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AP US History Name______________________________________ Period_________

Chapter Study The Great Depression and the New

33 Guide

Terms and Names: Define each term with complete sentences, using your own words
A. Brain Trust L. John Collier
B. Hundred Days M. SEC
C. Fireside chats N. Social Security Act of 1935
D. CCC O. Wagner Act
E. FERA P. John L. Lewis
G. PWA R. Memorial Day “massacre”
H. Grand Coulee Dam S. American Liberty League
I. 21st Amendment T. Twentieth Amendment
J. Dust Bowl U. Hatch Act
K. Okies

Short Answer: Carefully answer each question in paragraph form or bullet points with detail,
using information from the text. It is best if you can put it in your own words.

1. Describe FDR’s background, life experiences and other assets that made him attractive to
American voters in 1932.
2. What was the Democratic platform in ’32? What did Roosevelt mean when he said “a new
3. What was behind the shift of black voters to the Democratic Party in ’32?
4. Describe Roosevelt’s first actions as president to combat the Great Depression.
5. What were the “three R’s,” in what order were they addressed and how did they function as
organizing principles?
6. Which ideas of the Progressive movement were finally enacted during FDR’s New Deal?
7. What did the Emergency Banking Relief Act of 1933 do? Which of the three R’s accurately
describes the goals of this act?
8. What did the Glass-Steagall Banking Reform Act do?
9. What were the economic and political outcomes of the HOLC?
10. Outline the complaints of New Deal critics such as Coughlin, Long, and Townsend.
11. Evaluate the effectiveness of the WPA.
12. Outline the groundbreaking work that women such as Perkins, Bethune, and others
13. How did the NRA help labor?
14. What contributed to the failure of the NRA? What was the Supreme Court’s rationale when they
delivered the NRA’s final death blow?
15. Compare and contrast the first and second AAA’s.
16. Explain the multiple successes the TVA achieved. What was the chief complaint of its critics?
17. List the groups in the Democratic party’s new coalition in the presidential election of 1936.
18. What was FDR’s “court packing scheme?” How did he explain the need for it? Why did it meet
with so much opposition?
19. Outline the successes and failures of FDR’s New Deal, drawing from 796-8.