions that imprpvr perferma nee. such as havi ng the perfect [001 for the job, getting help from another character (see Combining Skill Attempts, ragr 731. or possessl ng unusua Ily a ccu r:l1l! in forma Lion.

2. Give the skill user II ~2 circumstance penalty to represent conditions that hamper performance. such as being rorced 10 use improvised tools or possessing misleading information.

J. Reduce the DC by 2 to represent ercumstanees lhat make the task easter, such as havi'1g a Friendly audience Of performlnq work that doesn't have La be perfect.

4_ Increase the DC by 2 to represent circumstances that make- I til.' task h ardcr, such as h,lVi ng a hostile aud lence or performing work that must be ~~wles s,

(?bntlillons lila 1 a fret 1 your abilllY 10 perfnrm the skill change your skill morllfrer, Cortdi(iolls that mudlfy how well yoU have 10 prrrorm Ihe skill 10 succeed cl1an~e the DC. A bonus on your skill modifter and a reduction ill rhe check's DC have- the same resulL-Illey create a better chance that you will succeed. B u I I II cy rep resen I Iii ffeTelll clrcu rnsta nces, and sometimes that different" is importan L.

For exarnple, Deel Surnol the Twi'lek scoundrel wants to entertain II group 'Of Tr<ln~loshall lhuqs drinking at [he bar i 11 the Royal Hll t I Ho leI. Before beg in n inrr h is perfermanee, Deel listcrrs ltI the Trandoshans SO that he can judg" I heir mood. Dol119 so improves 11is performance, giving him a

+2- bonus [0 I he skill modifrer for his Entertain check, Til" OM sets the DC a L 15. The Trandoshans are ill a good mood because the.y recently received <I sizable payorF. so the GM reduces the DC La 13. IDed's performance isn't better just because the Trancloshans are m a good mood, so he does 1'1011lel a bQI1U'; La add into his skill rncdlfrer. Instead, the DC g1Ies ,down.)

llewever, tilt' leader or 1 he g<111g. a Human IlOl.ll1LY hunter. has: been unable to locate tbe WCl{'lkiel: he's tracking, and he's susplclous of Deel, (Dieln't the darafile sliggest IIII' Wookiec was a lten seenin the compa,ny of s Twi'lek?l The DC to entertain him is hiQher than normal! 17 Instead or 15.

Deel rolls a 6 and adds +8 f'or his skill modifier 14 ranI-.>. +2 Charisma modifier. and +2 for his impromptu researchl Hi" result is 14.

The srount;lrel's skill check result ( 14) is high enough 10 en (crl~ III I he Tra ndosha ns (Q c_ I]) tJ ut n 01 their I eader (DC 17). The Trandeshans applaud Dee] Surocl and offer to blly Him drin~, but thelr leader eyes him sus-piciouslJ'.

Time and SkiH Checks

Using a skill might take <I TOUTld, several rounds, or even longer. 11 TllighL take no tirne at all. Types of actions deftne how I\:mg aelivitie!i take La perform (see Action Typ~, page 78). The ACTIO). Typ\: eolumn on Table 4-4 and Table 4~5 indicates whether the use 01- II Skill is a move action, an !II t~rk action, a full-round actian, or a reaction. In seme cases (fur s'kills m-arked with 1, the skill description specifies how a skill takes to use,

In g~ner~l, lIsing a skill that requires eoncentration [all1rl thus dlstrads you fTom being Fully aware of what's goin[1 en around YOu) provokes an attack of opportunity from Jr opponent if yeu are wilhii1 that opponent's threatened area when you attempt the skill check. See Attacks or QpportunHy .. ~;,)gr 157. for more in romi~ liOn.

Checks withmrt Rclls

A skill check represents. all attempt to accomplish some goa I. usua 11.1' in the face 0 r some sort of time pressure or dl!;tmC'(ion. Sorneltmes, thcuph, you can use a skill under 1110re favorable conditions ~nd eliminate the luck faclor,

Taking 10

When ¥ou'rc nOI in a rush and not being threatened or dlstracted, you may choose to take 10. Instrarl of rolling

I d20 for the skill check, calculate your resul t as iF you had rolled a 10 [an averaqe roll on a d20). for marzy relatively routlne tasks, lakil]g 10 results in a success.

Dlslracttons, threats, and danger make. il irrtpossihle for a cuaractet La t,a'i(e 10. YQualso can't Lake 10 when using a skill un lrained, Lhough the GM may allow exceptions rOT Ll1.Ily routtne activities.

Par e-xample, Rorworr Iht' Wookiee- has a Climb skill modlfrer of +9 {II- ranks, +3 SlrengLh modifter, +2 species modlfier}, The steep, rocky slope he's climbing hBS a DC of 15. With a little care, he can take 10 and succeed autnrnatically. -eUI parlw~y up the. slope, a bounty hunter begil1s taking hli;lSler shots at him from J,lp above. Rorworr needs III make a Climb check to reach the bounty hunter, and lhls lime he can't take 10. He must milk" the skill check normally while under attack.

Taking 20'

When YOIl have plenty of lime (generally 2 minutes lor a ~kill that can normally be checked in i round], and when the skill being attempted carries no penalty for fail ure, you ean take 20. Tilking 20 represents making multiple rolh, a5suming that evenrually you will roll a ZO. Inslrad nf lcl20 For the skill check, calculate Ihe result as if you had rolled a 20. Taking 20 means you keep tryit1g

un til you gei il rlghl. T~kin~ 20 takes lwe-lity times 35 long as makil1g a single check.

For example. Rorworr comes to a diFf race. He takes 10 La

mukc the climb, fOT a result of 19 ( 10 plus his +9 skill modirltr), Howe\tr, the DC is 2Q, and the GM tells him that he rails 10 make prog ress up I he cl Ifr. [His check result is;1 t least high ~nllugll that he doesn't fall.] Rorworr can't take zo because 111~re i~ a penalty assoelat ed with failure (Falling, III this easel.

later, Rorwort fmds a small bunker in t111: diFfsjde and !filrdl~ it. The OM notes in the Search sKIll deseriptien

that each z-rneter-square area takes a filii-round action to le~ltll [ami she S(!t:~Uy assigns a DC of 15 to theattempt}. Sht 5til11'ates lila I the noms, walls, and eeilii1g of 111('

bunker make up about Iwenty z-meter squares, so she tells RllrWQnr's player that II lakes 2 minutes to search tho whole bunker. Rorworr rolls t d20 and adds his +5 sklll modifier. lhe result cf 11 fails. Now Rorwcrr declares that he is

going to search the bunker high a ad loW, For as long as i [ rake;. TIle GM ta~es the original time of); minutes and multiplies i! by 20. for 40 minutes. Tha l's how long it takes T!ofYI,orr 10 search the whole bunker In {'xacling detail, Now ROrworr's pl~er treats his roll 35 if it were 20, lor a result of 25. Tha rs more thanrnoug h to bell I the DC of 1 5, and RUTworr finds II datapa d discarded in a wast e rl lsposa I unit.

~[]mbin'in.g' Skill Attempts

When more than one eharscier tries \he same ~"kin at tile same rime illlU for the same purpose, their effcrls nlay overlap,

IndIvidual Events

Often, severn I characters attempt some action. and each sueteeds or fai Is on his or her own.

For example, Rorwon and each or his companions need to tllmb a slope La 91.'L to the top. R-tg<lTdless of Rorworr's

result .. the other characters treed successful checks, ton. Every character makes it skill check.

C[Hlpersti.[] n

Sometimes the individual heroes react to the same sitl,laiion, and they can work IClg~lher to help each other but. ln this case. one hero is consldcred the leader or the

effort and makes a skill check while each helper 'makes a skill check against DC 10. (You can't lake 10 on rhis rheck.] FaT each helper who succeeds. tne leader gets. it +2 circumstance bonus (as per the rule for favorable ccndi- 1"10115.). 1 n rna ny cases, a eh aractcr's help, won 'I be beneficial, or only a Itmiter;J number of characters call help at the sarnc li111('. The OM limits cooperation as she sees rit for I hecon eli ria I1S.

For Instance, if Rorworr has been baoly wQlIl1!:'1ed, Vor'en Kurn can try a Treat Injury cheek [0 keep him frol11 dying. One other character can help Ver'en, I r tile other hero makes a Treat Injury check agaillst DC 10, then Vor'en gets +2 on the Treat InjllTN check he makes to help R{lTworr. The GM rules that two c11~raclers can't help Vor'en at the same time because a Ihtrd person would jus( get in the Wfly.

Skill Synerg.y

Sometimes. the GM may decide that having otic skill prevides a synery'y bOMS when a character uses another

ski II in C-f"rtai n situations. Tile cJ18W ctcr nu lSI have. a I leas t 5 ranks in rhe related skill to gain lhe synergy bonus, and the OM must agree lha1 the two skills 'can ald each other hi the given sl Lua lion. I n such cases, the cha ract er receives 3 +2 synergy bonus 011 lhe skill check,

073 [I] 7\ r r [fJ

Table 4-4: Skills

Skill (Key Ability) Appraise (Int) Astrogate (Int) Balance (Dex) Bluff «(ha)

(limb (Str) ~


Unfriline~ Fringer

Yes X

No X

Yes X

Yes X

Yes (

Computer Use (Int) Yes

(raft (Int) Yes

Demolitions (Int) No

Diplomaqr (Cha) Yes

Disable Del/ice (In!) No

Disguise (Cha) Yes

Entertain (Cha) Yes

Escape Artist (Oex) a Yes

Forg:e ry (I n t) Yes

Gamble (Wis) Yes

Gather Information Yes


Handle Animal (Cha) No

HIde (Delt) , Yes

intimidate (Cha) Yes

Jump (Str) Yes

Knowledge (Int) No

Listen (Wis) Yes

Move Silently COex)' Yes

Pilot (Oex) No

Profession (Wis) No

Read/'Nrite Language No


Repair (lnt) No

Ride (Oex) Yes

Search (Int) Yes

Sense Motive (Wis) Yes

Sleight of Hand (Oex)' No Speak LaJlguag~ No


Spot (Wls) Yes

Survival (Wis) Swim (Str)

Yes Yes

Noble S(oundrel

C (

X (

X [




c c X C C

x c c X

x c c X X X


c c

x X

( C X C X C c X X X X

c c C X C C X (

( C C

1e(h Force Jedi Jedi

Stout Soldier Spe( Adept Consular Guardian


C C c X X X


X X X X c X


c c c X X C X X X X X

X C X (



c c c (

c c c X X c


c C


c c c X X X X X X X X

X X c X c


X c c X

c X X X X X



c X

c c c X C X X X X X X




( X C X X X


x X

( X


c C X C C



x X X C X X


c c

c X

( ( X (


x X c X (


X c c c

X X X C X c



( X

Action Type



Move "*

( ( X X X X X X X X X

Fuil-rpund or rneve Full-tourtd


Treat Injury (Wis) Tumble (Oex)'

Ye5 No


x c X X C

Full-round Full-round Full-round"

Full-round" ...



Attack Reaction 01 full-round Reaction or full-round

MOlle Move Full-round"


x c c X

x X X X X X

Full-round" Move" Full-round






Reaction or full-round n

X X (


( ( C X


Move or fuH-round

x (

Reaction 01 move

X (

X C X (

( X C X C X

( Class <1<il', X Cross"dass skill. • Your armOr chl!ck peMlIIY, 'f any, ais" appl,es .. Se" <kin dr=sqiplian for del ails.

use Untrained, 'fll$ T/'e skill crJn be JJ~.,d unl!<lmM 1?1a! 15; a "~ra can h<l"" a'ronl<1; in lhi, ,kill bill ,a" make s/I,II checks n"rmally. 1\10: )'i:lu enn'/ U5~ Ihe sMI unleSs I,eve "r /!IOsr I {enk in ,t



x X


Ability Checks

Sometimes you try to do SOlllNhi11Q to which 110 specific skill applies. In these cases, you make an :lbilily check: Roll 1 d20 and apply the appropriate obilitJ-' mod; ru:,l'.

Essen Us I)y, yo u 're rna king a n un trained skill cheek. The GM assigns a DC, 01' ets up an opposed check when two characters are engag d in a ccntesl u illg one ability against another. the Initiative check i)1 combal, for e ram-



Examples of when skill synergy niighl come into play

In Jude when a specific Knowledge or Profession skill might aid in l11(' practical use of a related skill. tlsin_g Disable D!:Vicr to 111'11' disart11 <In tllf110sive will, the Demolitions "kill, bring in a sttuaucn WIWTC Blulf or Sense Motive t;0uicl aid a DiplOJi'1~CY check, allowing Computer use to'm!lh a Disable Devlce check against 311 electronic security system, or lIsing Tumble to assist Wilh B Jump check.

pi!!, ls essentially II Dexterity check. n1C character who rolls Tab.le4-5: Fer-ee Skills ~Ighcsl act s first.

In some Ci'l5I1;S, a lest or one's ability doesn't involve IliCk. Just as you wouldn't make <;I heigh, check to see \Ihu is taller, you don't make a Strength check to see who ~ monger. When lWO characters arm wrestle, fer example, the strongcrcharac LeT si mply wi ns, 111 the case of ide I1lical «ores. then make opposed Strength checks.

Emmple Ability Check

Forcing open a jammed or locked doer 1\'ing a rope

Hold ing on e' 5 breath

Navigating a mare

Remembering to locka door G~ttingyoutsel.f noticed in a crowd

Key Ability Strength Dexterity Can stitutio n Intelligence Wisdom Charisma

Use Adion
Skill (Key Abiiity) Feat, Untrained Type
Affect Mind (Cha) Alter Yes Full-round
Battlemind (Can) Control No Move
t Drain Energy (Can) Alter Yes Full-round
Empathy (Wts) Force Yes Attack
Enhanoe Ability (Can) For¢e Yes Attack
Enha.nce5enses (Wis) Sense Yes Attack
Farseeing (Wis) Sense No '"
tFe"r (Wis) Sense Yes AttilGk
Force Defeqse (Cha) Control Yes Full-round
t Force Grip (Int) Alter Yes Attack
[ Force Lighthing (Int) Alter Yes Attack
Force Stealth (Cl1a) Control Yes Full-round
Force Strike (Int) Alter Yes Attack
f;'riendship (Cha) Force No Full-round
tt Heal Another (Wis) Alter Yes Full-round
Heal Self (Cha) Control Yes Full-round
Illusion (Cha) Alter No Attack
Move Object (Int) Alter Yes Move
See Force' (Wis) Sense Yes Full-round
Telepathy (Wis) Sense Yes Move • Th~ p'~/"'lui"ll? Ioor (h.JI a c/l~"J<t~r muS' /,"ve 'a use OJ pur(I,ose ,onk" in the skill (Eor<" = F,"ree S.ell51t!ve>,

•• See ~kJll des<T,piiQn fQ, delai/$,

AI! Alter.IJ,mw, t;:IJnJrol-""S'eJ, Qild Slw!...Da'f!d FQrn! 00/1$ <lre exc/ul>lve 10 Farre~$m9 ~ (Farce oclep!. Jed/ '''m~J(/r, lad! fl('lJrdl"n). Once a~e 01 rhe.~ fa/tie loots / •• ~Iec/<>ti its (JJi$<J!JIfjtw;! Force. s~i//s' b~",me ,I<iss ~kiI~ la, the' charoaer The I!o:rca-S",nsill'vl:-bosed Fan;e sl<lU~ ore c/Il.-s skills far .. marDa,,- r 01 an r (/""" wllo hm ~le fijrce-Sen!lliw leal.

Il<1l fin t,alned: Yes: rhe ~lil ca" ~'" u~"d untram ed. r~all~ a n<NO q;pn nfi "" 0 mnk< In this skill bm,ran ml.'lkeshill d!fKks normally. Na; 1'0" ton~:us" rfpesklll WlIe.>S )it>u tia "" ~f ("rEI I ra fiR in it

tUse of thIS SKill gi""s: the c;'"""ror 0 Dark Srrie I'PiJJn ~ ttrhj, skill" Q iPgiPt Side Fa",,,, >kIlL

K!,!yAbili~y: The abbreviation For the abl1i\y whose modifier applies to the skill check. Errepljou: Speak. Language and Read/Wrile have "None" l1sled flS 1I1eir ke;y ability because the LIse of these skills never requires a check.

Trained Only: If "Trained Only" appears on lhe lint' beneath the skill name, you must have at least 1 rank in the skill [0 use it. 1 F "Trained OnlY" is omitted. the skill can be used un trained (with a rank of 0). if any speelal notes apply to I rained or untrained use, they are COVered ill tile SpC!l1ial section r~l'e below).

Armer Cheok Pena.lty: I r ·'Arrnor Check Penalty" appears on the line beneath the skill name, apply any armor check penally to skill checks for this skill. If it is ami tted, there ~TC 110 penalties to use' this skill w hil e wearing armor.

Check: What ,you ca n do with a successful skill check and lhe check's DC.

Retry: Any eondlttnns 1113t apply til; successlce allempl$ (0 use the skill slIct!ess,fu]ly. IF this p3rngraph is omitted, the skill check (an be tried again witheut any lnhereni pel'lalt,y other than consuming addit;ional lime.

Special: Any special notes that apply. such as rules

reg ard i ng U\ II fai llQri use 8 nd 111'11 ether or not you can ta ke I a or take 20 when using the skHI.

TIme: How much Lime il takes to make a cI1e!,:K with thiss.l;ill.

075 [.I] 7\ r r [.I]

F'llrCE! SkiUs

IOl(r skills are dlfferern f'rl)1Tl the rest Of the skllls av~ilable 10 characters in the Sr/!I' Wors Rol~p/(/)ril!y Gmln'. A characlei IT\"~ not lake ~ ny ranks in these .skills unless hr has t he Jl(oper prerequisite' fea t or fea ts and is at least 1st level in a I·ofce-uslng class (for skills associated with the primary

Force feaLs-AllCf. Control. and Sense).

M.n.y Force ~ki115 have a variety of ;Jppl!icali'Q~. In sorne C.\CS, ,m all ernot to use a Perce skill is "a 11 or no thi ng." 1I1ll! Is, a ~il\gle DC is set lind ir the skin check faiJ5, no

~rrc~1 occurs. OtHer uses maY have varying DCs For difr~r,enl effects achieved depen ding en the check result. See the 'JleCl~C skill descriptions For more details.

IJnkS5 otherwise sl a red, ~I Force-uslnq character must be 1I11hm 10 meters of a tarqet and have the t8rget in ITl1t of li~hl louse a Force skil'l u pen it. Als(J, a Force .1<. ill's e!'P'!.'tI II imrfli:di~le unless the deserlptton states otherwtse.

