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You are allowed to modify, adapt and transofm this template for both commercia
l and noncommercial purposes provided you :
- keep intact and visible all informations (texts and links) specified in the te
- do not edit or delete some lines explicitly indicated in the source code of th
e template.( If you edit or delete these lines an alert message may appear when
template will be online).
2. IMAGERY : This license give you the right to use images, clipart and fonts on
ly as a part of the website you build using this template only. Any kind of sepa
rate usage or distribution is strictly prohibited.
3. The zip file of this template include dfGallery (
dfgallery/) and lightbox ( tha
t have thir own licenses.
This template is provided "as is" and comes without any warranty of any kind, ei
ther expressed or implied, including but not limited to fitness for a particular
purpose or a particular system. In no case we be liable for any damage or unwan
ted behavior of any computer hardware and/or software, including but not limited
to data loss or time spent to recover your system.