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Clarissa Rodriguez November 1st, 2010

Chemistry Block D
DYO- Lab

Background: There are two types of fat. There is saturated and unsaturated fat. Saturated fat is
unhealthy and comes from animals. Unsaturated fat is healthy ad comes from plants; it helps
organs work properly. The percent of fat is dividing the part by the whole and multiplying by 100.

Purpose: I am doing this experiment to demonstrate knowledge of the “how to find the amount
of fat in food” process.

o 1 honey BBQ Cheese Doodle®
o Petri Dish
o Acetone
o Beaker
o Graduated cylinder
o Stirrer


Day 1
1. Add food to beaker and then weigh. Record weight
2. Add 10 mL of acetone to beaker. Stir well to mix and then let it set for one
3. Pour acetone ONLY into Petri Dish. Repeat #2
4. Allow Petri Dish and beaker with food to dry overnight

Day 2
5. Weigh the beaker with the food in it then record and clean
6. Calculate the weight difference of beaker food (#1 and #5)
7. Observe and record the appearance fat in Petri Dish