Mosl Force ,kills have a vi ra lily point t. sl aSSOC13 Led

VJlth u,in~ them. This means thaI a character a uemptinq a erce ~kill rhcck must pay (temporarily losel a certain numbrr of vitality poi nts ()5 he or she rna kes the check. ln most Cil5~S, the cost is paid feg,mlle:;s of whether the skill cited succeeds, The cost must be paid every time you retry a l~ill check as well. J f 'I ch aracter doesn '\ have enOll£) h Vllalil~' Iloirlls, ~he cari't draw 011 the Perce until her vital1ty b re~!Of('(J [hul set' the Control rea tin Chap ter Five: F!!atsJ.

Skill Dss;c,r"ipti.[]ns

This section describes each skill. hlc1uding coml'1len uses Jnd typical rnndifters, Crm13eters can sometimes use skills fOT otlter purposes than those llsted here. For examplt;, you might b€ able La Impress the members e r a st~rfrg hter squadron by rnakin 9 a Pilot check.

Skill, aro presented In alphabetical order. Perce skills are indlc.led by a different headline color from nnrr-Force skills, lJm Is the Format For skill de$criptibl1S. Headings that

do not 3pply \ 0 a partleu la r skill are o\11i tted in lhill skill's ,iflcri]lliQIl.

Skill Name (Kev Ability) TIIlIllcli Ollt ... ; Armor Cileck Penaltv

lhe skill na \;w line- an d I h~ line beneath it inclu de the flJllowing information.

Vitality Paint Oost: For Force skills only. the number of vitality points <l character t11USl lose in order to lIS!' tile ~kjlL

Affect Mind (Cha)

force Skill: Rrq,lirrs th« Fatco-Sensuive Gild AUrT.frats You ell n U5C I he Force to a 1,1 er a : a r.9 el 's perceptions or make a telepathic slJ9gestion in anarher character's mind.

Gtmck: The result of ~n Arkc:\ Mind !!heck sets the DC for the l<lfgel's Will save. (NpLe that this ~kill works best on wl?lIk-Willell characters, Those with good Will Saw. bonuses are lliJrC!'erl 0 rOD I wi til "J ed i min ,I lric ks, ry)

Result Up to 4 5-14 15-24 25-34 35+

wm Saving Throw DC 5





Chl;lck: You ean appraise common or well-known oJ:l.i!!Cts wi! }lin 10% of [heir value (DC 12).. PaHuTe means you esttma tc 1 he va lue at 50(j'(] l-Q 1 500(0 0 r act ua 1 va lue, 1111.' OM 'secretly rolls 2d6+3. multiplies by IO(!'o, mUltiplic\ [he actual value by that flerrenlage, and tells yO")J what you think the value or the item is. [For ;1 common or well known item. your chance 0 r estimating the value within 10% l,s fairly high, even if you Fail the check-in such a case, eeusider il a lucky guess.)

For example, a beat-up drcld Is ofrered for sale by a Jawa trader and you want to determine the drald's appro-Xh'l1ate vaiue before qelling into a haQgling sesslon.

I r you fail th~ (l"heck (which the OM mi~ht decide to make ill secret for you 50 you don't know). I he GM rolls 2ri6+1 811 d gets a result of I 2. She multi plies th is by 1 O~'a for a result of 120%. The actual value of the old droid i& 2,000 credits. Multiplying 2,0(10 by 120%, the GM lflls Y(IU {hal you gapge the value. of [he droid to beabout 2,400 credits. Smce you railed the. check, you uclic:Vt that the droid b worth more than iL actually is.

"Rare or exotic i terns requlre a check against DC I 5, 20, m higher. IF successful, you estimate the v a luc ~t 70% 10 130% of its actual value, The GM secretly nrlls ld41·5, multi-plies by 10%, multiplies the actual value by thai Pfrt:enl~ge, and tells you wha L you believe the value or the i [em is. Fai lure means yeu can', estlma tc the Item's value.

The result of BTl Anpraise check should have an effect en the story. as ill the case or Iii!" Jawa trader abcve, who might end up making some extra money off you. 01'1 the other hand, with a successful AppTaise check, you might determine that the offer H s rarsh ip dea ler gives you is just too good to pass up.

Ratry: Not on the same objecl, regardless of success. Spacial: Whe11 making the check untrained, IbrcollTrnon items failure means yOLI make no estimate (you can take a wild gu['ss if yo\l want), and fur rare ite~s success means ar, estl rna te Q r 50~o to 1 5()!!I(j (2d 6+ 3 rimes: 100le).

You can take 10 when making an Appraise check. but YOll can't take 20.

Tlrrree Appraising an item takes 1 minute,

Astr[]g~tEl (lnt) Trained q»IJI

Use this skill lb plet a eocrse Lhrough hyperspllce frOT\1 one star system to another.

Chat:k: You can plot a safe course through hyperspace between two star systems. 'The result of 811 Astroqate check determines Whether a parttcular trip occurs without incidern and hoW mueh time the [rip takes; a flliledcheck lndteates either a Qelayed journey or the possibility of a hyperspace mishap thai can ruin the journey. For inforrnatlon 011 moving through hyperspace, see Astrog'lllion on page 2a5 in Chapter E1evel1: Starshlps,

You can also use this skill to determine yom position ill space without the use. of a nav computer by checking the constellarlcns=provided you are traveling through an ares of space you are Familiar with.

Special: Youca n take I G W}, en rna king an Aslroga te check, but y(l~ can't lake 20 since there is II possthte penalty lor famng.

Dccl~rc whether you're auempunq to clter perceptions or make a sUSgestion when you make-your Affecl Mind check, I f the Largel's savl n9 I hrow fails. you ca n do one 0 F the Following things.

All!;'r Perceplioils; This creates a simple false stimulus, such as a brief' 50IJnd or a l1ee[il19 image. petected by a ~il1gleper501j and. laslllig no more than a sIngh: round. It is genernlly used to distract an opponent.whlch can also have the effect 0 F a feint lsee B1 urr, page 77). No te tl13 1 I he l:l3rgeis receive .1 +2 tin:umstlnce lronos on their ~avin~ throws lor every additional IJcrson beyond lhe first that you want to detect the f~lse stimulu s,

Ubi-Wun Kenobi uses (his application of ihe skill ih A Neu: Hope 10 distrnc"l 1-he stormtrcopers aboard 1 he Dea 111 5tB r.

SlIggl:!iliOrl: TlliS i. lhe classic ~Jedi mind trick," ~llo:wing you to make ;;:n otherwise llrlpalalable"5ugge.sliol1 seem completely acceptabte ro the- target. You must be able to com mun ira tc wi lh the large t, a nd the suggestion CD 11 '1 obviously threa tell the t a rget'5 life. The target won't realize later that whal he did was unressonabls,

Obi-W~11 Kt'nobi successfully uses this 31lplicaliol1 of the sl<.ill to ,get pa's! the slOm]lrboper c;h~ckpoil\l in A New Hope. Jabba the llu\l and Walto b0111 make their Will saves against this applirarion of the s~il1 in Retllfi1 a/lhe Jedi and Tilt' Piullitom Jv1ellntc. r~pe{'livdy.

RatI'Y; No. You can atremptto ~rfecl the mind of the same character in another situation after time hag passed, but nOl in the same encounter orscene,

Spa.cial: You can take 10 when making an AFfect Mind check, bu I yo II CD n 'l take 20.

A character with the Mind Trick !-(?at gels a +2 aptttude

bonus on Affect Mind checks.

The range fOI Affen Mind is 10 meters, Tlrrta, Affect Mind is a rlJll-roulld action.

Vitality Paint Cast: 2 {alter perceptions]: 4 (Sliggeslion]

Appraise (Int)

Userll is skll I to esf rna tl' the va hie of 1:111 object, from an oleJ blaster toan Alderaanlan heirleom.

"clWBct~r with the Spaeer feal and at least 1 rank In lhi~ ,\;'111 gc I S II + 2 a ptitu de, bonus on A~ troga te checks.

Itma: AS[Toga.ting a course takes 1 minute.

Balance (De:x)

YOII C~II keep your balance while walking an a tightrope, a narrow beam, a ledge. or a·n uneve-n flear.

[;heck: You can walk on a precarious surface. A successI ul check lels yQU mQve at ha I r you r speed a I Qng the

\Url"ace. A railun: Indicates that you can't mOVe for that rO~lljd. A fal1ure ~ 5 Or more indicates that ;you fall. Th~ diffn~·Lllzy vanes wlth 1 he surface.

Surface DC

ns-30 em wide 10

5-15 em wide 15

Ie); than 5 em wide 2.0

Une\ren floor 10

A.ngled surface +5

Sli ppery s u rfa ce + 5"

'Cumulative; it both apply, use both.

Beillg Attacked Wilile BafmlrillJF Attacks clgainsl you wnil~ you are baiancing gain a +2 bonus 011 the 31 tack roll, am] you lase your DeICterHy boru£ to Defe:ns'e lif ~FJYJ. If you hAve 5 or more ranks ill this skill, you retain your Dellterit' bonus to Defense: w!lell attacked while balanrinq, Ir 3n a ttaek deals darl1age [0 yo u, you must lmmedia tely rnnkt a Balan ee check or fa 11.

Arr~l~ratrd A1"rWe'IlIC!lf:· You can t!)' 10 walk across <J pr~CHri()ll' surface more quickly than 1101mal. You can move VQur Full speed, bu I you ta ke ~ - 5 penalty.

Splldial: You Can take 10 when making a Balance ehf~k. bu l you ca n't til ke 2.Q.

A character with the Sll"iJdy feat and at least I. rank in tllis skill !:Jels a +2 apti1ude bonus on Balance l'Iliocks.

Ilme: Balance IS ~ move aerlon.

Battlemind (Can)

Forte Skill; Truined On(v; Requires fllc Force-SellsitillE rillil Co/llrpl frats

)Q.U tan in crease your prowess in combat, using (he Force 10 ~nh3·nCt! your concentratlon and commitment \1'1 battle.

Ch~l;:k: A Battlemind check grants a Force bonus an auack 1011'i1l5 shown on tl11' table below. You can declrle to select a bonus that's less than the result you achieve.

Rnuh Force Bonus to Attack

Up!o.; +1

H4 +2

15-2,4 +3

25-34 +4

35+ +5

Specilll: You can take 10 when making a Baulemlnd check. but you can't take 20.

A character wl1h the Mettle feat and at least I rank in Ihin~iI1 gets a +2 aptltude bonus on Baltlerniflcj checks, nme: Activating Battlemmd is a move artien, The Force benus lasts for 10 rOUJ1ds (1 min ute),

Vitality Polntl::cst: 21jlus vil~1ily points equal La the bonus achieved, So, ir the result provides a +2 Terce bonus, the v1tallty point cost is 4.

Bluff (Ch.a)

You can milk!' the. outrageous or !he untrue seem plauslble, The skill encompasses eonnlnq, fasl-l<llking. misdirection. prevaricaticn, and ml~leadil1g through body language. Use a bluff [0 sow temporary ccnfuslcn, geL someone tQ [UTn hi~ head tn the direction you point, or simply tolook innocuous.

Check; A Bluff check is epposed b.y the lar!jt'l's Sense Mot1ve check. Favorable and unfavorable circumstances weigh heavily on the outcome of a blufr. Two circumstances can weigh against ydu: Tilt: bluff is harq to believe, pr the action lha l the bll,l:fr req utres the target to ta ke goes aga insl \ he La rget '5 sci r -i ntewst, n atu re, pCrSonallty, or orders.

If i 1·5 lmportam, the GM can distinguish between a

blu rF that Falls because the larget doesn't heilevc it and one that l·ai1s because it just asks too much of the targel. For instance, iF the larQ"et gels 9 +-10 bonus because the hi u ff demands so l11e1n j ng risky 0 f the ta rget. a nd the targf'\'s Sense MaUve check succeeds by 10 or less, then the largel did,,·1 S0 much see lhrouqh the bluff as prove rei uctant to go alonq with i l. If the, large-t·s Sense Motive check succeeds by II or more, he has seton through the bit! Ff (and would have done so even if it had 110t placed any demand 011 hlrn],


077 [fJ 7\ r r .[fJ

Example Circumstances The target wants to believe you.

'These droids oren 't stolen. I'm just desperate for credits right now, so I'm offering them to you cheap."

The bluff is believable and doesn't affect the target much

one way or the other. +0

~I don't what YO.U'fe talking about sir. I'm justa s.impf e tr-ader Ii ere. for the fa iT."

The bluff is a little hard to believe or puis the target at

some kind of risk. +5

"You want to fight? f'I! toke you olf on myself. I don't need my friends' help.. Just don '/ die on my deck pluting.fl

Sense Motive Modifier -5

Example CircurDstance.5 Sense MotiY·e Modifier

The bluff is hard to believe or entails a large risk for the

target. +)0

'This shuttle doesn't belong 10 'lhe Emperor. It Just looks lik.e his. Trust me, I wouldn't sell you 0 ship that would gel you terminated, would tr

The bltjlf is way out there; it's almost too incre.dible to

consider. +20

"You might find this hard to believe, but I'm actually a Jed! Master who's been sold into slavery by a dark. lord of the Sifh. You know rho! we Jedi are tfU.mvOrthY, so you con believe met'

A successfu 1 BI u rr cheek illcHca tes that I he target Tea cts 3S yo U w 1511, at lea'sl for a short lime !USll~IlYI rCUilI! or lessl, or the tarqet believes some, thing that you want him to believe. For example, you could use a bluff 10 put someone 0fF _gu.ard by telling hill someone was behind hlrn, At best, such a bluff woulrJ make the target gl3nre over hi~ shoulder, I L would not ea use the t argel to ign ore :YO'1 ;J nd completely turn around.

A bluff requires interaction between the character and the I arqet. Targets unaware of the character can't be bluffed.

Feinfhlg III Oml/wr; YOLl can also use Bluff to mislead an cppenent in combat so lhal he can't dodye your auack effectively. H you succeed, the next a track you ma ke against I he target 1911 0 res his Dexterity bonus tu Defense (i f any), tl1US 1 ('}Wer; I1g the Defense score, Feinting in this way againSt a largel 0 f a differem species· I'rOfl'1 YOll1> diflkuH because It's harder to' rcarl an allen's body language; you take" a -~ penalt:y. Against a creature' of animal

I n tell [genee (lor 2) it's even harder: .)IOu rake a -B pt'nalt,y. Against a nnnintelligen l crea lure, it's Irnpossl ble,

Crrnling I.l Dh,ffiion 10 Hide: You CdT, use Blufr to help YOu Ilid!.'!. A successful BI!uff check gives yO"u the' me mental)' diversion you need to attempt a Hid .. check. while 11eople are ~ware or you. (Sec the Hide skill, page '92.)

Retrv: Genl"rally, B fail~d Bluff check makes the target too .suspkious for you LO try another bluff in lhl;' same etreumstances, For feinting i'rl combat, you may retry freely.

SpecIal: Yeu can lake 10 when making a bluff (except for feinting in combat], bin you can't lake 20.

A character with the Trick feat gets a +-2 aptitude bonus on Bluff checks.

lime, l\ IJ lu rr takes a I least 1 round (ami i~ a l least a I'UIl-TOUlld action] but can take m uch long er i r you llY scmel hi ng elabora leo

Using BI tl rr as g feln L in l:ombal i:;. a 11 ,It l<;lck action.

Climo (Str)

~mllJr Cileck Pr!mllt)'

U~e lhis skill to scale a clifr, [Q get to a window on (he secnnd story of lJ building .. or to climb lip an antenna OTI<ly after falling out of an ~iTWay 8 t the bottom of a 110" lin g city.

r:heck: With each su(?cessfuI Climb chec~, you can

~lh'3nCe up, down, or across a slope or a wall er plher steep inl'line (or even a Ceilil1~ with iI4I1dholr,!s).

1\ slupe is considel'~'_(l to be any in cl lne or I~_$S than 60 dCt)re~$; 3 wall is any inctl 11e 0 I' GO degrees or steeper.

/\. I'~iled Climb check indicates that you make no pmgrcss, 01111 a rherk tha r fails by 5 or me re mea ns that you f~ II From wnatever heiglll you have a I ready a ltairred.

The DC of the check depends on Inl' conditions or Ilil'J;llll1lj.

DC E)lample Wan or surface

O' A. slope too steep to up. A knotted rope with a wall to brace against.

5 A rope with a wall to brace against or a knotted rope, but not both.

10 A surtece with ledges to hold on to and stand on, such as il very rough wall.

IS Any surface with adequate handholds and Ieothnlds (natural or artificial), such as B' Very rough natural rock surface or a tree, An unknotted rope,

20 An uneven su rfac~ with some narrow handhotds and footholds.

25 A rough surface, such as a natural rock wall ora brick wall.

25 overhang or cei'ling with handholds but no footholds.

A perfectly srneoth, flat, vertical surface cannot be climbed'.

-10' Climbing inside an air duct or other lotatlon where one can brace against two opposite walls (reduces normal DC by 10).

-5' Climbing a corner where you can brace against perpendicular walls (reduces normal DC by 5).

+5' Surlaceis slippery (increases normal DC by 5).

• ~ m(i<imi!ls a", cumu/a!j'.tD: u,;e any r!wl "Pply.

Sinrc 'yIJ.U can't move La aVOid an auack while climbing, opponents get a +2 bOI1'Us on auack rolls against you. and you lose any Dexteri ty bo 11 us to Defense.

AllY lime you take damage while .climbing. make a Clililb check aga ins l the DC 0 I' I he slope or wall. Fail ure [ll~~n~ you fall lrorn your current height anu sustain the ,ppropriale railing damaqe, (Sec F311,ll1g Damage in Chapl('"r 1:igI1l: CombaL)

ACCc/rf'aled Climbilig: You lry LO climb mote quickly lhan Mrm~l, altempling to cover your rull speed in dimbfnu illst~llce, bu t yo u ta ke a -S pena I ty all CI i mb ch ccks,

Makillg l1aTldlw/ds and Pootuokl»: You can make your uwn handholds and footholds by poumling pitol)s into a MIL Doing !,o takes I minute p~r pilnn, and on\: pilon is

needed pel meier. As wilh any surface with handhulds and footholds. a wall with pitons ill it has a Dr of 15. In the same way. a climber with an ice axe or S.imilar Implement can cut handhnlds Of' footholds il1 an ice wall.

C(licliillg YOtl rse.if W]II'II Palling: t.r~ pracl iC811y impessible to catch yourself ana wall while fallil'lg. Make a Climb check [DC = wall's DC + 20) LO do 50. A slope is relatively easier LO ca teh your.;el r on (DC = slope's Dt + 101.

