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Presented by
Md Tauseefur
MBA 3rd sem
NIMS University
Areas covered in presentation.
 Definition of recruitment.
Method of recruitment.
Sources of recruitment.
 -Internal sources.
 -External sources.
Definition of selection of sales force.
Purpose of selection.
Process of selection.

Definition of Recruitment.
 Recruitment is the process of generating
pool of qualified candidates for a
particular job.

 Recruitment is the process by which

suitable source of manpower are
identified to fit the organizational

 Its aim is to attract qualified job

Method/process of
Sources of recruitment.
Sources of recruitment is divided in
two categories as follows:

 - Internal sources of recruitment.

 - External sources of recruitment.

Internal sources of
Internsand cooperative students.
Employee referral.
Organizational database.
Job posting.
External sources of
Campus recruitment.
Advertisement. (Newspapers ads,
Television and radio ads)
Employment exchange.
Placement consultants.
Internet recruiting.
Other industry source.
Definition of selection.
 It refers to the process of making a hire
or no hire decision regarding each
applicant for a job.

 Selection is the process of picking
individuals who have relevant
qualifications to fill jobs in an
organization. The basic purpose is to
choose the individual who can most
successfully perform the job, from the
pool of qualified candidates.
Purpose of selection.
The purpose of selection is to pick up
the most suitable candidate who
would best meet the requirement of
the job and the organization.

The needs of the job are matched with
the profile of the candidate. The
most suitable candidate is then
picked up after eliminating the less
suitable candidate

Process of selection.
Application forms.
 Invites application from prospective
candidates from various sources
identified earlier on the recruitment
 A well designed application form ensures
that the same information about all
candidates is obtained through a
uniform application format.
 Application form ask candidate physical
condition, family status, education,
work experience, participation in social
events and hobbies.
Personal interview.
To gain an insight into an applicant’s
mental abilities and personality.
It helps a sales manager to assess the
applicant’s personality, level of
appearance and intelligence,
communication skills, coordination
with peers, empathy, ambition, etc.
Interview may be panel interview,
situational interview, behavioral
interview, etc.

Reference check.
Checking references can insure
accuracy of the factual data about
the applicant.
A reference check can help in
supplying the information and
opinion about the applicant’s
aptitude and past job performance.
In many organization, the applicant is
asked to give six to seven names of
referee and interviewer is free to
take the opinion of all or any one of
the referees.
Physical examination.
Many organization prefer physical
examination && medical test before
they select them not because sales
is a physical exhausting job, but it
requires stamina & physical ability.
It includes testing of weight, height,
B.P, Heart beat, E.N.T testing, blood
& urine, neuro-psychiatric tests.
Psychological tests.
 Aimed at measuring the mental abilities
& personality characteristics of a
 The test can be grouped in three
categories as:
 - Intelligence test( has adequate
mental ability)
 - Aptitude test(To detect if there is
any problem in the person’s sensory
 -Personality test(motivation interest,
ability to adapt and adjust, interpersonal
Determination of terms
 Related to:
 - Compensation pattern & types.
 - commission structure.
 - Allowances including medical &
 - Leaves with pay.
 - Housing facilities.

 These all issues are to be discussed

before the issue of appointment letter.

 The appointment letter is issued at the
end of the selection process which
 - compensation & allowances.
 - Probationary period.
 - other conditions & information duly
signed by the appointing authority.
 If the salesperson is interested to join the
service on basis of terms & condition ,
he is expected to join duty before the
expiry of due date.
Initial orientation.
It is the process aimed at providing
the job- related & organization
related information to the new
It includes origin & growth of firm,
procedures & regulations governing
the job in the organization,
information regarding sales
department & its structure,
disciplinary measures & rights,
duties & responsibilities of
Thank you.