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Scientific Report


Purpose: Science can explain how landscapes change


Title: Melting Contest




Draft Writing



Scientific Question

Scientific Question:


Does salt water make ice melt faster than fresh water?


Part 1



What is your scientific question?


We think that the salt water makes the ice cube melt faster because in all the snow countries they use salt to melt the snow and ice on the streets.


What is your hypothesis?

Part 2 Introduction

We are doing a science experiment where you have to put one ice cube in salty water and another one in fresh water. We are doing this science experiment because we want to find out if salt water can make ice melt faster and if the salt water makes the ice melt faster, we are going to find out how. Think about Antarctica. It is land made from ice. Will Antarctica melt faster because it is surrounded by salt water? This is what we want to find out.


What are you doing and why?



2 plastic cups


Part 2 Materials


Water -The same temperature.



What do you need to do the experiment?







2 ice cubes -The same size.


Step 1: Fill 2 cups of water in the same water fountain.



Step 2: In one cup of water put 4 teaspoons of salt in it.

Part 3

Step 3: Put 1 ice cube in each cup.


Step 4: Start the stopwatch.

What do you need to do?


Step 5: Record how long it takes for each ice cube to melt.

Part 4 Conclusion

We tried our experiment 2 times, the first time the ice cube in the salt water melted first and the second time the ice cube in fresh water melted first. We now know that salt water can sometimes melt ice faster than fresh water. Or hypothesis was correct and incorrect because the first time we did it the salt made the ice melt faster and the second time the fresh water made the ice melt faster. We couldn’t melt the ice cubes three times because they were losing their shape and some were bigger than others.


What happened? What do you now know? Was your hypothesis correct? Why or why not?

1 st

time : salt water- 7 mins


1 st time : fresh water-7.35 mins

2 nd time salt water - 8 mins 2 nd time fresh water- 8.40 mins