Special: Someone using a rope call haul a character upward [or lower the cherarter) by means Qf sheer strength. Usc double your rnaxtmum load (see C~.nying Cap~t'ity In Chapter Six: Heroic thatactrrislit:s) to determine how much weighl a character ran lift.

You C'an lake 10 while dimbhlg. but you can't lake lO. A charaeter with the Alilklic rea I gels a +2 apiuudc bonus on Climnrh('ck.<;,

Time: Climb alone-half of your speed as a lull-round action, You can move half that far, one-fourth of your speed, as a move action ..

Al"celraalecl c:'iimbing allQWS yo\,l 10 climb ;;11 your rull speed as .. i1J1I-rountl actiorr, YOl.! tan move half rhat [ar, .one-halr MYOtlr speed, <IS a move action.

CllmputE!r' USE! (lnt)

Use this skill to access computer systems lind write or modi fy computer programs, to rtprogrn m druids. and to override or bypass cornpu ter-corurolled devices.

Oheck, Mos1 normal Ql111puter operations [socll as rUlTl11ng' B program) don't rt'qufn; a skitl check, l towcvcr, Ilondut:ting a ,comple>. scareh througll numerous databases, \~ritjngepmpuler program!> 10 make tomplex ealeulatlens ot manipulate data in speoflc ways. aitt'ring ~xisling programs to perform di'rferently [better or worse]. and bre;;kin!J Ihroughcomputer securityarc all relatively difficult and

req ui re skill checks.

Cr;md/!(-r Comflk.r Seareh: ResearchIng a IOpic rm the HoloNet (or its equivalent in differen; eras] Wilh a combination a f ~I:'~ rch eng 1n"cs a nd a 10 I of sil e hlts Lakes lim c, skill, and some luck. The GM determines how obscure a particular topic is (the more obscure, the highrT the DC) and what kin d of ill forma tio 11 mig ht be aV3 ilahle. In 50111(" eases, the GM mighl require that the character must break into a secure site beFore mr1ducting a search 10 obtain certain

kin cis of ill forma titm.

Infomlation ranges !Tom general to TJrotecttd. for (!Xa01- pie, k1cating general in forma rien about a senator is easier than gathering speclfie information (such as the senarer's date or birth), which is easier than linding restricted infermation [such as the senator's private (Ol11m channel code]. which i~ easier than ul1wvel'ing protected trtforrnation (such as the senator's ered slid: code).

Type of Information DC

General 10

Specific 15

Restricted' 20

Protected' 25

• Usunlly requirltl 0 d,,,d ,~ break ,nllO ~ sit" ~~re" !~~r~h ""n be made.

Write l'rogtc!ltl: The DC depends an the nature, program and its purpose, ranging from 15 for simple

079 [/] i"\ r r [/]

programs (such as databases or accounting appllcatlnns] to 30 for complex prD~T'il1l15 (such as 111~ i n lena nee a na lysis ~ppIiC~tiOIIS or security protocol systems].

AlleT Proqrams: It's generally easier to alter an existing program than to ereate a new one From scrat h. The 1')C depends on what the alteration sets out \0 aecnrnpbsh and WIWtllCT or not IJH~ user wants his "I arnperinq" 10 be readily obvlcus,

Type of Alteration Degrade program

(apply a -4 penalty to skill checks using the system) • Upgrade program

(apply a +2 circumstance bonus to skill checks for

DC Time

10 1 minute

15 1 hour

uslng the system: costs 200 credits)

Reprogramdroid b 10+ 10 minutes

droid's Int score

)0 Special

20 1 minute

Wipe droid's memory+ Change passcodes

Hide evidence of alteration

+10 +5

1 minute 1 hour

Undo previous changes

• Multiple "llIlrallbn~ DI th e same type ere n~r cumUlative. ~ 51!<> chapler l'iftffn Droidf fw Delhl/s.

Break Computer St'c!Iriry: Also called "slicing," this application of Computer Use can't be u5ed untrained. In cases where the other user is activ~ly cornhatinq the slicer's efforts. a j;lice~ has to beat an OPPOSing computer user's check result. In gCI1eral, thougl1. the DC. is determined by the quality r the sccurtty program installed \0 defend ih

y tern. lr the check lails by 10 or more, Jhe security system lmrnediately alerts Its acJminislrator that there has been un unauthorized entry,

Level Qf Security DC
Minimum 15
Average 25
Exceptional 30
Maximum 35 Operam Rcmoie: Many devlces-securtty cameras. communications arrays, door lock . sentry guns, alarms, Lind so rorth-are computer-operated via remote links. A slicer

ca n access I hese various. syste111~ and ei ther sh 1,11 I h em off. or chanqe their operatinq parameters (to make Corporate

ector cameras icJcntilY (SA agcnt as enemies, for example, or t set an automated Imperial erury gun to attack storrntroopers]. lf the check Fails by lOOT rno c. the security system immediately alerts its arlrniuistratcr that there has ueen an unauthorized entry.

Type of Ope,ation DC

Shut down passive remote 15

(including C1l rneras and door locks)

Shut down a.c;tive remote 20

(including sentry guns and alarms) 25


1 round per remote

1 round per 'remote

1 minute per remote 1 minute

1 minute

Reset parameters Change pesscodes

Hide evidence of alteration

20 +10

costumes droids

elect ronic devices

exoric weapon (pick one)' heavy weapons




hip Sy$ICIll~: On ships that require more than one opera lOT, iii character's Compu ter Use ski 11 is em pi oyed to determine the success of using sensors. weapon, and .shields, Opposed checks are need d io overcome ensor 01 communicallons jamming. nW better the check when operating sensors, the more detailed the inftrrrnatinn discovered, Note lh~ L sensors in the Sh:n Wars universe are nOI mil7l(1J' [ous dlvinatlon machines. At best, they provide detcctlon and identification assistance based on what Gill be seen, measured, and analyzed: the number of enemy vessels. the type of enemy vessel . Ihe basic makeup Qf a planetary

a tmospherc, any vislble obstacles OT dangers ln the immedi· ate vicinity, ~ntl so forth.

Special: You can take 10 when using the Ccrnputer Usc skin. 1n cases that don't involve a penalty For failure. you ('1If] take 20.

A character with the Gearheart Feat gets II +2 aptitude bonus on Computer Use cheeks.

lima: Computer Use requires at Ieast a full-round actiun.

The GM m;zy dctcnnlne Lhal some tasks require several rounds, a fc:W minutes, or longer, a described above.

Craft (Int)

You are trained in a ern Fl. trade, or art sucll as electronics, sculpture, mechanics, weaponmakinq, starship construction, carpentry. computer technOlogy, droid construction, or some other endeavor that actually creates a finished prodUCL. A Craft skill i spccil'rcally Focused on creating something: if a $11:111 is not or lllis sort, il is a Profession skill (see page 96).

Craft is actually a number of eparare skllls, You can hav several CraJ't skills. each with its own ranks. each purchased as a separate skill. Fur Instance. you could have tile skill Craft Iclectmnic devices], Your ranks in that skill don't affect any checks you happen La make for di-Fferent Craft skills. such as Craft [blaster plslols and rilles) QT Craft (droid J. for exarnpl .

Examples 01 Craft skills include the rollowing. Your OM

may allow other Cra rl skills, depending on the campaign.

airspeeders medpaes

armor repulsorllft engines

blaster pistols and rifles sculpture

apital ships lmple and primltive w aptin5

cornpu LeTS luqthrowers

space transports slar~g h ters

star hi p wcapo 115 subliph l drives tools

vtbro weapons walker vehicles

wheeled and tracked vehleles

"This <ateqa'Y Df the Croff ~kj{1 appl;es I~ only ane kind af exotic ~pcn. IQ crr;qle /Wo.t;llfferl'flt kinds of";'(111< weapons, you mus; pIJrdlase this Craft ~jll separarely for each weapoll. Craff (ltghl$fJbet) 1$ 6 skill 6n/y a.allable to FOr~ flsers;,pocI6i ",/es lor this use of the Crdlt skill ore glVl.lI1 on pagE! 175.

Before you can use a Craft skill,you must purchase a set of basic IDols. The cost of these tools varies according to the complexity or the item you want to build (see the accompanying table). The tOQI~ to make an item of a certain cornplexlty can also be used to make any item of

lower courplexi ty. '1'0 upgrade yo ur ba 5i c tools an rl thus be ~ble to make items of bigher complexity. you only need to \p~nrl I h e rl ifferenee in cost between the loot'> yo u have ~nQ the tQols you are. acqufTing. For examph~. if you spend 150 credits on basic La ols to 1'11<1 kei tems 0 r l1ig h eemp I exil), ~Oll can also make items Or medium or 19W comjjlexity u1ln1l 1.11Ose same roois, I r YOtJ later deeide YOll want LO mgk~ items of extreme complexity, you must spend

'ImlMer 850 credits [1,000 minus ISO] to acquire the neccssa ry to u Is,

Having the ideal L00ls for the job creates 8 condition of r,l"lIfable- circumstances, giving JiGU a +lcircumstaI1U' bPllUS on all your Craft checks. The COSt It) acquire ideal loolll'or items of a eertain complexity is 10 times the cost of the basic tools. For example, the cost of ideal tools to m~~C item, of 11 igh co mplexlty is 1,500 credits.

Check: TIle basic Funclion of the Craft skill is to allow

VIIU to make an item of lilt: appropriate type. The priceof tno item and your check results determine how long it takes 10 meke the ttem, The item's price also determines the cost (If row mil tl'rials (the parl s a r1 tI compoi ~11! 5 hl'cec;~a ry to bllil!] the Itt' 111) .

To determine how much time and money II takes to make an item:

1. Find the item's price in Chapter Seven: I::qllipment, or have the G M set the price for II n lt em not listed ..

t. Paytme-tliird the item's price in rilVl' materials,

1, Make a skill check that represen ts one day's work.

lAulliply the ci1tltk result by your skill modifier (your sklll !lIllk, t .)I0ur In tell igence modifler + miscellaneous modin~rs). I r that number eq uals or exceeds the item's price, then you have completed the item,

If you I check result x your skill modifier is less than the Itflll'S price. then that number represents prcqress you've ma~~ IhlS day toward ~ompll!tiF1g the Item, Subtract the ,mOUIlI of progress frQTri the item's prlre and record the ni'W reduced value. At the end of the nex I ~ay 0 r work, m~kec!lnotber check. 8H:h day, you make more progress

untll the day when yom check result x your skill modifier equals or exceeds the item's remaining value. At (hal point. VOl! have completed the item.

You tan hand an unfurished item Over La scrneone else 10 romplele .. or, if the ilem is S1.1 ffi,"ien1ly larfjc, multiple c!'~flsmen OIn work on the item simultaneeusly, 111 either case,

lteln Cost of
CGmplexily 8ii1si.t 10015 DC
low 5 5
Medium 50 10
Hi~h 150 15
Eirtreme 1,000 20
A.5tronomical 3,000 30+ Examples

Common tools/utensils, simple and primitive weapons, light armor, common clothing, glow rod, nonpowered vehicles

Advanced tools/utensils, vibr:o weapons, medium j:HlTlor, all-temperature cloak, breath mask, cornlink, data pad, mecrcbineeulers, medpacs, speeder bikes, fifth-deg'tee, droids

Blaster pistols and rifles, heavy arrnor.ccde cylinder, sensor pack, encrypted comlinks and datapads, third- and fourth-degree droids, speeders, stsrfighter-dass starships

Most exotic weapons, powered armor, security kits, wa.lkers, second-degree druids, space transport-dass srarships

Unusual exotic weapons, data holocron.s, fir5t-degree droids, hazardousenvironment vehicles, capital ship- class starships, space stations

use the total results of ~II the Cra Fl checks applfcd to the item to determine when the item is finished.

Upon the item's completion, make another Craftcheck to determine whether the uem actually funetions as lntendcd. If you fail the c:heck, rublracl 10% or the Hem's full price rrcrn (he Craft results that h~vc bcel1 applied. If I he resultil1g number is still i1igh enough for the item to be iinisbed. then the item functions normally. If not, the ilem merely looks iinished, b lit is not. The CTd Ftsman can elect ei ther ['0 spend more time to fmish the project {by making more dayby-day Craf], check~l or to pass ~11eirem orf as lully Functional. Tile user of an unfrnished or defective Item lilke5 a -2 IH:T1"lty on skin checks, attack rolls, or saving LhrOws mack when [be perl"ormalll:e of the item is testcd-wben a weapon is wR-kled in combat, when a vehicle is piloted or driven, when armor is su bjeeted to a 11 attack, a nd so. For I h.

1 f you Fail 1 his fmal check by 5 or more, you ruin ha I f the raw materia Is and h ave to psyl1alr the origina I ra w-ma [erial cost ",gain_

The PC f'Of thls check is based on the comphl,<"ity of the !'liven on the accornpanyinq table,

Example: Kaz drcides Lhal he will construct <I cemllnk for his rTiClln Spl n, The price or a co 11' 11 n k is 200 credits, so he pays 67 credits for the components: an energy cell, a circuit board, 9 power switch, some diodes, m~gnets, and a housing. H~ then makes his first Craft (electronic devices) check, llis ~kill modifier is to. and he rolls a 14, ror a tctal of 22. Ka7 Lhen ml,Jltiplfe, 22 (his result] time; B [his skill mcdifter], for a lotal of 176 .. 1111.' comlink is moslly fmished, but Kaz will Ilt"NI at least one more day ..

Unfortuna I ely. Kaz is injuTed on the morning of the second d,lY, 311d must rest rather than work. Spin decides to take over. because he needs I he com lin II. in a huny. Spin uses Cra Ft [electronic devices] untrained, since he has no riJnks, Ihough he has an )rllelligence modifT<!r of +2. He. rclls his (Ta ft check and geb a 16, For a total of 1 a. Spin multiples I B by 2,. For a toLal of 36. With K3Z'<; 17'6, that's 2.12-more than enotlgh La complete the com link.

Now comes the tricky part. Kaz recovers and checks Spin's work on the eemlmk, thus making tIle fmal skill cheek to make sure that the romlink Iuncrlons properly. The complexity of a noncncrypted cum link is medium, so Kil'Z. has to bea t ~ IX 0 flO 01") th is check. Btl t Kaz roJl, a I, for a total or 9~llol enough! The GM now deducts 10% of the comltnk's cost (20) [Tom tile total oJ the Cran results (:1;12;, ror a result or 192.

OBI [fJ 7\ r r [I]

Kaz noW ha the option or pemling another day working on the cnmlink or pa ing it orr as "firrished." Kaz cannily opts for the latter, and giv Spin hi~ new comllnk. Because there is no check or roll involved wiLh using a eornlink, Iho11g11, the -2 penally doesn't apply; instead, the GM rletides tllaL the ccmllnk will occasionally cut oul ill the mldrlle of a conversation,

Retry: For tile rmal check in constructing all ltent, yes, but each time you miss by 5 01'1110re, you ruin half the raw material and have (0 pay hal f the cTigin~1 raw rnnterial cost again. You may not retry OJ roll on the daily progress check.

SpHCial: You can take 10 on a Craft skill check. but you can'l lake 2e.

Time: Cran checks are made hy the day, as des rfbed above.

Dem.olitions (I.nt) Tmiued Olliv

Use 111is skill to create and set explosive devic-es fOI' maximum impact.

Cher::k: Selling a simple explosive to blow up at a certain spot do n't require a check, but any attempt I build an exploslve devic or set an l'lqllo~jve to cause a pecitic damage effe I does.

1'1 Expio ';11(' Denice: Placing <In explosive in Ihe optlmllm locatlen lor maximum blast efficiency lakes skill ;:ton patlence. The GM makes the check [so that YOli don't know exacl1y how well you've done], compares it 10 the list ofDCs on 1111' table below, and appltes the result' for the highest DC thai's equal to or less than the check result. For example. a result or ]9 prod uces a blast that does double damaqe and provides a -2 penalty LO 1111' Rene" save of anyone ('~'JU.ght

in the blast area. A railed check la result If 9 or lower] reduces the cxplo~ive power by halF, provides a +4 circumstance bonus on Reflex saves to avoid damage, and has a 15% chance of causing the device 10 explode prematurely,

r his application or the skill is used LO set an explosive

.device that includes a timer Or detonator,

DC Damage MultlpHer Penalty to Salle
10 xl 0
15 x2 -2
20 x3 -4
30 x4 -6 BlIiI(i £l'p/a il'e Del'ire./iTIII'I crat 11: Creating a scratchbullt e'Xnlosive device require t hI': appropriate malertals and time. til combat, the best 111al could IJC accornplished, regardless of 111e materials or the skill check result, would be an improvised explosive device (hat'S the equivalent or OJ Molotov cocktail (damage I dG]. ln general. building explosive devices hap pens a parr From comba l or some other dramatic situation. When btlilding an explosive device from scratch, the character decide what kind or result he or she ls after, pays lhe CQ lin crecla for the raw mal!!rials, and tries to achieve Ihe rr:qllirt'tl DC. Adding a trap increa es the DC Qui doesn't affect the co t ( e below],

H the check fall. the device is ruined and the rAW malerials are wasted. There is it 250ill chance that the e pia Ive lirtonatcs during construction. dealing cue-half of its

intended damage La th builder and anyone else ill the blast radius,

Type (and Damage) of
SCl'atch-Built Explosive Radius DC Cost
Improvised (1 d6) 2m 5 10
Simple (2d6) 2m 10 100
Moderate (4d6+ l) 4m 15 175
c:omplex (5d6+2) 6m 20 250
Powerful (6cl6+4) 6m 25 500
Devastating (8d6+6) 8m 30 750
Add trap to disable altempts +5,+10,or+15 Speciel: You (all take 10 when using the Dcmolnions skill. but you can't take 20.

A character Witll the Caution feat and at least I rank in tllis skill gets a +2 aptitude bonus 011 Demolitions checks, Disarming an ('");plosive devlce requires the lise of I he Dlsahle Device .skill [see lbal descripi ion for details).

Time: Seltil1g an explosive device ror rnaxirnurn blast efficiency lakes I minute or more, depending all the scope of the job. You can set a simple explosive as 11 funround action.

Bllilding al'1 explostve from ralch, which includes

fashioning the raw materials and ombinirig the chemicals inside a housing or some ~il1d, requires (J check thai lakes one or the fonowing amount of lime: lrrtpruvised, Iull-rourrd action: simple, I hour: motlerare, 12 hours; complex. one day; powerful, three days; devasra Lin9. om" week.

