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A classic ghost story must contain (0) the figure of somebody who is known to have
(1)been alive, who is known to have died and (2)whose form is seen after their death.
You could have a ghostly animal; a ghostly dog for example, (3)but/thought/although you
can’t have vampires, bats or monsters – they belong in horror. In a ghost story you’re
aiming to terrify people and make them scream..
Atmosphere is the key. (6) without it you won’t chill anyone. You need a sense of a
haunted place, often a house, preferably isolated or (8)in some way unnerving, although
not always; there have been a (9) lot/number of goog ghost stories set in London in bread
daylight, and the unexpected appearance of a ghost thrre can work well.
Stories of knights in armour waking down stairs or ladies in white floating through walls
are fine, but your ghost needs to have some(10) sort/kind/type of reason or moral purpose
for them to return and for you to see them.
The closer your ghost resembles a person, (11) the more chilling it becomes. Come back
to the ordinary now and again in your story, otherwise it ceases to (12) be frightening.
You need a balance between he everyday and the abnormal; something happens and then
everything is normal for a while. In the back of (13) their minds people will be
wondering when it will happen again.
1. shoulder (n): vai, vai ao, thit vai
ex: to look back over one’s shoulder: quay lai nhin qua vai
ex: to shrug one’s shoulders: nhun vai
ex: this coat is too narrow across the shoulder: ao nay vai qua hep
ex: A jacket with padded shoulders: vao vettong dem vai
ex: some shoulder of lamb/beef: thit vai cua cuu/bo
ex: a person with broad shoulders: nguoi co vai rong
ex: to give a chil a ride on one’s shoulders: kieu dua be tren vai
nguoi duoc coi la phai chiu trach nhiem
ex: to shift the blame onto somebody else’s shoulder: do trach nhiem len vai nguoi khac
ex: the burden of guilt has been lifted from my shoulder: ganh nang toi loi da duoc cat
khoi vai toi
sholder to shoulder: vai ke vai
ex: soldiers standing shoulder to shoulders: nhung nuoi linh vai ke vai, sat canh benh
ex: shoulders to shoulders with one fellow workers in the dispute
ke cai sat canh vou dong nghiep trong cuoc tranh chap
To have broad shoulder: khoe, co the vac nang, co the chiu trach nhiem
To put (set) one’s shoulder to the wheel: gang suc thuc hien nhiem vu
To tell straight from the shoulder: noi thang/ that/ bop chat
To rub shoulder with somebody: tiep xuc gan gui voi ai
(V noi): bong sung ( quang su)
(V ngoai) : dat cai gi len vai minh
Ex: to shoulders one’s rucksack : khoac balo len vai
Ex: to shoulder one’s way into the room/ through the crowd
Lach vao trong phong, lach qua dam dong

2. Chill : (n) su on lanh , su rung minh vi lanh

Ex: to catch a chill : bi cam lanh
(n) su lanh leo, su gia lanh
Ex: to take the chill of: lam tan gia , lam am len
(n) su toi ( ky thuat)
(n) su lanh lung, su lanh nhat
(n) su lam nhut (nhue khi, nhiet tinh), gao nuoc lanh ( bong)
Ex: to cast a chill over: lam nhut, doi gao nuoc lanh
(a) lanh, lanh leo, gia lanh, on lanh
(a) lanh lung, lanh nhat
(a) da toi (ky thuat)
(v) lam on lanh
(v) lam nhut ( nhue khi, nhiet tinh), gioi gao nuoc lanh ( bong)
(v) lam chet cong cay
(v) thong tuc: lam tan gia, lam am len
(v) ky thuat: toi
(V noi) bi cam lanh, on lanh

3. Frighten (v ngoai) lam hoang so, lam so

Ex: to frighten somebody into doing something: lam ai so ma fai lam viec gi
Ex: to frighten somebody out of doing something: lam cho ai so ma thoi ko lam viec gi
Ex: to frighten sb into submission: lam cho ai so ma fai qui phuc
3. Whereas: lien tu: nhung/nguoc lai/ trong khi
Ex: some people like meat with much fat in whereas others hate it
Nhieu nguoi thich thit mo trong khi nguoi khac lai ghet
Ex: he earns 500$ a week whereas she get at least 800$
Anh ay kiem duoc 500$ moi tuan trong khi co ay kiem duoc it nhat 800$
(phap ly) xet rang, xet vi

