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Ooms 2298 SOVEREIGN 19” October 2005 Rt Hon Richard Caborn MP ‘rafalgar Square London SW1Y SDH Dear Richard, Thope you're well. I enclose the reply that Max sent to Patricia Hewitt on the 6th September regarding the Tobacco advertising issue. Patricia was very clear in her letter that the European Directive contains no reference to measures to control cross border sponsorship and that the British legislation purely reflects the European directive. We are assuming that this definition applies to all streams of media and that is the advice that we are passing onto journalists in the formula one paddock I just want to be sure that this is indeed correct as there is some nervoustiess amongst the printed media. This is not an attempt to reopen this issue but just to tidy up this matter. If our interpretation could be confirmed to us then this would bring all of these issues toa close, Kind regards, SOVEREIGN STRATEGY) 60 TRAFALGAR SQUARE, LONDON, WC2N SDS. T: +44(0) 20 7930 6353 F: +44(0) 20 7839 4564