Diplomacy (Chi'l)

Use this skill to persuade the Twi'lek chamberllilin to lei j'OU see his master, to neqotiate peace between feuding Ewok tribes, 10 haggle <I good price for a droid, Or to onvin e lflt Radians who captured you that lhey hculd ransom you back to your friends instead of delivertng you to Jabba lhe Hult. Diplomacy includes etiquette, soclal grace. tact, subtlety. and a way wlLh words. A skilled character knows [be Fonnal and lnformal rules of conduct. social expectalions, proper fprms or address, anel so on. This skill represents the ability II) give the right imprC5'i1oll, LO neqcuate effeclively. and [0 in n uence others,

Chacko You can change others' attitudes wtth a successful check. III neqottatlons, participants roll oppo ed Diplomacy checks Lo sec who gains the advantage. Oppostd checks also resolve cases where two advocates or diplomats pleadoppo~ing case before a third party.

DiplfJmac_y can be user! Lo influence a OM character's attllude, The G M chco e the character's ini Li81 alii! ude based on eircumstun ces, Most of the time, tl1r people Ihe heroes meet are indifferent toward them, but a specint situation may call for a different initlal a tritutle. The DC. yivell on the accompanying table show what it takes to chal1ge sornconc's altitude with the use of the Dirlomacy skill. You don't declare a specifrc outcome you ore Lrying For; instead, make lhe ch\,:ck aud compare the result to 1111' table below. For example. ~ttcmplil1g [0 change the attitude or <l h05 ile clone lrOOIJeT foils on <I resul] or 19 at lower,; On a result of 20 or higher, the troopers artiIudI.' changes.

Attitude Hostile Ulliliendly Indilte rent Ftiendly H~lpful


Will take risks to hurt you Wishes you ill

Doesn't much Care Wishes you well

Will t~ke risks to help you

Possible Actions

GM rolls the cheC'k. 1 r t he cheek succeeds. you <lis~ b II~ the device. If the check rai~ by 4 or less, you have railed but tan try agjJin. If you fail by 5" or more, somethlng goes wrong. If it's 8' trap, you wring it If irs some sort of sabctaqe, YOll l\linK the device is dlsa hied, bu 1 it still works normally.

Dlsart« Exp/o!>il:le Dell/N!: A eharactcr can use the Dtsa b lc Devtce sklll to attempt to disarm a set explosive. The DC

islQ For a simple explosive device. 15 for a moderate explosive device, 20 For a

co mplex explostve deVice, an rl so on. If \ he builder W3~ successful in adding a trap, il1cft'~se the DC by + 10, + 15,

A.ttack, interfere, berate, flee

Mislead, gossip, avoid, watch suspidouslg, insult Sedallyexpected interaction

Chat. advise, offer limited help, advocate Protect, back up, heal, aid

OR3· [f.] 7\ r r [f.]

Initial Attitude Hostile Unfriendly fndrFferent FrIendly

Hostile 19 or less 4 Of less

Unf.riendl,y 20


less than 1

---------- New Attitl,lde ---------Indiffe,ent 25 15

Helpful 45

less than J

Wilen using Diplom<lcy to haggle a price, each side makes a Diplomacy check, For mry 5 pOints tha: you h1al~o UT opponen t's check res Lilt by.. you ca n a dj usl the \~I~ prlee by 90/0 u-p or clown (your ch{lilleJ from the

mlrkel value (from Ch13.pter Seven: Equipment or estauIlllred by the Gamemasler). A GM character almost always 19r~e'i to the new price, but a player's character is never Ifquired to buy or sell at a specific price, even if he or she f,lls rile opposed Diplomacy check.

A Note 011 HaggliJtg: The prices for standard items given In (bapler Seven: Eq uipmen t represent the result of a n"ltllmble nrgotiatioTI. Y(lu shouldn'! haggle over mundane \N11" Yuu should t::mly h<l991e over prices when iL'S S"igniflnm to the mi>s.ion-ifyou're m:g"Uing over the price ef every m~al you r OM clIn a'tld shou Id ask you to move 0 n to more mlerf,ting thin g:s.

Ret!'y: Generally,. retries don'! work. even if the mitlill check succeeds. the other character can only be persuaded so far, a nel a re (ry; may do mere harm than gOQ!1. If (he irutial eheck fails, the ather character has prcb~bly become m ore fmnly co m mil led 10 his position. md TI rmy is ru I iI<:.

Speciel: Charisma checks to lrtfluence GM characters are itnrrally u n Ira i nell Diplo mary checks,

lOU can lake 10 When making- a Diplomacy check, but )·ou ran 't take 20.

oI.dlaracter with rhe Trustwortby feal gelS ~ +2 aptttude ~Dnu5 on Di plomaey checks.

nme: Diplomacy is at least a f-ull-round action. The OM nl'~ d~lcrmi rre th a l some 11 eg tll ia lions req uire a longer p~"Qd of ti me.

Disable Oevice (lnt) Tmil/rd Dilly

UI~ lhis ,kill 10 disarm a securt ly devif{', defea l a mech il n iraj lock or I rap, or rig a d'e\iitl: to fail w!1 en ills used, Yo u can examine a ~implc or fairly small mecbarucal or elecIroniC dNice and disable il. The error! requires at least a ~!IIplt lao) of the appropriate sort [a pick, electronic lead, Wlrr, file, lJiY bar, hydrosparmer, ~l'ld so on).

Che!llk,1l1e GM makes the Disable Device check so that )Ou don't necessarily know whether YOU've succeeded. The Dr fOlllle check depends all how tritky (he device is.

Dis:JbHIlQ (or rigging or [a mmlng] a simple mechanical Ol'VICt 1135 a DC of 10. More in rrica te and complex devices ID~rllcularly those that are clectronlcl have a higher DC. TIle

Friendly 35






or +20.
DeYice Time DC~ Example
Simple 1 round 10 Sabotage d mechanical
Tricky 1d4 rounds 15 Sabotage an electronic
deviEe, jam a blaster
Diftkl.llt 2d4 rounds 20 Disarm or reset a.
mechanical trap, open a
mechanical lock
Wicked 2d4 rounds 25 to 40 Disarm an electronic
security system 'If you mTempr to /"""" bf!Mnfi nD "a,.-e Dr rh~ romper/fig, arid +5 Ie The .OC

Retry; Yes, though YQI) must be aware that you h",vt' r~iled' in order La try agaiil.

Spaciail: YOu can take 10 when making a Disable Device check. but you. can't lake 10.

A character with rhe Cautious Ieat and at least 1 rank i1'1 this skill gets a +2 aptitude bonus on Disable Device checks.

Tlrna: Disabling <I Simple mechanical device takes I round [and is a full-round acDtm). lntrirate or !:OlTlplE"x d~vice:; require 204 rounds, You also can rig simple devices to work noml(illy for a while and lhr'n fail some time later (usually

a rter 1 d4 roun ds or minutes of usel,

Disguise (Cha)

Use 1 his skill lo change yom appearance or someone else's, The effort requires at least a Few preps, some makeup. 8t1d I d4x 1 a rnimnes of work. A disguise can include an apptlrent chanqe of height or weighl of no more lhall one-tenth the arlqfnal unless specially craned prosthetics or costumes are utlllzed,

Y,ou can also lmperscnare people, either individu~ls or types. For example, you might make yourself seem like 8 local, even if you're a spacer, with little or no actual disguise,

eh aek: Yom Disgu lse check resu' t determines haw good the disguise is", 1\ is opposed by others' Spot check resulls, Make one Disguise check even if severn I people mil keS pol checks. '111(' G M makes your IJ i5g LJl$e check secretly so that you're: not sure how well your disguise holds up to srrutlny,

II' you don't draw any attention to yourself, however,

oth e 15 don't get 10 make Spot checks. If you come to the attention of people who are uspieious (such as a guard checking travelers entering a spaceport), the GM call assume that such observers are takfng lOon Ll1\,;ir SpOL rhecks,

nil' effeclrvelless qf you t disg u ise depends il1 part On how much you're attempting to change your appearance.


MinQr details only

DisgUised as different gender Disguised as different species Disguised es different age <:rrtegory Disguised as specific class

Modifier +5 -2

-2 to -6"



Ghack, Your Drain Energy check se the DC rOT the target's Will save. Unattended item are automatically drained, as they don't get (0 make a saving throw. A character gets La make the Will Save for an item that he or she 9J1lSPs, wears, carries, or j using when the Drain Energy check is made. Droids are censldered LO be unattended items fbr the purposes of the ('h~~k.

• BIJsed en how differentlhe spa/des is ["""1 )I!Ii!r <pede. in 5iu. and body Iype, b Per step 01 difference bi;lwelln rour o~e <:atel/ory and r/le disguised a_ge (tj(I'!'Il>!)' (y"ung ()I!Iunger thon roUf qgej, aduithoQd. midcl'~ 09<1., old, v'm~fQlJle)

If you're impe.(';ol1atlng lil particular individual, those who know what that person looks like gel ill bonus on their Spot checks (and are automatically susplrlous of you, so your opposed checks are always invoked).

Famlliilri~ Recognizes on sight Friends or associates ClOSe friends Intimate

Bonus +4 +6 +8 +10


14 or less 15-24 25+

Will Saving Throw DC 10



llsua lIy, an indivi d ua I III 0 kes a Spo I check to d c teet a dlsguise immediately upon meeting you and each hom LhereaftrT. If~oll casually me r many different people, each for a short time. the GM ch ecks OI1CI' per dilY or hour, usil'lg an averaqe pol ITlodifier ror the group. For example, if a chara LeT is Hying to pa s for a droid merchant at a spaceport bazaar, the GM can make one Spo; 'heck per 110m for the people tile character "encounters, TnI:' GM uses <I + 1 modifier 011 the check to represent the average of the crowd (most people with no Spot ranks and a few with good Spot skills).

Ratry: A character may Lry to redo a Failed disguise, but once others know that a disguist; was attempted, they'll be more suspicious.

Special: You call lake 10 or lake 20 when est~blishing a di!>guise.

A character wflh the Mimic feat gets a +2 aptitude bonus all Disquise checks.

nma: The GM makes aile Disguise (heck for you when you establlsh tile rlisgl.lise. TIu' GM makes Spqi checks for those who encounter YOl( immediately UPQ11 meeling yOll and again each hour or day thereafter, dependlnq on circumstances.

Drain Energv (Can)

Dark Side Force kill; Requires me Force-Sensitive and A/ler jears

You can deplete power pa ks, I!nergy cells, and simllar power sources of ~eT9Y, rendering electronic device and powered weaponry useless unril the 'power source I replaced or rccharqed.

On a successful ave, the larget item is unaffected. On a Failed save. the ILem's r~ower source is drail1fd and the il~m can't be used U nlll the power sOurce. is rep laced or recharged.

The vitality point cost depends on the ilen] being drainen

Power Source Simple device Power pack Energy ceil

ExampJe Datapad, c.omlink Blaster, ion :gun Lightsa ber, vibro weapons

E-Web repeating blaster, droid


VP Cost 2



Portable generator

Power gcnerntors larger 1 han portable units, such as a standard rus-ion generator like those fourtd in power dmid!. Vdlicles, and .ships, lire Lao large 10 be arfecled by this ~l<ill.

Special: You can lake 10 when making ~ Drain EncrID check, but yeti can't lake 2-0.

A character who 'Uses thls kill receives a Dark Side Poini since it employs dark side power to siphon energy.

Time: Drain Energy is a full-round action.

VitaHty Point Gast: Depends 011 tar!Jd ilem: see above

Empathy (Wis)

FOT('C s~illi Reqllitf$ tne Force-Set/sir ','e Rot

YOll ca n reach ill to I he "Force to read a ta rgel's su rface emo ucns, gelli"ng a sense, of the tMget's ge!1ernl state of rnind

Gheck: An Empa lhy check a flows 'You to sense a larget's general mood, attitude, !lnd emolional stale. You can tell ir the target is happy or sad, angry or indifferent. The target gets to make a Will save (DC 10 T your orce-uslnq levell to resist yOuT empathi probe. hi ave is a reaction that the tar9l!i iSll'l even aware of. The target doesn't know hIS ernetlons are being read.

If the- target's save fails, you get a sense of the target's mood. Detrnnining the target's mood grants a Force bonus all the next skill cheek you make against the- target within the next 10 rounds (1 minute] w,ing one or the Following interaction skills; Blu ff. Diplomacy, Handle Animal. lnttmidate, Entertain, or Sense Motive.

Result 4 or less 5-14 15-24 25---3.4 .15+

Force Bonus to Inte,adlon Skills +1





Re1ry: YOLI can't use Empathy on the same ta~get again ulltil a tter 14 hell rs have passed.

Special: You tan lake 10 when makingan "Empathy fh~(k, hut you can't (ske 20.

0\ character wllh the Coni passion 'fea\ gets a +2 aptitude hO!l~5 011 Empathy cheeks.

TIme: EmpaU1Y is 311 atrack acucn, The' Perce bonus lasts for ID rounds [1 minute) or until you make a skill check ,g~lnll r he target using 0 ne of I he in teractlon skills listed above.

Vitality Point Cost: 2.

Enhance Ability (Con)

Fnrre S~ill: Rr(]llirts the Forcr-Srnsililll: .fro!

Yuu till! calion the Force to enhance your Stl'Cngln or Uellt'rity for a short period 0 f l rme:.

Gheck: An Enhance Ability Check gr~Ilt.S a Force bonus to !l1h!!T yOUT Strength or Dexterity, bu t not both. TIle result

~r lh~ ski II check determines the bonus.

Result Force Bonus
15-19 +2
20-24 +4
15-2.9 +6
JD+ +8 Speclel: You can take 10 or take 20 when making an ~~hafll;:e Abi I ity check.

A ~harn("ter with the Attuned feat gets a +2 aptilude bonus a~ En ha n ee Ability checks.

Time: 111(' Force bonus lasts fur 10 rounds (I minute).

Enhance Anility is an attack action. If YOu lake 20 when making fhis check, you spend 2 minutes and 60 vlwlity points Lo attain the best resull POssil)ie.

Vitality Point Gast: 3.

Enhance Senaas (Wis)

Force Skill; Requ.ire~ the F01'cc~Sf'nsitille and SClIsrff'ats You ran use the Force to en han (I" your norma I sensory rapabilities.

Cher::k: An En[1'!1nte Senses cheek adds a Force bonus to any Listen, Search, Sense Motive, or Spot ehecks, It also adds to SI.JNival checks made to find or Follow tracks. The result or L11~ Enhance Senses check indicates the bonus,

Result 10-14 15-19. 20-24 25+

Forc:.eBonus +2




Special.: You (an LaRt 10 or take 20 whli'n making an Enhance Senses check,

A character witl1 the Aware feat gets a +2 aptitude bonus on Enhance Senses checks.

TIme: The Force bonus lasts For 10 rrrinures, Enhance Senses. is an a uack act ion. 1 P you la ke 20 when makinq this check, you spend 2 ml run es and 60 vitality poin ts toa ttain the best rcsul] p05sl.ble.

Vitality Point Cost: 3.

DBS [!J 7'\ r r [!J

Entertain (Cha)

You are skill d in some type of art] Lie expression and know how to pu on a performan c. Each rank you possess in this skill makes you capable at one form of entertainment, Possible Entertain types include ballad. chan t, comedy. dance, drama. d ru ms, epic, flu te, ha rp, impersenarinn, klon horn, mime, ode, song, storytelling, and trumpet. (The GM may authorize other types.)

Check: You can impress audiences wHh your talent and skill.

Retry: Yes, but not for the S3f11C performance and audience.

SpeaJal: You can lake 10 when making an Entertain check. but you can't take 20.

A character with the Mimic feat gd~ a +2 aptitude bonus 011 Bntertainchecks pertaining IQ comedy, drama, impersonation. or storyt 1lil1g.

Time: Entertain usually requires several minutes La an ho ur QT mort' to em t hra II a n a udlence,

DC Performance

10 Routine performance. Trying to earn credits by playing in public is essentially begging. You earn 1 d )Ox1 0 credits/day.

15 EnjoY;:Jble performance. In a prosperous locale, you can earn 2dl 0 10 credits/day.

20 Great performance. In a prosperous locale, you can earn 2d 1Ox20 credits/day. With time, you may be invited to join a professional troupe or band.

25 Memorable performance. In a prosperous locale, you can earn 2dl0xSO credits/day. With time, you may come 10 the attention of wealthy patrons,

30 Extraordinary performance. In a prosperous locale, you Can earn 2dl0xl00 credlts/day, With time, you may draw attention from distant potential patrons.

Escape Artist (Oax) Atmut C/reck Penalty

Use thls skill 10 slip b ill riel's or rna naeles, wriggle lhrough liglll ~pate;" or escape the grip of an angry Wooklee.

Gheck: Ma]..e a check to escape from restraints \lr 10 squee-ze through a tight space,

Re.straint Ropes

Net Binders Manacles Tight space Grappler


Opponent's Dex check +10 LO




Grapplers grapple check

is long. such as in an air han. the OM mayan rof l11ul checks, You can't fi through a pace-that your head fllthrough.

Grappler: You can make an Escape Arttst check opposed by your opponent's gtapple check 10 gel oul of a grapplr n out of a pinned condition [so that you're just being gr.1ppled], Doing 51'! is an ilctlmck aetion, so i1' you escape tlie grllpPk ycu call move In the same round Se~ GT~PflliT1g In Chapter Eig11t: Combat.

Retr-y: You can milk o)101her check afrer a failed check if you're sq-ueezing your way threuqh a light space, making multiple checks. If the situation permits, you call make additional checks as long as you're not being actively opposed.

Specilll, You Carl lake 10011 an Escape Artis; check, You can take 20 if you're not being actively opposed.

A wilh tile Nimble feat gets a +2 aptitude benus on Escape Artist checks.

Tlma: Making (I check La escape from being bOLJ11(1 by ropes, manacles, or other restraints (except a grlJ]Jplerl

req uires 1 minute of work. Escaping a net is a full-round action, Squeezing through a tight space takes at lea ! I minute. maybe longer, dependinq 011 the distance thai must be crossed,

Ropes: YOUT Escape Artist check is opposed by your opponent's Dexterity check used to lit' the bonds. Since it's easier to tie someone up than to escape from being tied up, the opponent gels a special + 10 bonus 011 her check.

Nee: Getting out of the tangle of a net IS tTl kyo Binder. and MalJacies: These eon fmc wrists or ankle and may be secured to stationary obJec15.

Tight Space: This is the DC. for gelling lhrough a pace Where one's head fits but one's shoulders don·l. If the space

Farseeing (Wis) Force Skill; Troilled Dilly: Reqllims the Force-Sensitive lind Slmsr:' feats

YOLl call use the Force to gain vague impressicns of events happening in other places or times. These are impressions only and usually focus on strong imagery imp emettons. The past 3ml present can't change, so vi!'wing 5\.n;:11 events relics on your getting the correct perceptions, The future Is flurd, however, always 11'1 motion, and therefore 5ubjetl to change. With the Farst'eing skill, you can detect when your friends are in danger, examine siqntfieant details of a past event, or determine the probable outcome of a stated course of action.

