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Englisli in 20 Minutes a Day
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.._._ Glosar britanic-arnerican .__. .. .___...__._..... Mini-dictionar roman-englez I~.Contents Introduction In trod ucere 4 6....__.. ..._... .. ?I!~...Y.9 ...:?{~r_K~l ...D§.._.!2J_iEs....._S...?DJ~Los s§l. 6!Il~Ji ..__.....__ ... Multumlri 64 ..._ .gg~m._..§J_ ~ . .9EY ._._. ..L<?.. _ .... ~~j...~Q'?'{J~.._. Rezolvarile exercitiilor Grammar Bank Gramatica 23 Y-£QI_9_]§I}:!t.._.._.gE?h-R2.b:bQ} .. _ _ _ _.. 5_§ !2.._.Ii!J s. . .!r!9_D..... E....____ _ __ .g _ Glosar amertcan-britanic !\~k._ .~Dj:~ .2 1 Mini-dictionar englez-roman w_Qx...!?__?:n~J~Q.. .gU?...~[9._. .t?IJ..._._...~..!I!?!}J?!}:gD. .... .D.g_.§._b !g?§. . 2.[~_g_l}.2" ."_.... Verbe neregulate _..L{.._..h...._.._.. "..._ . 4..._ _ ..'.

vetl gasi trimiteri la Gramatidi (Grammar Bank). adiectiv. Primele doua dintre acestea sunt organizate pe etape. Daca Yeti consulta sectiunea de gramatica corespunzatoare din aceasta carte. veti gasi informatil suplirnentare ~i exernple care au legatura eu lectia dumneavoastra. Transcrierea Inregistrarilor audio Puteti citi textul oricarel lnregfstrari audio tn brosura intitulata Audio Book.ll. subst. in eontextul tn care apar acestea In lectii.antiv sau verb. astfel tncat sa va fie usor sa descurcati. Acest lucru va este util nu numai pentru verificare. adverb. Este indicata si pronuntia flecarut cuvant. La exercitllle la care vi se cere sa va scrleti propriile idel. • Mlni-dictlonarul (Word Bank) contine 0 llsta eu deflnitif simple in limba rornana ale cuvintelor de bam. va Cartea aiutatoare Cartea ajutatoare (Resource Book) este cornpusa din trei sectlunl princlpale. veti fi uirniti de cat de muJte puteti YnVata Tn felul acesta. Grammar Bank va of era ocazla sa aprotundati chestiunile de grarnatlca. Materialul auxiliar din English ill 20 Minutes a Day este conceput pentru a aj uta sa parcurgeti etapele 1-6 ale acestui curs. La sfarsital acestei cartt veti gasi un tabel eu verbele neregulate si un glosar britanic-american I arnerkan-britanic. • Pe masura ce parcurgeti lectltle.V~)l. 4 English in 20 minutes a day . va • Puteti folosi Rezolvarileexercitttlor (Answer Ke!!) pentru a va veritica la flecare lectie. vi se da cate un model. ci ~i pentru a va perfecnona cunostinrele st pronuntia. Incercati sa urmaritt textul unei conversatii sau al unei parti din povesttre In timp ce ascultatt. Desi Yn lectii exista suficiente tnformattl ea sa va perrnita sa rezolvati oricare dintre exercitiile date.1 AU):<lLlAR"I~. precum st principalele functli gramaticale.Introduction (EQLOSIREA MATERIALU_L.

hall living room 6 veranda pond 8 kitchen SPEAKER SPEAKER SPEAKER II I Manchester 2 Vietnam 3 Toronto 4 Macedonia 5 Kigali 6 China B Name./ E Name. ~'STAGE-mLESSON'4111 (STAGE 1: LESSON 7 Address . flat detached house. Model answer: I have two brothers and one sister.2004 Area to be visited.1 2)( 3)( 4. speaking a foreign language (Spanish.I job . o 4 semi-detached house 5 terraced Speaker 2 likes reading books. 5: I don't have to work for anybody./ Company 0 D Name. I live with my family 3(1) 4(2) 5(1) II 2d 3e 4a 5c STAGE 1: LESSON:6R STAG~LESs6N 8\f_4 FJ I 3 5 8 II wake up 2 get up have 4 get dressed have 6 Jeave 7 walk go 9 start 10 fj rush have 12 watch 13 play (BREAKTHROUGH1V.15). I don't have to work at night. Model answer: I have to start work at 7. Period of cover: 1'5. bungalow II A Excuse me B How do you do? 5 I don't watch television.00) and I go to work. the baby Address. 10./ Phone I email .00).(PSV) licence.I Phone I email 0 Job'. II Ic 5 is a telephone call./ Address . 2(2) 6 (2) 5 They're 2231 72 81 5 We are not a family. rI I 3 5 7 dining room 2 study garden 4 bathroom. 4 2 I'm 3 He's Hollywood 2 (a small town in) Minnesota 3 'Hi there. C Marie Speaker 5 likes working at night.l Company. drivi ng 3 lob: travel representative: Qualifications. pilot. New York. 6 I don't play on the computer II A David 8 Brian D Susan C How are you? D Fine. 3 Gemma is not the same age as me. hairdresser. brother Rosa and Gemma: cousins Martin: uncle Janet: aunt Susan: grandmother lulie: mother 2 am 6 are 3 is 4 is 5 are 5 She asks them to sit down. 2 He drinks beer 3 She gives her fiowers 4 She's fine (A bit tired). II 2 walks finishes plays 3 starts 4 5 watches 6 a A Switzerland B China C United States D Greece 2 bungalow 3 block of flats II taxi driver./ Company 0 F Name. I get dressed. 6 They're playing in tlie 7 II Form A First name: Emily Surname: ParriSH Street: I 7 Orcharcl Street Town j City: IpswiGM County: Suffolk Post code: IP7 3BH Telephone 01473 453527 Email address.Answer Key (STAGE '1: LESSON 1 2 I don't walk to the bus stop. In the evenings I watch television. 4: I have to be very tit to do this job. 0.l C Name. sales assistant student 2 job bus driver Qualifications. Skills./ Phone I email .I Phone I email 0 Job. Italian and English) English in 20 minutes a day 5 II I hairdresser 2 student 3 sales assistant 4 pilot 5 taxi driver . 1 finish work at five o'clock (5.2003 to 5./ Address . Then 1 have breakfast. Speaker 3 likes the other staff.5 (May) . thanks E Nice to see you II Model answer: I wake up at six fifteen (6.l II It's in tlie drive./ II SPEAKER 2: I have to study and read lots of books 3:1 have to be polite to customers. Speaker 4 likes visiting other countries.' 'How are you?' 4 drive 5 big Her name is not Rosa. 6 They are not my grandparents.11 A student B hairdresser C sales assistant D pilot E taxi driver Qualifications. Skills. Australia. certificate degree. 2d 3a 4b 5e 3 r don't start work at nine 4 I don't finish work at five or six.l Address . II 1.l phone! email 0 Job 0 Company 0 11 2 I am not the only daughter in my family.I job . I leave the house at seven o'clock (7.30. Hong Kong 425162 garden.l Stephen: father Marie and George: grandparents David. Company. My mother'S name is Beata.

00 traveller's cheques bank manager foreign currency cash machine business adviser cheque book credit card security camera Thanks for a delicious meal last night. Call her as soon as possible. Colour: blond. I help to clean the boats and I sometimes look after the Be. big. thin. 2 Hurry up! We are late.00 32. 2 She cuts hair. Work experience Boat attendant: I work for my fat~er who is the manager of a boa! hire company. small. has got Model answers: Don't forget! stamps 2 A very happy birthday (Mum) Much love (your name) 3 Your friend Susan phoned. dark.Answer Key 4 lob: personal secretary Qualifications. 4 Someone is ill.00 224. long (hair). ~ 4c 5d D current 2 J.50 112. iii Skills: B lour 4 his 2 your 3 my 5 its 6 her Felicity Blake Ie 2d 3e 4a ~b can have go! qualifications: I has got 2 can 3 can 4 Have (you) got 5 have got 6 can. Harry customers. word processing 5 Job. 3 What is the time? 2 family (mother) 3 Andy's Garage 4 friend (Karen) 4 He is my brother. l~~E1:LESSON11~ II Id 2e 31 4b 2b 3d 4a sa 6c Model answers. I can dr. curly (hair) II I cash 2 traveller's cheques 3 traveller's cheques 4 cash 5 traveller's cheques 6 cash 7 traveller's cheques fJ I father 2 mother 3 grandfather 4 uncle 5 son 6 sister II He drives a taxi. I haven't got a university degree. I have got a licence I can speak Spanisfi. am an experienced driver. 3 He flies planes 4 She studies. fit. medium-build. What a wonderful cook you are! What about dinner at the Mango Restaurant 011 Saturday? 1could pick you up at six from your house and we could go to a club afterwards Lei me know fJ Je 2a 3b ID2E3C4B5A I 3 5 7 9 Peter 2 Yoshiko Carlos 4 Peter Yoshiko 6 Peter Yoshiko 8 Carlos Yoshiko 10 Carlos Are you in full-time education? Y!!S 1start college in October next year. grey 2 fat 6 English in 20 minutes a day . 3 Someone's car is ready.50 Paid in by. tall. 2 Someone is visiting her daughter tonight. black. B to accept a (wedding) invitation. II IC 6E 28 3F 4A ~D II fiJt~ pounds 1£ Date: 15t~ August 2005 Pay Elizabeth Blake 50 on ly 00 3f 4d 2 but 5 but 5b 6e II have 2 is 3 don't 5 has 6 drive 7 can 4 is 8 is Feli(it~ Blake 3 and 6 and I brown.00 80. lanes 3 Two 4 £2711. 5 Someone wants to find a house 6 Someone can't see the doctor today. 5 They are older than me. grey. designing Date: 15/8/05 Notes £20 Notes £10 Total Cash Cheques TOTAL I am his boss. fat.st wisfi!!S. fashion designer Qualifications: diploma Skills. STAGE 1: LESSQN_9. A to say thank you. STAGE 1 LESSON 10 I Ih 7e 2j 8g 31 9d 4a 5c IOi 6b Bristol 2 London 3 She cuts hair 4 Diploma in Hairdressing 4 Neil's Hair Salon fI Height and shape. 6 Where is the taxi? I 3 5 6 qualification skill 4 skill qualification qualification 2 skill 5 PDQ delivery service 6 Fiona Woods 60. brown General appearance: bald.ive fJI photo C Can you work part-time? Y!!S Available to work Monday" Friday Yes Weekends Yes Nights Yes If successful when can you start work? l st AUg/lS! Do you have any holidays booked? Yes a car.. pretty.00 20. j A is to a close friend. certificate (in office management) Skills: computing. I She reads books.92 5 £200.D.

2 4 enjoys. 4 They go to the beach. don't enjoy. Yoshiko 2 My grandmother 3 My brother 4 b. Model answers: J try not to get angry. I see him every weekend. mind.mayo@iafrica. family 3: where they live. our. c. Model 5 Mrs King opens the door. 3 so cousin. _ . great. gets 9 likes II polite: problem. angry 3 young. fantastic. holidays 2: job.. fI Speaker Speaker Speaker animals II business. videos. D answers: like football. i. their. / I stay and finish the work 5 1 think holidays tantasticl 8 Carlos thinks 9 Carlos thinks Peter is in love with Yoshiko. II Peter wants to go to the beach before it gets dark. Africa number 021348675 I I misses 2 goes 3 likes g. Yoshiko lives. the a. about 10 Peter is worried fI Sergii's letter: don't don't like. Kirsty doesn't weekends. Mrs King / Her landlady wants her home at six o'clock. don't like 2 a. that Mrs King is busy. -'-~:. h. '1. He is !we!1t~-five years old. My cousin lives ill Rio. 3 3 It's a great place to work and the staff are happy. Kirsty's letter: How nice.'/. like. I think he's a great storyteller. likes to help (customers).com Your date of birth: going to pubs and dubs Kirsty likes living at home I living in London / seeing friends I playing music I her job. ] because 2 so 4 so 5 because 2 miss 5 want 3 want 6 hope 5 I've got brown eyes and 6 I'm medium-build. . love. j. long. 7 Peter thinks that Mrs King is rude. hate Carlos' girlfriend from Spain. g. / I try to understand the problem.a 4 5 a. South Sergii likes London I England / reading Engl ish books I talking on the internet Sergii doesn't like Tallinn address: 7 Longmarket. like. 5 They think she is a difficult woman. He has dark hair and brown eyes. 7 I'm in my thirties. If 6c 2g 7e 3d 4b 5a II thin.an manager. e. horrible 3 Peter knows where 4 They knock on the door.Answer Key 3 brother 4 good-looking Model short answer: dark hair. his. 3 great. is too I I don't 2 I like watching 3 I enjoy my job. 2 good with people. happy . 4 I hate getting up early. My uncle Harry: II First names: Family Address Telephone Email name: Glnria lane Cape Mayo Town 800 I . d. worried 2 bald. Model answers: doesn't like a. My father: a. sport. a. can work hard and get on with other staff II I are 4 look 2 go 3 Has 5 do 6 tries 7 think 8 10 phones 2 It's in Brighton. very pleased. pretty 4 fat. horn ble like. an. f. are 2 I tell the manager. the. ~ STAGE 1: LESSO~t~1 . her: its. like working at a 4 brings 5 doesn't mind / does not mind 6 gets 7 has 12/4/84 Your age in years on 1st Septem ber 2005 21 years Your sex: Female Model answer: relative is my Nationality: South Afriwn My favourite English in 20 minutes a day 7 . 6 She says Yoshiko busy to see them.1: job. the 2 5 don't mind. don't like. The. comes a 6 nice. I like him because Fie's an interesting person. want. the 3 the. don't enjoy. university II They are students at the Greenwood language school your. enjoy. great.

45 . 13 4 2 straight.43 18.10 3 07.m.m two p. di fficu It but I Cam working)hard and. 58 W Left luggage Lost property 7 5 return 6 £·125 STAGE 2: LESSON 6. left.50 2 €2.S. 17.4 p.. Helen Wilcox I work for Eastern Airlines and I am a pilot The company has 23 pilots but only three are women.16. thank 2C 7G 3E 4A 3 Monday. buying about a train lost property ticket to read II I in 2 at 3 next to 4 in 5 next to 6 in 7 next to Picture 1 6. 3 Turn right for Liverpool. 6 one (o'clock) 7 90 minutes 2 £34 3 £28 4 £24 D The next bus to Oxford leaves at nine o'clock and a rrives at half past ten. first. in right Greenford. AI4 D t c 2A 3D 4B W I Irs 2 They're 3 There's 4 They're 5 there's 6 It's ID Ii E Underground 2 six p.45 Conversation 5 a I platform 3 delayed 5 ticket 2 trolley 4 lost property 6 stairs 7 lUggage My name is. It's in the shopping centre.45 2 $145 2 boarding 8 English in 20 minutes a day . It is. most importantly.15 Conversation 4 5 is pushing 6 buying something I Speaker 2 1 2 Speaker blue Central change I 2 Conversation I 5 3 7 2 2 4 4 7 3 5 6 6 Conversation 2 Picture 3: 9. 900. right 6 The toi lets are stra. on Ieft.24. 3 3 Speaker 3 4 Speaker 4 1 Picture 4: 10. A polite ending: you very much. under 16 II asking about left luggage f. It's 5 There's bit's I False 4 False 2 False 5 True 3 True 6 True First class Way out Train departures D Monday.30 Conversation 3 Picture 5 6.27. Excuse 3 straight.50 4 €3. 2 they're 3 It's 4 Where's.30 5 £42 6 £112 7 £23 8 £20.T~G.I I is posting is looking 2 4 2 looking 2F 7C 3A 4G for a platform 3 are drinking are talking 58 t§T_8GE 2: LESSON 4 3 asking to see a ticket 4 asking . 4 one way 5 Heathrow.30 and it arrives in Amsterdam two. I 13.00 departure lounge pass 1.50 new planes the moment.45 fI 1 £112 m The companyUs 5 Saturdays 01'1 for London Go straight 2 Turn l~f! for Manchester. at quarter to 5 second sign 6 first sign 5 shopping 6 cinema centre 6 92p II I £28. 10. Ah.rn. me.45 p.20 second sign 2 first sign 3 third sign 4 second sign 2 cinema 3 £32. &I 08.00 Conversation yellow 4 blue red. Swansea fast Green 10Uilune A question using where: Where's the post office? An answer: Oh.m 116.00 II I £. le:rninwto fly ill rnbojets. a 2 Rome John 2 3 4 1728. 1130.17.00 Conversation 2 Picture 2: 5.50 $84 fi rst.ig~t II 1 theatre 2 The next train for Paris leaves at half past eleven and arrives at four o'clock in the afternoon.00 3 sports hall 4 Green Park 3 The next flight to Amsterdam leaves at 12. leam buyj[lg)two 5 There's the phone .15 19. 5 green. 3 £500.over there on the ahead.Answer Key a I right 3 €32. 1230.85 5 $100. Conversation I Pol ite introduction.E_ ~LESSON 5 ? o I tu rn right 2 straight on 3 tu rn left 4 straight on 5 turn left 6 turn right 2 4 18. 4 The cafe is there on the left. I my job. I love itl so a.

500.1 rc 2D 3A 4B 2 The flight to Los Angeles leaves at sixteen hundred hours. 2b 3e 4f 5a 6c English in 20 minutes a day --- 9 . castle.Answer Key 3 arrivals hall 4 Customs 5 meeting point 6 gate IE 28 3D 4C 5A 4 They go to the beach 5 Peter asks Yoshiko how her landlady is today I about her landlady.. walk.. knife.n I China 2 Tokyo 7 Italy 3 London 5 New York 8 Australia BA 2602.? vet TIM: I party 2 some clothes 2 They are 3 '" cannot . light. silver. museum 5 cathedral II He is thei r teacher for this term.. Monday May 22: Tuesday May 23: Wednesday May 24 Thursday May 25: Friday May 26: Saturday May 27 Sunday I party 3 tennis 2 to the 4 three 2d 8d 3f 9g 4a 5c lOb 6a I Miyamatsu 2 Gijon 3 Kyoto 4 Edinburgh 5 knife 6 salmon II 4 gate 2 population 3 cities 4 village 5 towns 6 (where you live) city / town / Village island. hour. gate B25 3 OS 3117. old castle 5 on foot REBECCA: I Where is ".I Crete 6 Spain Oow. It's in Scotland._ 4 It is 51 am. gate A 19 2 LH 3367. 2 B airport information 5 in the north-west 3 C check-in 4 A departures zoo 2 botanical gardens 3 art gallery 4 5 C check-in I ticket 2 boarding 3 departure 4 attendant 5 security Edinburgh. Brighton. comb.000 4 Van Gogh museum 5 boat Speaker 2 I Martha 2 Cape Town 3 3 million 4 market stalls. fI A 2 or 4 C 1 or 3 Iv' 2v' B I or 3 0 2 or 4 3v' 4v' 50 2 They are asking each other questions. some. A 37 I sitting 2 swimming 3 asking 4 playing 5 shopping 6 eating D I tickets passport hand 2 Malaga 3 4 baggage 5 5 KL 3914. chalk. love. 6 The flight to Rome leaves at seventeen fifty (StAGE 2: LESSON 12 Across . 5 The flight to Paris is delayed. 400. sign. straight.1630 4 Paris. 3 She thinks the sea is too cold for swirnrrung. 6 market 11 IA 6B Id 2C 38 4C 5A 1.000 I castle 2 festival I fly 2 drive 3 train STAGE 2: LESSON19. gate A22 6 B17 STAGE 2: LESSON 13 D May 21. II ] sightseeing 2 buildings 3 tour 4 excursion 5 tourist 3 The flight to Zurich leaves at sixteen thirty hours 4 The flight to New York leaves at sixteen forty-five. Check in 2 Go through passport control 3 Do some duty free shopping 4 II Is there 2 Are there 3 Is there 4 Are there 5 Are there 3 tennis are going 2 are flying 3 are hiring 4 are staying II I am 2 fly 3 am going 4 are leaving 5 to drive II la False 2a False 3a True 4a False 4c False Ib True Go to departure gate 5 Board aeroplane 2b True 3b False fJ 1 toothpaste 3 alarm clock 5 socks I A departures 5 are meeting 6 are coming 2 hairbrush 4 book II I in the north 4b False 4d True 2 west of 3 north-east 4 II A2 B5 C4 01 E3 in the south-west D I is swimming 2 is having 3 are meeting 4 is going 5 is going 6 are having dinner STAGE 2: LESSON11-. friend. know 11 Speaker I 2 morning 4 afternoon I Hans 2 Amsterdam 3 700.

sir What's your name?' 'lohn Green.' I Where's the post office'! II Speaker 1· often Speaker 3: never Speaker 4. I can't come . 6 The post office is over there. 4 If 7i 2c 8d 3g 9e 4a to 5h b 6i II I sightseeing 2 attraction 3 tour 4 putting 5 home 6 plenty 7 population 8 find out 9 always 10 delayed B: Yes. Conversation 4: Now then Conversation 5: Just a second. please? I know 4 there 9 sun 2 wait 3 write 5 no 7 hear Do you know what your weight is? 2 I want to buy some flowers for my mother.. it's (your name and number) B: Thank you very much Mr/Ms (your surname) Goodbye. Can 1 help you?' 'Yes.1 8 She is also very polite to the caller. 3 The post office? It's in Bridge Street. Conversation 2: Let's have a look . lune the tenth. That's G-R-E-E-N.' '15. ~§. 8 I am having a party tomorrow.1 Across 4 two 9 sea Down fI IA 6 weight 10 right 8 some Conversation I: Let me see. 5. never ST~GE.' 'Certainly. 4 use? 289. isn't it? 6 That sign says: Danger! 7 It's only another forty"eight miles to Bristol. I can find out for you. 3 They are going to write to me about the [ob. 8 Speaker 2: I. 4 He is at the station. 2 'What time's the flight?' she asked . 6 Is there a train to London this evening? ! Are there any trains to London this evening? 7 Wales is not as big as II Speaker ].I am playing tennis with Jane. please'! B: I'm sorry. 7 Conversation I Speaker 4: 2. 9 SpeakerS: 6. B:.2: LESSON 19 I False 4 False 2 True 5 True 3 False II Yoshiko 2 Mrs King 3 She wants her to find a new family to stay with. 10 I ride 2 go 3 drives / goes 4 sailing 5 ride 6 fly 2 big 3 Ottawa 4 USA I United States 5 English and French Conversation 2 I Singapore 2 island 3 Singapore 4 Malaysia 5 English and Chinese is as big as 2 is not as big as 3 is almost as big as 4 not as big as What is the capita]? Reykiavlk 2 How big is it? 103.' 'OK. but she's away IE 8 2D 3F4C5A6 today. please. A: Can she call me. iOAre you going out tonight. It's (your name and Please stay here while I look for him e let number). Hold on a moment.000 krona How much is a return ticket" 5 What is the population? 5 That's Tom's mobile phone. II Ie 7c 2d 3f 4a 5b 6 She is with a young manhe is her son 10 English in 20 minutes a day . B: She's in tomorrow.Answer Key 8 Do you want an ice cream? I do.1 3. A: OK.1 6. 9 Yoshiko is phoning Peter! Yoshiko is talking to Peter.1 II IE 2A 3C 48 50 Are there any good restaurants here? 2 London is in the south of England. ]"11 wait.. 5 He's my son and I Jove him very much.000 sq km 3 What language do they speak? Icelandic 4 What currency do they I Canada ST~GE ~: LI~S~ON 151 'Good morning. I want a ticket to Rome. always England. 4 Speaker 3: 3. That leaves at 1530. Could you repeat that please? A: Yes. STAGE 2: . A: When is she available? B: I'm afraid I don't know. Carlos? You can't buy tickets until four o'clock.' 'The best flight is BA2747. Could I take your name and number? It. I delayed 2 running 3 plenty 4 Leave 5 miss 2D 38 4E 5C II Model answer: A: May I speak to Helen Parker.1 7. 2.E 2: LESSON 18.1 4. Mr Green. 5 She is at the station 2 Can I help you? 3 He's flying to Paris tomorrow. When do you want to fly?' 'On Monday.. Conversation 3.=_i~S_SO!":J~ II ID2C3B4A5E6 F 1.30'1 That's great. 6g Speaker S: sometimes. 4 Look! The man is running towards the bridge.1 5. 5 Sorry.

