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We are at a restaurant. There is a restaurant table with a salad in the middle, out of which is
crawling a big insect. There are three customers, a man, a woman and a boy and the waiter.
The man is ͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙.. (horrify) by what he can see. The woman cannot even look at
the ͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙.. (disgust) salad. The boy thinks the whole thing is really
͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙.. (amuse). The waiter is extremely ͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙.. (embarrass) and
apologizes. The woman is ͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙.. (disgust) and is feeling quite ill. The boy is
͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙.. (amuse) and is actually laughing about it. The man can͛t think of
anything more ͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙.. (horrify). The waiter can͛t remember such an
͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙.. (embarrass) situation.


Fascinate (x2) embarrass (x2) amuse (x2) revolt (x2)

Our cat used to be ͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙.. by the goldfish in our aquarium. Watching him try to
catch it with his paw was quite ͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙.., at least until the day he actually caught
it and left it, half-eaten on the dining table. We didn͛t find it until just before dinner and the
situation was especially ͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙.. because my aunte, who had bought me the fish
as a present, had come round for a meal. She was ͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙.. by the sight and
couldn͛t eat anything and had to go home. When I told my friends they were really
͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙.. by the story, but they bought me another fish for my birthday. The cat
thinks the new fish is just as ͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙.. and my aunt still says that it was a
͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙..thing to have happened, but I won͛t be ͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙.. again
because the aquarium͛s got a lid on it now.