Check: The DC of the Par~eil1g check is base~1 of! wh~t YQu WB n l 10 view. YOLI must declare wha t kine! of Vision YOII seek 10 experience-Ihe time, place, ~nd/or person of the vsten, Luke Skywalker, for example, tCl11cclltrnted on seeing his friends when he used this skill In Tile Empire SInha Barl

Seeing another place is DC 15, seeing events of the past is DC 20. and seeiny events of' a possible future is DC 25. Since the future is mutable, the accura of such visions ear be Far from perfect. TIl higher the result, the more detalls you glean.

You call also use Farseeing to gain a reroll after you r3!1 all attack roll. s~ving throw, or skill check. The DC FOr this appiicatlou of the- skill ls 2S,1 r successful, and if you haven't used the skill within the time listed below. you can check to gain a reroll 10 use Immediately, Consider that the Force-user had an earlier vision that he or she is 11 ow taking auvantage of LO change the course of events. Though the vi ion tonk place earller, you sp no the viLality point co I I~I when you make the check.

Speoilll: In addition to enleTlng a trance and seeking your own Vision. the GM can use this skill to provide clues and visions LO progress the carnpalgn. As long as you have at least 1 rank in the skill, the GM can aid your character in

IhlS way. OF course, the more tanks you have ill the ,kill, the eetter the quality 0 F I he vision.

You QaTl take 10 when making a Farseeing check, but ;you ,1,'1 take 10.

A rharar: er witil the link feal ami a( le<lst I rank in this 11;111 gm a +2 aptitude hcnus on Farseeing ehecf::s.

Ilma: A Farseeing check lakes I hour. You ran only 'I)~~C one Fa rseein 9 eh eck in al1'y given week.

Vitnlitv Paint Gost: ] (person or plaee, present), 6 (past). 9 UUlurt:l.

Fear (Wis)

tlilrk Sidr Fem::e 5knt; Rt'Quires /he FQrte-Sensiii,lt' ontl II'I!~~ ji'flfS.

fm Is the I'~ I h to lIH,' dark si de [) r l he Force. YOLI can mallipulale I he Force 10 learn what frightens 01 hers and use Iii I against them, nmking them marc susceptible La LI1e

lur~ of the dark side.

ChBllk: A Tear check provides a Forre pC'l1<ri"ly I u a

1,IlJ~L s skill checks and a Hack rolls. The result 0 r the Fear i1~l:k determines (he target's penalty. The larget can negirte lOt pe1lalty by acre]Jling a Dark Side Polru.

Result Penalty
10-14 ~2
15-19 -4
20-24 -6
25-29 -8
30t -10 Special: YOLI C~!1 take 10 When makin~ ~ Fear check. b\,l1 fau ~iJn·' take 20.

lling this. skill gives a cha Cer(:,1 er <I Dark Side Poi IlL. \duiliple uses of this skill agains I Lilt! !><l me. L<lrget are nat rnmulatfve.

A character with the Malevolent feat gets a +2 aptitude pfinll> en Fear checks.

Ilma: Pea r is an a I tack actio n. Vltalltv Peint Cost, 2,

Farce Defense (Cha)

Fair" Skill: Req 11 i res lilt' FOfn·-SeJl:<!ilil"e "lI tid COT/Iroi fctus ~DU can usc the Forer to i rnprove yo ur resistance to Perceu~ll'.d .ttllCks, wrapping yourself ill the FOTCC'S protective nlbrnce.

Check, A force Defense cheek adds a Ftlrte hnnus to any '",Ing !11roW made againsl a Force-based .. llaek [including li11, and rea IS), Th~ result or the check indicates-II,.-

jlllOIJnl of the bonus.

Time: Force Defense is a full-round action, The Force bon us lasts for to rounds [1 minute), It can also be used as J reacti on a 9 a i nSI it speci tic Force u 1 ta ck [a lso las ti I1g for 10 rounds), b u I ill th is case 1 he rOf.CC bon us is ha I f thal given 0\1 the table above.

Vitality Point Cost: J.

Forc,e Grip (lnt)

Dark Side Force Skill; ReQ!lims tile Force-Sensitire {Jod AII1.:'r.fems

You can use the Force to injure a single opponent by fmdi ng the Ii I1I\'S. of cnergy that ron nect a II I h inys t oqethcr and using 1I11'm to grip an orga 11 or crush Il larynx.

Check: A. Poree Grip Check sets the DC for the target's Will ,aving throw. On " failed save, 111\! t<Jrgel lake-s Jd6 points 01 physical dalTlagce. all a successful save, 1111' larget takes hal r damage.

Re§ult DC
9 or less 10
10-19 15
20+ 20 'SpElcieI: A~ IOl1J;l as you can see your target, you tan LISe til is Force Skill. Dista nee doesn't 11'1 a uet,

You :::3.11 rake 10 when making a Force Grip check, but you can't take 20.

Usiny this skill gives til e characle r a Da rk Side Poi! r L.

A character WIth the Malevolent fellt gels (J +2 aptitude bon I:IS~ on Force Grip checks,

lim II.: Force Grip 15 an attack actlou, Vttality Potnt Ces.t: 4.

ForCE! Lightning (lrrt)

Dark Sirl~ Force SkilJ: Requ i re'1 II! e Foree-Scnsit! ve Ilnd A/tilt .fro IS

YOu can draw upon lhe dark: sick of the force to blast one or'more lar{Jets with deadly bolts of energy.

Check. A fQfCe Lighlning c;neck $C~ the 'DC For lhe

[Erg.!;'1 '5 Rei1e.x savil1.f1 lhr()w. On ~ railt'd save, a larget lakes 3d!) points or energy damage. On a successful save, a Largl!t takes hal F damage.

Result DC
:9 or less 10
10-14 15
15-19 20
.20+ 2S Any Larget with at least one-half covet (stich as one standing beljlnd another large!) is protected from the effect and takes no damage.

SpE!cisl!: Force Ugh l11lng has a TB nge of 10 meters. rhe effect COVeTS an area 6 meters wide OltC'noing out from you i 11 the direction you a re fa cl 119. lind ra 11 therefore 11 Freel InOTe than one target ala lime.

You can lake 10 when making a Force Ligh! );i119 check,

bUL you can't take 20,

Using (his skill giW5 I he rhsractera Dark Side PoinT. Time, Force Ugh tning is 811 attack action.

Vitality PoInt Cest: 6.

DB7 [I] .7\ ,r r [fJ

Rmilt forte Bonus
10-14 +2
)5-19 +4
20-24 +6
zs-zs +8
ID+ +10 SpEdal: You can take 10 When making a FaTte Defe:llse mock. bur you c~rr·l take 20,

~ character wilh the Mettle feat gets a +2 apritude bonus ~n Force Defense checks,

Fnr-ne Stealth (Cha)

Forte Skill; Requires Ihe Force-Sensittve nnd Ctuurolfems Witl, this skill, your character CaJ1 meditate and lose hil~ell' ill I he' l-orce, avo idin 9 Forcl1:-bllsC'd detection.

Check: Use Force Slealth La avoid deteetkm by means

or the Force or 10 mask your presence From other Farceusers, Yo ur Force 5 tealih check is opposed by the See Porce check 01· ~nO,1 her Force-user. Wllf'TleVer a Force-user wants 10 mask his presence in the Force. fOr whatever reason, he gal.l1(:n the Force around hIm, meditates, and attempts Lo hide his cormectlon to the Force.

No check is made until another character attempts to use the See Force skill lor the Sense real in some cases), but you mus; declare lJll1 [ you hav .. activated the. s"ktll prior to [hat attempt. pay lh~ViI~lily point C05t, a.,d still be within (he trme iimi1 of (he skill'« usefulness.

Special: Y{lU can take I a when maklll!)" a Force Ste~lil1 chrek, hut you can't take 20.

A character with the Focus F~I gets a +2 aptitude bonus 0 Fl Po rrc 5 lea It h ell ecks,

Tlrna: Force Stealth is a full-round actinn. It lasts for 10 minutes. Once activated. Force Stealth rematns in place 10 CQtln!c:r See FOTl;.e checks until the lime limit f'xpires or until you u.~ al'l.V Force skill. Usiny another Force skill selldlfles your connerlton 10 the Perce ~l1a makes ma.sking yeur presence imp'ossibit.

Vl.t.aUty PQint Cast: 2.

F[)rce Strike (lnt)

Forc« ShW: R('tlllires tile Force~Sem;lti/)e fnld Alia fi.'(lI.s YO\j din altac~ one or more opponerits using the Forq.

Check: A Force Strike check sets the DC for the larget's Reflex ~llvjng Ihrow. On a failed 5~ve. the t~Tget Lakes Jd4 poi Ii Is of physical rJ::.Il11age. On a .successful ~ve. (he [a rge L takes h~i F d~m:age.

Resull: DC
9 or less 10
]0-19 15
20+ 20 Speciel: Force Strike has a ra nge of 10 meters. II can arrecl up to four ta~gets standing adjaeern to one another.

YOu can take 10 when making a Perce Strike check, but you can't take 2.0.

Using this skill egal nst a IMllg la r!.let !lives tile character a Dark Side Point.

A eharaeter wiIh the Focus feaL gets a +2 apt1tude bonus on Farlee 5( rtke ell ecks.

Time: l-orce Srrike is an attack action. Vltelity Paint ,cost: L

Forgery (lnt)

Use lhis skjll to rake an cieclrOni( document from the Grand Moff if1Slnlcllng an Imperial warden to release prisoners, to eres tc an auihen lic-looking star chan LO il newly discovered planet, 10 Falsify a starship permlt or transponder code, or 10 detect forgeries TII;j 1 of hers !ry 1 pass off on you.

Chllck: Forgl.!ry requires materials appropriate 10 the docu me n 1 u('i ng fOIg'ed tacom pu tercr tl a 1<1 pad, p las I lsheets, dlltacan:l:s, etc.), nnd some lime. To rQ'rge a

cl ocu me 11 t sueh as mil i L<.Ity 0 rders, ~g overn m ent (kcrte, business ledg,er, a rnerchandlse oltler form, or the like, 'yD need \0 have seen a gtrnilar document berare. You can't forge somet hi I1g you haven' L seen. Your deg re~ 0 r fa 111 iii a ri ty wi th the document pmvid ItS a modifier to your Forgery check, as shown below.

familiarity Check .Modifu! Unfamiliar: Document seen once lor less than a minute -4

Fairly familiar: Document seen for selleral minutes +0

Quite familiar: Document has been studied atleisure +4

Intimately familiar: Forger has produced other

documents of the same type


Some documents require secl,rrity or authnrlzalicn CIld~5; whether authentic ones or additiollill rorgerie" Tile- OM makes your check S~trelly so you're not stlre 110W goo~ you r rorgery is.

The Forgery skill is a lso used to detect 50 mEO ne the s forgery. >1111: result o f the Griginai Porgcry check that created I he document is opposed by a Forgery check bJI the person who examfnes the document to check i 15 aut!1entkity. I f the eX~TT'iiner's cheek result is equal 10 Qr higher I han the original Forgery eheek, the document is determined lobe fraudulen I. TI1e examiner gains bIJI1U55 or pen alties loh is or her check as Qfvcm in I he ta hie beloir.


Check Modifiel -4

Condition Type of document unknown to examiner

Type 01 document somewhat known te examiner Type 01 document well known to examiner DOcument is put threllgn additional tests

(ccrnpurer, dreid, analyzer)~

EXaminer only (Clsually reviews the docurnent s

• c"muldtN~ with any of Ihe "'st I/o''''' eorn/il/Olls OIl th" lobll!. Apply !hi .. rnQdifier blOll!} wiln Me of !lie .ather three whEn ~'kr approprfotr..

-1 to +4


A dccu men t that contra diets procedure, orders. or previou knowledge. or one that requires the examiner to relinqubll a [.10.'!St'~SiP11 cr a pteee 0 F in Form a Ilon ca n i ncrea se the examiner's 'iu'ipicion [antl lim; ('rca re favorable cireumstances for theexarniner's opposed Forg()zyci1eckl.

Retry: No. since the forger isn't sureof the quality of lh~ original forgery.

S,per:;iel: To Forge docu rncnts an d detect rorg cries, OI1~ 1 n usl he able to read lind writ!" the langu~ge in question.

Inlr ~Ml is 1 anguage-del1t'ndet11.)

YOII ~~n take 10 when making il Forgery rhrek. but you GIl1'! take ZOo

Tlrns: r:org4ng <I short and simple document takes

shout I minute. Longer or morecomplex documents lake Icl~ minutes per page or screen,

Frien.dship (Cha)

Fan.'" Skill: Tmined Dilly: Requii'I!S the ForCe-Sl;'lIsil"il!t' JIm

lou can Ilst" the Force to caliT1 a hosril e or un friend Iy p~r,on or ani rna I.

Check: A Friendship check alters the all iturle or a hoslile or unfrlendly L<lfgel, ch~mging it to sornethinq

~.o.rt amiabk. YOu don't need to, be able (0 ccrnmunirate ~llh the targ~t. Instead of using words, you employ calmillg emctions lhrough the use or tl~e Force. Make the

dIeck, compare it to [he list or DCs on the table below, and Dply the result for the highesL DC that's equal to or less than tl1(" check TCSU It. POT exarnpl e, 11 resul t of 19 chi! n ges

a hostile character's a rt iru de to un fri e ud I,)'. .

Current Attitude

Hostile Unfriendly


New Attitude Unlriendly Indifferent Friendly


2.0 25 35

10 15 25

II Ih~ check Fa ils [a resu lL of 14 or less IIgl1 i ns 1 a hosti le ,har;J,ler, or a result of 9 or less against an unfriendly

I haraner), th e targ et's B llil ude becomes worse, wilh nflknrlly tsrgets tuming hostile an(1 hostile larncQ; [urn-

II~ romha tive. I f the check succeeds, the ta rget main rains lilt new autrude toward the Force-user un til a situation errurs to alter that state,

WhCl1 the Force-user ends contact with (he target [b:y lewing the I <lrg .. t's immediate vicin it:yj •. the target ca n illlmed.1ately make a VVills.aving throw (DC 20) to shake off tll~ effects o{ Friendship. Otherwise, the Forc;e-tnduced 11(111J11~ fades in 1 ham.

Retry: You can make only one successful check involvng n $pedflc targeL per hour. Of your use of Friendship on ~ t!rge( turns him From hostile to ul1rrh:ndly, ,you can't

t~CIl follow I ha ( wil h a second check to try to improve 'the mit1.uic of t he now-uri friendly charactcr.l If the cherk fails. )'011 can't use Friendship all lhi!) target i1gain until 24 hours I.,we pSJ;se cL

Special: Yau can take 10 when m~kil1g 0' Friend511ijJ dJct~, but you can' l take 20.

Tima; "fiend.hip is a full-reuntl a('110n. 1 ~ effects laSl u))til S()m.~thir1g orcurs to 'l:lumge the target's attitude, or until 1 hou r has passed,

Vitality P.oint ens!: 2.

Gamble (Wis)

I~ Ihls skill 10 earn credirs through games of chance, 111- dlIdtng sabacc, jubilee, and be ltirlg on swoop ra ces.

Check: The arneun t of your wager and the rl'SI.IIl of ~our skill check dererrnlne how much money you win Of (15~ during 81; evclling of gambling. You can either

tl8rnbl~ a.gilin~l l[le house Or agail1~\ an opponent lilT group or cpprmentsl.

When gambling ~gains! I he hou,e-sudl as when pillying the jubilee wheel or betting on the outcome of a mee-yoll must declare how many credlts you wont to w~gcr ~5 your stake For the evening of gambling, Your skill check determines whether you win or lose and by how much aFter an enrire INening of gambling.

Result 1-4 5-9 10-14 15-19 20-24 25-29 30-34 35-39 40+

Wins or Losses Lose entire stake

Walk away with 250,'0 of stake Walk away with 50% of stake Bre.ak even, keep entire stake Win stake x 1.5

Win stake x 2

Win stake x 3

Win stake )( 5

Win stake x 10

~88' UJ 7\

r r UJ

Whcn gambling against other opponents-such as major GM characters or other heroes-each character declares an amount to wager tor the evening and makes a skill check. The cilarnCler with the h(gheS1 result is considered the overall winner alter all evening of g~rnblil1g. (If two or more characlers are lied ror highest result, Ihry split the wil1liing~.) f'a.dl psntelpant, other than the winner, checks his r5ull ag~jnS't ihe winner's resu It, using the difference in I he scores to determine how mud] money is deducted From hls stake and added to the winner's take, as shown on the table on the next page.

Diffe·rence 1-4

5-9 10-14 15-19 20-24 25-2_9 30-34 35+

Change in Winnings

Break even; keep your entire stake Give 1/1 oth of stake to winner Give 1/4 of stake to winner

Give 1/3 of stake to winner

Give 1/2 of stake to winner

Give 2/3- of stake to winner

Give 3/4 of stake to winner

Lose it all; give entire stake to winner

You can also use the play-aqainsr-the-housc system (the previous table) when you gamble with mul Llple. aM characters, if the GM wants La reduce the number of skill checks,

Retrv: NQ, unless you want te put un another slake. Specllll: You can't take 10 or take 20 when making a Gamble c11('c1<.

A character With the Trick feal gets a +2 aptitude bonus 011 Gamble cheeks.

11me: A Gamble check assumes all entire evening of play. with the J'e5t1lL indkating 110W much you increase or decrease your take.

Gather Information (Cha)

U~e Ihis skill to make contacts in an area, find eutlccal gOSSip, spread rumors and collect general tnlormarion.

ChE!ck: By succeeding at a skill check toe 10) and spending an evenill9 passing out credit and bLlying drinks. you can gel a ref'1 fOl 111(' major news items in a city or spaceport. This resul1 assumes that no obvious reasons exisl why inFormation would be withheld [such as if yotl can't speak the local language). TI1e hiqher the check result, the betler the lnfermallon.

IhfQmlalion ranges Irorn general 10 protected, and the cost and DC increases attoroingl~ For the type of inforrnalion you seek to g~thcr, as given all the table below.