3 The large oranges are 40 pence each.51b 511. D 3B 4C 6A 7 C. Id Ib 2c 3a 4e 5b BREAKTHROUGH 5 a 6. red roses for the lady at £4. please A: Anything else? B: What about the grapes? How mudl are they? A The black ones are £2. 10 Pizza-to-go: I. . twelve beautiful. sandwiches. 2 The black grapes are £2. They're lovely.6 metres. 9 II 2 aren't any 3 Have you got any 4 can't speak any 5 haven't got any 6 Have you got any 22. I access 2 visit 3 home page 4 click 5 Insert 6 button The order is: 3. please? 2 Here's the menu Would you like something to drink? 3 Would you like to order now. A: Right you are The large oranges are 40 pe~ce each Is that OK? B: Fine. 2. madam. (1 James. I. a kilo of black grapes then. a Ie 7e 2 Do 3 Does 5 Does 6 Do 4 Do 2f 3a 4g 5b 6d I False 2 True 3 True 4 Don't know 5 False 6 False 7 True 8 Don't know English in 20 minutes a day 11 . Now I just want some flowers.4. 8. 3 Mark) The restaurant is too expensive. madam. cheese (any 5 of these) <STAGE 3: LESSON[2 II Have you got any soft drinks? Have you got any toothpaste') Sorry. red. A: Right. ID II newspapers. A The red or the yellow? B: Oh. a 2E 3C 4A 58 I barman 2 waiter 4 chef 5 dessert 3 water B: Two kilos. 5. and four large oranges. Is that everything? B: Yes. they are From South Africa. please. (2 Kelly) A apples B grapes C bananas D melon E oranges F roses A Can I fie/V you? a fJ ]8 2C 3D 4A They will go there again (3 Mark) The drinks are excellent (3 Mark) The staff are friendly. thanks. E 5D 2 C.9. 10 a kilo. we haven't got any then. 6 Would you like to order dessert? 7 Could 1have the bill. please? £7. How much are the apples? A: They're £2.questions I. 0 II LJ The waiters are too slow (3 Mark) The fish is very good. I think. please.25 a kilo and the white are £175. juice. 5 Enjoy your meal.75. Roses.2 m 359kg 46ft3in 655 km 3a 4c 5d STAGE 3: LESSON 5':'-") Ic 2d 3a 4b II II LJ Ie 6b 2f Model answers: I am a medium. Twenty pounds.45 change. E 8 A. (2 Kelly) II He doesn't have his driving licence with him. 8. a bunch of roses.50. 7 Neither restaurant 5. 2.. please. How much are they? Is that OK? Is that everything? Do you want to pick it up or do you want the delivery service? And what do you want to order? How long do you think? Do you have our menu? Do you want thin and crispy or deep pan crust? a Ic I bed-sit 2 rent 3 deposit 4 landlady 5 lodger 2d 3e 4a 5f 6b STAGE 3: LESSON 7 II I B. 6 wli. 5..6. B: Yes. milk.50 for twelve. biscuits. bread. (3 Mark) The restaurant looks nice.25 a kilo and the white grapes are £ 1. thanks.10 a kilo. thanks and The Golden Dragon: 1. . 10 2c 3d 4a STAGE 3: LESSON 6 Roast beef Red onion tart Red wine Mineral water I isn't it 2 do you 3 aren't they 4 are we 5 doesn't she 6 are they II Have you got a table for two. that's all. 2. 3.Answer Key STAGEf3-:'ijtESSON 1 ~eslno questions 3. 4. A: Have a nice day! II II They are £2. Yes. Very sweet. 3 I weigh 66 kilos. B: Thanks. 7. 4 I take size 7 shoes. A: That's £1255. 4 I How 4 Who 2 What 3 Where 5 Why 6 When The~odisnothotenough. sir? 4 I'll have the soup and then the beef. (I James) B: Yes. 4 The roses are £4. 2 I am 1.

Mr Home address. one hundred pounds Height: five feet ten inches. Ontario. Francois Title. near the lake. T3L lAS 5 He needs a lot of money. ordering flowers for her daughter's wedding bouquet 3 it 4 me 3D 3a 3b 48 4b 4c 5c 5d 4 his passport 5 no 6 the third floor I second 4 seventh 2 fourth 5 ninth 3 fifth 6 tenth 2e 2a I lift 2 customer 3 bag 4 hurt 5 safe 6 It happens 7 in danger 8 ground floor I Would you like 3 would like 2 I'd like D Can I help you 2 have a reservation 4 wouldn't 5 would like like like 6 Would you 3 room 4 II I many 4 much fourth o 2 much 5 many 3 many 6 many those 5 registration 6 room key Ii 2j 3g 4b 5h 7 d 8 e 9 c 10 I 6a t 7 enjoy your stay 2A 38 How much flowers? are II Size: medium dress. There is no hot water in the morning. II mini-bar. The restaurant is expensive. 4 I sh i rts 2 trousers 3 £ 15. laundry bag. Harry II Id 2b 3a 4c . safety notice. II II 1E 7G 80 2C 38 4A 5A 5D I True 2 False 3 True 4 Don't know 5 False 6 False 7 True 8 True o I size 4 dick 7 rent I Do 2 kilo 3 takeaway 5 visit 6 hire 8 flat 2 Does 3 Do 4 Does II B D I chambermaid (1) 2 key (1) 3 call (2) 4 dining (I) 5 balcony (2) Ib 2d 3e 4a 5f 6c Model answers: yes 2 lair 3 restaurant.00 4 socks.Answer Key 4 a bag I rent 5 a newspaper and a bottle of mineral water 6 Peter 7 4 hire 2 hire 5 rent 3 rent 6 hire STAGE 3: LES~ B to see if she is safe I False 2 True 3 False 4 Doesn't say 5 False 6 Doesn't say 7 True 8 True Home phone number. The bedside light is broken. 1. coffee shop 4 The door key doesn't work I How many 3 How much 2 How much 4 How many 4c ~d 6a II Ie Mrs King wants Yoshiko to find a new family to Jive with. size eight shoes Weight: 59 kilos. The bill is correct. very well.50 21 3b STAGE 3: LES~Ql\Iihl1~ II A: on the phone B: online C: in a supermarket D: at a market stall E: in a shopping centre He is at the station II Family name: Menton First names. The coffee shop isn't open in the evening. Toronto. underwear 5 express 6£35. 6 Were you in school today? 7 What's the matter with IC 6H 2E 3F 4B YOM? 8 I was ill last week.7 metres. tall c II 1 Hotel 8 2 Hotel C STAGE 3: LESSON 1~i 2 Does he eat meat? 3 I want a new pair of shoes. II I Mrs King's son. 4 3 Hotel A He can drive a car now.. 866 8339876 Nationality: Canadian Next destination. 2 into the shopping centre 3 the lift ]b 2a 3d 4c 12 English in 20 minutes a day . 1677 Wilson Avenue. 2 Someone has taken some of her money 3 She meets him in the park. room service menu I conditioning 2 swimming 3 towels 4 bar 5 porter 6 service 5 Hurry up! It's time to go. heavy. Aberdeen one night 2 this afternoon 3 to visit his daughter 8 Yoshiko IB 20 3C 4A 2A Speaker \: ordering tennis rackets for the sports shop Speaker 2: ordering vegetables (carrots and cabbages) for the supermarket Speaker 3: ordering a book for his wife Speaker 4.

a suit II Id 2f 3e 4a 5c 6b C '5 English in 20 minutes a day 13 . boughttheseieansla~ week and they're too small. Sportswear J nte rn ationa 1 SungJasses Unlimited. D. but I weight 400 grarnrnes D customs declaration 3 parcel 4 letter . She is buying eat and drink.. Howare you? is my~uncle. 5 They fit really well.j£SSON 18 I get out 2 pick up 3 speaks to 4 go back 5 come in STAGE 3:tIiEssb'ffi1'71i fJ gift . SALES ASSISTANT.are over there. the key)n the B sweater: The Sweater 4 Why)s door? C necklace: Carter's Fine Jewellery.Answer Key 2 She booked not a double. 2 Mr Dowling because themon? CUSTOMER: Yes. contents I 2 gift Ii 7d 12 h 2k 8a 3b 9f 4c 5i 6e 109 III II I or 2 although 4 Although . C.. Harry 3 a bag 4 a newspaper and a bottle of mineral water 5 Freshco Supermarket 3 She wants an exchange. Yes.A. SALES ASSISTANT:Good. Deluxe Dry Cleaning 2 The Sweater Shop 3 Jane's Coffee Shop 4 Robinson's Store Department II The jeans are too small. Robinson's Department Store 2 tick the box next to gift 3 say what's in the parcel 4 put £35 in there 5 stick the stamps parcel on the G sunglasses: iUs 6 leave it with me SALES ASSISTANT:Thank you Now let me put thernina bag for you. 6 She needs the receipt. E Picture Picture Picture A: 2 B: I II She is getting cleaned. 4 She asks for a size twelve. Robinson's Department Store D packet of biscuits..jactually. 2 Mrs King's son. a sweater. menswear She had three bottles of water from the mini-bar She asks the receptionist order a taxi to 5 She is looking 5 STAGE 3. I think so. Yes. So that's iusta straight exchange then Have you got the receipt? CUSTOMER: Here 3 He's taking his sweateroff it is hot. or 3 because 6 because SALES ASSISTANT: that'sa pity Do you want to exchange themor do you want a refund? CUSTOMER: Have you go~a size twelve? on. exchange 7 refund 8 stamps 10 fit ng centre 12 bag 2 postcard fJ A perfume: The Perfume Warehouse. they look very nice on you. 3 exchange 2 refund 3 receipt 4 jeans 5 fit E: 4 She only made one international phone D 1 to 2 to 3 for 4 about call. to a single room. to the shopping centre 2 She suggests an exchange or a refund. The American Sports Shoe Company. Here we are. Jane.t perfume and II SALES ASSISTANT: Do you needeny help? CUSTOMER: Yes. CUSTOMER: Thank you. III regular 3 extreme 5 double I 2 foreign 4 express 6 free fI B. Robinson's Department Store SALES ASSISTANT. They fit really well. Robinson's Department Store Shop. fJ I dozen made 4 6 letter 9 receipt I I shoppi 2 sea view 3 not noisy . knowit's a long way to 2 go to 4 speak to 3 get out Jane's Coffee fill in this customs declaration F trainers: Best Shoes.. please. SALES ASSISTANT:The changing rooms. Howare the jeans? CUSTOMER: Fine. CUSTOMER: Thanks. 3 She is having something 4 She is looking for the department for biscuits a I Picture Picture D. Why~are you crying? 3 Although 6 or I pick up of 6 We go. contents: sweater value: £35 I True 4 False 7 True 2 True 5 True 8 False 3 False 6 False D and. Would you like to try I Hello. Let me see. Supermarket E baguette: Shop Freshco . Robinson's Department Store.

dark red i-shirt Sally: light green i-shirt. ice hockey 4 . fJ la 3 is having II Tony 3 2 Brian Matt 1 3 Matt 6 Brian Polly.Answer Key STAGE-1: LE§§.et' == eas ie r 3 MOTe Fast = faster 4 corre~t 5 ~ == more polite four 2 good 3 snowboarding. D Individual answers STA~E 4i LE~"§ON7 I working II Are 2 4 showing 6 doing outdoors 2 fixing 3 eating 5 typing 7 having 8 talking tliese your shoes here? please bring me plates. what are you reading? Brian 2 I Brian 4 Matt 4 Jennifer Lee 5 James Hanley !I II Individual answers I A short dress 2 A shortsleeved blouse 3 A long skirt 4 A striped tie 5 A long-sleeved shirt 6 A checked jacket Mum: skirt Dad. I forties 2 a bit 3 hair 4 friendly 5 smart 6 eating out 7 handsome fJ I basketball 2 horse racing 3 athletics 4 motorbike racing 5 hockey 6 golf 14 English in 20 minutes a day .. properly now? those D I April 2 Italian 3 1997 4 Computer 5 13 6 French 7 1996 8 Business 9 1975 10 Japanese II 2002 12 International Robert iephany 5 at the High Peak cafe! restaurant II I Polly 2 Rick 3 joanne 4 Rob 5 Doreen 6 Ian 7 janet 8 Simon 2 is talking 4 is working 5 is showing 6 is eating 7 is doing 8 is fixing I is typing 3 Is r(lis computer working 4 T!1isis upside-down I a 6 at the (ice) rink 5 Is that car supposed to be parked there? 6 Are I referee 2 winter 4 lose '5 dub 3 racket !liose plants dead? 2 Robert Tephany I That 2 this and that 3 this 4 that's 3 james Hanley .BEAKTHROUGH 7. Jacket 2 yours 3 his 4 his 5 our / ours 6 your I yours 7 her I hers 8 my as old as 2 as many qualifications 3 as many languages as 4 5 Brian 8 Tony 7 Matt as 4 Rick.9N 1 11 D I team 2 race 3 score 4 winner 5 game 6 players I What about you? 2 And you? 3 Don't you? 182D3C4A II tD 28 3C 4A lob and relationship 2 Relationship and nationality 3 How they look and relationship 4 fI t newer 2 faster 3 more economical 4 cheaper 5 more reliable 6 more exciting 7 more friendly D Across... trainers John: jeans. 6 Why are you laughing? I thin 2 bald 3 long 4 dark 5 short 6 young 7 small 8 red I your 4 mine 2 his 3 yours 5 whose 6 her A basketball B hockey C horse racing D athletics Egolf F motorbike racing The word in the shaded column is liandsome. 3 players 5 fans 7 goalkeeper 10 pitch Down: I ball 6 goal 2 whistle 8 lights 4 referee 9 red 4 How about you? 5 Don't you agree? II lob and nationality 5 How they look and job 6 Relationship and how they look I correa 2 eas. why are you looking out of the window? 5 What are you looking at? 6 What are they doing? as much experience as I What are you watching? III I Mr Hanley 2 Ms Lee 3 Mriephany 4 2 What are you doing? 2b 3c 4a 5c 3 What are you listening to? 4 What are you reading? Mr Tephany 5 Mr Hanley ~SIAGE 4:_~E~SON 6}1 5 Where are you going? a Ic 6 Ms Tephany 2a 3f 4e 5d . where are you going? 3 Rob. are you listening? 2 Simon.~B. 6b What time do you wake up? 2 When do you get up? 3 Who do you phone after breakfast? 4 How do you get to work? 5 How far is it from your home to your office? 6 Where is your office? 7 What do you have for lunch? 8 Why do you go to the park? .. tie.

2d 3a 4c 50b BREAKTHROUGH 8 D Model answers. II I living room 2 bedroom 3 kitchen 4 bathroom 5 study 6 cellar! basement 7 attic 8 veranda 9 balcony 10 The dining room is not in the house. the secretary. funny These are my children. 3 Hang the clothes on the clothesline to dry I meals 2 pool 3 beach 4 balcony 5 gardens 6 drink 7 bedrooms 8 staff II There's no need to speak like that. 4 Boris studied for his computer exam. She's always very casually dressed. I I 5 quiet : STAG~: LESSONi12 bowl. teapot. II Individual answers Je . I'm 110t u. 10 Be quieti te levision. photos. he's the tallest person I know. rug. 9 What time do ~ouge! up in the morning? Grantham Golf Club 2 Waterways Fishing Club 3 Spring Valley Community Orchestra 4 Passmore Walking Group a Model answer: I'm short and I've got dark. I suppose. generous. She's tall. which is quite unusual for a boss. the boss. handsome. slim.sill!] it at the moment 4 You must be more wrefui in future. I'm a happy person and my friends say I'm funny' I like walking and playing tennis. lie on the beach like There are four people in my office. kind. 5 Last year I travelled to China. sofa. a rude 3 shy 2 generous 4 Iron the clothes. Ie 7h 2f 3g 8b 4a 5c 6d 21s this your briefcase? 3 You can use my computer. First of all there's Pat. TV. English in 20 m~nutes a_day__ ___1__5~ . nice. 2 On Sunday I had lunch with my mother. Frank A. sieve. and she's got long. just like you. but she looks really young. shelves. 8 He doesn't have as /nOlny qualifications as the others . tall Mood or personality: happy. curly hair. Last but not least. 7 She doesn't speak English as well as me. small.. Yoshiko is upset because she can't find Mrs King. 6 in tact. chairs Living room Individual answers collecting stamps II Ib 2a 3c 4d 50b II I go 2 there 3 applicants 4 interviewer 5 start or begin 6 pair 7 have or take 8 How 9 Whose 10 drive I Come 2 this! that 3 long 4 cheaper 2 painting 3 horse riding 4 swimming 5 gardening 6 playing football swimming a I 3 5 7 table. She's the sales manager very ambitious. big.. there's Ian. sink. blond hair Then there's Geoff. Olivia and Claudia.. cooker. He's in his latethirties. 3 On my birthday I saw a new play and had dinner with friends. She's in her late twenties. I Yoshiko 2 Carlos 3 Peter 4 Reg 5 Peter 6 Yoshiko 7 Peter 8 Reg 9 Carlos 10 Peter . 4 He wants to speak to Mrs King 5 She wants them to bring her some money. 2 Sam played football. tap. 3 They are at Mrs King's! Yoshiko's house.Answer Key I'm a student. almost like a teenager. our accounts manager. She's slim and she's got curl~ black hair. 6 Liz repaired her car. apart from me. spoon. table. 2 Yoshiko thinks the men who are chasing Mrs King's son have got her. thin with mediumleniJth hair and he always looks worried There's also Anita. 5 My brother is much taller lliall me . cushions. 4 During my last holiday I was always on the beach. dishwasher. 5 Clare decorated the bedroom. Danny B really ambitious II I bathroom 2 kitchen 3 living room 4 bedroom 5 attic 6 basement! cellar 2 quite adventurous 3 so polite 4 very cheerful 5 a bit spoilt 6 so talkative 7 very impatient 8 very popular II Collect the dirty clothes from the laundry basket 2 Wash the clothes in the washing machine. 3 Joanne cleaned the house. chairs bedrooms 2 windows shelves 4 kitchen washing 6 bathroom shower 8 attic II I 2 collecting stamps 3 playing football 4 painting Appearance: blond.. She's in her forties and she's quite a character She's got this amazing red hair that comes over her fyes. rm watc~i/1g Ben C. I Brian 4 Boris 2 Sam 3 leanne 5 Clare 6 Liz fI Brian watched a play... 5 Put the clean clothes in the drawer Kitchen 4 hard-working Ie 7f 2c 8h 3d 9b 4j 5g lOa 6i . remember. shelves. boring.

I'm with my wife. My name's Steve. 3 I Iffwe phoned my mother yesterday I used to smoke 4 When I was young. .~]gQ. What's ~our name? JENNY:'m Jenny.~i1§t a a II lh 7b 2g 8a 3c 9f 4d 10e 5j 6i 1 internet 2 twenty-one 3 brother 4 competition 5 twelve 6 supermarket 7 customers 8 house 9 garden 10 restaurants II champagne 12 tea .Answer Key II I The bedrooms were very small. hi. but now he works up to twelve hours a day. 2 Speaker I 3 Speaker 3 4 Speaker 2 5 Speaker 5 6 Speaker 6 7 Speaker 8 8 Speaker 7 5 They are going to see who comes to get the parcel. That's her Ase you here on your own? JENNY:No. 2 The beds were uncom forta ble. so he re~ds books instead. I'm here on business. He's my cousin. 6The beach was dirty 8 The weather was bad.jives in a caravan.ed. My company has an office not far from here. you're N right. 4 Individual answers 5 There was no variety of food. but now he cooks his own meals. Wfiel1did you arrive in England? STEVE:We arrived two days ago JENNY: see. but now he cats toast and drinks tea. 215 7e 3a 4b 5d II 1 get on with 2 take over 3 get off 4 look for 5 Come in II I fixed 2 gone 3 colleague 4 get on 5 played This film isn't CIS good one! saw last week the I go away 2 coming back 3 go out 4 get out 5 get on 6 going back 7 fall off CIS 2 Th is computer is much 1I10re expensive than myoId one. They aren't bad. yes. but he doesn't ~Clve many friends any more. But I bought quite a lot readyprepared from thQt new supermarket tnat has just opened down the road.§§ON 16 II 1 Speaker 4 He agrees to get the man some more money. Did you prepare all tMs food yourself? BECKY:Most of it._~ STAGE 4: LESSQ. II It rained every day. 4 He lAsed to go to the theatre. I false 2 true 3 false 4 false 5 true 6 false 7 true 8 false 6 Have you ever been. He wants money. She's over there. JENNY:s she the tllll woman I with the long hair? STEVE:. I just found tliese W keys on the floor. JENNY: re you on your own? A STEVE:No. IOThe swimming pool was very small. ic 6f 28 3E 4D 5A II Oh dearl Oh no! What a mess: Oh look' Thank goodness! Quick! II 2 Have you ever won 3 Have you ever met. 7 He used to relax as much as possible.~ STAGE 4~ L_ESS9. are they? Well. lENNY:I hope you nClve a great time. to spel1d hours on the telephone talking to his friends. but now he writes to them instead. 5 He w. but now he can't afford. . BECKY: hanks Tfitse little T pastries are delicious Have you tried one? JAMES: ot yet. 5 Have you ever learnt. I think he dropped them. II JAMES: ho's t~~t over there? W By the door? BECKYBrian Clack. 5 Have you ever been to the USA? 2 used to drink STEVE:Just a week. Have you I come to England for a holiday? II I talkative 2 polite 3 cheerful 4 shopping 5 swimming b2 c7 d5 e6 fl STEVE:No. 3 used to drink 4 used to eat 5 used to dance 6 used to be rI Jb 2d 3e 4a5e 16 English in 20 minutes a day . Why do you ask? JAMES: ell. I'm with my husband. 12 The hate I staff were not polite. 4 Have you ever eaten . 3 Yoshiko doesn't give him enough money. and how long are r you are here altogether? II 1 eating in restaurants 2 watching television 3 playing golf 4 using the internet 5 travelling Ell Charlie Rickman used to live in a 16-room mansion. a3 ~4 Ic 6f Individual answers JENNY: i.. What's your name? H STEVE'Oh. 6 He used to have lots of friends. See you later! Ib 2c 3b 4a 5c 2 II They are going to look for Mrs King. I used to fight with my brothers all the time. 7 Have you ever flown . 3 He used to ea! lobster and drink champagne for dinner. you've done M a great job. Mm. JAMES: m Well. I was 2 were 3 slept 4 were 5 was 6 were 7 spoke 8 promised 9 do 10 deseri bed I J was 12 was 13 rained 14 had I 5 were 16 shouted STAG~ 4'lLE. He's InCl! man with the blue jacket over there. but now he . . 2 He used to eat in expensive restaurants. 4 The food wasn't nice. I'd better give these keys back to Brian. the tickets.

