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Simple Energy Flow GCSE P1

Physicists often use diagrams to show how the energy changes in a system. These can be
complex, e.g. Sankey Diagrams (which show exactly how much energy is used or wasted in a
system, and its efficiency), or can simply show what types of energy are involved.

We are concerned with the latter here; a simple energy flow diagram.

Worked Example

A man cycles up a hill and

comes to a rest at the top.
He waits there a second or
two, then freewheels down
the other side.

Draw an energy flow

diagram for his journey from
the bottom to the top (1),
and another for his journey
back down again (2).


Simple Energy Flow GCSE P1

Now draw simple energy flow diagrams for the following situations:

(a) A man walks up a flight of stairs.

(b) A handheld torch is used at night.

(c) A frozen pea is dropped off the Eiffel Tower.

(d) An arrow is fired vertically up into the air, and then falls back to Earth.