Type of Information DC Cost
General 10 50 credits
Specific 15 100 credits
R,estri cted 20 250 credits
Proteded 25 500 credits General information concerns local happt'niny • rumors, gossip, and the like. Specific Information usually relilles to a specific question. such as ~Whith way LO Mos Espa?" or "WhiJl C<11) YOtt lell me about tile m;y~terious woman WilD alwilY~ stands behind the senator?" Resrrlcted ill Formation Includes fact thai aren't genelQlly known and requites that you lOcal!! am 011e who has access 10 such inPormalion. Protected information is even harder 10 come by and might in c1 ude some da n ger, either to th c one (J;;ki 119 the questions or the one providing tile answer, III the case of both restricted and protected infonnalion. there's a chance that someone will take note or an one asking about informatton th;'l r811~ into one of these categories.

You can 1;1150 [ncrease tile 31110\.lnl or credits you use to galheriMormatiol1, Qainil1g a Circumstance bonus by cffeclively orFering a bribe [though the process might entail buying more e pensive drinks, not necessarily offeling il character extra credits]. l'<lY one-half or the cost for each '1-1 circumstance bonus you want to add to your check. For

example, Deel Su rool is looking for restricted in forma lion about a star system that doesn't appear on any public astrogaricn charts. He really wants to geL Ihis inrQr111aliol1 5Q he spends 250 credit, pl1JS an addition'!l 125 rredits ror every + 1 1)0l1U Ill" wants to apply to the he k. 111 lhis ca<.r he tan afford an additional 250 credits, granting him 0 +l bonus 011 111"1:: check.

Retry: Yes, but it takes an evening or so rOf each chect, and characters may draw attention to themselves if they repeatedly pursue a certain type of in Formation.

Special: You can lake 10 when making il Gather lnfonnation check. YOLI can also lake 20, bul yO~1 must spend twenty limes the amount of credits, and it lakes twenty evening 10 gather the information.

A character with the Trustworthy feat gets a +2 aptilud bonus on Gather lnfurmatlcn checks.

Tlrna: You must spend <lnywlH:'Te from a few hours to an entire evening when making <I Gather Information check.

Handle Anjm",,1 (Eha) Tr4iut!i1 Onl)'

U e this skill to drive a team of dewbacks purling a wagon over rtlLlgh terrain, lO leach a vornskt to guard, La mise a monrt (IS a deVoled per, or to teach a r31lCOT to "speak" on your command.

Ilhecks The time required to gel 311 effect and the DC depend on what you are trying to dQ.

Tllsk Thne PC
Handle a domestic animal Varies 10
"Push" a domestic animal Varies 15
Teach an animal tasks 2 months 15
Teach an animal unusual tasks 2 months 20
Rear a wild animal 1 year 15 + level
Rear a deadly animal 1 yea'f 20 + lev~1
Train a wild animal 2 montbs 20 + level
Train a deadly animal 2 months 25 + level Haudt« Ii DOnie ric A 11;1110/ : A character with Lhis skill can drive beasts of hunlcn, ccrnmand a trained vomskr, tend tired tauntaunaand so forth.

U Pusi;' a Domestic Animal: An animal handler who "pushes" a domestic animal can gel more out or it than il usually gives. For example, the handler could drive draft animals for extra effort, encQurJging the!" to pull more weight or work longer.

Trln'h III/ Anil/1n/ Tasks: With \ hi skill, 'you can teach domestic: animal a Few irtcks. You can train one type of animal per rank (specified when the ranks are purchased) to obey commands and perform simple lrlcks. You call work with up to rhree animals of the same type alone t:iTne. and can leach them general tasks such a~ gUarding, attacklnq, carrying ridel'\, Ilerformlnfl 11eavy labor, hUlltln. and 11'::1cl<lng, or lighting beside troop ' An animal can he trained ror one gener<ll purpose only.

Teach all Animal Ul/usul.ll Tasks: This use of the skill IS similar to reaching an animal tasks, except tha t the tasks can be something unusual for that breed of animal, such as Irah,ing a bantha to be a war mount. Allemaiively. you can use this aspect of Handle Animal to train an antrnal to perform specialized tricks, such as leaching a rente La rear

011 command or to come when whistled For, or teachin~ a r.lton LO pluck objects from sorneone's gra5P.

Rrur II Wilt! or Deadly Animal: Rearing a wild or deadly ~rlmall nvelves raising a v{ildcreature frbrn in fa n(j' so tha t I is IJomesticated, The creature's level (see Chapter FourI~rn: Allies and Opponents) IS a dded (0 the DC. A hantll((r rail rear up to three creatures of the same type at once. A >uccrufully demesticated wild or deadl>, animal can be I,ught trieks a t the same time that it's being raised. or Carl betaught them as a dornesrlcai ed animal lain.

Traill II Wild or Deadly Animal: The character can train

J \'I11lJ or dea.dly creature to do rena in tricks. but on Iy at the hamcI~r's command, The creature is slill wild, thQugh

u,uillly eontrcllable, Add the ci't':ature\ I eve I to the DC.

Retry: For handling ano pushing demestie animals, yes, lor lmlning D nd rearin g, no,

SIlIWIIlI: You Gill take 10 and take 20 when handling and pushing domestic: animals, You can take 10 but you rsn't take 20 when In:'llning or reatillg an animal.

,\~ un lrai ned cha racter uses Charisma checks to handle llill push animals,

A ell,uReler wuh the Animal Affmity ~at and at least 1 all~ in Illis skill gels ~ + 2 apliLud I" bo 11 us On Ha ntlle Anlm~1 checks.

TImB: See the- table above for lrlformalion on how long it IOks 10 make a Handle Animal check.

Heal Another (W:is)

Ughr Sid~ force SlIiII; Requires Ihe Fr;rCe-SE'l1s'ip'l'e (lud Mwr feats

You ean use I he Force to Ileal damage La ken by an 0 ther [I!TSon,

Check: This skill can tCSLDre vftali'ty points, wound IHlnllS, or ability score points lost by snrneone other than I rill f,ei F. The J'e5U It of the Hea I Another check ind lea tes llir damage t hal is healed,

Ihe table below Indieates the arnou 11 \ 0 f hea ling possible [(] lhe resull ~QU achieve, as well as the associated vitality iHI1nt cost to you. You can always decide \0 heal fewer

PlllnlS Iha n indica led by your check result II nd [lUIS in cur a low~t vi tali I)' poi ru cost,

Type/Amou.nt of Healing Stabilize a dying c.haracter Restore 1 d4+ 1 vitality points Restore 1 d6+:2 vitality poi rus or

1 d4+ 1 lII/ol1nd points or 1 d2ability points

Restore 1 d8+4 vita.lity points or ld6+2 wound points or

1 d4+ 1 ability points

Restore :2dt'l+6 vita.lity points or Id8+4 wound points or

1 d6+2 ability points

Vitality Point Cost 1

Result ID-14 15-19 10-24



YQlI m!ISL touch the target tha t you W~ nt to heal. Ytlur [ilg~t mil', receive healing (hal would increase her vital- 11)0 points wound points, or any or her ablllty scores

n ~ond tier full normal tota], Any e~ceS5 points restored ~'r 101\,


REltry: You can't altempl to heal vilality damage to the SlITTle person a second time until I hour has pass~d. You can't attempt to heal wound damage or allilily score damage to tile same person a second lime llntjl 24 hour; have passed,

Spat;iill You 'ran only ItstOTC a:bili ty score llOin ts lost to tempo ra ry effects such as poison or disease: penna nent effects such as aging can', be reversed with this skill.

You can lake la when making a Heal Another cheek, bUI you can't take. 20.

A character With the Compassien frat gets a +2 ap\i\ud .. bonus on Heal Another checks,

Time: Heal Anotlwr is a lull-round action,

V.\t~lIfty Pgfnt CDst: Al least 1 (for a failure or a minima] success), but see above,


Heal Self (Cha)

Force Skill; Requires the Force-Sensitive and Centro) f-ears You can use lhe Force: to heal damage you have taken.

Che.t;k: This SKi II Carl restore vita lily. WO\lnd, 0 r abili Iy score poin ts you have lost, The resu it or the Hea I Self check inditates the damage lhal is healed.

The table on the following page lndieates the amount of healing possible For the result you achieve, as well as the assoclated vitality paint eost to )Iou. You can always decide to heal a 1 a categury less Ulan yaur TeSU It For a lower vita lilY cost.


U91 [/] A r r [J]

Result 1O~14 150-19

VItality PoI.,t Cost 0' a or 1

llhsslnn (Cha)

Forc« Skill: Rrq!lIrn rile Foree-Sensitir« and Alter fr{/(~ You ran use the Fnrec to manifest till~l' visual and allrlitOl) images that seem comple(rly real to thQ~t' who perceive lhcrn.

J::neck: This ,kill crea res illusiQll$ 10 trick, distract, [If c~r harm those who perceive lhern. [Though these illuslons can't cause ph)'sirill 1131111, they can provoke tntal misl~k~ h\ 111m!" who don't I\'cognize them i'I, unreal.l

YOUl llluslnn check result sets the DC tor tilt' target's \\1 SJvillY I hrow.

Amount HII!.~ecI

Restore ld4+1 vitality points Restore 1 d6+2 vilality points or

1 d4+ 1 wound points or Id2 ahility points

Restore 1 dB+4 vllality points or 1 d6+2 wound points or

1 d4+ 1 ability points

Restore ld6+6 vitality points or 1 d8+4 wound points Of

1 d6+1 ability points

a or 1

l'r pI'vPic <Ire ob~C1'vlny yeu, even C<1~ually, ~ou can't hirle You can run around a comer so thai YIlLI',C out ohlghl ~n{1 then hide, but the others then know at least where you went.

Crfuling a DjN"r~IOI1 to Hide: You can use the Blurt skill (sec page 77) to help you hide', A successful Blufr check can give you 1 he momentary diversion you nerd 10 auempt a Hide check while people are DWJrC of you, Whi1~ 'he ethers turn their auerulon from you, you can make a Hide cherk il 'y01l ran gel to a hiding place or kind. (As a generill guideline. the hiding place has to be wlthin I meter for l'very J ranks you have in llide.j This check, however, ls at a -10 penalty because you haw 10 move fs',t.

Spacial;: You call lake 10 when making a Hide check, b.; )OU can't take 20.

A character with till" Stealthy feat Ul'l~ a t-2 aptitude bO/HI' 011 Hide rhech,

Time; Hide is an allack artion,

Result 4 or tess S~14 150-24 2S~34 35+

Will Saving 111 row DC 10






You can '[ increase your viwli ly paints, wound points, Of any of your abllirv scores beyond your full normal total, An) ext '5S points restored ,IT' lost.

Ratrv: rou may on1) allempt a Heal Self dlCC~ once per hour [for \ ltallty pointsl Of once per (la;y (for wound points or ahilily 'Core points).

Spaclel: You can only f~L("Jr(: ~l.Jilily score f10inb lost to remporary cffcel~ such 3S polsun or disease; pcrmaneru effects such as aging can't be 11'V('("<;ed .... ith this skill.

You rail l<lkr \0 when m~,\;.illg a Heal Self check, hut you can't take 20,

A character with the Attuned fcal gNs a +2 oplitlldr: bl,)nu~ on Heal Self checks.

T,lma: I kat Self Is a lull-rouml action.

VltBlity PoInt Cost: I for ;j failure, 0 for for rC~[(Jring

\ il.ality polrus, and either I, 2, or 4 (see above) for re<;toring wound points or lIbililJ SCOIe potnts,

Hide COax)

Annor ['lifeR PI'nalty

USl' thi~ ~kill 10 sink hark into the shadows and proceed unseen, i1llproach an Jl1lpl.'rial guard pes: under cever of trees and brush. or tail someone through lh!" ,p~cder lanes of 1Ju~) COl usea III wi thou: lrci ng noticed,

Check: Your Iiide' chl'ef.. is opposed by the Spot cheek of 3nYOlll' who might S~I? you. You can move lip II) one-hall your normal speed and hide at no penalty, AI more than one-half and up [0 YOUf (1111 speed, you [all" a -5 jlt'l1alty, It's pr;,clilal!y tmpessible (-lO pcnalzy) 10 hide whill'

l1,I1'Inl nq or (Imrging.

ro r l')(1 1 111)11(' , Deel Surcel 11 as a speed or 10 Ij'lt'lers, J r he doesn't want IIJ lake a penalty en his Hide check, he can mo\l" <; mrll:r"i as a move anion in tne same round when he is tlyl'llg to hide.

Yom rhl1:k is also modifred hy your size:

Si[e Modifier
Fine +16
DiminutiVE! +12
Tiny +8
Sma.!! +4
Medium-size +0
lar,ge -4
Huge -8
Gargantuan -12
Colossal -16 The maximum rangt.' fer this skill i~ 1.000 kilometers hom the Force-user, Ihe distance of the illusion from lilt' Force-user modifu:~ the vitality polru cost.

Distance Vltallty P·oint Cost/Round

10 meters 3

10 kilometers 5

100 kilometers a

1,000 kilometers 10

Maintaining an llluslon tor more ihan .1 !oinyte rouml 1\'qulres an attack actlun [but no adrlltlcnal skill CllCck) ami the vitality poir,t expendlture, as well as a level of concantrailon, A Ferce-user ran't maintain an illu~ion '~hl1l' u~ing other Foree ~kills or engaging in dim:lCllng aoivTI).

Speclal: Each person who perceives the illusion perccrve the same event. Characters encounlcrinq an illusion can I attempt a ~avil1g lhrow 10 mcogni7.C it i1~ Illusory unlillhl'\' ~ll1dy Ii ca.refully or lnlerae] with 11 in a 5imlif1!:ilnt r~~hlrll!.

A successful sa\'in~l throw against a Forte illusion feY\-aI\ It 10 he false and di~pel~ the illusion,

A f;}iled s.aving UlroW indicates that a character docs"'1

natll"e <If'iy[lling amiss, A character "provided with lncentrollTlible proof that an illusitHl isn't real doesn't need to

ilI,ke a saving throw.

If a character makes a successful save against an illusinn ~nd communicates this knowledge to others in the area, clth of these others immediately makes a Wfil savina

. row with a +4 clrcurnsiance bon US to iden lifY I he illusion jl False.

Using Illusion to perform ~ d~dly ~tl against a living lar[e~gives the ful~-lISer a Dark Side Paim.

YO'U~BIl take 10 when rT]ilkil"1U an IIUSlorl check, but you can't take 20.

A character with the Mind Trick f,T gets a +2 aptitude b ontls on Iluiion checks.

Time: Illusion is an attack action. Vitality Poh,t [Jost: Pay 111e COSt

gIIl'n above fer tile appropriate distance during every round '11 \l'l1kh yOll rnalntaln the ilI),l§iOll.

TyfM! of JU!'1P RunningjLlrhp • Standing jum p Running high jLl mp' Standing high jump Jump back

For example, Rorworr the Wookice has a Jump $kill modif1er of +3 (no ranks, ,~3 S rength bonu£) and a base speed of 10 meters, He attempts a I'lHlning jump across a 4- meier-wlde chasm, and his playtlr rolls a I J for a result of 16 (1 J + J = 1 G). That's 6 more than lQ, so he rlears 2 meters (6 x 1/3 = 21 111 ore than the minimum distance, or 4 meters. Rorworr just makes it.

MInimum Distance 2m




1/3 m

Additional Distance

+ 1/3 m per 1 pcintabove 10 + l/l m per 2 points above 10 + 1/3 m per 4 points above J 0 + 1/3 rn per 8 points above 10 + 1/3 m per 8 points above J 0

Maximum Distance Height x 6 Height){ 2 Height I< 1 . .5 Height Height

Intimidate (Cha)

list Ihls skill 10 get sorrtecne to do something he doesn't ~a~lto dO' by means Qryerh<Jl threats, force of will, and inlpo,lng body language.

Cneck: With a successful check, yo!'! can ft;1rtibly per" another rharacter to perform some Lask Of behave I J tNlain WBy. The DC is typically 10 + the target's

kwl AllY bonuses that a rarqet may have on s.aving '~TOI'iS agai nst rea r i 11 crease r he D c.

Ihere are li mils to Wt18t a su ecessful Intim ida 1 I.' ell eck ~3'1 do. YOll can, for example, 'cause an adversary to back DDwn lrom D con Fro n ta lion ,. su rrehder pne e F hiS p(l~SES~ans. reveal a piece of secret inrOfmallon, or nee from IDLJfoT~"'ho,rl lime. You c:a1'1'1 rorce someone to obey GUnVl'.l)l command or do sornet1ring that ~ndal1ger.; that Drr,Oll'<; liFe.

Retry: G~lleTillly, retries don't work. Even if the initial UIl',k succeeds, the other character can only be intimidated 51) [JI~cl1, al1t1 ~ retry doesn't help, If the initia I check f.lils, 'ke other character hes pro h~ bly become more fr fl111y

Il:lfllwd to resis] the i nttmlda lOT, a II d ~ retry is r\rlile.

Specl!!l: You can take 10 when making 311 1 ntirnldate rb?(k, bot youcan't lake 20.

II (il~ racter wtth til e Headstrorrq fl'il L ge.ts <3 + 2 apti tude Oon1JS on lntimirlat e checks,

Time: Intimidate requires a Full-mund action.

Jump (Str)

..\mw Clil!ci; Pen(lily

~ t11i5 skill to leap OV~l pit"" vault low Fences, or reach a !'\'~ s lewtsr branches.

CheJ::k: You jump a minimum di'iLam:e plus an atldl 1.1 ana I d~lsncr depending on the. amount by which your Jump

t(k result exceeds 10. The maximum dist~nce of 1Illj'

n p Is ~ ru nctlon 0 r your height.

Tire distances given on the ta hI I.' below are for en ala c tel'S ~ 111 speeds 0 flO meters. I r ynu h ave a lower speed

1.l«:Iuse of armor, cll.cumbl1l1lce., or wrighl tamed, rbt !lmnc~l, red uee th ~ distance jumped proportio nally.

Distance moved by jumping is ceuntedaqalnst maximum movement in a round normally.

It you intentionally jump down from a height, you might ta ke less damage tll a n if you JUSI f~ II. I F you succeed at a Jump check (DC 15), you take damspe as if you hau fallen 4 meters less than you actually did.

Spacial: You tan take 10 when making a Jump check. Jf there ls no d,mger associated wlth railing, you can take 20. for example, you are Free 10 take 20 to k~r:p lryin~r until

;}tOLl jl1l'fTp high enougll to catch 9 low-hanging branch. You can't take .40 when attempting to leap across II gaping access shaft inside the Death Star, since ~n;Y failufl' results in a long fall and massive rlanl<lge to your character.

A character who has the "Run and makes a running jump increases the distance or heighl he dears by 2501Q, but t1 0 [ past 1 he rnaxin1l1 m.

A cbaracter with the Acrobatic Fl:'al gelS a +2 aptitude bCI11US on Jump checks.