6. comfortable clothing (shirt and trousers) spend 4h 5e II Ie 6f no entry 5 no left turn 6 no overtaking 7 a 4 2b 7a 3g 8d EI batteries I' camera I' books I' postcards )( cash I' sun cream . II filing cabinet. plane seating plan. bulletin board.4. 4. sandwich 4 Take. check in desk. 5 Pass the salt 6 Have a biscuit. but would you mind not interrupting me? 3 don't have to water II' 6)( 2. filing cabinet. office chair. water. job book.1 7)( 31' 8)( 4. no parking. watch 5 Eat 6 Talk D I earpiece 2 hands-free kit 3 charger 4 call key Ib ec 2b 7a 3b 8b 4a 5a I some 2 some 3 any 4 any 5 any 6 some II I some money 2 any eggs 3 some paper 4 any stamps 5 some water ~g8EAKTHROUGH 9 II I something 2 anyone 3 anything 4 something 5 anything 6 someone II Please don't touch the computer. sandwich (light meal). I. wastepaper basket 5 Please don't open this door. 5 Do not go into this room. desk. STAGE 5: LESSON 1 2 Would you mind not talking to me like that? 3 Please would you mind not opening the window? 4 l'm sorry. water cooler. holiday 5 Ask. no entry. JG 6C 28 7F 3H 8E 40 5A don't have to go 2 must read English in 20 minutes a day 17 . no right turn. no bicycles.! Help me with this suitcase. 3 Wake up! 4 Take a seat. water cooler.I traveller'S cheques I' Walkman . II plug I' socket I' power button. clothes 3 Make. desk tidy.1 5)( 4 mustn't cross 5 mustn't forget 6 must study I Hurry up! 2 Come in. computer screen. 3 I don't feel very well. I Buy 2 Repeat 3 Read 4 Listen.l CD tray I' play button I' volume controlI' stop button. please 2 Could you show me how this photocopier works? 3 Would you pass me a pair of scissors? 4 Could you open the door? 5 Would you mind getting me a cup of coffee? 1'1 I slowly 2e 3a 4f 5b 6c 3 carefully II 2.Answer Key . 6 I'm getting too fat. 3. 6 Never pullout into the road without checking your mirror first. 2 Don't cross the road here. briefcase. 8 no horns They look at and discuss. table (any 3 of these) I must tell 2 have to be 3 mustn't leave 4 don't have to eat 5 must make 6 have to have 7 mustn't try 8 don't have to pay Please help me with this suitcase. no overtaking. 4 II 2 any 3 some 4 some 5 some 8 some 6 some 9 some 7 any Don't touch the paintings. 5 2 turn 3 Press 4 Open 5 Press 6 put 7 close I push 8 Press 9 Turn 3 diary 4 filing cabinet 5 letter scale 6 (laser) printer II Ie 6b 2a 3d 4f 5c II I Open I Lift 2 Put 3 Close 4 Press 5 Take I Remove fI 2 should go I ought to go 3 should ask / ought to ask 4 STAGE 5: LESSON 211 ld 2c 3a 4e 5b should take I ought to take EI no parking 2 no right turn 3 no bicycles 4 STAGE 5jiIESSON 4 5 should go I ought to go 6 shouldn't use 7 shouldn't I aeroplane 3 computer 5 cinema 2 library 4 train fI I Turn. boss 6 Look. 5 This hat is really old. 1. 3 Don't smoke in here. I'm hungry. bulletin board.l speaker)( workstation.I rolls of film I' medicine X pedestrians only I'm tired 2 I'm bored. heating 2 Wear. fax machine.3 a Id 2 quietly 4 daily 5 suddenly I photocopier 2 computer EI 2 beautifully 3 quietly 4 fluently 5 suddenly 6 angrily II 2.

phone box fire 2 road works 3 accident 4 C Greenback International Bank D Shanghai House Restaurant E Cheapies supermarket 26 2h 7e 3E 3i 4C 4a 9c 5A 5g 10d II I mumble 2 Read 3 drive 4 Drink 5 arrive 6 Have 7 cross 8 pass 9 make 10 charge bus broken down ar 5 traffic Iights out 6 new roundabout being built 2 traffic 5 crossroads If you go to Greasy Joe's. 6 If you don't wake up on time. have managed to save a lot of (or some) money for my holiday j A If you run. 5 True 6 False./ 3 She hasn't got friends 4 They made many man~ mistakes in the report. 2 The front door is open. there are always a lot of (or maMU) things to do . • J _ ~ '1. I some water 2 many friends 3 some broken glass 4 much money 5 lots of things a S True a 10 he should be all right 2E 3B 4A 5C Some of the speakers . you might catch it. I don't get mUCH (or a lot of) free time during. cycle path.1O~. Most of the presentations STAGE 5: LESSON·141 Sally Jenkins and I bot~ agree that The directors answered nOlle of the questions .the ultimate STAGE 5: LESSON . traffic lights. he'll fail the test. 4 Harry King. 2a 31 4e 5c 6d 4 D I any 2 some 3 any 4 some 5 some 6 any 1 3 6 9 quickly 2 slowly angrily 4 well 5 late calmly 7 early 8 happily suddenly 10 loudly There isn't mu(fJ milk left 2 ._.. I'll be really angry 5 If Tony doesn't work hard. because there are some (or a lot of or mall!. STAG~.. 2 False. 2 Three quarters 4 Neither 5 All False Some of the speakers had to start thei r presentations late. I False 2 False 3 True 4 True 5 True 6 True 7 False 8 True 9 True 10 False I don't know if it was him or not. you'll eat traditional British food. Most of the delegates .§. The directors answered Ilolle of the delegates' questions. 7 they don't pay me very much money .. . A Gizmo washing powder holiday experience B Jamaica ./ 7 How mUCH rice would you like? la 2f 3e 4d 5b 3 Half 6c II There aren't mallY (or a lot of) people there . letterbox. I'll return it tomorrow. 4 False. road works. it should revive. False. you'll miss the train look it up in a dictionary I look in a dictionary 2 look at 5 write . B If you take a couple of They go back to pick up some of Yoshlko's things. I'll give her your best wishes 3 If you lend me £ 100. road sign. Both of them thought Liz Taylor's presentation was good. parking meter. no entry. he might fix it for you E If you take him to the vet. Olle of the IF 6A 2E 3C 4D >8 Ie 7g 21 8c 3f 9d 4h 5j lOa 6b 18 English in 20 minutes a day . 3 The house is in a terrible mess. 2 If I see Pam. This is a bit annoying.. milk money luggage food rice Uncountable nouns are not said in the plural. pedestrian crossing. 3 False Most of the presentations were boring.. D If you call an engineer.!) good shops. 5 There weren't mallY people at the party If you're late tomorrow. Most of the delegates missed the final workshop.. We went to see if Yoshiko's room was all right.3 ask 6 .: LES§ON 1_?] Ic 6d 2f 716 2b 3a 8e 3b 4h 5b II Ia 6c 4c 5a II Countable: minute egg orange mistake apple friend Uncountable.Answer Key presentations was too long. litter bin. 5 The telephone rings. it should get better 3b 4e 5d C If you give it some water. bus stop. a 1f 6a ze aspirin. .

A II 2 with 3 about 4 for 5 of 6 at 7 from 8 of 9 for 10 from t 2f 3a 4g 5e Conversation I: Did 1I0U spend all your money last night? 1I0U I eaten 2 drunk 3 used 4 made 5 sold 6 shown 7 sent 8 grown 2 g) are eaten in japan. 3 The sitting room is being cleaned. 1 went to Australia I to 5 in 2 to 6 to 3 up 4 for 3 4 D 4. hear 3 When. j did. I didn't) rc 2A 3D 48 5E 6 help I Yes.Answer Key 2 is sliced 3 is spooned 4 is spread 5 is grated 6 sprinkled 7 are rinsed 8 are chopped 9 is baked 2 Susanna 3 Brendan 4 Susanna 5 Thomas 6 Molly 7 Molly 8 Brendan D IB 6D 2E 3A 4F 5C 2 B. No. they didn't) 7e Ie 2g 3b 4f 5d 6a are sent all over the world. of 6 to 4 with. I wasn't. on 3 as 5 of. 2 Where 5 Who 3 Why 'STAGE 6: LESSOr:[""g!I 2 being decorated 3 is being put in 4 is being used 5 is being installed 6 are being cleaned 7 D Ib 2e 3a 4d is being repaired 8 is being removed 5 He takes the bag and goes off in a car. I was. II The office is being decorated. C. it STAGE 5: LESSON fs 3 True 6 True 9 True 4 youngest I Yes. Peter. 2 The computer is being repaired. I didn't. pay 5 Did. [ didn't) 2 teach I Yes. they did. buy 4 Brendan. I. 3. Molly. it was. (No. 2 5 Yes. at. were late for work? Did it go OK? drunk at weddings or on other special occasions 5 d) are grown in tropical countries. 2i 3a 4g 5c 8e 9h lOb 6j Why. Thomas. have 6 Were. Yes. 8 b) are used to season food. 5. He lives on the other side of town. happy English in 20 minutes a day 19 . buy 2 Where (or How). 6.) 5 ride I Yes. I enjoyed school very much. I didn't. 1 wasn't. I did (No. [ did I went to a concert 2 No.) 2 is being repaired II I for 2 with 3 back 4 about 5 of 6 up 3 is being cleaned 4 is being conducted 5 is being taken 2 is being repaired 3 is being built 4 is being replaced 5 are being played 6 are being shown 7 are being watched 8 is being demolished Model answers: Yes. 1 did. How. 3 c) are sold in greengrocers. to D 1 peel 2 phone 3 at the Conversation 2: Oh dear. 4 A house is being built. I did. 1 got to work on time every day. Susanna. wasn't) (No. 2 He wants him to know about the mess at Mrs King's house. I was. John He must have been looking for something. 7 a) is made from cereals such 4 about 5 to 8 about 9 for as wheat or corn. 1 relaxed and watched TV. (No. (No. you must believe us. 6 hI 2a 8g 2 back 3i ge 3 for 4d 5j JOb 6h moment 4 Bake 5 if 6 currently 7 any 8 Mix 9 half 10 should D play I Yes. (No. 4 e) is 7d 8b 2 in. 3 city I Yes. 3 They go to the beach 4 He puts a bag into the rubbish bin.

Then. I went shopping yesterday morning.00 310. 5 I was getting ready to move to a new house. She hated it 1 Last week 2 1\\10 days ago 3 Yesterday morning 4 Last night 5 This morning some friends. 20 English in 20 minutes a day . 4 I didn't have to cook a meal because my friend took me out for dinner. 2 I was at home reading a good book. Ms Miller explained what my duties were Finally. 2 when it suddenly caught fire 3 the phone rang. 2 While I was eating lunch. 3 I was watching television when my girlfriend arrived. I watched television last night I ate in a cafe this morning. her secretary explained how to use the computer. 11 19. 5 I was walking home when I a E. 5 somebody tried to steal his wallet. B. I was relaxing / watching 2 was enjoying 3 was working 4 was listening Model answers. It was fantastic dislike It was terrible. 4 I started learning English four years ago.Answer Key II Ie 2d 3a 4b 5f 6c Model answers: I went out for a meal with 4 when a dog ran in front of her car. 2 j should have played tennis because j need to get some exercise. II I glass 4 stone 2 gold 3 wood 5 silver b day 3 I shouldn't have made so much noise because it upset the neighbours.30 25.30 5 4. D. I saw a sporting event two days ago. I went to the cinema last week I went to the theatre three weeks ago I 3 5 6 at at at in home 2 at a restaurant the office 4 at a concert the sports centre a car saw the accident.A.C Model answers: I had a hoJiday last year. II tc 2a 3d 4b Centre F Motor Museum II I shouldn't have eaten 2 should have left 3 had to work 4 shouldn't have spent 5 didn't have to take 6 should have told Model answers: I had to work overtime because there was a lot of work to do. I I was waiting for a train. I met the boss.50 euros 6 sixteen 7 restaurant 8 shop 931 10 five minutes II like: I'm mad about shopping. Model answers. 3 I talked to my boyfriend for about an hour. the phone kept ringing. I went home at five o'clock. What's your name? 5 was playing I listening Id 2c 3e 6 was driving I b 2 c (or d) 4 c (or d)5 a 3e 2 Where do you live? 3 Have you got (Do you have) any children? 4 What does your wife 4b 5a II Picture B o A lS1~G. 2 good 3 poor 5 fair 6 poor 8 good n I went to a gallery last month. 4 While I was trying to sleep. I Motor Museum 2 j was playing football with some friends 2 City Museum 3 Museum of Modern Art 4 3 I was preparing a presentation for work. D I First / First of 3 then 4 told 6 After that 7 8 Next 9 went 10 eventually all 2 met 5 showed met II started I used the internet a few minutes ago. 1 famous 2 designed 3 opened 4 round 5 collection b best 7 pictures 8 take 9 down ~GE 6: LES~ON 4 II I True 4 True 2 False 3 True I two days ago 2 yesterday morning 3 last week 4 last night 5 this morning 6 Last month 7 two weeks ago when he saw a UFO. Ms Miller After that. 4 1 was applying for a new Science and Discovery Centre job.l= 6: LESSON 7 (partner) do? 5 Have you got (do you have) any hobbies? (What do you like doing in your spare/free time?) I didn't have to 2 had to 3 should have 4 shouldn't have Sculpture Garden II 1 was watching 2 was wearing 3 was holding 4 Was he wearing 5 was looking B Museum of Modern AIt C City Museum D Natural History Museum E Science and Discovery D Model answers: First of all. 5 I felt very happy yesterday Model answers: I was taking a shower when there was a knock on the door. 1 went to lunch with some of the others in the office Next.30 4 4. it started to rain.

3 Get off II 1 Yoshiko 2 Mrs King 3 Harry 4 Yoshiko 5 Harry 6 Peter 7 Peter 8 Mrs King 5 Where are you going to meet her? BREAKTH ROU G j":(12 ~.6 Saturday and Sunday: for the weekend Wednesday: office away picnic Friday: concert Saturday and Sunday: the garden work in I window 2 telephone lines 3 security guard 4 chair 5 some coins 6 a note II II 2 4 6 8 were cut 3 was tied was opened 5 was used were stolen 7 was left were called 9 was taken a newspapers magazines and Model answers: First I'm going to do some shopping. office public holiday speed limit 7 exams concert 9 holiday 2 They're going to catch the bus.1 3vf 4vf 6vf a If Ic ~fAGE 6: LESSON 10 STAGE 6: LESSON ~~2 II Speaker I· play 2: comedy show Speaker Speaker Speaker Speaker 2e 3d D I going to slow 2 going to hit 3 going to cross 4 going to pull out 5 going to overtake 6 going to lose 4c 5a 4b 6b return june from Athens: 11 3: ballet 4: pop concert 5: magic show 6: jazz concert 2a 3d 2 take james out: 5 june 3 fly to Athens: 4 day off (public june 5 II ] was taking. 4 The Nobel Peace Prize was won by Nelson Mandela in by by II What are you going to do on Saturday? This Friday I'm having the day off. II Id 7c 2e II 6 3f 4g 5a 6b They're going to eat dinner. B. make speech at office party: 17 june 4 June Romeo and J u/iet 2 23rd March 3G 4 6 go to London: I 3 5 6 8 hospital 2 picnic cinema 4 computer. I. Next weekend the garden.4. Then I'm going to play golf I'm also going to the theatre on Saturday night.!ESSON aZ:. 7 meet Mr Hamilton: 8 presentation Education: 3 June lO/ll to Sophos 3 She's going to make a phone call 10 lune 5 £1850 4 She's going to have a baby.Answer Key STAGE 6. Next Friday I'm going concert. 3 Radium was discovered C. Marie Curie. II 2. 5 It's going to be a wet day. Today I'm meeting for lunch. 1. English In 20 minutes a day 21 . After that. rang 2 were watching 3 going to turn 4 went shopping 5 caught 7 june holiday) J2 Speaker D He's going to drop the books. 5 It's going to snow. I'm going II 2 Guerniw was painted Picasso in 1937.. D. by the corporation 7 Are you going to invite me? IB 6D 2C 3E 4A 5F 4 The Microsoft &I 3a 1 stage 2 audience 3 Barriers 5 guitar 6 drums 7 speakers was set up by Bill Gates. my brother 2 back to Mrs King's house 3 Mrs King 4 to London 5 because she has caused so much trouble Tomorrow I'm giving a presentation at work. I'm going to relax and take it easy. 6 When are you going to meet her? 2 Lord of the RJngs was written by J R R Tolkien 3 Abbey ROt!d and Revolver were recorded Beatles.A. a Monday: lunch Tuesday: meet my brother presentation for Ie 7c 2a s r 4b 515 6d a Ie 6 730 2d 3a 4c 5b It's going to be a beautiful day. 5 The 2002 World Cup was won by Ib 2c Braail. This weekend I'm going away. Mount Everest was first climbed by Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay in 1953. This Wednesday shopping. them after Next Wednesday I'm going to go to the office picnic. E 2 Which one are you going to see? I got a way but they're me. 3 Why are you going to see it? 4 Who are you going to see it with? to a in a 1993. Friday: day off 3 It's going to be cold STAGE 6: ilESSON 11 4 It's goi ng to be a wet day. 2 I suggest we try to stop I'm working getting me! in.~". First of all Then After that Then Next eventually finally at work Wednesday: go shopping 2 It's going to be really hot.

4 Emma said she was enjoying her new job very much. Kennedy was killed by Lee Harvey Oswald in 1963. 2. 8 He told me to send a fax to Mr Williams. 6 Conversation 2. 3 He asked me to give him a hand. A 1 Go through 2 walk along 3 left 4 Go down 5 go across 6 right walk through look at come from go up walk along come into Ib 7a 2g 3e 4f 5c 6d I give up 2 broke down. is not dead as she thought I John King 2 John King 3 Karl Kray 4 Peter 5 Peter 6 Karl Kray 7 Peter 8 Yoshiko 9 Yoshiko 10 Peter I robbers 2 lie down 3 Yoshiko 4 home 5 money 6 police 7 lost 8 Australia 9 help 10 bank J I followed 12 adventure II 2 said (he) was working 3 needed 4 said (that he) was getting on 5 said (that I) hated 6 said (that 1) was arguing 7 said (he) was 2 lohn said that he got 011 well with his new boss.a 6b II I look after 2 pay back 3 find out 4 give up 5 put off 6 pick up 4 During 7 moved 10 after I want to listen to more music. 3 He says he will go back to Australia. John. 4 He asked me to lend him some cash.8 TOM. 5 Her husband. 5 They said they were too tired to go to the cinema. during 2 During 3 during 4 for 5 for 6 During EMMA: 1. pay (me) back 4 find out 5 listen to 6 put off If 7h 2c 8d 3e 4g':. C Conversation 3. 22 English in 20 minutes a day . 2 across 3 through 4 into 5 up bout 7 along 8 to 9 on 10 in STAGE 6: LE~S9f'.7. look after 3 borrowed some money from. 5 I'm going to pay back the money I borrowed from my brother. 3 I am learning Russian. 4 We really like the new bus 2c impolite 4b polite 5c impolite 6a very polite I b polite 3a very polite service. 2 I am working late.B II 1 False 2 False 3 True 4 True 5 False 6 True STAGE 6: LESSON 19 Mrs King's son. 6 He asked me where the nearest bank is. 2 I'm going to give up smoking. 5 He ordered me to shut up.! 1?J1 I for.1-1. Chaplin decided He finally died 2 True s True 3 True 6 False fJ Conversation I. 4c 5d 6e IE 2A 3C 46 50 2 is enjoying Before he became During his time eventually he became After forty years After this. Harry 2 He has been attacked by the robbers. 3.4. 7 He ordered me to sit down and payattention. 5. 3 I want to look after my car better 4 I'm going to find out about taking swimming lessons. 4 She's hears something at the back of the house 2 He told me to make him a cup of tea. 6 D IA 2£ 3C 40 ':.Answer Key b SUM/lowers was painted by Vincent van Gogh 7 President john F. 3 He said he needed a holiday. 5 I speak a little French and some Dutch 2g 3e 8h 2g 3a 4d 5c 6a STAGE 6: LESSON11.

Grammar Bank
You }

28 32 26 any 27, 32 Apostrophe '5 (possessive) 28 be 23 call 24 do 26 Comparative adjectives 28 Comparisons with as .. , as 26 Conditional sentences with if 32 Contractions (short forms) 24 Countable / uncountable nouns 27 could 24 Determiners a, all, tfte 24 tnis / tfwl, tftese / those 28 lJad to 34 have 23 nave got 24 How mudi? How mImi,!? 27 Imperatives 31
Linking words

Adjectives Adverbs Adverbs of frequency

Present simple tense
(Timpul prezent sirnpiu] Acest timp se folose$te pentru a vorbi despre stari general valabile, obiceiuri, situatii permanente $i adevaruri eterne. In propozitii simple, precum cele mentionste mai [os. un pronume personal (ex. I. you, he, we) sau un substantiv este urmat de verb si de restul propozitiei. I walk to work. - !\I!erg pe jos la serviciu. Australia is a vig country. - Australia este 0



They He Slie It

1 f

start work at 9.00.
does 11 'I.

Verbs to be and to have
(Verbele to have si to &e) Aceste verbe formeaza prezentul simplu dupa cum urrneaza

tard mare Affirmative form (Forma alirrnatlva)
Majoritatea verbelor adauga -5 sau -85 la persoana a trela singular, cand sunt folosite cu he, she, it.

I Affirmative form (Forma afirrnativa)


THew ~: They
He It Verbe uzuale care adauga ask -+ asks get -+ gets

l J




start / fil1ish work at 9.00.

Stie It

has am

'wo b"lhu,.

but. because, so or, al!hOtlg~

24 27
30, 35


Multi-word verbs

Numbers Ordinal numbers oug~t to Passive Plurals (nouns) Possessive adjectives Possessive pronouns Prepositions after ad iectives aFter verbs Pronouns QualiFying words quite, a bit, very, really, Questions

31 25 25 31 33, 34




st~rts / finishes You

They He She

1 f


24 28 25 33 33 24, 27

nope -+ napes kl10w -+ knows like -+ likes live -+ lives wilnt -+ WlllltS
Verbe I e care se term ina In
-55, -0,


2 Negative form (Forma negativa) -eh, -sli You We Tliey
He Slie It

Yes / No

Question tags Questions: word order Reported speech

s~o,dd should nave some
Superlative adjectives too used to Verb tenses Future with going to Past continuous Past simple Present continuous Present perfect Present simple

29 26, 33 26 26 27 29 35 31 34 32 28 27 30 34 34 29 25 30 23

adauga -es do -+ does go -+ goes miss -+ misses teach -+teacf,es wash -+ waShes watCh -+ watc~es
VerbeJe care se terrruna In -y schirnba forma In -ies: cry -+ cries filj -+ fiies


a sister.

} d",," ",,'

You We

They He S~e

tf!1 -+ tries 2 Negative form (Forma negatlva)
Se pune don': (do 110t) sau doesn't (does 170t) Tnfata verbului

} } ",,'



~re 110t Englisli.

