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Planetary Effects On Stock Market with Indications for 1933 - 1934 - 1935.

An Impartial Record of the Effects of Certain Planetary Positions and Aspects on Stock Market Prices. With Rules for Future Applications as an Aid in Speculation. James Mars Langham. From The Preface:

"This book is a sequel and enlargement of a small booklet entitled "Business Cycles Versus Planetary Movements 1860 - 1935" issued on March 4, 1932.

This book in succeeding chapters will prove the following:

1 - Hershel (Uranus) and Saturn transits through the sign Gemini bring depression and declining prices to the United States.

2 - Jupiter transits through the sign Gemini bring prosperity and advancing prices.

3 - Hershel and Saturn when in mutual evil aspect bring

depression and declining prices.

4 - Hershel and Saturn, Hershel and Jupiter, when in mutual harmonious aspect bring prosperity and advancing prices.

In the past seventy-two years there has never been a transit of the disturbing planets Hershel and Saturn through Gemini, the ruling sign of the United States, without depression and declining prices.

Out of seven transits of the benevolent planet Jupiter through the above sign in the past seventy-two years, six were periods of prosperity and decided advance in security prices, and only one out of seven, viz: July 17, 1917 to July 1918, showed any decline, and that only seven points in the Industrial average and nine points in Railroads, caused more by foreign than domestic conditions. Industrial conditions in our country booming.

In the seventy-two year period every one of the thirteen evil aspects between Hershel and Saturn were attended by commercial upsets and depression, and twelve of these periods out of thirteen showed net declines in security prices at the end of the period.

Of the eight good aspects between Hershel and Saturn occurring in the seventy-two year period from 1860 to 1932, all were prosperous periods with business good, and seven out of the eight showed decided advances in security prices.

In the twenty -six periods that the planets Hershel and Jupiter have been in harmonious aspect from 1897 to 1932, eighteen were attended by rising security prices and only three with any decline, and these very slight. Net result being 159 points rise and only 10 points decline.

14 Chapters, such as:

Chapter 3 - Commercial Effects of Major Planet Transits - Uranus, Saturn and Jupiter. Chapter 7 - Tabulated Recoreds of Good and Evil Aspects between Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus. Chapter 8 - Effects and Examples of Ingresses and Lunations. Chapter 9 - Rules for Selecting Favorable Times (Inauguration of Hoover, Coolidge; birth of Republican Party; Incorporation of US Steel.)