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To set this up properly so the above errors don't occur, follow

these steps.

1. Ensure that .NET 1.1 --->SP1<--- or

higher is properly installed.

a. Vista does not include .NET v1.1

by default.
b. Because .NET 1.1 is not included
by default, .NET v1.1 *SP1* is
also not included.
c. Without SP1, W3WP.exe will
crash when running an appPool
under v1.1 due to DEP
d. To check this, make sure
r.dllis version 1.1.4322.2032 or

e. Unless you are 100% sure that

SP1 for .NET is installed,
you*really* should double-check
2. Enable IIS 6.0 compatibility

a. Open Control Panel

b. Double-click Programs and
c. Expand Internet Information
d. Expand Web Management

e. Check IIS 6 Management


3. Register v1.1 with IIS

a. Open a CMD prompt

b. Change your directory
c. Run "aspnet_regiis -ir"
d. "ir" registers v1.1 with IIS but
doesn't change any existing
script mappings

e. aspnet_regiis should also create a

new AppPool under
"Application Pools" called
"ASP.NET 1.1" that is
configured with the "Classic"
pipline, and
set to true if a 64-bit OS.

4. Make sure IIS permits running ASP.NET.

a. Open the IIS manager.

b. Highlight your Computer Name.
c. Double-click ISAPI and CGI Restrictions
d. Select ASP.NET v1.1.4322
e. Click Allow in the Actions section in the upper right.

5. Make the new ASP.NET 1.1 appPool the default.

a. Open the IIS manager
b. Select the Sites folder.
c. Under Actions on the upper right, click Set Web Site Defaults...
d. Change the Application Pool setting to ASP.NET 1.1

6. **ALTERNATIVE step to
5** - Change the AppPool to
ASP.NET 1.1 -->after<-- creating the
ASP.NET project instead of making it
the default.

a. Create the v1.1 ASP.NET project

via Visual Studio. Attempting to
run the project at this point will
fail if the 1.1 appPool is not the
b. Open the IIS manager.
c. Right-click the newly create
application directory and
chooseAdvanced Settings
d. Change the Application
Pool to ASP.NET 1.1

e. Go back to Visual Studio and

attempt to run/debug project.