Aceste verbe sunt foarte uzuale In engleza Sunt folosite ln propozltli simple dupa cum se arata aici, dar si ca verbe auxiliare Tn propozitii mai complexe

English in 20 minutes a day



Grammar Bank
Contractions or short forms

Possessive ad jectives

3 because
Folosim because cand dorim sa exprimam motivul unei anumite actlunl. I see him ever~ da~ because we work ill. tflC same office, - TI vad i.~ fiecare zi pelltru c5 lucrii m In ace/a.$i Virou, I don't eat praw~s because tliey make me ill. N Ii

formele scurte)


Verbul to be este freevent folosit In forma sa scurta, mai ales In engleza vorbita. Affirmative (Afirmativ) I'm Negative (Negativ)

my, your, his I her, its, eur, their
Adjectivele posesive se forrneaza pornind de la pronumele personate.

You're We're Tlley're He's S~e's

not You're not! You aren't We're not 1 We aren't T~e~'re not 1 They arcn't

(Pronume) Singular I

Possessive adjective
(Adjectiv posesiv)

manane creveti perUn< ca fmi fa.c rii u

He's not 1 He isn't S~e'snol ! She isn,'t It's not! It isn't

~o!! he slie

my your Ms lier

4 so
Folosim 50 pentru a exprirna consecinta unei anumite actiuni, I'm free at two o'dock, so we can meet tncn - Sunt liber la ora doud, a~a al ftC pu!em lntalni atune!. I'm sorry, I don '! know tlie address, so i can '! flelp you. - 1mi pare ra u, nu ~tiu adresa, l1$a cd nu pot sa te aiu!. LESSON 16

La forma negativa nu exista nici 0 dllerenta de sens Intre formele scurte Se folosese ambele constructii She isn't m!,f cousin, "" She's not my cousia,

Plural: we you the~ 5



Can I could
Can este folosit tmpreuna cu un alt verb
pentru a exprima capacitatea de a face

Adjectivele posesive se acorda cu persoana (sau obiectu I) care poseda obiectul pe care TIdescriu (I've qot a new csr.) 1 drrve my car to work.
(Am 0 ma$ind 110ud.)




I a,an A (sau an lnaintea vocalelor a, e. i, 0, u)
este folosit cu un substantiv sau constructie substantivala ca sa ne referim la un obiect sau 0 persoana Tn mod nedefinit sau tara a-l Ii menttonat lnainte.

Mer g eli

ma$ina /Ilea 161 serviciu.

She wn swim ~nd she wn play tennis. - Stie sa Tnoate Si stir sa joace tenis, I Gan't come to Hie meeting on Friday. - Nu pot veni vineri la Inta1nire, Ca 11 lie use a computer? - EI ~tie sil {oloseascii Ull calculator?
Can este folosit si pentru a face 0 simpia

(M~w=og{orwalks. (Verii mel au un ciiine.) Scot cainelelor la plimbarc. live in Hong Kong now.) Tliis [s our new address. (Lowim In Honl1 Kong awm) Aceasta este noua nOastfa adresa.


We live in £lit old house - Lowlm TMtr-o wst'! wche, They r](lVe~'t got a car. - Ei nIl au ma:;iltii.
Este de asemenea la 0 rneserie. class He's t1 sales assistant My car's a Honda. folosit cand ne referim sau categorie - EI este agent de vilnzifri.

cerere, Can I open tlie window? - Pot sil clesrnid fereastra?

Could este folosit pentru cererile mai pollticoase, deseori rnsottt de cuvantul please, Could I h~ve a coffee?- Ali pu!ea sii-mi dati 0 co;fe~? Please could !,fou spe~k more slowl~? - Ali pu.tea verb: mai rar. vii roq. LESSON 7

Retineti laptul ca adjectlvul posesiv its nu are apostrot. It's (cu apostrof) este forma scurts a lui it is. LESSON 12

Ma~in~ mea este



Linking words
Conjunctlile propozttli. I

A si an nu se folosesc eu substantive la plural. He's got blue eyes. - Are oehj a/bastri,


sunt folosite pentru a lega

2 the
T~e este folosit cu un substantlv ca sa ne
referim la un obiect sau persoans Tn mod definit. Tlie tall mall. in the photo is my fatner, - Mrbatul ina.lt dl'fj fotografie este tat51 /lieu. He's the director of our company, - EI este

Have got I has got
Atunci cand h~ve got sau has qot sunt folosite pentru a exprima posesia, se toloseste forma scurta Affirmative (Afirmativ)
I've got You've got We've got They've got He's got


Negative (Negativ) I ~aveM 't got

Folosim and pentru a lega doua propozitii asernanatoare. He is tall and he's got s~ort, curly hair. - EI este Tnal! ~iare par smrt, carlionl~t_ I live and work ill Toronto. - Low/esc $i /uerez

directoml companiei noastre T~e poate fi folosit cu substantive la plural. 1 like the parks ill London. - Tmi plae parwrile din Londra, T~e roads are very busy at five o'dock. - Drumurile sunt [oane t1l1lomerate la ora cinci,
Atentie la constructil fixe, precurn. I hate gOI'ng to the dmtist I the doctor. - Uriis[ mer 9 I den list 1 I.a doctor a Let's go to tne cinema 1 tne theatre, - H:ii sa


She'sgot It's got

You liaven't got We h~vel1't go! T~ey ~aven 'I got He hasn'I got She hasn't got It ~asll't got

S~eis t{lirfy-two a~d she has three clii.ldrell. Ea (lre treizeG! ~idoi de (lni $i are trei GOpii. 2 but
Folosim but cand dorim sa callflcarn informatia din prima propozltie We are rotH sixty, rut we are ver!,f fit I - Amandoi avem ~aizeci de ani, dar ne simlim {oarte bine! I wodl 50 hour, a week, but I dOll 't wor~ on Frida~s,- Lucrez 50 de ore pe siiptamana, dar ~u lucrez in zileJe de vineri. My motlier ,tlflOned,but I wasn't at hOllie, - Mama a s(.mat, dar e~ IlU eram acasa


Asking questions

Observati care este ordinea cuvintelor la interogativ pentru have got! has got Have you got a car? - N ma~inij? Has fie got a licence? - Are perm is de (ondueere?

mergemla cinema 1.la tealm S~e's at school 1 university. - Ea estc la swala! la Iln ivcrsi tate, My l1'1otfler is ill. She's in liospitai - Mama mea {sle &olnavd. Este la spital.




English in 20 minutes a day

Grammar Bank
Ordinal numbers
(Numeralele ordinalel numeraJelor ordinale se for" Substantivele care se term ina tntr-o

consoana + y adauga -ies.

lega un restul pentru



Prepozitllle sunt cuvinte

pentru a
etc.) de

a descrie

(sau pronume

rneaza prin adaugarea terminatiei -tfl la numeralul cardinal. Totusl, exista anumite exceptii.

family ---7 families wuntrw ---7 countries
Unele exceptii trecvente sunt.

propozitiei. Deseori sunt folosite
locul unde se afla ceva




(al doilea).


(al tretlea). Urrnatoarea lista arata

sau pentru a explica unde se afla obiectele tn relatle unul cu altul.

forma Tn cifre Si in litere a numeralelor cardinale

si a celor ordinals.

man ---7 men womarl ---7 women cflild ---7 cliildren person ---7 people
Unele substantive


I 2 3 4 5

one two three four five

1st 2nd 3rd


Mnder. below

next to



7 seven 8 eigHt 9 l1ine 10 terl

5tl1 6tl1 7tl1

10tl1 11111



elevetl twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen ,even teen eighteen nineteen twellt~ 21 twent!j-one 22 twel1tl}-two 23 tll'entl}-three
11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 30 40 50

12th 13th 14th 15th 16th
17tl1 18tl1

20111 21s1


ca uneori

fortI} fifty

22nd 23rd 30tli 40th 50t{1

first second third fourth fifth sixtli seventl1 eignth ninth tellth eleventh twelftfl thirteenth fourteenth fifteenth sixteentli seven ieen t h eigliteel1!h nineteentli twentieth tWfntl}-first twellt!j-sewnd twenlr/-Inird thirtietn fortieth fiftieth
pentru a expripe strada.

nu au forma de plural
substantive frecvente nenusunt: exemple

sunt numite

marabile. Unele milk water



, Present continuous tense
(Timpul prezent continuu)

1 Talking about the present
(Cand exprirnarn Folosim descrie terminat Timpul prezentul) pentru a acum. acest timp verbal
0 actiune

care se lntampla

sau 0 actlune Inca,

care a Tnceput dar nu s-a

S~e is ma~ing a telep{lOnecall. - Ea da
prezent continuu verbul auxiliar terrninatia


se Iorrneaza cu
de conjugat

to be + verbul

"ing. He is carrying a suitcase. - El card UI1 geamantan. Thew are buying their tickets. - Ei isi cumparo. bUete.
Exista anumite

constructil temporale
frecvent eu timpul


le folosim




ma date sau pentru in

a ne orienta

front of

Retineti diferite se folosesc prepozitii engleza

30,5,2005: the thirtieth of M~y 2005. MIJ birtfld~~ is on tfie Ylintfl of Sep/ember. - Ziua mea de I1C!stereeste pe 110ua septembrie. It's tfie fifth turning on tfle right. - Este a cineca strado. la stilnga
Nota. DateJe pot fi scrise :;;i spuse diferit limbs engleza.

precum now (acurn). at tlie moment (Tn momentul de fatal I am cooking dinner now. - Gatesc cina Oleum. He is reading tile newspaper at the momel1t. EI cite$te ziarul in mOl11el'ltulde fato.. Formam lei negativul verbul prin plasarea auxiliar

particusi verbul

not rntre


tari de I luna ! an (UK) luna I zi !an (US)





de limba



cu terminatia He is not carrlJing a suitcase. - EI rlU caril un geamal1/an. They are not buying their tickets. - Ei rlU lsi cumpo.ra bilete. I am 110t cooking dinner now - Nu gates.; cina aeum. He is not readi.ng tfte newspaper at tfte mamerlt, - EI nu eiteste ziarui In momen!u/ de Ma, de conjugat interogativul prin inversarea ordinn dintre verbul auxiliar to be ;;i Formam

to be -ing

It's 0/1 Fifll! Avenue, (US) It's in Oxford Street, (UK) Prepozitiile apar de asemenea frecvent Tn constructii fixe precum. M!j brother is Il! universit!j - Fratele meu este la
M niversitate, I'm on holida!j this week. - Saptamana aceasta su nt In vacanta. We are at home this evening, - In seam aeeasta sun/em acasll,




torrneaza pluralul

snop ---7 snops train ---7 trains cinema ---7 cinemas
Substantivele care se terrnina tn

-eh, -Sh,

subiectul verbului de coniugat. Is he carrying a sMitcase? - Cara el Ull @eamantan? Are tfJe~ buying their tickets? -lsi cu.mpara ei rifete? Is she eating fler dinner? - Miil1(ll1ca ea de cimP
Nota. In engleza, verbele care se refera la

-s sau -x adauga -ss,
waf c 11

wat [fles

sirnturi nu sunt folosite la forma continua. De exernplu


bmsh ---7 brusfws bus ---7 buses box ---7 boxes

love. like, nate I like ~im, ./

1 am liking 11im. X
in 20 minutes a day



Sun! magazine de pan toft pe aceastii stnida? I usually have (offee for breakfast.Aveli pcmtofii al6a:.Nu. adlectiv . de timp arata cat de des se este de obtcei si verb. LESSON 16 aeeaSla. LESSON 8 The (reeis as I.Are eI pifr castarliu? LESSON 13 se raspunde cu da cu nu. Ijuiddy_ Exista tnsa multe exceptl i: fast. prezent obi- 2 Do you have? si Have you got? Aceste constructii situatii folosim sunt folosite Ambele lucru.Sun! taxi uri d ispo n iv i. (de ex.n? .Vindeli bi/etc de tren? S: Yes. ca modificatoare Multe adverbe ale verbului se terrniria In i sunt folosite afla daca ceva exista sau pentru noi informatii despre ceva singu lar este Is A Where is the office? .Merg la servidu cu tntreba despre posesie. permanents timpul 5i adevaruri sirnplu.AveH bi/ete pen/rIA spectacolul din seara ~Geas!a? Has he got brown ~air? . fmi pare rau.2 lire ki1ogr~ml!l. already. The museu m is not as interesting as tne Clrt gallery. . A Wlio is sne? . you WI1. ceva.Cine este ea? B: She's my sister_ .Corawl nu este la tel de Tnal! CCl $i Crlsa. My fatMer always wears a tie. wi\o. in diidirea de vizavi Este LESSON 1 there? I') there a t(tree star /iote/ nearby? .MUleul estela fel de iI1teresant w @aleria de arta Ccnstructia poate Ii folosita Si la forma aceste tntrebarl tnforrnatii. continuu sl cand cand Making comparisons with as .ng a new car in lu/y.Unde este biroul? B: If's in tliat bu. I (an't .i GlAsa. . How). They . Tlie m t<scum is OlS interesting as tile art gallery. .Tata poartif we }.ilding aCTOSSthe street.tri mifrimea 38? Have tlie~ got a new wr? . LESSON pentru 6 Have you gol t~e blue shoes in size 38? . . A: What are you doing? .Au ei 0 ma"}iml nowi? Do ~ou have tickets for tonight's show? . exprirnarn intentii.Vorve$!e ci n eva en gleza? Auxiliary verb: do / does (Verbul Folosim consrructil timpul auxiltar verbul prezent cum.Ce fact? B: I'm watdiil1g TV ..Gind pleei la La rid ra? B: [' m going lliis afternoon. I live i11 Las Angeles. Questions (Intrebanle) de lntrebari.Copacul es!e la fel de rnCllt ca :.Ntepl aulobuzul 93. eterne I go Pentru stari general valabile.Locu ieseYn Los An geles. A: Wliel1 are you going 10 LOl1do.e house. . wh. suddenly.plee Tn as ..Nu.le? Are there any slioe shops in this street? . as (Comparativul Constructia pentru de egalitate rlU pol. Exists doua feluri principale mai lrecvent In engleza Yes! No questions (lntrebari La aceste tntrebari sau I nul care are loc acum sau perioada scurta de timp. Ei nu se due Does leave from p/llttorm 2? LESSON 18 26 English in 20 minutes a day . .Existif u 11 ~ote/ M !rei stele In apropiere? Is tllere a flight" to New York on Sunday? .k durninica? Is there an~one wfw spea~s En@lisli? .Mif Mil III televizor ] 15 there? ~i Are there? Aceste construct: Adverbs of frequency pentru a afla a (Adverbele de timp) Forma de Adverbele sunt cuvinte care lunctioneaza Ele descriu ceva.Ccit costa nevoie de mai multe B: They're £2 a kilo .SUi'll ci nem~tografe Tn IAcest ra{! o Are tliere (lny taxis available? . slowly.. T!1e tree is not as tall as th. poti· A: Do you 'ifll trail1 tic~e!s? . cand 5i unde se Intarnpla -IW happily. Vilnd. just._as este Iolcsita a exprima egalitatea. I/ove swimming. W/iere. Clln A. Pentru 0 actiune 0 desi Do YOM nave? Have you got? este vorbita. A: How much are t~e grapes? .all as the house.Lucrezi Tntr-ul1 birmO No. folosim timpul prezent contlnuu I'm waiting for t~e 93 bus_ . nu lucrez. cafea la miwl aejun. cu da un alltovrmd.Grammar Bank Retlne~i! ceiuri.Muzeul nu este la fel de in teresa n! ea galeria de arti'i. . often. I'm sorry. as) A: Do B: ~Otl work i'1 a~ office? . When. WFlCll.Da. I do.Este till 260r catre New Yor. Adverbul do j does) auxiliar do pentru a lorma la negative si interogative Adverbele intampla sirnplu Forma de plural determinantuI aceasta Are there? Folosim nehotarat any cand punern este la lntercgattv.De ofieei veau.Urmeazil sa ·$i (U mpere 0 masina nouii Til hllie. - lncepe eu sau do) Pot sa te ajut? D~.. .Pice dupii-ami"oua struqurii? Asking questions (Formarea tntrebartlor) Is there? Are Inere? Do you have? si Have YOM @ot? sunt constructii loarte utile pentru a pune lntrebari In multe situatii. . plan uri si hotarar! Facem aceasta atunei stirn data sau ora cand urrneaza un anumit sa facem as lucru I am going on 11Olida~next week _. He is fUlVing a party on his virthday. like foo!valP tlie~ IntotdeaMna (ravatif.In ten noneazil sif dea 0 oetrecee de ziua lui. Call I l1elp you? - B: Yes. QUestions Do ~ou 1 (Intrebari) asezat tntre subject constructie Are tliere any cinemas in fliis (own? . tnsearnna acelasi este mai politicos. Ele tncep cu un cuvant tntroductiv. negative pentru a arata inegalltatea. 2 Talking about the future (Cand exprimarn vtitorul) Folosim pentru prezentul viitor. . .rlever go to the cinema_ l1iciodatii la eirlcmatogra{. soon.Este sora mea.questions Cand folosim (lntrebari cu wn-) avem vaeanla saptd mana viitoare_ TlUy are bu~i. A: Can ~ou come to dinner on Salurda~?Po(i veni . -1mi plOlee sarno!.Ia eina sam biitil? S: No. Tntrebarea auxil iar (de ex. [ don'!. . iar pentru a to work 6y vus_ .

Chiar dad! esle ioane greu.car de mulli because bani ai'! leave from platform 2. it run S really well. ei 7i face pliiccre sa II1Vere el1gleza. LESSON 17 siujbti. Ele sunt numite substantive nenumarablle.Vreau o camera w dU$ sau CIA baie. isn't if? sau do tFle~?) se adauga la starsltul unei propozitli pentru a 0 transtorrna tn tntrebare. How much moneyl1ave you got? . se folosesc pentru a lega They He She It doesn't J l speak EnglisH How mucf! se foloseste cu substantive nenumarabile (care nu au plural). nu-i ilsa? LESSON 6 English in 20 minutes a day ----- ~ - -~. has she? . va rog? Caulam qara. . nu-i asa? You aren't happy frere. } } How much / How many? Linking words Conjunctiile propozitii. A: TFiere isn't any tea left iJ1 the pot. iSI1'tne? . Giteva exemple frecvente sunt: aeroport pentru ca (Juwbuzu/ hotelului este pIil'l. Slie takes the traill 10 work because S{lC doesn't like to drive il1 traffic. merge 1 foarte bine They are happy a!!hougfl they are poor. LESSON 3 How mally se toloseste cu substantive numarablle (care au plural). 3 aJt floug ft Although tnsearnna . . iar 0 propozitie negative de 0 tntrebare disjunctiva afirmativa. stau we tney a((]Sa us tfrem Nota. A: He's tlie new manager. l1u-i asa? She Masn't got a job.offee milk mea! cheese money time work LESSON Intrebarile disjunctlve (de ex.desl.MasiJ1a este foarle swmpa. he is.Nu e$ti feridt aiei.Nu mai e ceai 111 Wl1a. Pronumele din Tntrebarea disjunctive trebuie Tntotdeauna sa se acorde cu subiectul propozitiei.Vremea este pre« reee.E cald astazi.pori sa-I vezi Tn aceastif fotagrafie? Carrots? No tflank you. Nu-rni plac. B: Call I make some more? .Nu. Altliough iI's very difficult. Slie needs a taxi to tfle airport because the hotel bus is full. el are 0 forma dlferlta. LESSON 15 o propozitie 8 Pronouns (Pronurnele] Daca pronumele este complementul unui verb tntr-o propozitie. I'm sta~ing at Mome..!-! a$a? aftrrnativa este urrnata de 0 lntrebare disjunctiva negativa. I (Conjunctiile) (+ substantive numarabtle I nenumarabile) don't like football. .Aveti mere? B: No.Te vtid joi.nt prea mici. I'm sorry.Are nevoie de un taxi pentru 2 or Folosirn or cand aratarn ca exista alternativa 0 4 Question tags (Intrebarlle disjunctive) tea c.EI este water juice bread Would you like coffee or tea? . iSll't it? . she enjo!Js learning Englis~. . n. we haven'! qat !AfIy apples today . A: You're goil1q awa~ tliis weekend.Ea 11 U are 0 Remarcatl pronumele subiect si complement din aceste exernple.pori sa fad ceva pentru mille? LESSON 9 prea swrnp.Apartamentu I este B: No.Sunt fericili de$i sun! saraci. please? We're looking for the statiol1. Tliat car's very expensive. nu-i a~a? B: Yes.-~ 27 . Men't we? . el este.teli ajuta. Slie wa.Ea ia trel1ul pana la serviciu fiil1dcri 11u -i place sri wl1ducd In ag!omeraric. are you? .N u iesi 111 acest weekend. . .Sa mai pregtTtesc l1i$te ceai? LESSON apple --ol apples car --ol cars 2 Uncountable nouns (Substantive nenumarabl Ie) Unele substantive sunt mereu sau aproape mereu folosite numai la singular. nu-i asa? We are qoil1q tflere by car. 11u -i a$(]? La Intrebarile disjunctive asteptarn de obicei un raspuns In conformitate cu propozitla inittala. Alt~ougli my car is old. Ch iat da ca rna ~i1 a mea este vee Me. CaJ1 you see frim in this PHotO?. Morwvi? Nu. nu-i asa? I'm seeing you on Tfr!lrsday. .Imi pare rau.Grammar Bank Negative sentences (Propozitii negative) We .EI este foarte politicos. I1U-i a$a? 110t fre she it him fler it Too Folosim too + adjectiv pentru a spune ca ceva are 0 calitate mai mult decat este necesar sau acceptabil. .vreau sa platesc nota acum cad plee mifirlc dimi nca/a devreme.Slugii sU.l1ts to go to tfle cinema or a w~cert. arel1't I? . chiar daca". . It's hot today. mu/tumesc. Nrea sa ""warga la cilJeM<Hltoqraf sau la UM concert.Merqem aeola cu masirla. Can you nelp us. Se toloseste de asemenea in construct» negative. He's very polite.Ne p[. I don't like them. 10 ched? out 110W because I leave early in the morning. Tile fiat is too expensive. 'lH avern mere astazi. Pronumele ~ou (singular si plural) Si it nu se schirnba Subject pronoun (Pronume subiect) I you Object pronoun (Pronume complement) me you nou! director. . A: Hsve you qat .Vrei wtea sau ceai? I wallt a room with a snower or a btuh. .Da. are you? . Could you do something for me? . Tne weatlier is too eold. nouse --l> houses Determiner: any (Determinantul aJ1y) Determinantul aJ1~se roloseste in tntrebari pentru a afla daca ceva exista sau nu. I Countable nouns (Substantive nurnarabilej Majoritatea substantivslor din englezs sunt nurnarabile si au forma de plural. The jeans are too small. I want Folosirn because cand exprimarn cauza a ceva. isn't it? . iSJ1'1 he? . .m~ apples? . .

