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1)W/c 3 statements r tru abt local & ntwork app?

*a ntwork app s loadd n a lcal comp & accessd frm a remot comp
*A lcal app s loadd n a lcal comp & accessd only by d lcal comp
*An xample of a ntwork app s instnt msg

2)A wireless DHCP client cant conek 2 d Intrnt thru a Linksys intgr8d router. We
n u typ ipconfig on d host, no IP add,...
*f d wireless client s confgurd 4 DHCP

3)Refer 2 d grafic. Axum dat de comand output s frm a wireless DHCP client dat s
conekted 2 a Linksys intgr8d router...
*d wireless conexon s gud

4)Wat measuremnt s comonly usd 2 dscryb communic'n speed wen transfrring data?

5)Wat s an accur8 dscript'n of ntwork devices n d dstribut'n layer?

*dey r designed 2 interconek lcal ntwork sgments

6)Wen acting as a DHCP srver, an intgr8d router cn provide wat 3 typs of info 2
a client?
*default gateway
*dynamic IP address

7)Wer do ISPs get d public add dat dey assign to end users?
*ISPs obtain address blocks from registry organizations

8)Rfer 2 d grafic. Wats d effect of setting d security mod 2 WEP on d Linksys in

tegr8d router?
*It encrypts data bet d wireless client & d access pt

9)Wen r leased lines typically usd?

*wen a dedic8d dgital data line s necessary
10)W/c wireless protocol s usd 4 encryption?