4. horror (n) su khiep so/ ghe ron, noi kinh hoang

ex: I recoiled in horror from the smake: con ran lam toi so giat lui nguoi lai
ex: to her horror, she saw him fall: co ay kinh hoang nhin ong ta roi xuong
ex: I have a horror of being trapped in a broken lift: toi rat so bi ket trong thang may hong
(n) su cam thu sau sac:
Ez: I’ve a deep of horror of cruelty: toi rat cam thu su tan bao
(n) su ghe tom
Ex: it’s hard to appreciate the full horror of life in a concentration camp
That kho dien ta het duoc cuoc song kinh hoang trong trai tap trung
Ex: the horrors of war : nhung dieu khung khiep cua chien tranh
(n ) ke tinh quai, ke ma manh
Ex: her son is a right little horror: con trai co ay qua la 1 dua tinh quai
(adj) ly ky, rung ron, kinh di
Ex: horror film: fim kinh di

5. haunted: (adj) co ma
ex: a haunted house: can nha ma
6. preferably : pho tu: tot nhat la
ex: they want to buy a new house, near the sea preferably
Ho muon tau 1 can nha moi, gan bien la tot nhat
7. Isolate (v) co lap, cach ly
Ex: when a person has an infectious disease, he is isolated from other people
Khi 1 nguoi bi mac benh truyen nhiem, anh ta se bi cach ly khoi nhung nguoi khac.
Ex: several villages were isolated by heavy snowfalls
Nhieu lang mac bi co lap vi mua tuyet rat day
(v ngoai) tach ra, fan lap ( hoa)
Ex: scientists have isolated the virus causing the epidemic
Cac nha khoa hoc da phan lap duoc vi khuan gay benh dich
8. Nerve (n) day thanh kinh
(n so nhieu) trang thai than kinh kich dong
Ex: to get on SO’s nerves/ to give SO the nerves
Choc tuc ai, lam cho ai fat cau
Ex To have a fit of nerves: buc doc, nong nay
(n) khi luc, khi phach, dung khi, can dam, nghi luc
Ex: a man with iron nerves: con nguoi co khi phach cuong cuong
Ex: a man with nerves of streal nguoi ko gi lam cho xuc dong
Ex: to lose one’s nerves; hoang so, mat tinh than
(n) long an, tao bao
Ex: to have the nerves to do something: co gan lam gi
(n) gan (la cay)
(n) bo phan chu yeu, khu vuc trung tam, bo phan dau nao
Ex: not to know what nerves are: diem tinh, diem dam
Ex: a war of nerves: chien tranh tam ly
Ex: to hit a row nerve: goi lai noi dau buon
Ex: a bundle of nerves: traong thai bon chon, lo au
(v) truyen suc manh/ can dam/ nhue khi
To nerve oneself: rang suc, lay het can dam, tap trung nghi luc
9. Unnerving= unnerved (adj) bi yeu duoii, bi suy nhuoc
(adj) lam cho buc minh, kho chiu, tuc gian
(adj) mat can dam/ nhue khi/ binh tinh/ mat tu tin
10, Broad (adj) rong: a broad street : pho rong
(adj) bao la, menh mong: the broad ocean: dai duong bao la
(adj) rong rai, khoan dat, fongg khoan: Broad view: quan diem rong rai
(adj) ro, ro rang : broad facts: nhung su kien ro rang
Ex: in broad daylight: giua ban ngay
Ex: broad hint: lai am chi kha lo kieu
(adj) tho tuc, tuc tiu
Ex: a broad joke: cau noi dua tho tuc
Ex: a broad story: cau chuyen tuc tiu
(adj) khai quat, dai cuuong, chung, chinh
Ex: to give one’s view in broad as it long: lanh quanh cung van vay
Ex: broad in the beam: map quanh hong, no nay to
(n) cho rong/ phan rong cua cai gi
(n) dan ba, gai diem
Broad Church: nhom chu truong tu do ly giai giao ly trong giao hoi anh
10. daylight: (n) anh nang ban ngay, (bong) su cong khai
ex: the colors look different when view in daylight:
nhin duoi anh nang ban ngan mau sac se khac di
ex: in broad daylight: giua ban ngay , thanh thien bach nhat ai cung biet, moi nguoi deu biet
ex before daylight: truoc luc rang dong
(n) khoan trong
Ex: no daylight: do that day ( ruou vao coc)
Ex: to show daylight ( quan ao) rach, ho nhieu cho
To let daylight into something: cong khai, cong bo cai gi
It’s daylight robbery: cu nhu an cuop giua cho ( qua mac)
To see daylight hieu ra
To beat/ knock the living daylight out of sb: danh ai toi boi, danh ai nhu tu
To frighten/ scare the living daylights out of sb lam cho ai khinh hoang\