but t~e new Ol1esare more fas~iona6Ie. bad si far tormeaza comparative neregu late.Ei se due la casa lor de pe mallil marii in /laare vara.Acea fen1eie este sotia lui. . The test today was easier t~an t~e test last week. bllt tne blue carpet is clieaper .Grammar Bank Se pune particula Is Inat yOllr coat. dar eel albastru este mai ieftin La majoritatea terrnina consoana adjectivelor scurta care se urrnata de 0 tinala.Vremea a fost uratd ieri. a compara Se adauga as . as as) pentru a -er la slarsltul adjectivelor cornparativ as + adjectiv + as care sunt egale. .you can use mine. Dad's tie is new. friendly -7 friendlier crazy _. the pink flower is prettier tnall the yellow on8.Masina fratelui mell este a Lexus. . fie 3 Apostrophe Folosirn M!I '5 ('$ cu apostrof) eu substantive ca deJicioasd. posesive) apar tnaintea unui un posesive pentru than dupa adjectiv. . That si tflOse se refers la lucruri care sunt departe de vorbitor. that. dar la ca pronurne substantive. bllt it is worse tada!:1 . .Acest program TV I1lI este la fel de ~m!lzant CO! eel pe care I-am vdzlIt asearif. This suitcase is as large as that one. .Am note mai bune ta test saptiiman!1 aceasta.Aeeastif valizd este la fel de mare ca aceea.Ma$illa sa este rOiie.Pisica mea este fo~rte grasa. . This si that sunt la singular. Singular my your his IOlld -7 louder qllie! -7 quieter short -7 SllOrter soft -7 softer The red carpet is softer tnan tne bille one. dar cele noi sunt mai moderne.Vedlile lui ghete de Mba I sHnt mai con/arlabile. simpler sau more simple narrower sau more narrow Adjectivele primesc de trei sau rnai multe silabe 2 more.Cred cd flaarea roz este mai frumoasa deeiit eea galbella. They go to tileir house by llie sea every sum mer . these si those pentru a arata ceva.Auste mere sun! verzi. 2 Possessive pronouns (Pronumele Folosim substantiv posesive) posesive pronumele In i. referim cand nu tnsotesc Adjectives ce ne Adjectivele descrie lucruri that! (Adjectivele) folosite pentru a (Comparativul Ctlnd compararn persoane I think etc.Ne spiHam masinll 0 data pe saptdmana. Can I have that cake over tnere? . these ~i those this. (This book is mine. . Susan's coal is dadl blue.Hail1a Illi Slisan este albastru inchis. Prajituri/e acelea di~ vitrinif aratd bine. Howard este mai sUitor deeat Peter. . . .EI conduee 0 masinil noua.Acellsta banand esle Plural ours !lours tlieirs beautiful -7 more beautiful {wndsome -7 more handsome easy-going -7 more easy-going The Ilew computer is more expensive than the old one. Singular mine yours his hers its lor fungi care nu se termina In -y. His car is red. We wash Ollr car once a week. !I se This TV programme is not as furm~ as the one I saw last night . .Muzeul orawlui este joane curwswt. The woman over tflere is his wife.Noul calculator este mai sellmp decat eel vcehi. . expensive -7 more expeflsive wonderful -7 more wonderful particula Comparisons using cu cand tnsotesc Cand este spune substantive. that.) LESSON 1 si persoane He's fA good driver. LESSON more. . ca sau brother's car is a Lexus. this. bllt it is faster and more powerfuL . These~i t{lOse sunt la plural This banana is delicious.Susan este mult mal fericitii la rwul ei serviciu.a poti l%si pe a mea. .Cravata talii este noua. Howard is more hard-working thall Peter. despre ce substantiv Don'l vring an umbrella . His old football boots are mare wmfortable. .Trenul nu este la fel de rapid ea aviol1ul. dar este mai rapid 5i are mal multd putere. punem Comparisons (Comparativul Se foloseste descrie using cu as. . .e vlue olle yours? - more inaintea adjective- Determiners strativl] Folosim (Deterrninantii demon- Asta este haina ta. Possessive forms (Formele posesive) I Comparative adjectives (Comparativul Folosim adjectivelorj la adjective comparativul doua lucruri. than) doua sau mal multe putern sunt cuvinte This is mille. sau (ea albastrd? The vla(~ shoes are flis.) That is be'ltitiflll (Tliat picture is 6ealltiful. .Este un bun Aer. Your tennis racket is newer tfwn mine.Testu/ de azi a fost mal usor decat testul de saptamana trecuM. Ele arata cui apartine scurte pentru a realiza gradul lucruri anum it obiect.1mi dati prdjiWra aceea de aeolo? Those cakes i~ the window look good. This si these se retera la lucruri care sunt aproape de vorbitor. Irregular forms (Formele neregulate) Good. These apples are green.Racheta ta de ten is este mai noua deem a mea. My cat is very fat. Unele adjective comparatlvul de doua silabe fie adaugand pot forma -er. ] Possessive adjectives (Adjectivele Adjectivele substantiv. dar este mai J cand este dar din context este yorba.!. pentru lucruri Plural ow' your their se dubleaza consoana her its slim -7 slimmer big -7 bigger Daca un adjectiv schirnba fara un se terrnlna Tn -y. . or is th. Tliis. these si those pot fi folosite adjective sa exprimam '5 cu apostrof posesia.. He's drivilt!J a Ilew car.Covorul rOsll este m ai moale deeil! eel albastru. Trle weather was bad yesterda!. .crazier Susan is much happier in Her new job. cu 0 vocala is as hot as it was last week. urilta astiizi LESSON 3 LESSON 4 28 English in 20 minutes a day . good -7 better bad -7 worse far -7 further I fC!rt~er got better marks in tfw test tHis week . Se foloseste a descrie Tne weather today not + as + adjectiv + as care nu sunt egale. tnat.Pantofii negri sun! ai lui.. The train is not as fast as the plane.Vremea astazi esfe 101 fel de calM fa saptamana trecutii. .Nu-/i adllce umbrela ta . TIi~t is his computer.Aee/a esre mlculatorullui.. Tflc town's museum is very famous. ..

.Am crew_! ea discursul sau a fast eel mai plictisitor din toata ziua.Heien a alergat eel mai repede ~ia ca$tigat maratmlUl. a bit. square. . The flou Sf w~s slightly small and tlie party was a bit crowded. He's a bit talkative. ~Otll1g ~ youngest old -? oldest small -? smallest Majoritatea adiectlvelor care se termina opinie nice. When do you wake up? . round. lovelll. calitate. Intrebare. extremely. - Tti plaee cilil1ele most.Eslc ultima ca. Intr-o ordine anurne. culoare) LESSON unut pentru a tntari sau a atenua 5 sensul adjectivului. very. Afirrnatie You like my dog. Aftrmatie: Do you like my dog? He leaves the HOUseat half past seven ever~ morl1ing. este urmatoarea: varsta. what. dar au qus: bun. . That was the most in tcresting presentation I've ever been to . Si holV_ Cuvantul interogativ propozi tiel. intrebare Have tfley been to Paris? Pentru tntrebari cu timpul prezent simplu sau cu trecutul simplu trebuie sa folosim a auxiliar verbul verbului do + forma de infinitiv de conjugat. fairly Tliat picture is fairly expensive. care nu se terrnina Tn -~ I thought his talk was the most boring talk of the whole dau.Era foarte sigura cii avea dieile Tn pO$etii Afirmatie: most lnalnte de adjectivele lungi Intrebare. forma. really.Grammar Bank 2 Superlative adjectives (Superlativul Folosirn adjectivelor] pentru a compare superlativui mal rnult decal doua lucruri.E cam swmp. It is the most famous restaurant in the city and it has tfle highest prices.Casa era destul de micif ~i lumea s-a cam Tnghesuit la petrecere. . varsta. poate fi nu ordinea lntre st auxiliar Aceste cuvinte atenueaza sensu! a little.] doua sau mai multe adjective pentru a deserts un substantlv treDaca folosim buie sa Ie punem De obicei ordinea marirne. lam absolutely delighted that !Jail can (ome to mlj party. . opinie.Unde locuie$ti? How do yOt! prefer to travel? . wliich. new forma: round. w(lel1. mancarea chinezeasca sau japonez(f? (Whicf! se foloseste de obicei pentru 0 alegere lirnitata sau 0 selectie a numai cateva lucruri. really. green umbrella (marime. They wel1t to the Caribbean last lIear_ .Areastif esarfif este foart e m oa Ie. whose. culoare. where.he's the funniest I Yes I flO questions (Intrebari cu da si nul In tntrebarile da sau subiect la care raspunsul cuvintelor este inversata. horrible intr-o vocala scurta urmata de 0 consoana dubleaza consoana finala t{liM -? Inimlest Mot ~ liottest fat -7 fattest De obicei se pune small.Aces! tab/au este destul de scump. The apple tart is the nicest tfling on tfle meltu _Tarta cu mere este cea mai buna din tot meniul.Cum preteri sa ciiltitore:. este deseori folosit in naratiuni Acest timp Sunt noua cuvinte lnterogatlve English in 20 minutes a day 29 . Where do you live? . a little st slightly au un tnteles negativ.Au fast in Caraibe antll trecut.ti? What is your name? . . Cfiil'lese or Japal1ese food? . A LESSON 11 Past simple tense (Timpul Folosim trecut simplu) trecutul simplu pentru actiuni sau in good -7 best ba. a hit. completely.Aeeasta lillie de Gwtobuze o/era eel mai des transport ctitre wasta. Aceste paste sunt cam silrate. avsolutely.Este cel mai cunoscut restaurant din oras $i are cele mai Tntotdeauna meu. Did tney go to tfle Caribbean last year? 2 Wh~ questions (Intrebari cu wh-) Acestea Tncep cu un cuvant interogativ. but I'm going to buy it.A spus ((I slujba ei este cea mai u$oanI din IHme_ Se pune De exernplu. but it tastes OK.sa pe drea pta 3 Order of adjectives (Ordinea adjectivelor) grupuri de adjective care whom.A /05t cea mai interesantif prezentare la care am fost. It's the farthest house ml the right .Cu cine lucrezi? Why are you leaving so early? .Sunt extrem de hlcantat cii poti veni la oeuececea mea. .Cand te treze$ti? Who do you work wil~? .Cum Ie cheama? Which do you prefer. why se pune la Tnceputul adauga terrninatia -est la slarsltul scurte pentru a Ie da gradul adjectivelor de superlativ Exista diferite descriu. a beautiful. Word order in questions (Ordinea cuvintelor in tntrebari) He's brilliant . rather. WflO. This bus company offers the most frequent service to the coast. Mrrow culoare: red. Helen ran the fastest time and won the marathon . dar am sa-I cumpifr_ This pasta is a little salty. . forma. Aceste cuvinte tntaresc sensu). . busy varsta: old. green marirne: calitate important.De ce pled atat de devreme? LESSON 6 the Tn fata unui adjec- tiv la superlativ. Se The best tennis rackets are very expensive.El pleaca de acastl la mari preturi. Good. S(le was totally sure that fler keys \IIere in her bag. el1tirely This scarf is extremej~ soft. .t Her job was the easiest job in the world. short. . . slightly. Daca un adjectiv se termina In -li schimba ~J in L su 1m y -? sun niest funny -? funnies! happy -? happiest comedian I've ever seen. bit. red car culoare) Qualifying words (opinie. She said tfu.Este exceptional . Are ~ou going 10 work toda~? Afirmatie: T~ey ~ave been to Paris. so se pun Tnaintea a small.este cel mai amuzant actor pe care I-am vazut !Ireodata. Intrebare. very.d ~ worst far -7 f!!rt~est I fart~est din trecut care s-au terminal.E cam vorbaret1('5 a liWe expensive. bad Irregular forms (Forme Ie neregulate) si far formeaza superlative neregulate ~apte jumiltate Tn /iecare dim ineata_ in trebare Does he leave tfle house at half past seve n ever~ man! in@? Alirmatie. totally. big famous. Adjectivele primesc de trei sau mai multe silabe You are gOing to work today. . Aceste cuvinte adjectiv (Mcdificatorii): quite. red apple (opinie. new. culoare) a nice.Ce preferi. .Cele mai bune rachete de tenis sunt foarte scumpe.

They spoke to eadi otller last week. .A deschis u$a ~is-a repezit afarCi Cateva verbe au atat 0 forma regulate cat si una neregulata la trecutul simplu Se pot folosi ambele forme. He "as seen 'Casablanca' many times. . . it's his favourite film. I have alreadlJ seen tflat film. Un dictionar bun de engleza are 0 lista de verbe neregulate.Primu/ Razboi Mondial H1 incheiat In 1918. ---7 waked lielp ---7 nelped work ---7 war ked ---7 Used to Used to obicei se Ioloseste pentru sau ceva ce facearn In trecut a exprima un $i nu mai facem acurn de infinitivuI Used to se pune tnainte La verbele regulate doar care se termina Tn -e. .lte ori. . already. .Ei ria Ii em faame.I Grammar relata rea unor situatii trecut.Am ars tot gunoiu/ LESSON 13 se a descrie actiune care foloseste pentru leaga trecutul pentru actiuni si continua 2 Irregular verbs Multe terrntnatia neregu late. .Ei vorbesc la telefonTI! fiecare sliptamiina.N e-~m (ara! valizele ptina la autobllZ Forma verbului persoana I hurried burn ---7 burl1ed!burnt learn ---7 learned! learnt dream ---7 dreamed!dreamt smell ---7 smelled/smelt I burnt Present perfect tense (Timpul prezent perfect) Prezentul perfect 0 nu se schimba la a treia singular. 10 be are doua negativulla auxiliarului verbului Ei nu de prin folosirea been to IaplAfl six Iimes. . Celelalte trecutul verbe torrneaza sirnplu 110t este scoala. My cousin was not 011 the train. We carried our suitcases on to tlie bus. I see my girlfriend every day.Varul meu n u era Tn trell Forma scurta a lui was no! si were wasil'! si weren't. 1 Regular verbs Formam regulate trecutul cu forma (Verbele regulate) verbele simplu la Present tense (Timpul prezent) I am Inmgry. We used to go to France every ~ear for our holidays. neregulate) nu prirnesc / burned all the rubbish. .Nu i-am spus sif vina la picnic. used to speak used to swdy used to like My friends used to wI! me Bill.Ei nu au fast If). adaugam Fiope ---7 ---7 -d. . Forma scurta a lui did 110t They didn't go to tlie tneatre. . precum care au avut lee Tn istorlce. Sunt multe verbe neregulate verbului de conjugat. dar acum Tmi SpUI1 William. ever. never .Prietenii rnei obi$~uiau sd-mi spuna Bill. verbul sirnplu. My cousin wasn't 011 the train.it ---7 ---7 put saw sa! speak ---7 spoke take ---7 took !~ink ---7 thought win ---7 won ---7 She WllS not hungry. de alte verbe.A vilzut "Casablanca" de mu. -Ieri s-s 0 didn't. She qoes to work on t~e bus. I do my yoga exercises every day.Am fos! Tn laponia de $ase ori. teatru aseara. We had Ilmd! .Copiii tocmai au 50sit awsa de la be ---7 was / were break ---7 brolie bu~ ---7 bouq~t come ---7 came do ---7 did find ---7 found qo ---7 Welt! have ---7 had m~{1e ---7 made Diferit forme la trecutul meet ---7 met put see . Prezentul actium I liave perfect se mai foloseste pentru repetate. . .Hai sa mtincam de prilnz.Imi este {oame. .Am IUa! masa de pral'Lz. . Tfle dlildren liave just arrived "orne from selioo!. . i did my yoga exercises before breakfast. still. .ShU! vorbit siiptifmiina trewlCi. . I s~w Fieryesterday. Theu weren't at the tneatre last night. . La verbele schimbarn -y. (Verbele de prezent care au Se foloseste in trecut 3 Negative form NegativuI verbului se forrneaza (Forma negativa) simplu lnceput verbe uzuale In engleza si In prezent.Am alergat in josul strazii inainte ca magazinele sa se incliidd. . Seam trecula am mers te jas spre casCide la ci nem atow af. este evenimentele We walked liome from tfle cinema last night. . but ~ow tftey (all me William. Prezentul perfect se toloseste ternporale de obicei cu aceste ccnstructii I was 'iou were He I she I it was We were You were T~ey were did + 11O! In fata infinitivului conjugal. Bank dus llil teatru We did not sec them at the swimming pool Nu i-am vazut la pisciniL [ did not ask him to come to the piCl1ic. -cd Tn engleza.Am vazut deja aces! film. open opened COOR. -ed. .Vorbesc deseori despre tine. ~e j sfle j it.Ea merge I~ serviciu cu autobuzul.Tmi ioc exercitWe de yoga III iiecore zi. They have often talked about (IOU. . . World War I ended in 19l8. Se foloseste numai la trecut LESSON 15 Slie opened tlie door and rushed outside.Am vazut-o ieri. down tne road before the shops closed. Past simple tense (Tlmpul trecut slmplu) [ was hungry. They speak on tlie phone every week. Incercati sa invatati cat mai multe posi- ntlrry ---7 hurried carried m arr!l ---7 m a'f i ed bil. They did 110t go to tfle tlieatre. He did not buy a new coat.Mi-a fost foame. She wasil'! hungry. .Mi-am taw! exenitiile de yoga Tnainte de micu/ dejwl. Let's have lund! .Imi vad prietena In fiecare zi. floped move moved regulate care se term ina Tn terrninatia !I Tn i si adaugarn dus Ja serviciu w rna~ina. iar la sfarsttul acestei carr ~ ---7 earn exista de asemenea 0 lists. - s-au rewl1t1y.Nu a cumparat l1aina nouef. este filmul sau.Obisnuiarn sa mergem Tn Franta Tn fiecMe an in vacan¢ Used to nu are forma de prezent. before. . favorit. just. They were not at tFle theatre last l1ight. LESSON 14 la care adaugarn de mfinitlv a verbului terrninatia -ed. Acestea sunt nurnite verbe verbe to be la trecutul prin adaugarea particulei not lata 0 lista cu cele mai frecvente neregulate: dupa verb. She we'lt to work by car yesterday.

Tliey put off tlie game because of the rain. Put tlie paper under tlie lid. she paid for tlie meal? . Un dictionar eriglez bun are 0 listti de participll trecute neregulate In lista de verbe neregulate $i la sfarsltul acestei cartt se ana 0 lista de verbe uzuale LESSON neregulate Never + forma a verbului.Ai grij5! Drum MI e LESSON 1 LESSON 3 LESSON 2 LESSON 4 delinitiile.Mi-e wm foame.5h. 0011'1 tell anyone. ticipil trecute neregulate. din verb + prepozitie miblcat l1iciodatif rnal1wre }aponezif. Singular 1 liave played You nave played He lias playcd Slie has played It lias pla~ed 2 Ouestion form Formam rntrebarile prin inversarea ordinii Plural We have played You have played They Iiave played (Forma interogatlvaj la prezent perfect subiect .at.Mai in tai pu i hilrti~ sub capac. I Orders Primul este atunci (Ordine) imperativul cand cerem cuiva sa laca un mod Tn care folosim anum it lucru.Sunt obosit. 'We liave never eaten lapa~e5e food.interrup! him w~€I'! lie's working. mod Tn care folosim Anglia. exprirnarf sunt folosite have.Am men deseori ClI ma~I'~a pnn Alpi.Nu I-am inla/nit rB Ira/ele tau Never se foloseste Tn propozitii negative: I have never been lip the Eiffel Tower. I {lave no! mel your brother. platH consumatia? Have yOM bOM~flt II new car? . Niciodatd sa 111.wvered Partici p iu I trecut acelasi simple a I verbelor slrnplu regu Iate care se term ina Tn "c sau "~ se torrneaza fel ca trecutul tense) in gave Hp eatil1g meat three ~ears ago. .Bine ai ~'enitl Te rog ia loc. Next. . Never . (problema) Go to bed.la un biscuit.{{j? Have tliey ever bee~ to the theatre? vre. (gri ja) Wear your best dotfles (advice) . Never anumit obicei este forma cea mai puternica folosim negativ.Pune-ti eele m~i bu ~e ~ai ne.Intra.1-/ intrerupi cand . Have a biscuit.N u m-am ureal niciodata in TlIrnul Eiffel. TurM it on. . mai ales dacs instructiunile se dau tntr-o anum ita ordine Firs! Ever se toloseste in lntrebari.Merqi la wlcare. Go away I'm busy. . Do Don't. . . Cand dorim 1101 sau sa cerern sau sa spunem luau folosim de infinitiv cuiva Do sa nu fara un anumit Don't.Inchide u:. lata cateva dintre ele: be ---+ been drive ---+ drive ~ eat ---+ ea t en fiy ---+ fiown go ---+ go lie hear ---+ ~eard meet ---+ met see ---+ see n win ---+ won I liave often dr. (Participiul trecut Multe verbe uzuale In irregular forms forme neregulatej au par" liave + participiul trecut al engleza Imperatives Imperativul infinitivului S~ut (lmperativul) prin folosirea nu de imperativ (fara to) De obicei verbului de conjugat. . torrneaza -cd look ---+ looked wa it ---+ wa it ed discover ---+ di.PUne hartia sub capac. Press Ine button. .La ce ora te scoli de obicei? Multe verbe prepozltlonale dsca stirn sensul sunt USOf de inteles cuvant.Ti-ai cumparat Has Have YOHever won a lennis tournament? .Ai castigat vreodata un turneu de teni. you press tfle wry button. iar un dictional bun le cuprinde LESSON Be careful THe road is icy . dupa cum urrneaza.odatiila teatru? 3 Negative form Negativul (Forma Au fast ei Nota . .Sa nu spui nimdnui. se lorrneaza verbului rnainte se pune pronume tlie door. He A il1cetatsii Exista multe asemenea verbs prepozitio- I'm tired. (Sfaturi) a imperativului mod de folosire 3 Advice Al treilea este atunci are 0 regular forms forme regulate) participiul la inflnltlv. Welcome I Please sit dow~ .? 0 Take a seat. prin Slie sat dowl1 and picked up lier book.Fa-ti un sandvis (stat) I've ~ot Q lob iliterview tomorrow. este cand dorim sa spunem cuiva cum sa Iaca un anumit lucru.Au amanat partida din cauz. Cand vorbim negativa) 1'6 se formeaza prin adaugarea particu lei 110t I 11 ever dupa auxiliarullias I Multi~word verbs (Verbe prepozitionale) Verbele prepozittonale Tn engleza. SHnt ocup.Da -mi sarea. . a$ezr1 si lUG cartea de pe jos.Pleaca de aici. earry ---+ carried ~ope ---+ Moped nale. . nu pastreaza sen sui origi n ar. cand dam instructlunl.Apasii bu/onul.EI nu a fost Til frecvent familiar Ele dau un sens 5i fl uenta limbii.iere. (problem) .Nu am Sunt formate sau adverb. (problema) Make {! sandwich (advic€) . (sfa t) Uneori sfatul I (vezi Past poate Ii un avertisrnent. cand dam sfaturi cuiva care anumita problema sau gjija Dar Tn cazul unor verbe prepozittonale sensul verbul ui se schi mba. . Uneori se pune pronurnele you Inainte de o instructiune. . mal ma/1(i~ce carne aeum Irei arli. Do Motopen Iii is door.wfuJ1ddrP 4 Past participles: (Participiul trecut Verbele regulate adaugarea terrmnattei Ai Idw! fiecarui Ea se of all. de conlugat. .l 0 sluj&ii maine. (problem) .Grammar Bank I Affirmative form Prezentul auxiliar perfect (Forma aflrmanva) se torrneaza eu verbul 5 Past participles. yOHput tlie paper under tlie lid.a_ Come in. 110t bml 2 Instructions AI doilea (Instructiunt) imperativul He lias to England . W~attime do ~ou Hsually wa~e up? .Dii-i drUlI1l11. . (slat) I'm feeling a 6it liungry. Wake up.. de de ma~inG nOI.a ploii.Sii ~u desc~izi usa aceasta.auxlliar. . Have you ever bee~ scuba divili@? vreodatii . .ive/l to tlie Alps. lnainte verbului de participiul trecut al ~ot se lntalneste mai mult Tn engleza sensa.III loe Pass t~e salt./Hcreaw. . Apoi apesi bulol1ul pentru cop. cand cerem culva sa nu faca un lucru. (concern I Am Ull interviH pentrl. ingNelat 17 English in 20 minutes a day 31 .Treu$te-te. (advice) .

