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Tutorial 01 (Chapter 01)

3. The speed of light in a vacuum is approximately 0.3 Gm/s. Express the speed of light in meters per second. 5. CE Which of the following equations are dimensionally consistent? (a) x = vt , (b) x = 1 at 2 , (c) t = (2 x a ) 2
1/ 2

8. Velocity is related to acceleration and distance by the following expression: v 2 = 2ax p . Find the power p that makes this equation dimensionally consistent. 12. The time T required for one complete oscillation of a mass m on a spring of force constant k is

T = 2

m . k

Find the dimensions k must have for this equation to be dimensionally correct.

15. A parking 101 is 144.3 m long and 47.66 m wide. What is the perimeter of the lot? 20. (a) The largest building in the world by volume is the Boeing 747 plant in Everett, Washington. It measures approximately 631 m long, 707 yards wide and 110 ft high. What is its volume in cubic feet? (b) Convert your result from part (a) to cubic meters. 24. An electronic advertising sign repeats a message every 7 seconds, day and night, for a week. How many times did the message appear on the sign? 26. The Star of Africa The Star of Africa, a diamond in the royal scepter of the British crown jewels, has a mass of 530.2 carats, where 1 carat = 0.20 g. Given that 1 kg has an approximate weight of 2.21 lb, what is the weight of this diamond in pounds? 29. BIO Woodpecker Impact When red-headed woodpeckers (Melanerpes erythrocephalus) strike the trunk of a tree, they can experience an acceleration ten times greater than the acceleration of gravity, or about 98.1 m/s2. What is this acceleration in ft/s2? 32. Suppose 1.0 cubic meter of oil is spilled into the ocean. Find the area of the resulting slick, assuming that it is one molecule thick, and that each molecule occupies a cube 0.50 m on a side. 45. Ten and Ten When Coast Guard pararescue jumpers leap from a helicopter to save a person in the water, they like to jump when the helicopter is flying "ten and ten," which means it is 10 feet above the water and moving forward with a speed of 10 knots. What is

"ten and ten" in SI units? (A knot is one nautical mile per hour, where a nautical mile is 1.852 km.) 47. BIO Human Nerve Fibers Type A nerve fiber in humans can conduct nerve impulses at speed up to 140 m/s . (a) How fast are the nerve impulses in miles per hour? (b) How far (in meters) can the impulses travel in 5.0 ms? 50. Acceleration is related to velocity and time by the following expression: a = v p t q . Find the powers p and q that make this equation dimensionally consistent.

Tutorial 01 (Chapter 03)

8. Find the x and y components of a position vector r of magnitude r = 75 m, if its angle relative to the x axis is (a) 35.0O and (b) 65.0O. 12. IP The x and y components of a vector r are r x = 14 m and ry = 9.5 m, respectively. Find (a) the direction and (b) the magnitude of the vector r . (c) If both rx and ry are doubled, how do your answers to parts (a) and (b) change? 16. A treasure map directs you to start at a palm tree and walk due north for 15.0 m. You are then to turn 90O and walk 22.0 m; then turn 90O again and walk 500 m. Give the distance from the palm tree, and the direction relative to north, for each of the four possible locations of the treasure. 20. A vector A has a magnitude of 40.0 m and points in a direction 20.0O below the positive x r axis. A second vector B has a magnitude of 75.0 m and points in a direction 50.0O above r r r r r the positive x axis. (a) Sketch the vectors A , B and C = A + B . (b) Using the component method of a vector addition, find the magnitude and direction of the vector C . 21. An air traffic controller observes two airplanes approaching the airport. The displacement r from the control tower to plane 1 is given by the vector A , which has a magnitude of 220 km and points in a direction 32O north of west. The displacement from the control tower to plane r 2 is given by the vector B , which has a magnitude of 140 km and points 65O east of north. r r r r r r (a) Sketch the vectors A , B and D = A B . Notice that D is the displacement from plane r 2 to plane 1. (b) Find the magnitude and direction of the vector D . 26. A basketball player runs down the court, following the path indicated by the vectors A , r r B and C in Figure 3 37. The magnitudes of these three vectors are A = 10.0 m, B = 20.0 m, and C = 7.0 m. Find the magnitude and direction of the net displacement of the player using (a) the graphical method and (b) the component method of vector addition. Compare your results.

32. Find the direction and magnitude of the vector. r (a) A = (25 m )x + ( 12 m )y

(b) B = (2.0 m )x + (15 m )y and (c) A + B

34. Express each of the vectors in Figure 3-38 in unit vector notation. 35. Referring to the vectors in Figure 3-38, express the sum A + B + C in unit vector notation.

A constant force F = (2.0x + 4.0y ) N acts on an object as it moves along a straight-line path. If the objects displacement is d = (1.0x + 5.0y ) m calculate the work done by F using
the dot product: W = F d

r r


Show that the cross product of two vectors, A = Ax x + Ay y + Az z , and

r B = B x x + B y y + B z z is

r r A B = (Ay B z Az B y )x + ( Az B x Ax B z ) y + (Ax B y Ay B x )z r r r r r

*** Determine the vector product A B and the angle between A and B if A = 5.4 x 3.5 y

and B = 8.5 x + 5.6 y + 2.0 z