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Tamil Nadu Revised Scales of Pay Rules 1998 - Common categories - Regulation of pay for the post persons with higher
qualification - Orders - Issued

Finance (Pay Cell) Department

GO. Ms. No.321, Dated: 2.7. 1998.

Read :

1. G.O. Ms. No. 915, Finance (PC) Department, dated: 17.8.89.

2. G.O. Ms. No. 162, Finance (PC) Department, dated: 13.4.98.
3. Public Department U.O. No. 10246/Estt.I/98-I dated: 30.4.98.
4. D.O. Lr. No. 25001/P.R.34/97, dated 6.6.98, from Registrar,Anna University, Chennai-25.


In the reference first cited, orders were issued granting higher start of pay at two stages above the minimum of scale
of pay of Rs. 975-25-1150-30-1660 i.e. at Rs. 1025/- for Graduate Junior Assistants/Typists/Steno-typists. Orders were also
issued that the minimum pay of Record Clerk with Secondary School Leaving Certificate (S.S.L.C.) as the minimum basic
qualification has to be fixed at Rs;. 799/- in the scale of pay of Rs. 775-12-835-15-1030.

2. Consequent on the revision of scales of pay as ordered in the Government Order second read above, the
Government have now decided to continue the benefits extended in the Government Order first read above and accordingly
direct that:-

(i) the minimum pay of Record Clerks with S.S.L.C qualifiction be Rs. 2730/- in the scale of pay of
Rs.2610-60-3150-65- 3540;

(ii) Graduate Junior Assistant / Typists be eligible for higher start of pay at two stages above the minimum
of the scale of pay of Rs. 3200-85-4900 i.e. at Rs.3370/-; and

(iii) Employees whose pay has been fixed in the revised scale below Rs. 3370/- and who have been graduated
subsequently are entitled for higher start of pay upto Rs. 3370/- i.e. employee with graduate qualification whose pay has
been fixed in the revised scale at Rs. 3200/- or Rs. 3285/- are eligible for the higher start at Rs. 3370/-. In respect of others,
whose pay has been fixed at Rs. 3370/- or above, they are not eligible for the higher start.

The above ruling is applicable to Junior Assistants/Typists already in service either appointed directly or by transfer
of service.

3. In respect of Steno Typists outside Secretariat and Personal Clerks and Assistants in the Tamil Nadu Secretariat
Service as they are already granted higher pay scale above the pay scale of Junior Assistant, they are not entitled to any
higher start of pay.

4. These orders shall apply to Graduate Village Administrative Officers of Revenue Department also.

5. This order shall taken effect from 1.1.96, the date of implementation of the revised scales of pay ordered.

(By Order of the Governor)

Girija Vaidhyanathan,
Special Secretary to Government.