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C 60/2 EN Official Journal of the European Communities 2.3.



DURING THE PERIOD 15.2. TO 19.2.1999
(1999/C 60/02)

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Commission the Council

COM(1999) 57 CB-CO-99-063-EN-C Proposal for a Council Decision concluding 15.2.1999 15.2.1999 26

the additional protocol to the EEC/Cyprus
Association Agreement to associate Cyprus
to the fifth framework programme for
research, technological development and
demonstration (1998 to 2002)Ø(Ï)
COM(1999) 81 CB-CO-99-078-EN-C Communication from the Commission to 10.2.1999 16.2.1999 10
the Council and the European Parliament —
WTO decisions regarding the EU hormones
COM(1999) 55 CB-CO-99-060-EN-C Proposal for a Council Regulation (EC) on 16.2.1999 17.2.1999 74
the common organisation of the markets in
fishery and aquaculture productsØ(Ï)
COM(1999) 82 CB-CO-99-080-EN-C Amended proposal for a European 17.2.1999 17.2.1999 12
Parliament and Council Decision adopting a
programme of Community action (the
Daphne programme) (2000 to 2004) on
measures aimed to prevent violence against
children, young people and womenØ(Ï)Ø(Ð)
COM(1999) 65 CB-CO-99-083-EN-C Communication from the Commission to 17.2.1999 18.2.1999 25
the Council concerning the employment
aspects of the decision to abolish tax- and
duty-free sales for intra-Community
COM(1999) 70 CB-CO-99-073-EN-C Proposal for a Council Regulation (EC) 19.2.1999 19.2.1999 9
establishing a list of types of behaviour
which seriously infringe the rules of the
common fisheries policyØ(Ï)

(Î)ÙThis document contains an impact assessment on business, and in particular on SMEs.

(Ï)ÙThis document will be published in the Official Journal of the European Communities.
(Ð)ÙText with EEA relevance.

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