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Assumptions/ Hypothesis (ses)

The research entitled “Varied Class Schedules in relation to Student’s

Academic Performance “seeks to inform the general public regarding the

influence and differences between academic performance and the time of day

preference. It revolves within the study of the three time frames namely:

morning, afternoon and evening classes of selected college students.

In order to secure the problem statements aforementioned in the

statement of the problem, the following hypothesis are hereby observed and


Ho1: There is no significant relationship between the time of day and academic

performance of selected college students.

Ho2: There is no significant relationship between the student’s level of

effectiveness and the time of day.

Ho3: There is no significant difference among the academic performance of

selected college students of morning, afternoon and evening classes.

Ho4: There is no significant difference between the time of day and academic

performance of selected college students.

D. Significance of the Study

The researchers believe that this study is a significant and relevant means

in the promotion of knowledge regarding the weight of influence of the time of

day preference in academic performance. It is through this study that benefits to

the following entities and institutions will be observed:

National Government.

In a broader sense, this study is of high significance to the National

Government of the Philippines for the reason that if the country, particularly our

colleges and universities, is to produce more proficient graduates it will assure

an increase in the number of competent workers and professionals available for

our country’s various needs.. It will assure an improvement in our services and of

the products we produce. This in turn will help build up the image of the country

being a third world country. Moreover, it will assure advancement in our way of

living and will lead to growth and development.


The industry will find immense benefits from this study for an availability of

skilled workers and competent professionals assures that employment needs are

to be met by none but the best applicants. It will in turn produce better quality

services and goods that shall have a positive impact on the country.
Commission on Higher Education.

This study is of high relevance to the Commission on Higher Education

(CHED) for with the use of knowledge from this study, the commission will be

able to develop more persistent and efficient programs to improve the quality of

higher education. It will also guide them in finding and assisting more worthy

scholars to increase the rate of college enrollees.

Local Government.

In a stricter sense, the results of this study will be beneficial for the local

government because if more competent individuals are to serve the locality there

will be an improvement of services, an enhancement of programs and betterment

of rendered plans for the progression of the area.


More competent students produced by schools will result in the benefit of

the community in terms of more productive individuals will contribute to the

development and betterment of the society.


If the school is able to determine the most optimal time students are able

to learn, they will be able to categorize students in ways that best suites their

various needs. It will also enable the school to assure that there is a proper and

adequate amount of transfer of information.


This study will help the professors to come up with the best teaching style

that will contribute to the learning development of the students. Moreover, they

will be given the idea of monitoring who among their students has the least and

greatest amount of performance within groups. In this manner, it assures that

there will be a better transfer and exchange of information from professor to

student and vice versa. This will allow that ways of teaching and learning be



This study will help parents to more easily address their children’s

academic needs. Knowledge regarding the effect of time on learning gives

parents an idea on the best time to teach their children. It will also give them an

insight on what potentials to be improved.


Among all the entities and institutions that will benefit from this study, the

students are the ones with the greatest number of gain. If students discover their

most optimal time to learn, improvement in their academic performance are

guaranteed. It will also allow students to more easily identify their potentials and

find ways to enhance it.

E. Scope and Delimitation

The study is bounded only to the assessment of “Varied Class Schedules

in relation to Student’s Academic Performance”, it does not include the

perception of students on the professors’ teaching style, the perception of the

professors to students’ academic performance, factors that involve the facilities

of the classroom, XXXXXXX. It shall involve XXXXXXX ( ) selected freshmen

college students aged from fifteen (15) to nineteen (19), of both male and female

gender, with a general weighted average (GWA) of 2.5 and below from the B.S.

Psychology program of the University of Makati, academic year 2011 to 2012.