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Curriculum vitae


Career objective

Seeking a challenging employment in a organization & grow with it
having interest in work, wish to dedicate myself to the organization and work for
complex satisfaction adapting to am given situation.

Academic details:

Technical qualification : Diploma in Electronics &, Communication

Engineering from Acharva polytechnic. Bangalore

Skill sets:

systematic approach in solving the technical problems (computer hardware &

installing, maintaining, troubleshooting and working knowledge in the
Following platforms:
Desktop operating system : windows 9x/me/xp
Network operating system . windows 2000 advance servers

software working knowledge in the folllowing platform

Packages : Ms office 97/200/2003

Ms outlook

express Extra curricular activities:

• placing cricket watching movies body building

Personal profile:

Name : MyNameXyz

Father's name : MyNameXyz

Date of birth : 00-00-0000

Nationality : Xyz

Marital status : Xyz

Languages known : Kannada. Hindi & English

Hobbies : Reading books, chatting, playing cricket, working on small


Permanent address : Myaddress Xyz

PH: jwdhjhdjwdhk


I hereby declare that the above given information is true and best of my
Knowledge & belief.

Date: Xyz Xyz