11. Knight (n) hiep si, nguoi duoc phong tuoc hau o anh
(n) nghi si dai dien cho 1 hat o anh = knight of the shire
(n) ky si trong quan doi co la ma\
(n) quan co “dau ngua” (danh co)
Knight bachelor: hiep si thuongm chua duoc phong tuoc
Knight commander: hiep si da duoc phong tuoc
Knight of brush: (dua cot) hoa si
Knight of cleaver (dua cot) nguoi ban thit
Knight of fortune : ke phieu luu, ke mao hiem
Knight of industry: tay day bom
Knight of knife: ke cap
Knight of needle/shears/thimble: (dua cot) tho may
Knight of pencil (dua cot) nha van, nha bao
Knight of pestle : duoc si
Knight of the post: nguoi song bang nghe lam nhan chung lao
Knight of the road: nguoi di chao hang, ke cuop duong
Knight of whip: ( dua cot) nguoi danh xe ngua
(v ngoai ) phong tuoc hau\

12, armor (n) ao giap

(n) (quan su) vo sat ( xe boc sat), cac loai xem boc sat
Ex: a chink in sb’s armor: dieu sai lam trong lap luan cua ai
(v ngoai) boc sat

13. Moral (adj) thuoc dao duc/luan ly/ fam hanh

Ex: the decline of maral standards: su xuong cap cua cac chuan muc dao duc
Ex: a moral question, judgement dilemma: 1 van de, su danh gia, the kho xu ve dao duc
Ex: moral philosophy: luan ly
Ex: moral principles:l nguyen ly dao duc, dao ly dao nghia
Ex|: a strong maral fible: dung khi
(adj) theo luong tam
Ex: to live a moral life:L song 2 cuoc song dao duoc
Ex: a moral law, duty, obligation: luat le, nghia vu cua luong tam
Ex: a very moral person: 1 nguoi nguoi rat dao duc
(adj) tinh than
Ex; moral support: su ung ho tinh than
Ex: moral victory : thang loi ve tinh thanh
(adj) biet fan biet fai trai
Ex: a moral story/ tale/poem: cau chuyen, truyen ngan, bait ho ran day dao duc
(n) bai hoc, loi ran day
Ex: the moral of the fable loi ran day cua truyen ngu ngon
(n so nhieu) dao duc duc hanh, fam hanh
Ex: his moral are excellent: dao duc cua a ta rat tot
Ex: a person of loose moral: ke buong tha ve dao duc
Ex: to question sb’s moral: nghi ngo fam hanh cua ai

14. resemble (v ngoai) giong voi, tuong tu, co su tuong dong

Ex: to resemble one another : giong nhau
Ex: a small object resembling a pin: 1 vat nho giong nhu 1 chiec ghim

15. Ordinary (adj) thuong, thong thuong,, binh thuong

Ex: an ordinary short of day: 1 ngay binh thuong
Ex: in the ordinary course of events: trong tien trinh binh thuong cua tinh hinh
Ex: ordinary people like you and me: nhung con nguoi binh thuong nhu anh va toi
Ex: in the ordinary way: theo cach thong thuong
(n) dieu thong thuong, dieu binh thuong
Ex: out of ordinary: ko binh thuong, khac thuong
The Ordinary: chu giao, giam muc
(n) sach le, linh muc o nha tu (my)
16. Otherwise: Pho tu: khac, cach khac
Ex: he could not act otherwise : anh ta khong the hanh dong kkhac hon duoc
Ex: I should have come here yesterday, but I was otherwise engaged
Hom qua le ra toi nen den day nhung toi lai ban viec khac
Pho tu: mat khac
Ex: he is unruly but not otherwise blameworthy: no ngang nganh nhung ve mat khac thi
khong danhg khien trach
Lien tu: neu khong thi
Ex: put the cap back on the bottle, otherwise the juice will spill
Day cai nap chai lai neu khong nuoc ngot se do ra
Ex: we must run, otherwise we’ll be late : chung tan en chay, neu khong chung ta se muon
Ex: seize the chance otherswise you will regret it: Nam lay co hoi do ney khong a se hoi tiec
Ex: do as you’re told otherwise you’ll be in trouble: hay lam nhu duoc bao, neu ko a se gap
rac roi day
ADJ : khac, o trong 1 tinh trang khac
Ex: the truth is quiet otherwise : su that hoan toan khac

17. Cease: (v) dung, ngung, thoi, ngot, tanh

Ex: to vease work ngung viec
Ex: cease fire: ngung ban
Ex: without cease: khong ngung, lien tuc
Ex: to work without cease: lam viec lien tuc
18. abnormal (a) khong binh thuong, khac thuong, di thuong
Ex: abnormal symptoms: nhung trieu chung khac thuong
Ex: abnormal guesture: cu chi khong binh thuong