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Recommended Construction Procedures

for Prestressed Concrete Reservoirs

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The following photographs represent DYK’s recommended construction
procedures for prestressed concrete tanks. With over 45 years of
construction experience, DYK has continuously strived to develop
construction procedures which provide maximum efficiency while ensuring
the highest quality.

The enclosed photographs represent a visual explanation of the construction

operations currently used by DYK. DYK has found these techniques to
provide both a time savings and a cost savings at the jobsite. More
importantly, these procedures ensure proper tank construction is achieved
and quality control is continuously met.

The enclosed photographs are intended to be used as a construction guide.

The construction techniques shown may vary as different contractors adopt
their own style of construction. However, the construction methods
executed should ultimately ensure the highest quality product is provided to
the Owner. Furthermore, regardless of the techniques used, it is the
Contractor’s responsibility to ensure the project specifications and drawings
are adhered to at all times.