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-Rufus Scrimgeour's Ministry Speech -The Dursleys Departing and Harry preparing for the Journey -Ron and

the Weasleys preparing for the War at the Burrow -Hermione modifies her parents' memories and gets ready -Snape goes to Malfoy Manor; The Voldemort meeting and Charity Burbage's death. -The Seven Potters Transfiguration -The Seven Potters Battle: a. in London sky, b.downtown, the sky/over the Burrow surroundings. -The Arrival of the Survivors and the Grief for Moody. -Trio's talk about the Horcruxes quest -Voldemort tortures Ollivander. -The Weasleys preparing for the Wedding -Rufus Scrimgeour gives Harry,Ron and Hermione Dumbledore's will. -The Wedding Party, Ron jealous, Harry talks with Aunt Muriel. -Kingsley's Patronus,Wedding Attack. -Running in London and the Cafe attack. -Going to Grimmauld Place, confronting Dumbledore's ghost. -Finding about R.A.B.'s identity. -Kreacher chases Mandungus in Diagon Alley -Dobby and Kreacher bring Mandungus who confesses -The Ministry of Magic infiltration -At Umbridge's Office and the anti-Muggle Propaganda -The Muggle-Born Registration Commission -The Battle with Dementors and the Rescue of the Muggleborns -The Battle in the Ministry and the Escape in the Atrium