Putem de asemenea adauga please la aceasta constructie. AlaM liad a quick meal. folosim snould sau OUgMtto + un verb la intinitiv Folosim aceasta forma ca sa dam sfaturi cuiva care are 0 problema sau 0 grija. I You ought to go to bed earlier. Uneori Intrebuintarn should not (forma lunga) bad ~ badly beautiful ~ beautifUlly fluel1 I ~ fluently loud ~ loudly quiet ~ quietly sudden ~ suddenly Adjectivele care se terrnlna In -y se transforrna Tn adverbe prin tnlaturarea lui -y 5i adaugarea terrninatiei -il.Ai ni~le bani gncalif? Folosim insa some Tn lntrebar i pentru a Ie Would you mind not smoking? II'm sorry.i dati sarea? I Sunteti amabil sa-mi dati sarea. Remarcati diferenta dlntre adverbe $i adjective. -Avem ni$/ecrema soIara.Grammar 4 Polite requests (Cereri politicoase) Uneori cand dorim sa cerem sau sa spunern culva sa faca un anumit lucru sau sa nu u taca. please poate fi adaugat la oricare dintre aceste constructii. Any se refera la faptul ca 0 anumita cantitate poate fi nula Folosim any In propozitii negative pentru a descrie ce nu avern. De obieei folosim some In propozitll afirmative.y. anyone.Nu avem cecuri de ciflalorie. o cerere You don't have to cook anything. / You should not spend so much. 1 naven't Would ~ou close the door? I Would you close trw door. please? .Nu e film Tn ap~. . va rog? Would you mind passing the salt? I Would you mi!ld passing tne salt. please? . You must fill in t~e form.Poti sa-mi cumperi n isle 6aterii daca esti la supermadlet? Rernarcati Iaptul ca some sl allY se folosesc atat cu substantive nurnarabile cat $i cu substantive nenurnarabile You should go to bed earlier. some / aflY Some se refera la 0 cantitate pozitiva Some apples = niste mere. You don't have to go to tlie store. .Nu trebuie sa ga!e~ti nimic. Folosim don't Have to + un verb la infinitiv cand consideram ca ceva nu este necesar.. atunci cand incercam sa aflarn daca exista 0 cantitate din ceva. . . terribly sensible ~ senSibly 5 Unele adverbe au aceeasi forma ca adjectivele. (stat) I Maven't got any mOlley.0 sa iau ni~te bani cand rna due la banca. Iia ror}' LESSON 1 LESSON 2 Adverbs (Adverbele) Adverbele descriu actiunea verbului. Aceste pronume sunt folosite in propozitii la lei ca some Si any. (prcpozitie afirmattva] I tnougllt 1 saw sometliing moving over tnere - ln engleza scrisa I feel fat. Any se foloseste si Tn Intrebari. pentru a spune ce este eel mai bine de tacut. I'm not liungr~ . Nu mi-e {oame. There's someone in the dining room.please. must / mustn't / don't have to Cand consideram ca este toarte important sa facem un anumit lucru. please? . . sa nu tumaN.Vrei sa-n wmpar niste film pentrll aparat? Could you bu W me some batteries while you are at the supermarket? . sa good ~ well LESSON 7 tezi formularuL Cand considerarn ca este important Sa nu faeem un anum it lucru. but la lnceput pentru a face constructia si mai politicoasa.Ar trebui sa mergi la wlwre mai devreme. . someone. / Please pass tne saiL Da-mi te rog sarea. I feel tired all the time. (sfat) LESSON terrible _. Putem sa folosim de asemenea would [IOU mind + verb cu terrninatla -Ing. Putem adauga I'm sorry. negative You mustn't be late. . tolosirn mustn't + un verb la inflrutlv. (advice) . We've@olsomesuncream.Nu trebuie sa te dud Ill.N-ar trebui sa clieltuiesti atilt de mult. He mustn't miss his n. Don't smoke in Mere. adaugarn 0 nota de politete prin tolosirea cuvantului please la Inceputul sau la sfarsitul propoznie: Bank Adjeetivele care se terrnna Tn -e se transforms In adverbe prin inlaturarea -e 5i adaugarea terrrunatiei -Iy.Trebuie vii 11. In engleza vorbita se foloseste de obicei snouldll't. (problema) You snouldn't spend so much.Ma simt obosM tot timpul. va rag? se poate transforma tntr-o Intrebare politicoasa negativa daca folosim wotda you mind not + verb cu terrninatia -ing.Pute!i sa vor6iti mai tare? / Pute!i sa vorbili mai tare. (problem) . but would you mind not smoking? / I'm sorry. anything. lul Pass the salt.1 limp.SMn! ni$te portocale Tn !rigider. I'tt gel some cash when I go to tfw bank. pute!. You shouldn't eat so mu& (advice) . Tliere's plenty of food in the fridge. please. hungrily Cred cif am viizut ceva mi$c·tindu-se awlo.glit. folosim must + un verb la infinitiv.N-ar trebui sa mantlnci atat de mull. (advice] . (problema) SfJe sang quietiy.Ea ctinta ineet.rat. Pronouns formed with some I (Pronume formate cu some/any) any Some si al1rj pot fi legate de cuvantul tfling (pentru obiecte) 5i cuvantul one (pentru persoane) pentru a forma pronume compuse something. Tliere isn't any film in tlie camera. They ran Cjuickly . Tliere are some oranges in t~e fridge. Some sugereaza ca ne asteptarn la un raspuns afirrnativ Would YOH like me to get some film for your camera? . magazin. (sfat) Cand considerarn ca nu este 0 idee buna sa faeem un anumit lucru. Este mult5 mtlncare in !rigider LESSON 6 got an[l casn. (propozttle afirrnativa) 32 English in 20 minutes a day . .Nu am bani. Must si mUSlin arata 0 necesi tate p utern ica de a face sau de a nu face un anum it lucru.Te rog sa tlU fumezi aiei se poate transforma lntr-o tntrebare politicoasa daca folosim Would you sau Could you.Cred (a m-am lngrasat. (problema) aJlgry ~ angrily {lUngry _. - Nu am bani gkea~a We liaven'! got an!! !ravelle(s cheques. You must come on time.Nu trebaie sa piarda avionul. Have we got an~ eggs? . .E cineva fn su!ragerie.Ei alergau repede.Avem ouif? Have you gol any cash? . folosim s{lOuldn'/ + un verb la infinitiv. I Please don't smoke irl here. . (adjectivul Cjuiek descrie substantivul meal) AlaH ate quickly (adverbul quickly descrie actiunea. va rog? Could you speak up? I Could you speak up. adica nu trebuie sa faci un anum it lucru. (problem) .. (problem) . . Cand dorim sa spunem cum fac€ cineva un anumit lucru sau cum se rntampla ceva.Sunte!i amabil s5-m.Trebuie sa com ple- o cerere early fast late hard Unele adverbe sunt neregulate.Ati putea sa Tnckideti u~a? / Ali pu tea sif Tncliideli usa. . but would you mind not smoking please? Nu va 5uparali.Nu trebuie sa Tntiirzii. adica modul Tn care a mancat Alan) Multe adjective pot fi transformate Tn adverbe prin adaugarea terminatiei -11/ da 0 nuanta pozitiva: mai ales cand cerem sau oferim ceva. folosim adverbe should / ought to / shouldn't Cand ccnsideram ca este 0 idee buna sa facem un anumit lucru.

I Present simple passive (Timpul prezent sirnplu la diateza pasiva) 2 To predict possible results (Pentru a prezice posibile rezultate) Folosim de asemenea propozitii conditionale pentru a exprima rezultate posibile. sliort of -7 S~e's a/ways shari of cas~ all Friday.Daea plecam la miezul nop(ii. Pol sif-li vorbese despre Tnldlnirea de miline? Slie asked INCshop assistant for a newspaper.Doled mii in e este add. you SHould get a good se~t. . let the librarian know. M~ liouse is being decorated. I migflt lielp you fix the car ifyol! ask me nicelu· (= se poate sa te ajut) .Grammar Bank Tnere isn't anybodll in (Fie dining room . . Uneori csnd folosim pasivul dorim sa spunem cine sau ce face actiunea Room 21 is bein!) used by Ms Jones.a swiat la 2 dimineata Tell me about your new jo6. lale for -7 T~ey are always late for work. If we leave at midnig~t. Folosim prezentul continuu la diateza pasiva atunci cand vrem sa descrlem 0 actiune care se InUimpla acum. De exemplu: talk to (a person) '" a vorbi eu cineva talk about (something) = a vorbi despre ceva ask for (a thil1g) = a cere ceva C~~ 1 talk to you about tomorrow's meetin!)? - devreme. loofl at the notice board if1 reception. Cornparati urrnatoarele propozitii. Tfle computers are bein!) moved to this office. Diateza pasiva se formeaza la toate timpurile prln folosirea verbului to be + participiul trecut al verbului de conjugat. (active) Mdncam salaM dupa felul principal.( Vi'i avea nevoie de iac~etii. . . you won't need a jmker. Prepozitia pe care 0 folosim depinde de le!ul adlectivului si de context.let rfW know.Daca' magazi~ul este desehis maine. Propozitia lntrodusa de if apare de obicei Inainte de propozitia principals. va rag? (Intrebare polittcoasa la care se asteapta un raspuns afirmativ) LESSON 8 Conditionals (Conditionalele) Propozitllle conditionale sunt de obicei introd use de if. Diateza pasiva la timpul prezent continuu se formeaza prin folosirea formelor is/are being + participiul trecut.1 -Ii gifse. Her car is being removed by f~e police. . LESSON 18 English in 20 minutes a day 33 .Poveste$te-mi dcsprc 11OU~ la slujbil. . (= este posibil sa obtli un I ueru bu n ) . vom pril1de u/timul tren.'11 (= you will) feel &eUer. .late $i ada uga te cepe/or.:Tiatc. VerbeIe de comunicare se folosesc deseori cu prepozitie. Tlicn the herbs are was{led and added !o the OItions. . seriOHS about -7 She's very serious about ~er wor~. poli obline till lac bun.Niciodata n-are bani vinerea. .Daea bei aces! paha! w apa te vei simti m~i inne. voi wmpdra acel tdefon mobil. Tncea de-a doua parte folosim will + verbul la infinitiv. Putem folosi conditionalele Tn urmatoarele situatii I To make suggestions (Pentru a face sugestli) Putem folosl propozltiile conditionale pentru a descrie reguli st a face sugestil. 2 Present continuous passive (Timpul prezent continuu la diateza paslva) 3 To predict definite results (Pentru a prezice rezu!tate eerte) Cand dorim sa descriem doua actiuni sau evenimente din viitor. . a doua parte contine un imperativ.Ne-a Tntrebat despre planurile de vawnra He apologised for waking us up al 2 a. I! you can 'I find your room. . lIo!!. If the shop is open tomorrow.Am Inmi~t u:>a. Alte prepozitil folosite dupa adjective se pot gtisi tntr-un dlctionar bun LESSON 17 Tmprumuli a casela video. .Camera 21 este fo{osita de doaml1a Jo~es.Daeri Diateza pasiva se foloseste atunci cand .Ea T~i ia munca ioane 111 seio: different from -7 Tilis house is differell! from tlie at hers. Forma negativa a lui will este won'l (prescurtarea lui will not). Firs!. - Passive forms {Diateza paslva) da-mi de stire.1/1lte :.a eslc Tnwialif (diateza pasiva) We eat salad after t~e main course. LESSON 13 LESSON 14 These rooms are being used for meetings. (active) . I-a cerut vilnzalorului un ziar.Nu se pricepe la tenis.Te-a~ putea a/uta sa repari ma~ina daca ma rogi frHmos. If ~au arri ve early. u ita-te la avizierui de la reeeptie. .Si-a cerHt smze eli nc-. m.Nil e nimeni Tn sufragerie (propozltie negatlva) I haven'! go! anything to wear to the part~.DMIltnd Edw~.E cineva T~ sufr~gerie? Ipropozitie interogativa) Please could you get me sometliing 10 drink? Puteti sii-mi dali reva de &aut. Propozitia intrcdusa de if descrie 0 conditie care se relera la propozitla principala a frazei. (diateza activa) The door is locked.Acea sla casa e di/er i!ii faNi de aiel aUf. . N 1.i t. Her car is being removed. I'll t= I Will) buy that mobile pflO~e . folosim 0 propozitie conditionala. . Diateza pasiva la timpu1 prezent se forrneaza prin folosirea verbul u i to be + partie ipi u I trecut. . (passive) .Casil mea este decoratif. fond of -7 Tom is very fond of Mary. [propozitie negativa] Is there anyone in the dining room? . (diateza activa) Salad is mten after the main course (passive) Sal~ta se manana] dupa fclul principal (diateza paslva] Intotdeauna Tnldrzie la servici u. dar se poate pune si dupa.Apoi ier&urile SH n! spa. asa ca este bine sa avem grija cu verbele prepozltionale si sa fim siguri ca Ie Tntelegem sensul. we'll (= we Will) ea/eli t~e last train .rds i se ia un interviu Tn Camera 4.Tom (ine fo~rte mult la M~ry. He asked HS aboHI our lioliday plans. lata cateva exemple cu cele mai frecvente combinatii (propozitie dupa adlectlv). am!nlif-I pc &ililiotecar. Aecentul principal se pune pe actiune. . . . iar a doua este o consecinta a primeia. J Let me k now if [IOU arrive earlll.Ma~in~ este ei luaM de polilie LESSON 15 LESSON 16 Prepositions after adjectives (Prepozitll folosite dupa adjective) De multe ori folosim prepozitii dupa anumite adjective pentru a lega adjectlvul de restul propozitlei. €ladat -7 He's €ladat tennis. I locked the door. In acest caz mtrebulntam migFit st should + verbul la infinitiv in propozitla principala If yaH get to the ci~ema early. Au deus parti: 0 propozltie subordonata si 0 propozitie prtncipala. m. Prepositions after verbs (Prepozltll folosite dupa verbe) Folosim prepozitii dupa anumite verbe pentru a lega verbul de restul propozitiei.Mai lnldi cepele sunt cu.Dacil aju ngi devreme If you drink Iii is glass of water.Ma~il1a ei este luata.Daar te dud 101cil1ema/ogra! Folosim prezentul simplu la diateza pas iva pentru a exprirna felu! Tn care ceva este Iacut sau pentru a descrie un proces Un exemplu ar fi etapele tntr-o reteta cultnara. If ~ou &OITowa video. responsible for -7 Ellen is responsi&le for new projects. . o parte a propozitiei contlne con junctia if + prezentul simplu.~!i wmera.agentul nu este important sau nu este cunoscut din diferite motive. If it's hot tomorrow..1 am nilllie ca sii pot purta la peuecere. Acestc camere SimI folosite pen!ru TnWlniri.Ellel1 rifspllnde de l10ile proiecte. .U:.led and cliopped. 0 parte a frazei contine con junctia if + timpul prezent simplu. the oniol1s are pee.Dacil n 1. . Ca st tn cazul adjectivelor prepozitla toloslta depinde de context. Cakulatoarele su nt mutale Tn acest 6irou Ms Edwards is being interviewed ill Room 4.

Sliouldn't have + partici pi u I trecut a I verbului de conjugat vorbim despre lucrurl sa Iie facute In trecut. 34 English in 20 minutes a day Didn't nave I was ealing dinner w~en tfte phone rang. . dar nu treliula sa-mi vorlie$li a?"ll. . Trecutul continuu exprirna actlunea mai lunga. folosim trecutul continuu al verbulul. Past continuous and past simple (Trecutul continuu $i trecutul simplu) Uneori dorim sa descriem doua actiuni la trecut. How was ~Ou( ho.a III chitar ii.ing the guitar . Ar fi trebt. iar trecutul sirnplu actlunea mai scurta. LESSON 7 . se toloseste cand care nu ar fi trebuit dar s-a u facut.De ce s-a dus la Lonam? A avul [(n in!erviu penlru 0 s{ujba.~te de in tillnirca de Juni. He was pi ay. consecintele nepla- 2 W/i~ questions (f ntrebari cu w~-) Cand punem tntrebarl la trecut si ne asteptarn sa primim 0 intorrnatte. la ora opt si dupa ora opt we t~ey Sau was/were + subiect + adjectiv. Why were t~e~ late? T~ey were held up in traffic.( shouldll't have spoken to me like Ihllt. / While t~ey were driving to work. 1 Did you fte She it arrive on lime? we they you Yes. .A trebuit sa termin prezentarea rnlli. fTe What was the weather like? It was flOt and sunny. lntrebarile se mai pot forma cu un cuvant interogativ + was/were + subiect. LESSON 3 LESSON 4 Had to I should have Folosim ~ad to + verbul la infinrtiv pentru a vorbi despre lucruri care erau importante sau necesare de [acut la trecut.Grammar Bank When did ~e arrive? He arrived at five o'dock. . . We should have Jetl earlier. cornpleta care tntrerupe actiunea de fundal. Luam cina (and a su nat telefonul In aceasts propozltie actiunea mai scurta. Now we'll be late. No. He upset the neighbours.it sii pledi m mai devrcmc.jit 5il te sun sa-Ii spun cii f~ tiirzii. Wh~ did he go to London? He fllld a job interview.Cum a diMtorit? A ciilalorit w trenul.Nu a tre6uil sa cull1peri truete. S~ould ~Qve + participiul trecut al verbulul se foloseste pentru a vorbi despre lucruri care erau importante de facut in trecut. Acest timp se torrneaza cu was/were + terrnlnatia -inq a verbului de conjugat. W/lere was the concert? It was in Hyde Park U nde a fost conurtul? A fost in Hyde Par~.EI ((1nI. We were watching television and having a snack. Frig. . W~S j he Sflf } They had to arrive at t~e airporl at six: o'clock to catch the eigHt 0' dock flight. tfiey saw an accident. completa.N u a trebuit srJ mil due 101 seniciu viner) pentru ca am Ilvut zi liberd. It } was. Nu spunem cand a tnceput sau cand s-a terminat actiunea. Where did !IOU go !lesterday? I went to tfie town centre. . de fundal. mai scurta Piecare dintre aceste propozitf are Questions about the past (Intrebarl In context de trecut) I Yes/No questions (lntrebari cu da/nu) Cand punem rntrebari la trecut si ne asteptarn la un raspuns cu da / nu.lida~? Jt was fantastic Cum a fost vaCilntc{? A fost lI1i nunata I T - acelasi tnteles. He was liS/CHing to some music and reading a book. . Daca sunt doua sau mai multe actiuni care sunt In desfasurare Tn trecut..Cllnd a fast petrecerea? A fost aseara.Cum a fost vremea? A fosl wlda 5i Insorilll.Stiu ui c5/i suparat. Ar fi trelil. I ~ad to finiSH the presentation before the meeti~g on Monday. . fost prinsi 7n trllfic. Past continuous tense (Timpul trecut continuu) Cand vorbirn des pre actluru care erau tn deslasurare tntr-un anumit moment In trecut. dar nu s-au facut Ne exprimam regretul pentru consecintele unei actiuni care nu s-a Iacut Tn trecut I . I was eating dillner when t~e pliane rallg. gresite din trecut He shouldn'l Have made so much noise. The~ were driving to work when they sawall lleeidelT t.liould have called you 10 sa~ I would be late. luam cina was a public ~oliday. . nu mai repetarn was / were. N ei(lht o'dock last night. . No.Au trebu. W~o did !IOU go willi? 1 went with my sisler Cu cine le-ai dus? M-am dus w sora mM.iderui era pJin de mer e ~i par! ocale. In aceasta prcpozitie actiunea de a lua cina era in desfasurare tntr-un anumit moment In trecut Tnainte de ora opt.Ce ali facut Tn vacantif? Am fast la scfti. the phone rang.it sa ajunga 101 aero port . / Wftile I was eating dinner. . folosim un cuvant interogativ + auxiliarul did + subiect + verbul de conjugal la mftnltlv. I know !Jou are angry but YOT. teleforml a sunat. Cand lntrebulntarn eceasta forma exprirnarn 0 necesitate LESSON 1 LESSON 2 exterioara. You didn't liave to bu~ fruit There are plenty of apples and oranges in Ine fridge. When was the party? II WIlS Jast night .111 timp ce mergei!U la serviciu tu mayina IlU vazut un accidcllt. De obicet folosim while Tnainte de actiunea continua.Aswita muziea ~i(itea 0 cQrte. she it did. late for work? il } hOt? Were } you we lfiey I } lale for work? fie sITe Yes. Cilnd a sosit? A sosi! la ora cincL How did he travel? He travelled 6~ train. . una dintre ele Intrerupand-o pe cealalta.Ne uitam la televizor ~i luam 0 . .Nu ar Ii trebuil sa fwii aWl de In ult zqomo: Si-a suparat vecinii.Ne uitam la televizor. folosim auxiJiarul aid + subiect + verbul de con jugat la lnflnltlv. Aswitam 0 /I1uzicii minunatii aseari:i We were wlltdiLHg television. aidn't. de fundal. mai lunga si wf1e~ lnainte de actiunea complete. Vorbim astfel despre cute ale unei actiuni ~ou we I~ey were.} weren'l. .Ia om 5ase pen tru a prinde zborul de ora opt. Aw m vom Intiirzia. . wasn't I was listening to some great music last nig~t. Tntrerupe actiunea mai lunga. Who were ~ou witli? 1 was wjt~ my boyfrielTd. 1 was eating dinner Asellra la ora opt iuam rinll.gustare.De ce au Tnlilrzilll ei? Au.UlTde ai fost ieri? M-am dus pilna Tn cer!!ru. eu cine ai fost? Am fast crt prietenul meu.. 10 + verbul la lnfinitiv se folose~te pentru a vorbi despre lucruri care nu erau necesare de Iacut Tn trecut I didn't have to go to wor~ on Friday liewuse it W~at dia you do on your flOlldmp We wenl skiil1g.

