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The Connection

Connecting Ministry Partners with the Mission

Volume I, Issue 12 Lifelines Ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ May 2011

our Lifelines team and Athletes in Action,

The end is just Eric and Seth will be International Students
another beginning leaving our Agape
team. Ramsey will be
Inc. and Greek Inter-
Varsity that are inter-
leaving Agape after the ested in doing Lifelines
I can’t believe my first semester of full
first semester to join programming with their
-time campus ministry is coming to an the Tidewater team groups. This has been
end! This has been a hard semester of
with his soon-to-be great for us as the hard-
learning, there was a lot of failures and wife. Our team dynam- est part of the job has
a lot of opportunities to trust God.
ics will change drasti- been to find groups to
There wasn’t much that happened in cally and how we util- take on trips. Praise
May. Students were mostly busy
ize our time with fewer God!
studying for finals and taking finals. people will be a chal-
The staff spent time evaluating the
lenge. This summer I will be
year and preparing for next fall. Thankfully God has taking seminary classes
Our team will look very different next
provided us with a lot at Colorado State Uni-
year. Lindsay and Jon are both leaving of student contacts for versity. It will be weird
next year and all of our not attending a summer
Prayer Requests: students leaders will be project and not being
returning to help us out. around students but I’m
• Transition in our leadership—both stu- We will be revamping looking forward to all
dent and staff
our student leadership that God is going to
• Traveling—I’ll be driving to Michigan
and flying to Colorado, lots of traveling! in order to create more teach me.
Please pray for safety. structure and account-
• Jon, Lindsay, Seth, Eric and Ramsey and ability and hopefully
they begin a new chapter of their lives. interest.
• Diligence in my studies in order to be- We have connected
come a better witness for Christ.
with students from

Mindy Sue Colvin

(269) 908-0611
1027A St. Clair Ave,
Charlottesville, VA 22901