Time: Jump is 1.11'1 attack action.

Knowledge (Int) Tral!It'd Dilly

Like the CrafL and Professlon skilb. KrlOwledg~ actually snecmpasses a number of uT1~latl'tl sl:iIls. Knowledge represen ls a S L utly 0 f some body 0 F IOTej possibly an academic or even sdenlifrc discipline. Below are typical Iields 0 r sl udy.

G Alien species [customs, societies. attrfb utes 0 r species

other than your own)

G An::t,eology (the scientffrc study of material remains)

G A,rchitettllre (the art and ,deli;:e or building structures) G AstrO'riomy [the study of celestial bodies)

G Biology [the Scientific study of liVing oraanlsmsand their vital protess~l

G Bureaucracy [k.nowledge of bureaucratic procedures]

e Business (k~owledge of business procedures, ~rorrl anti loss. supply and demand)

e Chemistry {the scil"ntinc study Of the composition. structure, and preperrles .of substances}

G Eng I m!l'ring (the sden fiftc study 0 f the appllca I ion pf matter and energy)

098 [/] 7'\ r r [I]

e Forcrrsrcs (knowledge of ~pplying (he ~ci!.'nlirn:~ method to solve proiJle1l1~1

a Genetics (the sctern ifl\:' \>1 udyof the gem'llc makeup or an orqanism!

a Gcugrnphy tl be \cit'lllific study Qf I Ill' plly .. jl'al I eature~ ora plane I)

lit History (knowled~c of past events that have been lmpnrtant to the drv .. lopmeut of ,galactiC ~odf'tyl

e Jcdi lore (knowledge of the tradltions nnd powers of I he Jodi]

a M~dieil1C (ilic ,LieTlllfn: ~llldy of the ma{n(cr:rllll('€' of hl'i'l1l11 and Ihe jlTt'Vl! n\lon, a ncvlatioll. or C1.Hl' 0 r dlsease] e Ph.Y'>l~ (the 5cicnUfu: ~tudy of the interact ion of maner and tlTerQ?1 I

e PolitiC'S (knowledge of govemment::J1 instluulons, processes, Q II d polir: es]

e Strcetwise (knowl~dqe necessary to survive and suecessfully 1 n I emci ill a 11 urban environrncn l)

a Faeries (tlw ~ricl1! i lie ~ludy of disposing and Ina neu.... l"rlng forces in tomball

n'chJ1Olog) (knowlcd~e of culting-edge ril'..,jcC5 and electronic ~leOlsl

e Wildcmess lore (knowledge or surviving in ::J wild. untamed area]

e World lore (knowl.'dge of the culiures.Jlre. and physical makeup of spcrlhc planets in 11ll' q~laxy)

Check: Answerinq iI questien within )lour Field ohlUdy ha~ .1 IJC 0 flO [For rt'ill1} I'<lS;) questions). 15 (For basic ClUl'~lions). or 2.0 to 10 (tOf really laugh qucstlonsl,

Retrv: No. Ihu mil represerus what you kntlw, and thinkIllg a bout atop ic n 51.'CO 110 time d ocsn't 1(>1 you know ~lInlelhing :you never learned in tile firsL place,

Special: An untrained Knowledge check b simply an Inlelliqence check. Wilhoul actual training. iI eharaeter only klll)W~ cemmnn knowledge about a given 5ubjecl.

Youcan lake 10 when milkin~ a KnowlNigl" check, but you can'l take 20.

rile GM ll1<iy auer the DC 01 a Knowledge check, or apply a mod ilier to the check, 10 rcllerla eharsrter's rallllilarily {or lack thrreof] witl1 a specihc ilSJWCt of the skill ratcqorv, Far example, a GM rna.,. a!low a character with the I\now1cdg,e (Corenial ~l,lIIlo recall informatiun about other \ orlds III tin: Corellian \!."clor with a +2 or +S lIIorlifier 10 the sklll rheek DC.

Abo, the OM 11'13), decltle that having 5 or more ranks in a ~Il\!clnc T<llowl~dye ,kill provides you wlrh a +l ~yn~rgy hortus when making {I r(!lrH('d skill check. r'or example. iI character with 5 or more ranks In Knowledge (medicine) cuuld get a +l ~'ll('rgy bnnus when makinq a 1 real lJ1fuTy check in certain situa tinns,

Time: Knowledge check can be a reaction. bUI etherwi~r rcq uires 11 full-ruuntl aCI Ion.

Us,ten (Wis)

LJ~l' (his skill 10 hear approaching enemies, deiect someone ~neaklng up on you from behind. or eavesdrop ana rnn .... e 153110n.

Chec:k: klake a LISlrl1 check again~t a DC that reflects huw quiet the noise i~ that you might hear or against an oppo,cd Mqvc- '5ikrilly check,

Tile GM rn 3y C~ II r or ~ L.i~lcn ch eck by a ella racter who is

in a pp~itiol1 to hear ~orm'lhing, You can also make a check \loiunlarily ifycnr wall I ro try to hcar ~Dn1Clhil1g in your vlclniry,

I he GM may make 111~ I bien CI1E~ck in ~cc~l'l so 1I1~1 don't know whel her l1ul hearing <lTl}'lhiIlY means I ha I ing is there or that you rolled low.

A successful Listen check when there isn 'l anv thing lo heal results in you hC<lring nothing.

DC Sound

o People talking

5 A person in medium armor walkmg at 11 slow paCt trying not to mak.e noise

10 An unarmored person walking al a stow pace, not to make ilny rrotse

15 A ! sf-level scou ndrel using Move Silently within J

m~ters of the listener

25 A katam sta,lking prey

30 A yelker swooping in for a kill

+ 1 Per 4 meters lrom the listener

+5 Through a deor

+ 15 Through a waH

Retry: You can make a Listen check ev~'ry lime ,YOli have the opporluni1y \0 hear ~amething in 1) reactive manner; A'i> iI full-found .ar:l101l. you lYIay nUl'l1l!ll 10 lirar ~ome1hing that you failed lor nelteve .'1'011 ralll'll) lu hear prl'viou,ly.

Speclel: \'\Ihl'Tl sC'olmll characters are li,t~'nin9 10 Hie same I hlny, the GM ran nuke B single I d.W roll ~'nd Lise I IOf all till' listeners' skill checks,

YOII cau take 10 Dr i<lk(' 20 when rnakilllJ 3 I i~ll'l1 dwdl.

I a king lO means you spend 2 mlnu tes M lC-T11 pUng to ht'llt sorncthlnc that 111a) or may no! be there 10 hear,

A character wlth I Ill' ~krlnc~s feat gel~ a i-:.:! aprhude bonus on l.lsien checks,

TIme: AUsten cht'cl Is either a reaction (if calh:d fOT 0)the GM) or a full-round acucn (if you aruvcly lake the

10 Lry 10 hear scmclhlnq).

Move []bject (lnt)

Force Skill: Reqflirfs till: Force-Seusitivr oud \lr('r Jfllb You can ml;l\'f' olUetl~ ami living being~ using the Force,

Cheek: A Mo~c Objrcl riled .. allows YOH to [lid up and nll)VC an object or creature from a distance u~lng I he fom Yo IJ 111 lISI be oble La SC(,' I \~" ta rye L OQ_jCCI Of crea I ure to ht mowd, and it must be whhln 10 meters 01 your position t initially gather it lip in the l-orce,

M(wing Ull Object: lifting or moving an ollject of up ,0 kiloUTilm~ is /I simple task, fl'quiring a cheek ag;Jin~1 DC 10 and rosting 1 "Halil), point. For each additlenal order of rr1ilfjnilUlie (50 kg, 500 ktJ. ann 50 on] or Ihe oh1e~l. the DC Im'rc3~e~ by 5 and t he vitality point cost doubles.

Weipt DC Vitality Polnttosl
0.1-5 kg 10 1
6-50 kg 15 2
51-500 kg 20 II
501-5,000 'kE 25 8
5,OQ1-S0,000 kg 30 16
etc. etc. etc. leu can lift an ahjed as 11 move 3('·tio f1 and move it II

umber 11 r mel ers equa I t ,1 4 x yo ur Forre- user level by nnl;ing a c:lleck againsl the appmpriate DC. You tah

enttnue LO move the abJect in subsequent rcurrds Izy' ronlllluing to make suceessful dierks and spending viral- 1\ pomls. I f yo u fail a check in any su bseq u ern rou 11 d

~llIlc altempting 10 movean object, the object falls Lo

t ground.

If two Force- LJSer'~ a re cent e.s1ing CQn I rol 0 fan objet L, ~se npposed Mov~ Object cheeks, 'n1e Fort;e-user who ull; th~ higher rtSuHgtJil1S con ITol For that rot,II1U. If the ,I\lel object is phy'lical1y held by a resisling ifldivid ual, h individual rna kes a Will saving throw (DC 10 + yo ur Ol,~-US~T level] to retain possession. In the case of a plMiUllobstruCl ion, such as a 511 ip 5! urk i 11 lhernu d or

ra 19h1 under a r..lIen tree, the GM incteases the DC of the II(lW O~J('c 1 cheek u£ing these 9 uidelines: + 5 for a s~ight ob>lluttion. + 10 rOT a moderal e obstruction, and + 15 fOT

\~m~ obstruction,

MIJI'iIIB a UlJilig Being: Using (he Move Objecl skill on a Mfig heing allows it 11 Will saVil1g throw {DC 10 + your sre-user level] to resist. I f the tarqe t Fa ils its save, treat Ii

5 an object rOT purposes a f del e rm i n ing distil nee III oved

!f~ above), I nile target succeeds. the skill hal> no effect


~ nd yow still expend the Vi Lality pain t cost A target can willing Iy forgo i I S savl I'Ig throw.

I-/llrrirl{J ObjCt'is.: Move Object isn't t1esigne(,i as a mode or attack. lis normal rU(lclion :olloV\'s a Force-user [0 call objects to his hand or to employ the I'oree 10 move largl!f obJer::ts when no physical means are available. You can usc this-skill 10 lin and hurl a Smart or Medium-size object or IivinH being [50 kg or less), but not with any speed or power; 1'0 hit a tilrgel, you use your ranged auack bonus and try to gel a result that equals or exceeds the Larget's Defense. Hurled objects and heing~ up to 'i ~g deal no damage but daze lhe [iJTgrtl lor 1 round, [Some targets, such as tlraids and ether objects. can't be: dazcd.l ObjecLs and livin~ llldng5 w!'ighing between 5 and 50 kg deal Id4 points of d B maqe in addition to tile daze effect.

TIle Move Object skill ran also be usedto lif1 an object or being and drop it on a larget. The largel gets 8 Reflex !;i,lvil'lg throw to avoid th e dropped o~ieel or being lsee Table 12-22: Damage from Falling Objects ror Reflex save DCs.). A dropped object 'or being deals dilr11<jgr i)ascd on it}; size and the tlist~nce 13l1en, as discussed under 1'<l1l1ng Objects in Chapter Twelve: Gamcm3slctil1g, If the target succeeds at the Reflex save, i I ta kes no darnaqc.

Tirna: Move Objecl is a rnlJv~ actton. II' you try \0 employ it as an attock. rl is a full-round action.

Vitality Plllnt Cnst: I or 1110re (see: above!'

Mc!ve Silently (De:X) Armllr CllE'ck PelialtJl

You ~n ose this "ikil1 10 sneak up behind an ci1emy or slink away without bein~ noticed.

I::hBCk: Yom Muvtl Silerrtly check is opposed hy the listen check of anyone who might hear you. You can move up to one-half your normal speed at no penalty. At more than

o n e-ftll If and up (0 your ru,11 speed, you take a -5 lJemlty. Il'~ practically lrnposslble (-20 penalty) ltl mOve silently while runninq or charging.

Special: You can take 10 when making a Move Sill"!llly check, but you can't take 20,

A character with the Stc.lJltlly feat gets a 42 aptitude b01TU1> on Move Silently checks,

Time: Move Silently is a move action.

Pilot (Dax) Truillt?ri un!»

Use this skill LO operate a vehiele, whether it performs in land. sea. air. or space.

il::her:k, Typical piloting tasks don't require checks.

Checks me required during combat, For special rna neuvers, or in other extreme circumstances or when the pilol wants 10 attempt sQrt'!ething outside lhe normal parameters of tile' vehicle.

As a rule 01 thumb, easy vehicle manelIVI.'TS-it1(lucling low-speed turns and loops-do not require a check; lhey only require movement. Surnts=acrlons in which the pllot or driver attempts to do something complex very quickly or in a limited space-require Pilot cheeks. Using a sMp's afterburners to increase speed has a DC of 10, and usin·g braking lhrus-lers to slow a ship down rapidly 118S a DC. of 15. Peifarming a tight lcop is scmewha I more challenging (DC 25), and 111e DC ror avoiding'

D95 [/] 7\ r r EIJ

hazard-, T>J II[JrS frcrn IIl'tv ra~y (DC 0) to nearly impossibk!DC io),

!:=arh whirle's description includes 11 111311< UWI modiflel [hal J !lplie<; 10 nil Piiol cln ,k_~ made when 0 PCr.! 11119 the

... chide. If or !oIarship~. this mndlfier rkri.e~ directly from the si.,e uf [he ship.]

Fer tk~t"riptions or vehlcle andstarship maneuvers ami combat. WI: ClrBlli!;'! Tent Vl'1jkll"5 and ChapiN lleven:


Iletl"'v: An attempt [0 use a Professlnn ~kill to {'11m all income can't be retried. You're stuck wlrh whatever waqc rOJ the coming wed \lOUT check result hrought vou, {Anothtr check ma\ be made after a .... l'(:k [0 determine" a new income for I he nt'"l period or tirue.]

Special: YOIl call trike 10 when r!mldng a Profes~iofl ci1l'ck, IJU I YOIl C'~ 11 'I take 20.

TIll' GM !ll::ly'C"iul' Ih~1 having 5 Dr more ranks in a ~llccl(ll Profession ~klU provides you with ;1 +1 ~m=rgy

bonus when making a related ski check. FOT example. a character with 5 or more ronks in Prof1'551f1f [computer prp[Jmnrtnerl could g,1 tl SyfJerg:y bonus when makh1fl J Computer US(' (hl'ck in certain

.. n uaticns.

TIme: Wlll'fl yuu're usmg rroFessiol1 to make.' a living, the.' check requites 8 Wl:~k or dedkatrd work. A check to arcon plish aspecifrc lask is usu<J11,y a full-round action.


~~ YOU .... E BAVER. "

1@IOI[ [oom);mA, I THOUGHT. ~

(. Lei /II. 0 R G /II. N ./11.

Spacial: Any I'ilot check made le oneratc a ~1.3rship 11<15 a -4 pl'llall.)l un Irs) you haw! 111' appropri a I e SI ar~hip Opeldlion lear.

You (In lake 10 wl1(,11 making II Pilot check, hUL.)IOU can't lilk~ 20.

A character with the Spacer feat and al least I rank in lhls ~kill UrL, a 1-2 apt]1 ude bonus all Pilot check ••

Time: UsinO the Pijul skill i~ a move acrlen,

Profession (Wis) 1 mlll,",1 Ou/y

YOl] all' lTilinl'tl in a live-Hhand ur a professional role. such as bartender, coo k, moistu 1"( Fu rrner, herba li~l, -pa ~d I and, trader, doctor, slicer, enqlnccr, mechanic. I iJWW r, low officer, computer ptogrammrr. druid programmer, militarv officer. gambler, (11 entertainer;

Like Crart and Kno ..... lcdqe, Professien i) i111ually a

number of separate skllls, You could have several Profession 5kilh, each wilt! ils own ranks. l'ilch purchsscd ~ .. a separate sklll, I~or instance, YOLI ['Quid have L1,c 5kill i'roFe5sion kook). Your ranks iTI that skill don'T affect an)' checks you happen 10 make for Profession {gambll'rj or Profession (moisture fannerl, fur example.

V\hilc a Craft skin r('lln."llI.'Jlt\ 'kill in crealing an item, a Pro Fc~~ihn skill represent ~ I h~ ah] Ii ly lo tlea I With I he business a~rJ('cl ~ n r 11 chosen voca I ion. I r your job produees a tangible product or lits InteJ Ill!: nianLifaclmillg ~~IOr. Ih~Jl il'~ rcprewlllcG by a Crafl \1..111. If your joh provtdes a SCTVIee, it's represented b) a Prore~slon skill.

Chad: You ca n practice your professjon .. ntl make a deren t living, e'~miny your check result \ i ITlC~ 100 in credi l~ Ior one week 0 r d('d ittll ('[1 work (I h IS I~ II nd ~r norma I conrI1t1"I1~ and in a lora lion where the work i~ l1f'etledj. So, a rherk [l!'~ulL of 22 wmM earn you 2.200 eredlts durlnq lhe upcoming led.

You know how \0 use the rocls of your trade, how La perform the profession's d~lly tasks, 110W 10 supervise untrained lrclpcrs, ami how to haurlle COIllIi1[JII problems, For example, a spacchand knows how fa perform basic Slflr>hip maintenanre and the basic la~b of ~paccfaring. The GM ~el~ DCs for spe lallzed lash

Read/Write Language (None) '[ra;II('d 0111 ..

The RcadJW"rirr L1nguage -kill duesn't work like a stand nrd ~kHI.

a You start a t 1st 1('\1('1 knowing how to read nnd wril~ your primary laillglmge. {See ChnpH:r Two: Spcries.l 10 also select a number of additional languages 10 spta~ read and \~ril('" equal to lour Intel1igel1l'e bonus. Instead of huyiny a rank in RradfWrilc Language, lU' thoosE: H new Im1fjuagc' lhat you tan read and wrlle,

e You don't Itr~kC" Rcad/Wrile Lan9u~ge checks. You either know he ..... 10 read and wrill' a specific langung, or you don't,

a To be able 10 speak a language that you can read an write. you must lake the Speak l.anquaqe skill For the appropriate langllagc.

e Pb,,:sible lallglla!1('~ (0 CHOOSl' fTOltl when you W3)11 lu buy new Read/Writ{- Langu::I!l(' ~kllls lnrtudc Ba~ic, Bolhese, Cerean, Dosh, Dug. Durese. Geouesian. Gungan. 1 luucse, !rhorest', Jawa 1 rade language, Kamino(m, KI.·I Dor, \lon Calamanan, Nermoidinn, Quarrenese.', RodeM', Ryl, Shyrilwook. 1Ih, Sultustcse, Yuuzhan VDng, ,IIlU Znbrnk. Your GM Illight doterrrun th at you call' t learn a specific IOllguiJg~ due I (I the cirrumsumc~~ 01 your camrmign.

