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Application for External Police Staff Vacancy Vacancy Title: Crime Support Officer Vacancy Reference: 2429

Application for External Police Staff Vacancy

Vacancy Title:

Crime Support Officer

Vacancy Reference:


Closing Date:

4.00pm Friday 12 th September 2008

Full Name:

Please return this section of the vacancy information for our selection process to the address below:

T/Ch Insp Paul Williams Human Resources Dept Carmarthenshire Division Carmarthen Police Station, Friars Park Carmarthen, SA31 3AN

*Failure to abide by the below instructions will result in candidates being paper-sifted out of the process. It is the candidate’s responsibility to ensure that they comply with these instructions. This is to ensure fairness to all candidates.

Only this Integrated Competency Framework form will be accepted for all police officer and police staff posts.

The form if typed must be in 12 point font and boxes must not be amended in size. If applications are submitted in handwritten format this should be done in a reasonable legible size.

Attainments stipulated on the role profile must be evidenced on the attainments section. Staff conducting paper sifts will not look through the rest of the form to search for the evidence of attainments and the paper sift will end at this point if there is insufficient evidence. No assumptions will be made.

You must evidence only the behaviours identified on the role profile and this must be to the relevant level, either A, B or C as indicated.

It is insufficient to only make statements, e.g. “I am good at planning and organising”. You need to give an example(s) of situation(s) in which you have had to plan and organise, giving examples of how you did this, why, how any problems were resolved and the outcome.

Examples should be relevant to the role to which you are applying.

Attainments: (only as detailed and requested in the role profile)


Strategic perspective NOT APPLICABLE

Openness to change



Negotiation and influencing NOT APPLICABLE

Maximising potential - B NOT APPLICABLE


Respect for race and diversity - A

Teamworking -



Community and customer focus - C

Effective communication - B


Problem solving - B

Planning and organising – C


Personal responsibility -B

Resilience - B