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Syed Amdad Ali Shah Kazmi S/o Syed Razzaq Hussain Shah
Postal Address : C/o Ahmed Kazmi Scholars College of Sciences & Information
Technology Neelum Educational City Shoukat Lane, Mzd.
Cell # 0346-8662448
Email :


Personal Date of Birth : 29-11-1984

History Religion : Islam
N.I.C No. : 82203-3688624-1
Nationality : Pakistani
Domicile : Muzaffarabad
Marital Status : Single
Native Place : Muzaffarabad

Objective My Passion is to gain success in challenging environment with hard work honesty and
devotion in order to improve professional and technical skills for the benefits of the
organization and to achieve success in every assignment given thus enabling me to purse
my future in organization of the sound and unlimited growth.

 Skills  Good Communication Skills.

 Working with people
 I always delighted to speak before people
 Languag
es Excellent Oral and Verbal Skills in Urdu and English language in speaking, writing and
Good knowledge of Hinko, Punjabi & Other local languages.
 Comput
er Skills  Diploma in I.T from Scholar College Institute of Sciences & Information
Technology Muzaffarabad.

 Certificate in I.T from Iqrq University .

Certificate in Language from Scholar College of Sciences & Information Technology,

 Educati Degree Marks Board/University Session
on MBA (Finance) 1511 AJ&K University Mzd. 2007-09
B.Com 885 AJ&K University Mzd. 2004-06 666 Mirpor Board AJK 2002-2004

SSC (Sciences) 429 Mirpor Board AJK 2001

 Experie I 1 year experiences as Field officer in KDF

nce II 4years experience as a Admin officer in Scholar College Muzaffarabad.
Iii working as a lecturer in Mhyo Din Islamic University
Scholar College And Nicst College Muzaffarabad AJK
 Referen
Syed Iftikhar Hussain Kazmi

ii Managing Director
Scholars College of Sciences & I.T, Muzaffarabad Azad Kashmir.
Ph Off: 058810-46082
Cell # : 0301-5139451