Some.' I:mguagt"i, such as Gamarrean, l woke~e. and Ldk (tin !w:ld-t;!i1llln~lu~gr 01 the TWnL'ksl. don't have wlillci rClrlll~. You am'l wkt· I he Relld/Writl' I nilgu:-rge 5 kill Iur all unwritten lanquaqc,

Repair UnO Tmilll'c/ Onll

YOlI can r~it tlamaged machinery or ['lcc"\ronic device ...

Check: Mosl l~ep~lr cheeks are rnatlc 10 Ill( ccmplcx elect to nic (J r CO 111 pu I erlzed devices. such a ~ veh ides, druid or romputer sysll:m~, TIle DC is ~CI by the GM. using the [juldelines ~Ugg('stcd below. MakIng repairs .illsQ in v olw~ paying a rnnnerary cost, 3S shown 011 the table bela .....

Task DC

Simple repair (tools, simple weapon) 10

Moderate repair (high-tech weapon, 15

mechanical or electronic component)

Comp.lex (Iightsaber, droid, vehicle, 10


Veryc:omplex (starship component) 2:5


1/5 price 1/5 price

1/5 price

1/10 price

hand this round bCCilUSC you need to use the other to control your mcunt.

Sray ill Stu/die: You can react It'I~taritly to try to avoid fallin{J whE'n your mount rears 01' bolts unexpectedly or wilen you take tlama!':j{"_

Cm'r.r: You can react lnstarnly to drop down and hang alongside your mount, using il as one-hal r COVeT_ You c~n't a I tack while u~ing yOU! mount as cover. 1£ YOlI fail, you don't get the cover benefit.

SO.!I Fall: You react il1s1~nUy when you tall off a mount, such as. when it is killed or wilen it fa 115, 10 try LO avoid Lal.;,lng darnape. If yOll fail, you take I tl6 poiht:5 of falling darnaqe {set! Falling Damagc in Chapter Eight: Cembat].

Lt'HP: You can gel your mount to leap obstacles as part of its rnevernent, Use your Ride skill modifier or the mount's Jump skill modlfier [whlchever is lower] to see how far the mount can jump (using the Jump "kill, p~ge 9JJ. You check tlgail1sl1)C 15 to sl~l' on the mount when it leaps.

Omlrell fiJI/tllll ill B(I/I'/I'; As a move action, ycucan

(i ttemp t to ton trGlI a 1110tm t w hilt: in cornba L I r you Fail. you can do nothing else tha 1 reu n rl. You do no t need to roll for war mounts Iriding animals sper:ilically trained fOT baulel.

FUS1 MOlml or Dismount; You can mount or dismount as a free action, I f you fail the check, 1110<II11"in9 or dismounting is a mow action, (Yot! can't auemut a Fast mount or disnlQUnl unless you can perform the mount or dislTIOllnt as a mnve actleu [his rpund, ~houl(l the check f~il.l

Special: If you arerir!ing bareback, you ta~r <I -5 penallY on Ride checks.

You tan Lake 10 when making a Ride check, but you can't takc 20,

A character with the Animal Mfmit,y Feat gelS a +2 aptitude bonus on Ride checks.

Ttrne: Rid", is a move action, except when otherwlse noted for the special tasks lis led above,

SE!arch (lnt)

YOu can make a detailedexarninatiort or a speclfrc area, looking for lost items. Ilidden compartments, and traps, or to discern other details tha t arcn 'I rea d ily apparen I a I a

casu a I glance, The Search ski II le ts a character detect some small detail or iTTl'gulanty lhrough aClive effort, whereas L111.':

Spot skill lets you notice surneti1ing with a quid SC<lI1.

Check: Yeu ge nerally III LIS! be wi thi n 4 meter; 0 f t he object or surface lo be exsmjned. You call examine up La a 2-meter-by-~-metrr area or a volume of goods 2 meters 011 a side wtth a single check,

DC Task

10 Ranseck an area to find a, certain it.em

2.0 Notice a typical secret compartment, a simple trap, or an obscure due

15+ Find a complex or well-hidden secret compartment or trap; notice an extremely obscure clue

Special: You can ta ke '10 when making a Search ch eck.

You can take 20, but it takes 2 minutes to do 50.

A character whl1 the Sharp-Eyed Feat gels a +2 aptitude bonus on Search checks.

Time: A Se~ reh check is a f\J 11- TO U nd action,

D91 [!) 7'\ r r [!)

If yOL! don't have the proper tools for a Repair eh eck, you ~"\'t' a -5 p~nalty 011 the crtl'ck Also, working with alien or unfamiliar lechnology inc-mast's the DC by 5,

JUI'J~Ri{j: You call choose to attempt Jury-rigged, Or t~mporary, repairs, IJoing lhis reduces the DC by 5 and allows JIllu 10 make the check in as little as a full-rcurrd action, However, a Jury-rig repair can only lrx a single problem with 11 rheck, and the temporary repair 0 Illy lasts until the en d 0 r

'he current 'scene or encounter, nwjmy-rigged object must

be Fully rcpAljred thereafter, This a'ppli",nion of the Repair skill ran be used U nrrslned, and the bonus provided by the Gcarheacl kat applies to untrained jury-rlq attempts,

Retrv: TI1ere are 110 restrlcuons en repealed Repair thecks, ln some specllic casts, the GM may decide that a r.iled Repair check has 11 ~ga live ra miflca rions that preve n l repeated checks,

Sllecial: You ca n La ke 10 or take ZD on n Repair check, Wh~~ making a Repair check La accomplish a jury-rig repair, yOU can't take 20,

~ eh aracrer wi I h the G earhead fea I and a I least 1 ra n k In Ihls skill gels a +2 aptitude bonus on' all ~cpair checks,

Time: Simple repairs take a re-v. minutes to accernpfslt.

Complex repairs can Lake hours or even daoys. YOI) can make a lury-rig repair as a Fult-round anion, but the work only !sIts until [he end or lhc scene.

Ride (Dex)

~ tl1is sk.ill 10 tide any kind of mount, indu(lillg tauntauns, ~fWbacks, and banthas, amQng ethers,

GhElck: Typical riding actions don't rl1'quire che-cks. You

tim saddle, mount, ride, "1'1 Gl tliS\noul11 wi th au l <1 prob lem, Moun\il1g or disrnmmll-ng an animal is 11 move action, Some EilSks, suc\1 as those undertaken in combat or other extreme rheurnstances, require checks, In addition. auemptinq trick ridmg or asking the animal to perform an unusual tech"Iq-ur also req llires if eli eck,

Riding Task DC

Guide with k n ees 5

Stay il1 saddle 5

(over 15

Soft fall 15

~ap 15

Control mount in battle 20

fast mount or dismount 20 •

Unfamiliar mount +5

I Arm,", eh~ peni!I!ly ~j:.llj,'~

Gu iar Knees: You ca 11 rea ct i nsran tly to guide yo Lit mOllll! With your knees so that you can use both hands in combaL Or to perform some other action. M'Jkr the check al llinlarl of your round, IfYOll fajl, yOll can only U5e Ol1C

Sea Fnr-ne (Wis)

Force Skill; Requires !Ill' Force-Sensitive and Seils!' .feats You call detect the presence uf the Force in a person or locale someone strong In the Porce by f'xlllllit1ing the emanations and currenb in the Force.

Chal;:k: See Force detecLS the relative strel1gth 01" the Force in a plan' or person. 01 reveals the presence of QLher Force-users, Your See force check is opposed by the Force Stealth check of another Force-user, IF there is someone or somethlnq to detect, YOli spot a glowing line of ('n('rg in the Force, more brilliant than the presence of non-Forceusers, and mentally folloitY it to Its 50Ut"g'.

You can use this skfll on a 5j'Jeciiil' Larget wll h i n y0ur sphere oril1nUl"ncoe (a radtu in meters equal to 100 x your I~or(,f'-user level], On a successful check, the GM reveals whl;'1her or not the ~arg t i 11 Force-user OF theLafg'eL has the Force-Sensitive feat, the tarqet is 3 Forceuser] and, if so. the rela: lve strength of the rarqcts Force-using ability compared to your own, (I f 1h(' Larget has more levels in a Force-using class than YOI.l do, the target is more powerful lfldn you are.) You don't have to be ntil.t:' La see your target, but you should have a general Idea lhat someones there. [For instance. you could use 5l'e Force on an em'my pilot, evell i r you couldn't see him. as long as 11<' was witl1in rn fig!'.}

You call also use ee Farce to examine the currents and emanallons in the Perce La reveal the presence of other Force-users within your sphere of Influence [which is 100 meters x your Force-user levell. 1)ar[ll Vader used this applicatlon to sense Obi-Wan KCl10bi on lhe Death Star in )\ Neu! HoW'.

Ir ther Is no orce Stealth che k to oppose your See Force check, the DC is 25 minus the Force-user level of the lar(fel tha l could be sensed [you sense the closest target with the flr~1 check, and subsequent checks reveal other targets, if there are any, ranging out lrom I here).

Speoial; You an take 10 wJ1c11 making a See Free check, but you can't la~e ~O.

A character with the Aware: lcat gels a +2 aptitude bonus on See Force checks.

Time: See force is a full-round action. Vitalitv Point Cost: J.

Sense Motive (Wis)

Use this skill La tell when someone is blufliny you. Thi~ skill ~presenLs sensitivity 10 the body lang~Jage, speed1 habits, and manneri Ins of others.

Check: A uccessful check allow yotl LO avoid being blurred (see Lh ' Blu rr skill. page 771. You can al 0 use the ~kill to tell when someone is behaving oddly or to assess someone's trustworl hiness,

I n a ddition, you can use I his skill Lo make a 9 U I assessmern of a social sit uatlon, YOu can gel the feeling fr!)rn another' behavior Lhal somethtnq is wrong, such a when you're talking to an impo lOT., you can gel til Fc~lin§ llial someone is trustworthy ami honorable, The DC lor such ~ ltunch is 20.

Retry: No, lhough you may make a Sense Motive check fur each bluff made 011 ynu,

Spacial: You can take 10 when making a Sense Motive check. bUI you can't take 20.

Speak LanguagEi (Nona) Tfllilll'lJ Dilly

The Speak Language skill dOe511'1 work like a standard skill

A character with the Sharp-Eyed frat gel~ a -tl aptilud( bonus on Sense Motive checks.

TIme: TrYing IQ !,lain infbrmation with lhis skill lake al least 1 minute, and you could spend a whole evening t

(0 gct a sell e or the people around you,

Slei.ght []f Hand (D8X) Tralued Only: j~rl1Jor Chr:rk Pc/wIry

You can lift it purse and hide it 011 your person. palm an unattended object, r perform some real ofadroiltl s wm an object t1Q larger than a hat or a loa or bread,

Chack: A check au~il151 DC 10 lets you palm a cait:l-sizl11 unattended objel't. MITior feats of slelqht or hand, such as rh~king a coin uisappear, are also DC \0 unless an obs rWI is concentraring all noticing where the item went.

When pcrforminq this skill under close observation. your skill check is opposed by the observer's Spot check. The observer's ebeck dOI.'Sn·L prevent you rrolll perfbrming the actiort, just from dOil1g it unnoticed.

When you try to Lake something from anothe person, your opponent makes a Spot heck to deieet the all mpt To attatn the ltern, you must get a result 01"20 or higher, rcgordless or the opponent's check result, TIle opponent de teet> the a ttemp til her check resull beats your check result, whether or not you Lake the item,

Retry: A second Sleight of Hand attempt agafnst lhe arne largel, ur when being watched b the same observe; has ,I DC 10 higher than [he r,r l skill check if the fil"51 checi lajled or if the attempt was noticed.

Special: You can take 10 when I1laking a 51l;'i9111 or Ilanl check. but you can't rake 20.

1\ character with the imble feat and at least 1 rank in this skill gets a 2 aptitude bonus on leighl of Halld checks.

Time: Sleight of Hand I;; all attack actiol1.

e You siart at 1st level knowing how to speak your primal}' language. and perhap an addilionallang1Jage [See Chapter Two: Speeies.) You !II a select a number of additional languages to speak or read and write cqlt~1 to your IntelligEfnte bonus, (Remember I hal Speak Lat1guag<- and Read/Writ!' Language are differern skills.]

G llistcad of buying a Tank ill Speak Languaqc, you choose a IlI'W language tha L you Cilll sp iak.

a You don't make Speak l<inguage checks. You either know how to speak and understand <I speciFI!;-la

nr you don't.

a To be able [0 read and write a language (hal you can speak. you mu l lake the Read/Write Langtlagc kill fur the appropriate languQge.

a Possible languages to choose from when you waul to buy new Speak Language skills include Basic. Bothese, Cerean, Dash. Dug, Durese, Ewokese, Garnorrean, Geonosian, Gunqan, Huilese, lthorese, JaW<1 Trade li!llgU<1ge, Kaminean, Kel Dor, Mon Calamartan. Nt'iIJlQiciian, Quarrenesc, Rodese, Ryl, STIlt, Sullustese,

Yuuzhan Vong. and Zabrak, Your GM might dele-mine that you can't learn a soeofrc language du .. to the drcurnstances Qr yCliur Cam[l;lign.

BOlSlC. the common language of the gal<lXY. is 'Spoken tar at leasl understood) by must civilized species in lhc galaXYI

t~en species such as Wookiecs (who physically can't prOTlounce words in Basicl learn to understand it in order 111 g~1 J long wl 111 other specks.

Some langu'ages an: uniClue to a speetes and generally

(~I1'1 he spoken by those or other speties. FOT instance, Shyniwook (the ianguageof Wookiee~l can he un(lerslaod readily byHumans who take the rime to learn il, but the the lluman VOCij I a ppa rat us is incapable of reprod ucing the sounds of the I an guage.

6ekku, ihe head-tail language of the Twi'leks, is an exampir of a nonverbal or body langu1lge. Even if a non- Twl'lek IM~\ to understand [be language. without the unique Twl'kl Ilf;,ul-Lail protrusicns, such a "speaker" would lind lt 111:);1 to impossible to comrrrumcate using Lilal language.

Retrv: No; applicable. (1l1ere are no Speak Language rhccks 10 fail.]

Spot (Wis)

liS{' ll1is skill ttl notice opponenl5 waiting in ambush, to see D ~oul1drcllllrking in ~he ~]1ado'\Ns, or to discern a wampa hiding in a snOWbank by making 3 quic] scan of ypur

!UTiO ul1d i n 9'5.

Check: The Spot skill is 'USed primarily to detect cbaraciees ill rrestures that arc hiding. "JYpically:, Spot is opposed by the Hid~ check of the rharacter tlying not to be seen, Sometimes J ceaturc iST]'L intentionally hiding but is still difficult 10 see. 10 ~ sucoessfu 1 Spot check i~ necessary to no lice i l.

Spot is also osed to detect someone ill disguise (see lilt D1sguise skill. pagll 8J), or to notice an incongrui~y or a clue Illal can be seen al a glance.

The eM may rail fora SPOl check by a character who is

n a posltton to notice some[rling. Yeu tan also make a Spot th~ck voluntarily if you wanl to 1Ty 10 notice something ill )'OUT vicln ity.

The GM may make the Spot check in secret so lhat you lion'l know whet11 er not i10licil1g artyl h ing means, tha t nllihing is there or 111<11 you TOlled low.

A successful Spot check when there isn't llnylhing to natiee resutis in you noticing nOll1ing.

Your Spot check is modifier! by a -1 penalty for every >I neters 0 f d i51 a n ee he I ween you a 1'1 d the crest ure or object \'DU are tiYi ng to .dlscem. TIle check [8 rries a further -5 penDlty iF you are in the midst 0 r activi [y {a comb a t scene, a crowded street, a bustling cantina, ~ntl so forth}.

IlBtry; You can make a Spol check. every time YOl1 have Ilw upportumty 10 notice something in a reactive manner, ),; H hrll-rcunrl action, you may attempt to notice sametlung that you failed (or believe you railed) to notice previo~sly.

Specl-al, You ean take 10 or take 20 when making a Spot the~k. faking 20 means you spend 2 minutes a[·temp1ing to nOlice ~omdhin!!l that may 01' may not be there Lo notire,

~ character witl1 the Alertness leat gels a + 2_ flPti~utJe hDI1U5 011 Spo t eh ecks,

Time: A Spot cnerk ls either ~ reaction {ff called for by the GM] or a lull-round action (if you liIellvely lake tile lime to try 10 ncticesumethtnq].

Survival (Wis)

Use this skill to hunt wild game. gUidl'" a party safely through frozen wastelands, identify signs that wampas live nearby, or avoid q uicksa nd and 0 lher natural hazard s,

Check, You cern keep yoursel rand others SOl Fe a nd Fed in the wild.

DC Ta,sk

10 Getelong in the wild. Move up to one-half your overland speed while huntlng end foraging (no food or water supplies needed). You can provide food and water for one other person for every 2 points by which your check result exceeds 10.

15 Gain a +2 eirtumstanee bonus on /"ortitude saves against severe weather while moving: up to one-half your overland speed, or gain a +4 circumstance bonus if stationary. V:ou may grant the same bonus to one other character for el/ery 1 point by which your check result exceeds 15.

16 Avoid getting lost and avoid natural hazards, such as quicksand.

With llw Track re~t, you can also use SUTViVdI checks to track a cha ratter or ani mill across various term in types [st'{> Track. page 11 t\J.

Special: You can Lake 10 when tl Survivnl check.

You C~1l take 2Q if there is no danger or penalty for failure, but it takes twen l)' limes us long as U~UH I [0 d D so.

A character with the RU9Q"l'd reat gets (I +.1 ap1il.ude bonus on $urvivDI cheeks.

Time: Basic Survivalchecks occur eaeh day in the wilderness or whenever a 11azard presents itselF. WI1rll usjng Survival wilh the Track feat 10 rrsck a charscrer or animal, checks are made acl'ordin9 La distante, as described in the Track feat, page 116.

Swim (Str) this skill, a land-based creature can swlrn, dlve, navigate unrkrWa!er obstacles, and so on.

Check: A successful Swim check allows you to swim one-quarter your speed il, a move ac: ion or one-hal r your speed .8S a full-round actlcn, Roll once per round. I r YOll fail, you make no proqress through the water. If you fail by 5 or more, you go un derws ter and st a rl 10 drown (sec Drowning in Chapter Twelve: Garnemastcrinq).

If yo'u are underwa ler (whether drown1 n9 or swimming underwater intentionally), you Cake a curnula li~ -I penalty to youl Swim check for each eenseeutlvc round YO\I've been ur1tlerw~ter.

The DC for the Swim check depends on the water:


Calm water Rough water Stormy water

DC 10 1,5 20

099 [/] A r r [/]