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Industrial Laws & Rules

Air (Prevention & Control of Pollution)

Cinematograph Act, 1980
Contract Labour (Regulation &
Company Secreataries Act, 1980
Abolition) Act, 1970
Designs Act, 1911 Employers Liability Act,1938
Employees Provident Funds &
Employees State Insurance Act,1948
Miscellinous Provision Act, 1952
Equal Remuneration Act,1976 Factories Act,1948
Indian Fatal Accidents ACt, 1855 Indian Contract Act,1872
Hire Purchase Act, 1972 Industrial Dispute Act,1947
Industrial Employment (Standing Orders) Industries (Development & Regulation)
Act, 1946 Act, 1951
Interest on Delayed Payment to Small
Indian Partnership Act, 1932 Scale & Ancillary Industrial
Undertaking Act, 1993
Labour Laws (Exemption from furnishing
Returns and Maintaining Register by Limitation Act 1963
Certain Establishments) Act, 1988
Monopolies & Restrictive Trade
Minimum wages Act, 1948
Practices Act, 1969
Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881 Partition Act, 1893
Payments of Bonus Act, 1965 Payment of Gratuity Act, 1972
Recovery of Debts Due to Banks and
Payment of Wages Act, 1936
Financial Institution Act, 1993
Sales Promotion(Employees Conditions
Sale of Goods Act, 1930
of service Act, 1976
Sick Industrial Companies (Special Trade And Merchandise Marks ACt,
Provisions) Act, 1985 1958
Trade Unions Act, 1926 The All India Service Act
Water (Prevention and Control of
The Workmen's Compensation Act, 1923
Pollution)Act 1974
Air (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Air (Prevention and Control of
Rules, 1982 Pollution) Rules 1982
Air (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Child Labour (Prohibition and
(Union Territories) Rules, 1983 Regulation) Rules 1988
Cinematograph (Certificate) Rules,
Cinematograph Film Rules, 1987
Contract Labour (Regulation and Contract Labour (Regulation and
Abolition) Central Rules, 1971-
Abolition) Central Rules, 1971 Construction ands Maintenance of
Employee's Deposit-Linked Insurance Employees Family Pension Scheme,
Scheme 1976 1971
Employee's Provident Funds Scheme,
Employees Pension Scheme, 1995
Employee's State Insurance (Central) Employee's State Insurance (General)
Rules, 1950 Regulations, 1950
Employee's State Insurance Corporation
Equal Remuneration Rules, 1976
(General Provident Fund) Rules, 1995
Central Advisory Committe on Equal Industrial Disputes (Central) Rules,
Remuneration Rules, 1991 1957
Industrial Tribunal (Central Procedure) Industrial Employment (Standing
Rules, 1954 Orders) Central Rules, 1946
Maternity Benefit (Mines and Circus)
Land Acquisition (Companies) Rules, 1963
Rule 1963
Minimum Wages (Central) Rules, 1950 Payment of Bonus Rules, 1975
Payment of Gratuity ( Central) Rules, Payment of Wages (Procedure) Rules,
1972 1937
Payment of Wages (Manner of Recovery Personal Injuries (Compensation
of Excess Deductions) Rules, 1966 Insurance) Rules, 1972
Personal Injuries (Compensation Sales Promotion Employees (Condition
Insurance) Scheme, 1972 of Service) Rules, 1976`
Appellate Authority for Indusrtial and Board for Industrial and Financial
Financial Reconstruction (Financial and Reconstruction(Financial and
Administrative Powers) Rules, 1987. Adminstrative Powers) Rule, 1987
Board for Industrial and Financial
Appellate Authority for Industrial and
Reconstruction (Salaries and Allownces
Financial Reconstruction (Secretary's
and Condition of Service of Chairman and
Power and Duties) Rules, 1988
oilier Members) Rules,1987
Workmen's Compensation (Transfer of
Workmen's Compensation Rules, 1924
Money) Rules, 1935
Workmen's Compensation(Venue of
All India Service (Conduct) Rules, 1968
Proceedings) Rules, 1996
The All india service (Discipline and The All India Services (Provident Fund)
Appeal) Rules, 1969 Rules, 1955
The All India Services( Remittance into
The Workmen's Compensation Rules,
and Payment from Provident and Family
Pension Fund) Rules, 1958
Partition Act, 1893