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FOR BIANO Intermediate to Senior Level Copyright © Macesone: 1996 All RightsReserved CHRISTMAS JAZZ FOR INTERMEDIATE TO SENIOR PIANO Table of Contents Good Christian Men, Rejoice, Old German Carol..... Midi filename: Goodmen.mid Angels We Have Heard On High, Old French Carol... Midi filename: Angels.mid ‘It Came Upon The Midnight Clear, B.S. Willis..... Midi filename: Itcame.mid. Hark! The Herald Angels Sing, Felix Mendelssohn... Midi filename: Hark.mid God Rest You Merry Gentlemen, /6th Century Carol... Midi filename: Godrest.mid Good King Wenceslas, Traditional... Midi filename: Goodking.mid ‘This file and the accompanying Midi file, in their electronic or printed form, are copyright to Maestronet. If you purchased these files from Maestronet, you may print their contents and play the Midi files for your own individual use. You may not resell or redistribute these files or any portion thereof on any online service, BBS, network or other electronic or print distribution mechanism. If you did not pay for these files you do not have rights to use ‘them, For additional copies contact Maestronet at hitp:// Good Christian Men, Rejoice Piano Copyright 1996 Maestronet Old German Carol, Arrg'd Stan Zielinski Tn Blues-Style (slowly) in| 3 Good Christian Men, Rejoice s ye : gerber NP ar risbeie | ie SP NS ayot Nae T — ca eke cy « Good Christian Men, Rejoice « a ity Nol i. Gg 55g EP ot a Z SSS ie ies Good Christian Men, Rejoice at ) 3: >: Sy St: emery 8 bee: aa eg Pt te rs 3 (g#)-- Angels We Have Heard On High Piano Copyright 1996 Maestronet French Carol, Arrg'd Stan Zielinski Ns A= a k = Pine hes “ae UI dl g wy 4 add td oan 1ds—d Angels We Have Heard On High ee pe Ss dat ries — ote pipe # mf wen SS is) Hd He a 8 a yi Ar a ep. s)9 a. ni ve e we Oe t oe. ry — ‘el { RO ee aie we Th _ > wel The) 78 pe tf eal f ice i ( ‘ill | hl Fee [ a ( 4 i mn at oe ’ ay - vail r —) a8 2 9: Angels We Have Heard On High aw Ss ss oe He aS Saba teiae ee dw & ir) a ae = oe oor aaa) at dye TH at v ad $= = ‘a n at wt i 7 Ns ty “a I i ay Wa a th me at Lad ia ( A Kl) <9 mo idl) ch f Ae Wo Wi 4 Ik -y WA VY hyo RN 4 Angels We Have Heard On High It Came Upon The Midnight Clear Piano Copyright 1996 Maeszonet R. S. Willis, Arrg'd Stan Zielinski Jazz-Waltz (swinging) ee cara i “See. 4 t , aE, aE ay Z t a iy eH a a Peper peel - = Fy , Ss t = It Came Upon The Midnight Clear by + is —s ole ey ey = a o oe 4S i —S f = =i # te tee a (SS = zi o o> fb 4S 12S Bt 7 Oo - i It Came Upon The Midnight Clear oo SSS £ Spit py e — = SS $f 7 SS aS It Came Upon The Midnight Clear SS o SS 7 mf yp —— 43S St 7 p = 7 y . Ep oT G - 9 Ht -17- Hark! The Herald Angels Sing Copyright 1995 Maestronet, Felix Mendelssohn, Arre’d Stan Zielinski ‘Swinging El Hark! The Herald Angels Sing =p-4 ; <> OTiti;, + 7 faa 6 # > oH 2 ae — See $4 7 7 ¥ oe oe 7 = Ss s sg rr rr ar a 3 ss tr Fe St fi tt cette tet te ? + | F r God Rest You Merry Gentlemen Piano Copyright 1995 Maestronet, 16th Century Carol, Armg'd Stan Zielinski God Rest You Merry Gentlemen oO aaa iN a = a PPP oe > r } ( -2l- Good King Wenceslas Piano Copyright 1996 Maestronet Traditional, Arrg’d Stan Zielinski Slow Blues Good King Wenceslas ig Ss ia in = 5 2 4 = : 2 ik 1 nig # ee ue - ead pt Good King Wenceslas i taegeearaer - fpete tt op 4 Fo tt od [a - . bent =