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c To understand the given market and to
know the major market leaders in
emergency light of kodagu.

c |ntroduction
c p  ½also called Coorg) is
a   of p

|t is a place said to haunt you forever with its timeless beauty. |t
is popularly dubbed as DzSouthern Kashmirdz and DzScotland of |ndiadz.

G|t is believed that Kodagu is derived from word Kodava, Kod means 'give' and
avva means 'mother', i.e mother p , the river p .

GÕ  is grown extensively in the  

Gkodagu is a home to several other languages, including p

, ,
and. All are 


GThe p  people live a rich life due to the economic freedom provided by the
coffee market.

GTheir marriages are held in a unique way, unlike other |ndian marriages.
G Their culture also includes communal gatherings where drink, dance and
special meat dishes seasoned with m 
 are central attractions.
G The Kodava language or Kodava Thakk has no written tradition, and has
approximately over 200,000 people of 18 groups speak Kodava in and outside
the district.
c The population of   ?istrict is estimated to be 548561 in accordance
with the 2001 Census Report.
c The district is strategically sited 275 km from the Bangalore metropolis.

Main occupation of kodagu:

Agriculture, forestry, rice and ginger crops, coffee plantation ½especially Coffea
robusta variety), and tourism.
c Coorg is the first coffee plantation region in |ndia. Also famous for its forest
c The exports of Coorg are mainly rice, coffee and cardamoms; and the only
important manufacture is a kind of coarse blanket.
c Fruits of many descriptions, especially oranges, are produced in abundance,
and are of excellent quality


Madikeri 32496 109516 142012 35503
Somwarpet 7220 185515 205921 41184
Kushalnagar 13,262
Gonikoppal 7252
Virajpet 15213 185415 200628 40125
Total 75443 480446 548561 116812
c excelNew Microsoft Office Excel 2007 Workbook.xlsx
c Reasons
c Positive Response on BPL Brand & good awareness
c Lack of ?istributor.
c No proper service.
c Market size for BPL products is good.
c Spare parts are costiler.
c Availability of Max. local Brands in the Market.
c Local brands Low priced, High margins and |mmediate service
c Prefer china brands.
c Strength
c Power compatibility.
c Brand.
c Product quality.
c Weakness
c No proper services.
c No proper distributor.
c High price.
c People are not aware of the product.
c Single purpose product.
c Opportunity
c Awareness and advertisement.
c ?istribution channel.
c More R& ? is required.
c Treats
c Other products with less price.
c China products
c Technology advance product.
c Pricing should be given thought.
c After sales good service should be provided.
c Attractive advertisement and promotional channel
c |mprove distribution channel.
c ?ifferent colors may be introduced.
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