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Technical Training on RF Optimization

Optimization is to Keep track of network Improve quality of network To provide best network quality using any available spectrum analyzer Accessibility, Retainability, Mobility

The Radio Network Optimization (RNO) is to reasonably adjust the communication network planning and design as per certain criteria so as to enable the network operation more reliable and economical, improve the network service quality and resource utilization, which is of great importance to network carriers. 2G Optimization 1. Coverage Optimization 2. Call drop Optimization 3. Neighbor Optimization 4. Handover Optimization Coverage 2G RX level Good: Rx Lev > -85dbm Radio Ok= -85dbm<Rx Lev<= -95dbm Poor: Rx Lev < -95dbm


Causes Poor Coverage 1. Poor coverage due to bad Rx Lev- Receive signal level < -95dbm 2. Poor Coverage due to Missing neighbors & handover failure 3. Faulty hardware. 4. Interference


Coverage Optimization
Ways to improve coverage in a network if any of the following issue occurs I. Poor coverage due to bad Rx Lev Ways to improve poor coverage II. Antenna tilt Antenna azimuth Antenna height TMA amplifier Antenna type Antenna location New site

Poor Coverage due to Missing neighbors Ways to resolve missing neighbors in other to improve coverage Check neighbor list from BSS engineer Add missing neighbor cells.


Check hardware alarm, Loss of attenuation check Feeders , connectors & Jumper

2. Call Drop Causes of call drop


Poor coverage Low signal strength

2. Handover failure 3. Missing Neighbors

4. Interference 5. Hardware Faulty



2. Optimization of Call Drop

I. Call drop due to Poor coverage- Low signal strength Ways to Optimize II Antenna tilt Antenna azimuth Antenna location Antenna height Antenna type Site location New site

Call drop due to Handover failure Ways to optimize handover failure Unavailable time slots because of high traffic Increase time slot Congestion Increase Capacity Low signal strength and bad quality Check handover margin Hardware problem like TRX or time slot problem


Call drop due to Missing neighbor Ways to optimize handover problem Check neighbor list from BSS engineer Add missing neighbor cells Remove unnecessary neighbor cells


Call drop due to Interference. Ways to Optimize Avoid Co-channel- Same Frequency

Avoid Adjust Channel Adjacent frequency Check external interference

IV Check hardware Alarm, Radio failure and BTS failure V. Signaling - Run a Trace in the affected area

3. Neighbor Optimization
I. Neighbor relation should be well define to avoid call drop II. Check neighbor list from BSS engineer III. Add missing neighbor cells IV Remove unnecessary neighbor cells.


Handover Optimization Check Handover margin