Forma propozitlei este is / are going /0 + inflnitlde conjugat. lntrebuintam aceasta constructie cand dorim sa facem o prezicere despre un eveniment viitor vul verbului bazandu-ne He's pe 0 situatie prezenta ' Romeo and luliet was writterl by WiJliam S~akespeare.l/riel1d.El a spus cif se tunde_ (vorbire lndtrecta) prepozitii pentru a arata directia actiunii." ca relatam ceea ce s-a spus adtca in trecut. vorbirea directa este la tirnpul prezent continuu. ne bazarn prezicepe situatia prezenpentru a Reported (Vorbirea ~and dorim speech sa spunern cuiva ce am spus ne-a spus vorbirea ce ne spune clneva sau ce verbele ne cere sa facem.Liniile de tdefon au fost taiate. (reported speech) ."Linistestc-te!" (vorbire speech) (vorbire De multe dtrecta) 10 . eif muneese prea mult.Te roq da-mi fnapai banii pe care mi-i datorezi.Vineri inlen(iOl1ez sii-mi iau vacantd.PrimulminiSlru urmeazii sii dem isioneze. 'Could you calm down please?' (direct speech) ."Arati (vorbire directa) Multi-word Deseori verbs verbe de rniscare eu (Verbe prepozitionale) combinarn constructii au acelasi inteles LESSON 11 LESSON 12 LESSON 8 Past passive (Diateza pasiva la trecut) cand She said [ looked tired. mdirecta) teieplione lines. (vorbire directaj (vorbire (vorbire carora Tntel esu I verbu lui se sch i mba atunci cand este combinat cu un alt cuvant. (vorbire indirecta) lndlrecta) aceasta constructie si sau a vorbi despre plan uri viitoare lucru. trecutul sa ascultarn tonul propozitlei pentru a sti daca ceea ce ni se spune este politicos sau nu.Mergi de-a lungul acestei strilz! panel ajul1gi la supermarket. mente sau descoperiri importante GOing to la actiunl sau intentll viitoare.Jmi iubesc pyietenu!. Watch out! Those children are going to cross the road . . .Te iau eM masilla dupif concert." (vorbire directal He said that he was having a haircut. Vineri sear~ intentiorl(lm sa vedem un film_ I'm not going to bu~ 11 new television. II' m not buying a new television. In propozitia folosita pune pe la diateza pasiva accentul se rnodul Tn care pronumele la vorbirea schimba 'I'm havil1g a haircut: He said Ihat he was having a haircut. diateza pasiva la Uneori cand tntrebuintam trecut dorim sa spunem cine sau ce face ac" 'We went to the beach.Romeo si lulieta a fo. folosim indirecta) told sau ordered + complement asked + to + ' tnatnte sau ceea ce altcineva ~oua tnainte folosim ta. (vor bi re mdirecta] .Me!gi prin Camera Rosie Si apoi prin u sile durle_ lata cateva verbe prepozitlonale. Walk through tJie Red Room and tlien through the double doors_ . Look at llie sky. Asked este cel mai dintre cele trei verbe.Ei au spu."Mif tund.Mi~a She ordered me Iaptu I ca daca folosit la vorbirea calm down. . . Vreau sif af/u mai multe despre Africa de Sud_ Please pay back t~e money [IOU owe me.Ea are grijii Illlant to find Slie said tliat she was having a haircut.Ivhmcim preo mult.- Grammar Bank Future using going to (Viitorul cu going to) poate f folosit pentru a ne referi tiunea. . . Ambele obosi!. (vorbire lndirecta) 'Calm down I' (vorbire dlrecta) . (reported speech) . (reported ordOl1at sii m5 liniSlesc. « rnai micii_ out more about South Africa. ei LESSON 14 LESSON 18 de sora English in 20 minutes a day 35 . tndirecta] indirecta.Au spu s cif s-au dus la plajif." They said t~e~ went to the beach. Aceasta pasiva la trecut se forrneaza Change of pronoun de pronume) Remarcati (Schimbarea se was / were + participiul trecut. (vorbire indlrecta) Change of tense (Schi mbarea de timpuri) Remarcati directa 'Calm down please_' (direct speech) "Lil1islestc-te. Told este mai puternic decat asked Ordered este cel mai puternic si cel mai putin politicos dintre cele trei verbe 5i irnplica ideea ca politicos trebuie sa facem ceea ce ni se cere. T~e thief cut IMe telepl10ne lines. In cazul vorbirii la infinitiv vorbi despre tntrebuintarn trecutul Daca actiunea continuu din In plan uri viitoare. Pronumele vorbirea vorbirea directs se transforms in este we din they Tn lndirecta (Verbe folosite Reporting verbs in vorbirea indirecta) Cand relatam indicating. . In acest fel putem foJosi going to In aceasta constructle tntrebuintarn indirecta said face afirmatu sau a da avertismente My sister is going to ~ave a baby .' (direct speech) .' (direct speech) ./ scrisci de William Shakespeare Radium was discovered by Marie Curie. (active) . un eveniment s"a petrecut folosim Tn trecut diateza cu Walk along this road until you get to the supermarket. so he's gOing to turn lefL _ Semnalizeaza. Putem tolosi pentru (rnal) That este optional. mai ales daca scriem des pre eventdin trecut.Ea a spus cii aratam ovosit_ (vorbire lndirectal 'I'm having a haireu!. Va Ii 0 zi lrumoasii." (vorbire directa) The~ said they were working too (lard! They said tliat they were working too nard_ (reported speech 1 . Ie roq" (vorbire directa] She told me to calm down. timpul este prezentul indirecte indirectaj ori trebuie zentul continuu sau constructia going to + slrnplu. look tired: (direct speech) .' (vorbire directaj "Ne-am dus la plaiif.lI1ger sister.Ai grijif! Copiii aceia vor trece strada. 011 Frida~ nighl we're going to see a film. / On Friday I'm going on ~olida!:l.Mi-a spus sii ma linistesc.N u intenlionez sii 15 LESSON 17 indirecta. (reported speech) .Hotul a taiat liniile de telefon_ (diateza activa) The telepnone lines were cut."Poti sii Ie linis/esli. It's going to be a nice da~1 Uitii-te la (er. Tn cazul $i dorim sa accentuam actiunea Tn lac de persoana care a facut-o. I'll pick ~ou up after the wncert .Nu intentionez sif cumpifr un televizor 'lOlL Rernarcati verb faptul ca putem pentru a folosi fie pre- 'We're working too nard. Tlie car broke dOW'l. (passive) .Mi-a cerut sii ma linistesc. ded va face la stanga. Ie rog?" (vorbire directs) She asked me to calm down (reported speech) . . Schimbam timpul cumpifr un televizor nou On Friday I'm going to go on holiday. Radiumlli a lost descoperil de Marie Curie_ LESSON 13 Schimbarn I cu he daca vorbitorul barbat si schimbarn I cv srw daca vorbitorul este Iemeie. 'I love my boyp-iend' (direct speech) .M asint1 s-a stfi'ca! She looks after her ~Ol. (diateza pas iva ) In propozitia folosita la diateza activa accentul se pune pe tl1ief. semnalizeaza. .Sora mea va avea un copil." (vorbire directa) S~e said s{le loved her boyfriend / Sfw said tha: she loved ~er bOI. folosim vorbirea pentru 'You Tnainte./ (vorbire verbul la infinitiv.Ea a spUS cif-$i iube$te prietel1u. intentla de a face un anumit The prime minister is going to reSign. (reported speech) . LESSON rm not gOing to buy a new television.. In aceasta propozitie rea. va face la stanza.

morning the.o'pIgrnns] (H) absolut academic titluri Academy o'woids] qualIfications uruversitare Awards premiile [o'keedami Academiei de [. million work [cd'mn] (v) a adrnlte.. furios animal armchair [aimtjeo] (/1) totcliu arrest [arest] (v) a retine. ball mother nice.on] (11) auditte ti anunta annoying enervant. a opri. there near.rek.ll] (adj) anual bfeak [oinsa] de odihna v) raspuns.o'nJllIJ] (adj) suparator ['renjug! 'brerk] {11..0 Premiile Oscar [ok'sept] acceptable [.. sol ici tare (Tn scris) [oplar] (for) a solicita [s'pomtmont] [...o'gri:] (v) a Ii de acord on st a Ii de acord [e'hed] (adv) lnainte.od'd3llst] (v) a atusta recunoasters v w ks very.ld3i] (H) scuza [g'prernntlil' (adv) [. foarte batran angry [re!)griJ (adil suparat.on](~) LreplI'keIJn] In] er e. pictor (11) atletism In) atitud ine [Olt gselori] galerie red. journey love. coffee good home..o 1.'pa::t] (adv) [g'pOlod3aIZ] (v) a-sl [g'poj..Word Bank: English-Romanian PR~O~UNCIATION KEY ee 0: e cat park ten tree absolute [eebsolu. a aresta arrest arrival arrivals [zektrrs] (n) actrlta machine [redn) ms'[im] (adj) add [red] (v) a adauga....ond] parlor] pilot (~diJ cu aer conditionat [eciarn de aviatie airport alarm album alcohol allow almost already although altitude [eopoir] dock (11) aeroport aisle [all] (11) culosr u u: . try boy how no. garden name hair.)1 inral n ire prestabilita au .0 adresa de internet) [oks e sori] (~) [s'kum klok] ceas cerere.. EI atragator audition author available aunt [cmt] (11) matusa 5 !] [renju. [srarvcl] (11) sosire oprire.. here hi. arest hall [o'rarvlz ho.l] sala I m n p r masma additional aditional address admission admitere..o'pNUtJl (n) [. good food away. mother finish [g'sli:p] (adj) adormit [g'elenks] [eetrtjod] z J 3 [serumal] (H) animal [eenrvstssri] [o'nauus] (v) a (11) athletics attic attitude attraction attractive anniversary aniversare announce [eenk] In] pod [~'trrekJnJ (11) atractie [.a [o'do. a aduna [ameto] (adj) amator [... these shower. street. back fine. sub denumirea (v) a accepta bn'dII.lb. son police.....o'kJ:di. [erneI!]] (pron) ceva [. argue [a:gju] Iv) a desteptator [eelbom] (11) album [selkobol] [otlmcost] [o'lac] (v) a permite at .l'pNupmt]ladj) zona (~) appointment approach abordare appropriate potrivit area [aerta] (H) suprafata.ok'septlbl] (adj) Iv) a accesa (0 mar (H) applicant solicitant application apply (n) alcool (adv) aproape [eepltkant] acceptabil access [zekses] accessory accesoriu accordion acordeon account [o'kaunt] (n) cont: [.l'eIZII]] (adj) uimitor [eerrrbrjcs] (aaj) (n) [arest] (11) retinere.o'kaunt..o] In) autor [g've!\.o'demlk 'kwnlrfikerjn] agree ahead fata asupra unui subiect separat apologise apology de aer apparently aparent appearance tntatisare apple [eepol] (~) cere scuze I: six lovely 3: 0 air conditioning kan'drjonnj] condltlonat air-conditioned airline pilot [es instalatie [~ thirty job four cup put..lun] (adj) singur b d k f g h d3 accountant contabil se certa act [rekt] (v) a actiona actor [eekto] (n) actor actress adding altitudine always [o.ou] (adv) desl [seltrtjtnd] (11) (adv) mereu economii alone [g'].u 00 savings aaorml cont de [. din nou (prep) disponibil avoid [o'votd] Iv] a evita awake [c'wetk] (adj) treaz awareness raspunde the phone machine [sen'titk] la telefon answering [owecnss] (11) (II) premlu.. annual annual answer answer [. a [arftsnuat] 111) oupa- [J:8.o'trrektIv] (adj) [J:'dIJ.... key.t] (~dj) ages ago acum multa vreme agree anyone anythIng apart In [enrwxn] (from) (pron) cineva [. boat tour. a a raspunde robot antic concediu [g'fJ:d) (v) a-$i perrnlte. ten hello o: II Americane cunoscute accept de film.. sure bus day car. admit adore de calculat [o'dijcnal] up nice [eembjulons] de sosiri arrive [o'rarv] (v) a sosi art [o:t] In) arta art gallery de arta article artist asleep [cmkal] [amst] (ll) articol (n) artist. constienta award awful [owoid] recornpensa [o'genst] telelonic antique anybody (aail [erubndi] (prall) cineva [J:fal] (adj) Tngrozitor 36 English in 20 minutes a day . television chair thanks. drive [o'dres] (n) adresa [sd'mrjn] (/1) adlust [..ll] (adj) Ii in stare afternoon arniaza ag:ain [s'gen] against Impotriva age [erdj] (~) varsta (adv) iar.lweiz] tntotdeauna amateur amazing ambitious ambitios ambulance arnbulanta amplifier ancient [aempltfarc] [etnjsut] (~) amplificator (adj) vechi... live yet.ont](11) [otlredi] (adv) deja [::d'o..] (v) a adora [sd'vent]o] (~) (adjJ recunoaste adventure aventura adventurous aventuros three advertisement advice adviser aerial afford [od'vats] [ad'vaizs] [earisl] [ad'vstttsmont] (/1) sfat (n) sfatuitor (11) antena (/1) anunt publicitar [sd'ventjoros] six zoo.

broken [breik. margine boring [bo. a cauza basic [beisrk] (adj) de baza bat [bret] (11) liliac bath [ba:El] (n) baie bathroom [ba:8rumlln] de baie battery beach [birt]'] (n) plaja bean [bim] In] fasole beard [btod] (n) barba [bju.. bring. indoire.lk] (rl) creta chambermaid (n) carnerlsta [tjennbamerd] both [~uEll (adj) amandoi bottle [botl] (/1) sticla bouquet [bo'ker] (11) buchet bowl [~ul) (n) bol bowler hat [b. ecosez English in 20 minutes a day 37 number ['ko: 'nxmba] numar beware! atentie! big [big] (a.ts] (n) cizme border [bo.do] (/1) gran ita.d] avizier carefully [kesfli] (adv) cu atentie caretaker [keotetka] Tngrijitor carpet [ka. Tncovoiere bench [bent]'] (n) banca best friend [best 'frend] eel mai bun prieten beware (la) [brweo] (11) calendar call [b:l] (v] a chema call key ['b:I 'k:i:] tasta "ca II" caller [ko. vJ a candidat candlestick sfesnic a schimba sparge.)] (~) Irate brown [braun] (adj) maro brush [braj] (n) perie building [bildnj] (11) cladlre bulletin board [buhtm 'bo.')) (11) scaun chalk [tjo. bed [bed] [n] pat bedroom [bedrum] (11) dormitor bed-sit [bed'sn] (11) garsoniera behave [brherv] (v) a se comporta behind [brhamd] (advJ In spatele beUeve in st [bi'liiv] (v) a crede ln ceva bell [bel] (n) elopot belong [brloq] (v) a apartine bend [bend] (n) cotltura. formatie muzicala bump into sb [bxmp] ada peste cineva.kreJ rns'[i:n] (1'1) bus [bAS] (11) autobuz bus station ['bAS 'sterjen] autogara [ksejpornt] bar [bo:] (n 1 bara. [bred] (n) paine broke.)'lIfrkgl][11) certificat chain [tjem] (11) lant chair [IJe.. persona j charge charger [tJo:d:s] (11] taxa [tJo:d3g] (11) tncarcator (of) a avea grij<'i breakfast deiun cheap [tJi:p] (ad.Word Bank: English-Romanian baby [berbi] In) bebelus backpack [beekpask] (n) rucsac bad [bred] (adi) rau bad-tempered ['bred'lemiXld] tames. v) schimb. caseta.prt] (1'1) biscuit [brskrt] (n] biscuit bit [bit] (11) bucatica: a Gil putln (n) covor black bean sauce [bleek him sors] sos de fasole neagra black [blrek] (adjJ negru blank [bleeqk] {adj] spatiu gal blind [blarnd] (n] orb block of flats ['blokcv fleets] bloc de locuinte blouse [blauz] (n) bluza blue [blu.) ieftin check [tjek] (v) a verifica check in [tjek m] (v] a se Tnregistra checked [tjekt] (adj) in carouri. sac baggage baguette baker's [beegrdj] (~) bagaj bird [bstd] (11) pasare birthday nastere [ba. card careful [keefl] (adj) atent . a distruge break (into a place) a patrunde prin efractie [brekfast] (11) rnic canteen [keen'tim] (n) bufet. a te ciocni de cineva bunch [bant]'] (n) buchet. brought hrort] (in. manunchi cashier [keejro] (n) easier cash machine bancomat cash-point casierte [.] ladj) albastru board [b::o:d](v) tabla boarding pass ['b::o:dlI] 'po:sJ tichet de tmbarcare boat [bcur] (n) barca boil [botl] (v) a fierbe book [buk] (11) carte book [buk] (v) a rezerva bookshop [bokjop] [11) librarie boots [bu. lada [bee'get] (n) bagheta [berkoz] (11) brutarie bake [berk] Iv) a coace balcony [beelkcni] (n) baleon baJd [borld] (adi] chel ball [bo. brookan] (irr. capitaia car [kci] (n) automobil car park ['ko: 'polk] parcare car registration redu'strerjen changing room ['tfemd3Il] 'ruan] vestiar channel [tjzeni] (n) canal character [ksertkto J (n) caracter. baton. champagne sarnpanie [jeem'pem] (11) calm chance change [tjoms] (n) sansa [tjetndg] (11. bar based on [berst on] bazat pe basement [bersmant] (11) subsol bus stop ['bAS 'stop] statie de autobuz bush [bo]'] (11) tufis business card ['bIZUIS 'koid] (n) carte de vizita busy [bizi] (adj) ocupat butcher'S [butjsz] (n) rnacelarie butter [bA~] In) unt button [bxrn] (n) nasture cab [kseb] (n) taxi cabbage [kreblrl3] (11) varza cabin [krebm] (1'1) cabana cafe [keefer] (n) cafenea cake [keik] (n) pralttura. n azuros bag [beeg] (n) geanta.lo] (11) apelant calm down [kann 'daun] (v) a calma calmly [ko:mli) (adv) candidate CLl brake [bretk] (v) a trana brave [brerv] (adj) curajos bread break. [kzendrdot] (n) [ksendlasnk] (n) break [bretk] (n] pauza brook.l] (11) minge ballet [beeler] (11] balet band [beend] (M] banda. cantina capital [kzeprtl] (/1) capital. caught [kset]. tort calculator [keelkjulerta] calculator calendar [keelmdo] (n) casserole [kzesorool] (1'1) caserola castle [kcrsol] (n) castel casual [kre31Jd1] (adj) rntarnplator cat [keet] (/1) pisica catalogue [ksetslog] (11) catalog catch. caught.')heet] melon boyfriend prieten [borfrend] (n) iubit.trfal] (adj) frumos beautiful camera [beetori] (11) baterie beauty salon ['bjuti 'stelcn] salon de Infrumusetare because ca [brkoz] (coni) pentru cell phone [sel foon] telefon mobil cellar [sels] (n) pivnita certificate [s. brought. v) cauza.')ul.Odei] (11) zi de broken [brcokon] [adj) spart. stricat brooch [broutj] (n) bros a broom [brum] (n) rnatura brother [brA(j. v) a aduce de Tnmatriculare auto card [kotd] (11) cartels. a cara case [kets] (n) cutie.riq] (adj) plictisitor born [bo:n] (adj) nascut borrow [boreo] (v) a rmprurnura (de la cineva) boss [bos] (It) sef botanical gardens [botserukel 'ga:dnz] gradina botanica carrot [kaerst] (11) morcov carriage [krend3) (n) trasura carrier pigeon ('kren-a 'prdjtn] porumbel rnesager/calator carry [keeri] (v) a duce.dj) mare bike [bark] (n) blcicleta bill [btll (n) nota de plata bridge [bndj] (M) pod briefcase [brifkeis] (11) servieta [brU]. k:J:t] (irr v) a prinde cathedral [b'9i:drcll] (1'1) catedrala cause [koiz] (n. sacosa. a strica break down a dararna.

de epoca [kaunti] (11) tinut.. horn [tjarnuz] (/1. complete complet complicated compliment compliment computing [k?lu'pju:tig] (11) a [komplrkenrd] [knmphmant] (11) (adj) complieat [kom'plem] [karn'plernt] reclarnatie [ksm'pli.)) (v) a aclama cheerful [tjrofal] (~dj) vesel (IT) cheerleader rnaioreta cheese chef chemist cheque [tjrslirda] colander [kxlendc] (11) contain contents continually continuu continue continua controls [k?u'tr?ulz) (11) parghle de cornanda cook [kuk] (11. lada chicken gaina child [tjrkonl (IT) colecne colour comb [kAl .)ui"iz] (n) haine [kl?OOlgJ (111 (11) concert de credit crime crispy crossed (1'1) infractiune (adj) crocant [drksents] (n) carafa. limpede off! ataral [kli:v. [kxpl] (1'1) cuplu: comitat dare [deal (v) a tndrazn: (11) iubit (de clay [kler] (n) lut [kli:n) (vi a curata (n) cornpensatie lkoraprnjon] (~) for a dark [dn. nl a vindeca.'lekt] (v) a colectlona. cornentariu a vizita: a-si reveni (11) comedie (adj) chinez..:t8] (11) fiica [dettarm] (I'll timpul day [del] (n) zi cover [kAV?] (v) a acoperi cover [kAy. ca forma de adresare) date [dell) (n) data: tntatmre amoroasa date of birt.)'ret) (n) tigara [smomc] (IT) betlgas (chinezesc) sa leneveasca in lata tel evizorul ui cough [knf] (n..l (11) [kxmpos] (n) busola [kornju«] (v) a [kom.Word Bank: English-Romanian cheer [tIl. a copla corkscrew tlrbuson corner corridor costa couch [kaotj] (/1) canapea couch potato ['kaut] ps'tertoo] telespectator [korno] (nl colt [korkskrut] (n) chimney Chinese chocolate [tjrmni] (11) CO$. cut. v) a declaration ['kAsl?mz . cry [krar] (v) a striga. ['sig. a curly [ks.rzia 38 English . a toca carula Ii place cutlery [katlon] psntru biciclete cycling dance danger (1'1) tacamuri [rjopsnkjIn) betlsor..l (n I condor clocclata.t] (adi) (v) a se (11) [knmpon'serjon] dangerous periculos (adil car [. vi bucatar. bornboana de ctocolata chop [tjnp] (v) a tala: a toea chopping chopstick cigarette cinema circle classic board [tJOPI!] boid] fund de tocat [karnitdran] (11) actor [komsdi] [kxmftsbal] cost. eu strecuratoare. chinezesc [kAst8mz] (n) varna [kondo.)ulj [knmon] (n) (l1dj) comun. a tlpa. cost. vi tuse. cost [kOSI] (in. conexiune a day coat [k?utl (n) hainCi cocktail [drgrk] (n) grad [knkterl] (n) cocteil in 20 minutes delay [di'ler] (11. aparat de disti lat [karrdtjsn] (n) [ksn'dxkt] decide [di'said] (vi a hotart. kerm] (in_ v) a veni come Into a intra undeva come round comedian comedy comfortable confortabil comment common obisnuit commute cornuta company compass [kAmjXlui.)] [11) coperta. a pacani sau de aproape dose dosed clothes clothing cloud cloudy [klouz] (v) a fnchide masa (adj.k] (adj) Tntunecat [doilnj] couple of days vreo dous (cateva) zlle courier cousin [kurio] (n) curier [kazon] (11) var darling lkh. [kxronsil (nl valuta [kxrantl (adj) curent [kattn] (11) perdea [kojan] (/1) perna (n) client [kxstomc] [tjarld] copil copie.] (adil clar. a amana.h ['den ?V'b3:8] data nasteri i daughter daytime zilei dead [dedI (adj) mort debit card ['debn 'kotd] card de debit decanter [d. la mods copy [kopi] (n.kl] (n) cere city [sui] (n) automobil dean clear dear deaver clerk clever click dock oras mare companie compensation competition competitie complain pl§nge complaint plangere.deklsrerjan] declaratie vamala cut. a plange cucumber castravete cup [kxp] (n) ceasca cupboard trata: currency current curtain cushion customer customs customs [kjokxmbo] (II) [tji:z] (n] branza shop ['kemrst '[op] book [tjekbak] [kantrnju] (v) a Ilefl larrnacie. [klrk] (v) a da click. (11) pui de calm. a [koom] (11) pieptene colora (Mil rece.I (II. v) rntarziere. acoperitoare crash [kree]'] (v) a se prabusi cream create credit credit cheese [kri.. come [kxm. conduct [knnsot] stare (v) [kloozd] (adj) inchis [kl. a tusi countable numarabtl counter country county couple cycle path [satkl pa:9) alee [sarkliq] (n) ciclism [dams] (vi a dansa [demdjo] (n) pericol [detndjarcs] [kaontobl] (adj) [kaunto] (IT) tejghea [kxntri] (11) tara cinematograf [ss. a decide declare decorate definitely slguranta degree Tm bracam i nte cross [kros] (v) a tr a ve rsa cheque [klaud] (111 nor com portamen t conference ccnterlnta conference connection centre ['kcnforans [konfarons] (II) [bust 'tjek] (III careu [drkleo] (v) a declare [dekorert] [deftnrtli] (v) a decora [klaodi] (adj) Tnnorat cec anulat [krnsward] clove [kloov] (n) cuisoare coach [kaut]'] (IT) crossword crowd deep [di:p] (adj) adanc trasura de cuvinte tncruclsate [kraud] (11) rnultirne crush [kraj] (v) a zdrobi crust [krxst] (n) crusta (advl cu 'sento] centru de conferinte [ka'nekjn] (11) legatura. cold [kouid] colleague collect a aduna fi Itru crusta (adj) rece [koli:g] (11) coleg [kcrrtmjcali] coin [kom] ('1) moneda (n] bucatar drogherie [k.z] branza grasa [krreit] (v) a crea [klevo] (adj) destept. adv) apropiat. a [klok) {Ii} ceas de perete inteligent pocni.klU!Slk 'kat] clasic.rn 'tji. de cecuri carnet collecting stamps [ks'lektin 'steernps] a colectiona timbre collection [kxbad] (n) dulap tratament cure [kjoo] (v. racoros. a int:l. v) exemplar. adj) [tjckht] (n) come..li] (adj) buclat [ka'lekjon] (11) chest [tjest] (n) cufar.)] [kla:k] (11) satar (n) tunctionar obicei. a gati cooking [kuklI)J (I'll ~atit cool [ku:l) [kan'tem] [kontents] (vi a contine (111 conti nut (adv) crusty [krxsti] (adj) croca nt. v) culoare. came. cut [kxt] (irr v) a tara. close [kloos] [kredrt] (11) credit card [kredrt [krarm] [krtspi] ko:d) card calcula concert condition conditie.

