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Petre Pb 20 2008-2010 (present) ‘ continuesits business onthe web with ongoing improvement in product and customer services. “World's brightest technology minds come to to develop and researchits technology that should improve theif of shoppers, eles and developers. around the world" ( 2007 introduces Kindle. tsa wireless, portable reading device with instant access to more than 90,000 books, magazines, biog and newspapers. 2005 ‘ celebrates 1Othamiversary ‘our wide company obsession creating the best possible shopping experince wilot change as wemoveinto second decade” by Jeff Bez0s founder and CEO) 2003-2004 “Search Inside the Book’ and Jewellery Store launched on web. 2001 ‘ reported fiscal loss of 1.4 billion and had aid over 1000 workers. Jet ezos founder and CEO) saved Amazon.comby recruiting other companies to sell their products on’ web. 1997-2000 ‘ added CDs, Movies, videogames, toys etc tothe website. By 1997, ‘ success generated $15.7 millon in revenue, Seattle, October 1995 ‘Worlds largest bookseller opens on the Web. offers more than onemilin of titles. Netscape and Yahoo haveincluded on their Whats New’ and ‘Whats Cool Lists. Jeff Bezos founded in 1994 Originally the business was based out of garage inhis Washington home, With the help oF Investors the company was launched on web in 1995,