drom] (irr. drew.jan] (n) excursie excuse [rks'kjurs] (n) scuza excuse me [tks'kjuiz mit] rna scuzati exhaust pipe [Ik'ZJ:SL 'parp] conducta de evacuate exhausted [rkzccstrd] (adi) epuizat exhibition [rkzrbrjn] (n) expozitie expand [rkspeend] (v) a extinde (v) a astepta (adj) departure departure [dr'pait]s] dishwasher [drjwn]a] (n) rnasina de spalat vase dislike [drs'Iatkl (v) a displacea dismiss [drsmrs] (v) a concedia disturb [drs'ts.1) seara evenly [irvanli] (adli) egal event [rvent] (n) eveniment eventually [rventjuali] (adv) In cele din urrna ever [eva] (adv) vreodata every [evri) (adj) liecare. pupitru destination destinatie [rlestrneijcn] ('1) empty [emti) ladi) gol 'swi.m] camera dubla lounge [drpo. a lasa sa-i cada drum [drxm] (1'1) toba dry [drat] (adil uscat during [djomj] (adv) In timpul dustpan [dxstpeen] (11) lara:. drawn [drot. ascensor essential [I'senJQI] (adil esential EU Ii: jur] (11) UE (Uniunea Europeans) evening [hvrnq] (.:. infirm disappointment [drso'potntmant] (n) (11) rabat east first] [n) est easy [i:zi] (adil usor economtcal exactly [rkzsektli] (adv) exact (H) (11) exam [rk'zsern] (n) examen [. celebru diet [darat] (Ill dieta different [dtfront] (adj) d iferit difficult [drftkslr] (adi) greu. v) explain [tks'plem] (v) a explica explanation expllcatie [ekspla'nerjn] (n) extra [ekstrx] (adv) Tn plus extremely extrem [ikstriunlil (adv) eye [all (11) ochi facedoth [ferskloll] I~ I manusa de baie facility [fo'srlrri] (~I facilitate fair [fea] (adi) cinstit. (v) a pleca (111 plecare eJ(citing [rksaittn] ladj) interesant excursion [iks'ka..ti] (adj) murdar disabled [drs'erbald] (adj) invalid. extragere draw. fantezist. fell. a trasa drawer [dro:a] (It) sertar dress [dres] (v) a (se ) trnbraca dressing table [dresnj terbl] masuta de toaleta drive [dro:jv] ('1) alee pentru masini In. fnlsn] (ilT. adv) tndepartat.]]v) a ( descoperi disgusting [drs'gxstnj] dezgustator ladii Egyptian [1'd31pJ. aeces entry [entri] In) intrare envelope [envolaup] (~) plic expect [rk'spekt] expensive [ik'spenstv] scump experience experlsnta [tks'ptarrons] draw [dro.] (irr.l] (adil 111)editle (adj] delicios 'S3:V(Sj economic edition [a'dtjan] eg:g: leg) (n) ou exception [ik'sepjan] exceptie exchange schimb exclte [rkstjemdy] deliver [dr'lrvo] (v) a livra delivery service [drlrvari 111) servici u de Iivrari demolish [damoli]'] demola dentist [dentist] stomatolog depart [drpnrt] dezarnagire discount [diskaunt] (vI a discover [dIS'kAV. departe fare [feo] (11) taxa fashion [fsejon] (11) rnoda fashionable rncda direct [drrekt] (v) a tndrurna. adv) devreme earpiece [rapi. tntr-o succesiune detached house [dtteetjt 'haos] casa de si ne statatoare detail [dr'terl] (Il] detaliu determine [drtsmun] (v) a hotart. tott. fallen [fJ:1. duty [dju:ti] (Il) datorie duty free ['dju!i 'frill scutit de taxe dye [dar] (v) a vopsi ear [Ia] (11) ureche early [stli] (adj.] (It) tragere.tjs laundj] sala de plecari deposit [drpozn] (11) depunere.Word Bank: English-Romanian delayed delegate delicate delicious [drlerd] (adj) tntarztat [delrgot] [delrkrt] [drlrjos] (11) delegat (adil delicat dirty [ds. v) a cadea faU asleep [fotl o'sliip 1 a adormi family [fa-mali] (~J) familie famous [fermcs] (adj) falrnos. v) a face dog [dog] (n) caine domestic [demesnkl (adj) domestic.. adi] egiptean elastic band [rleesnk beendl banda elastica elderly [eldali] [adj) ln varsta electrical goods shop [rlektrtkal 'gudz '[op] magazin de electrice emit [e'mrr] (v) a emite employ [implot] (v) a angaja employee [emplrrii] (111 angajat (Ill [rk'san] (v) a interesa foarte tare. driven [drarv. a sofa driver [drarvo] (1'1) soler driving licence [drarvuj 'larsons] perm is de conducere drop [drop] (v) a. di recti ve director [dr'rekts] 1111 regizor. a entuziasma. intern dot [dot] (11) punet double [dabal] (adj) dublu double room ['dAbal 'ru.]II] In. director [fzejonobl] ladjJ la Engilsh in 20 minutes a day 39 . toate everyday [evnder] (adil de fiecare zi diplomatic [dtplo'msetik] diplomat. corect fall. v) a desena.rk<:l'nOllIk.n] (v) a se bucura de. mecanic de locornotiva enquiry [rnkwaiori] (n) ancheta entirely [on'tarcli] (adv) Tn Intregime entrance [entrons] (11] intrare.s] (~l scoica receptorului telefonic earth [3:8] (n) pamant environment [m'varcmsnt] (It) mediu equipment [rkwrpmont] (/1) echipament eraser [rrerzc] (n) gurna de sters escalator [eskolerta] (H) lift. agenda dictionary dictionar [dikjansri] (11) encourage [m'kxndj] (v) a Tncuraja energy [ensdgi] (1'1) energie enjoy [m'dy. driven] (irr v) a conduce maslna. scapa. dnu.. a-i places enough [rnxf] (adj) destul engineer [endjrnra] (11) inginer.. drsov. diplomatic directions (adj) fancy [fzensi] (~dj) ciudat. neobisnuit: ~ot!iil1g jal1fY nimic extraordinar fantastic [fsen'teesttk] (adil fantastic faraway [fcirawer] (ad. bani depusi In banes describe [drskratbl descrie (v) a employment angajare en suite ['AI) [rm'plorment] design [drzam] (v) a concepe.:']It) cina ( dinosaur dinozaur [damcso. drove. cantina. a direction [drrekjn] (/1) directie directions [drrekjanz] (11) instructi uni.b] (v) a deranja division [drvh~ll] (It) diviziune. restaurant modest dining room [darnnj 'rurm] sufragerie dinner [dID.r] Tn serie. dificil difficulty [dtfiklti] (11) dificultate diner [datno] (n) sala de mese. divizie do [du.] (n) drive. a excita [n) dentist. a crea desk [desk] (n) birou. a determina develop [drvelnp] (v) a dezvolta dlal [daral] (v) a forma (un numar de telefon) diary [daiori] (11) [urnal. fel.

. aparat generous generos [djenorcs] (aaj) [heodresa] 111) graduate [grzedjurt] (11) absolvent grand [greend] (aail mare. tot tlrnpul fun [fsn] (/1) distractle.u bsek a se tntoarce la go in a patrunde. gave. v) a gasi find out a afla flnlsh [fmrJ] (v) a termina 0 a intra fruit [fru. forma fortune [fortjsn] forward (11) avere [forwad] (11) tnalntas ghost [goust] (11) Iantoma gift [gift] (11) cadou girlfriend prietena [gsilfrend] (11) iubita. mare. got] (irr obtine get dressed a se imbraca v) grandmother buruca a grandparents (/1) bunlci hand brake [heendbretk] (11) Frana de mana handsome [hzenssm] (aajl frumos.'tendant] tnsotitor de bord. maret half past [hruf 'po:st] (e. got [gel. cu flour [flauo] (It) faina flower [flau..pc] (11] porter (in sport) goalpost [g. [frks] Iv) a repara flat [flret] (11) aparta ment flight [flart] (11) zbor flight attendant [flair . felt] (irr. pi feet [fut.. fed) (iff v) fork [fo. v) a merge go back to [g.mj] [11) salutare.. a intra get off a co barf (dintr-un mijloc de transport) get on with a continua cu get out! iesi afara! get out at a lesi la get rid of sb a scapa de cineva get up a se trezi grass [gruis] (11) iarba grate [grert] (v) a scriieli. gerv. firt] (1'1) picior foreign language ['fDr. g tllree) (adj) si [urnatate ham [hsernl (11) sunca hand [hrend] (11) mana hand over (v) a rnrnana handbag [heendbeeg] (/1) peseta grandfather bunic [grrendfa:5a] (11) [greenmsbo] (11) [greenpearonts] genius [djinuos] (11) geniu gently [dgentli] (adv) user. aav) dificil. grecese green [grim] (aail verde greengrocer's aprozar [grimgrausoz] (Ill a hran i feel. undeva go to a se duce la goalkeeper [goulki. went. Greek [griik] (/1. dosar ochelari gloves [glxvz] (11) manusi go. J In) par hair dryer [hea draro] uscator de par hairbrush de par hairdresser [heebrxj] (11) perle [gud luknj] (aail haircut [heskxt] [gxvamont] (11) coafeza lit) tunsoare goods [gudz] (11] marfun government guvern garden centre ['go:dan 'sent. tablouri happen [hsepon] [v) a se tntarnpla happy [heepi] (aail fericit happy birthday 1a multi ani! harbour ['hrepi 'b3:8del] I grapes [gretps] (11) struguri get Into [get mtu] (in. in fata fossil [fnsrl] (11) fosila fourth [he] (etaj) al patrulea frame [frerm] (n) cadru. v) a da give a hand a da ajutor 0 mana de greet. fed. gone [goo. rnaret [horba] (n) port a uita 40 English in 20 minutes a day hard [ha. v) a zbura folder [fuulda] (11) dosar fond [fond] (aail atasat. dur .t] (11) fruct frying pan [fratn 'peen] tigaie full [fol] (aaj) plin full time eu norma lntreaga. went. flu:. to ~e fona of someone a line la clneva food (fu:d] (11) hrana. v) fInalise [fatnalatz] (v) a finaliza finally [famoli] (Gaul rn sfarsit find. found. found [famd. felt [fi:l. f::. J cress garlic [gailrk] (11) usturoi gate [gett] (n) poarta gear [gI. flown [flar. flew. give.:o](11) floare fly. fa'gD~n] (irr. v] a simti forward [forwod] (adv) lnainte.:l] (11) mecanlsrn. arnuzarnent fire [fala] (It] foe fire [faro] Iv} a trage (cu arrna) haggis [heegis] (11) drob hache key [heet] ki:] tasta "diez" fireplace semineu [faroplers] (Il) funny [fxni] (aail nostim furniture [fsmrt]e] (11) rnobila first [fa. rama free [frit] (adj) liber French [frentj] frantuzesc (adj) francez. floun] (irr. v) a se baga.red31'srrelf.d.] limba straina forget.:oust]/1) poarta ( (Tn sport) golf club [gulf klxb] cross de golf 1. felt. sticla (ca material) glasses [glO:SIZ] (11) musafir. v) blandete get. grvon] (irr. raspel great [grert] (adi) grozav. chipes hang on! [heengon] stai putin hanger [hseqgc] (11) umeras hangings [brei]IIJzJ (11) draperii.st] (aaj. felicitare grey [gret] (adi) gri ground floor [graond] parter guarantee garanta guest [gest] [greron'th] (v) a give sb a lift a lua cu rnasina pe cineva give up a renunta glad [glred] female sex ['fi:med 'seks] sex ferneiesc festival [festrval] (11) festival fewest [fjurost] (aaj] cei rnai putini ((Ian bucuros guard [ga:d] (It) garda (Ill fresh [fref] (aaj) proaspat Friday [frardi] (It) vlneri fridge [fridg] (11) frigider friend [frend] (11) prieten friendly [frendli] (alii) prietenos frightened frightening tnfricosator g]ass [glo:s] (n) pahar. steward flight deck [flart 'dek] punte de comanda (la avion) floor [fb:] (n] podea floppy disk [flopi 'drsk] dlscheta future [fjot]o] ('I) viitor game [germ] (n) joc gap [geep] (11) loc gal garage [grera:3] (11) garaj golf course (golf kors] teren de golf good [gud] (aail bun good-looking aratos hair [he. forgotten [f::"gel. individ gym [dz.. got. aav) rapid.Word Bank: English-Romanian fast [fu. adj) grec. n form] formular de Tnregistrare la hotel guide [gard] (n] ghid guided tour ['galdld 'Iva] tur sub Tndrumarea unui ghid guitar [grto. a racai grateful [grettf .'got.:lulp.. Tn forma fix.l] (11) tata favourite [fervent] (aail favorit. rnspaimantat (in.] (11) ghitara gun [gxn] In) arrna de foe guy [gAj] (11) tip. fed [fi.ing [gri.l] [aaj) recunoscator grater [grerto] (n) razatoare. preferat feed.d] (adj.lm] (/1) sala de girnnastics figure [frga] (11) silueta file [farl] (11) lisier. repede fat [feet] (aaj) gras father [fa:O.:0] fill [fil] fiset (v) a u m pie [farlrq 'ksebmst] flUng cabinet [fraitondl (aail [frartsnuj] (aaj) speriat.. rnancare foot. given [grv. gon] (irf. caspete guest registration form ['gest . faund] (irr.:on 'lrel)gwldz.k] (11) furculita form [form] (11) formular.st] (aaj) primul fish [frj] (n) peste fit [frt] (aaj) potrivit. forgot.

a Tntinde lay sb off a disponibiliza angajat lazy [Ieizi] (adj) leries vi a Inchiria historical istoric hitchhike hobbles pasiuni hockey [hoki] (n) hochei hold. a introduce [m'vent] (v) a inventa. (v) a asigura [mtrs SIl!]] (ad j) Iv) a ucide. laid. ulcior avian cu reactie just [d38St] (aav) exact.. vast laser printer imprimanta dainul.:luJ (interj) last [Ia. a durea husband hydrant [hxzbsnd] (/1) sot prezenta.m] a rani. (irr. a un lead.] (v) a (11.nside [rnsaid] monta instructions Insurance asigurare Insure [m'[oo] interesting interesant intermediate intermedia. v) a tine hold on! [h~uldon] stai asa! hole [houl] (/1) gaura hole punch perforator holiday [hnlider] (II) vacanta.s] [rntavjurii] ciocani hat [heer] (11) pal~rie hate [heit] (v) a urt hatchback automobil v) a avea head [hed] (~) cap headache de cap health healthy lirr. heard.) factura invoice I. hauziz] (11) huge [hjurdj] hungry [hA!]griJ (adi) v) (n) casa (adj) urias [hospttl] (n) spital (~dil interrupt [inrarxpt] [rntovju. a leek [li:k] left [left] i. aaj) a dura. left [Ii:v. held. pI. v) a tine inch [mtJJ (1'1) unitate [mlzend] (crav. patrunzator.)lri] [Iertrst] (adj) ultlrnul. tocrnal.acasa home page ['houm 'perdy] pagina de deschidere site de web honest cinstit hope [hoop] (v) a spera horn [hom] (~) corn.dl [ho:t] (Il) inima [hinnj] (11) Incalzire heat [hi:t] (v) caldura heavy [hevi] [rgrujn] (/1) aprindere [t'litgol] (adi) ilegal [rmirdiatlil [rm'perjant] [ull'pJ:bn!1 [rrn'ppsobl] (aav) (~di) scandura de calcat large [la:d:3) (adi) mare. continua kerb kettle [ka.lungime [1eb] (n) scrisoare [letabox] (") cutie de [rnra'mirdjot] a mijloci (vJ a kind [karnd] (l1dj) bun. v) a pleca in pace lecture a p!'irasi leave sb alone a lasa pe cineva Iv) a include (IT) infectie (irr. v) a stl tlamand lake [Jerk] (/1) lac lamb [lsem] (11) miel lamp-post landlady landlord [lsemppoust] [lasndlerdi] [leendlo.acu 2.) de pe uscat keep an eye on st a sta cu ochii pe ceva. hurry [hxri] (v) a se grabi hurt [h3:!J (irr rau. curs jll) praz (cra.o:j let engine help [help] iarba (vi ajutor (nl borcan motor late [leit] ladj] tntarztat herb [hs. impression impresie a arnehora [tm'prejon] joke [d3. pune. [hrs'tnnkal] (aai) impresiona rmbunatati.:luk] (Il) glurna [d33:nij (/1) calatorle let ['d31\lllb. acut.. cu reactie jewellery lob (11) bijuterii loc de mai recent high [hal] «:111j) tnalt (v) a scoate ldsobl (11) serviciu. dear keen [ken] (adi) ascuttt. a aseza. heed] (irr. kept.) stang office [Teft lAgtd3 [m'sa. margine a trotuarului (/1) ceainic 111) tastatura key [kit] Ul) cheie keyboard [ki:byd] de calculator keypad [kiipzed] (11) tastatura de telefon mobil kill [ktl] left luggage pierdute 'nfrs] birou de bagaje leg [leg] {Il) picior leisure lemon length [le3~] (n) timp liber [lemon] (/1) larnaie (advjill [leIJ6] Inl lungime [le!)6welz] [rn'strxkjonz] (n) indicatii (1'1) [m'[uorons] instructiuni.rnvtteIJ. had [hsev. left] (irr. a face [held] (11) sanatate [helfsi] laaj) sanatos heard [ht. pasionat [ki:p kept] keep. a omorT (11) kilogram [natf. naivz] lengthways letter kilo [ki:l~u] lung. hstd] [hardrsnt] (H) hidrant ['arskrhml lnghetata proprletareasa proprietar lane [lem] (11) banda de circulatie language alee [lreljgwrd3) (11) lirnba hear. knives In) cutit letterbox scrisori [rn'tsml] (aaj) intern . held] (irr. leaflet leather incident [msrdont] (Il) incident indicate indica Indoors include Infection lungime inland insert install [rndxz] [m'klurd] [mfekjn] (adv) rnaurrtru.ng ['hoid 'wsrkiq] hospital casa house [haus. claxon horrible [horobol] (adj) oribil horse [hots] (n) cal horse riding calarie ['ho:s 'rardijj] [nnrst] (aai) sincer.:lu 'dzet] lug [d3Ag] (11) cana mare.54cm [lekrja] (~l lectie. a unui ['h. a (/1) nascocl invitation invitatie invite [m'van] [mvois] (v) a invita (11. hi [hal] UI1ierj) buna. ice cream vi a auzi ice [ars] (/1) gheata idea [ardro] (") idee idiots Ignition illegal [rdists] (/1) idiot! iron [aron] (~) fier Iron [aran] (v) a calca Ironing board [aronnj bo. amabil knHe. eel [lo:f1lv) a rade [b:ndri] (~) spalatorie. [Ieoo) (/1) piele (de brosura maroeh i narl e) leave. oblect jacket [d3rek~t) (/1) jacheta [hart] (11) Tnaltime [h~'l. highlight [harlan] rnunca join [d3:Jm] (v) journey (~1) jumbo tn evidenta hire [hara] (11) a angaja. a la harnlc house wine ['haus 'warn] vin de lntrerupe Interview interviewee intervievat Introduce invent [mtrc'dju. pnnts] cu laser (~di) greu sal ut ill [II] (adn bolnav Immediately imediat impatient important important Impossible imposibil Impress Improve (adj) lsland [ailsnd] (11) insula item [artsm] (Il) articol. led [li:d led] (irr v) a conduce. led. salut nerabdator (adil ['dwt 'endunl [dw:. left.Word Bank: English-Romanian hard-worki. casa. Internal (nl bordure. nju:.b] In) olanta arornata.)1)1'PAntJ] [hitjhark] [hobiz] (v) a face autostopul III) hobby-uri. laid [let Ietd] {irr.adv) tnauntru [rn'storl] (v) a instala.:l.b] [ketl] sa mergi egaJ.st] (v. a urrnari keep going nu te opri. latest laugh laundry rule ultim [len: . held [hould. heart heating height hello [hederk] (~) durere [heetjbeek] cu clnci usi usa known [1l~U. Tn casa [mdrkert] a duce la [Iiflrt] (n) pliant. a jar [d3. a [rmpres] (v) a [tnrprurv] (v) a a se elatura lay.t] (v) a insera (.) interviu Ill) (v) a knock know. !l~n] [nok] (v) a bate. concediu home [houm] (n) domiciliu. kept (v) a arata. knew. had.d] (n) (/1) (11) stalp de felinar have.

motoreta [mu:s] (n) spurns [maontm] microfon (n) munte (n) [maoupi.i. a pomeni (n) meniu [lttorali] (aav) cuvant cu cuvant."nrei. iubire lovely [lA vii] [mseta] materie maxirnaliza chestiune. retea 42 English in 20 minutes a day . bustean long [IoUJ (Qdil lung long-sleeved [Ioqslhvd] (adil eu manecl Iungi look [luk] (v) a se uita. mask [rna. latvz] viata lifestyle [larfstail] (n) stil de (n) mean. lid [hdJ (nl capac lie flat bud) (v) a rninti life. (lllluni money [mxni] (11) bani (Ill luna a anului [laibrcrll (n) biblioteca [larscns] (11) permis fumos. men [mren.v 'haos] a se tla (vI a muta eu casa mug [mxg] (HI cana mare. jos. ~) a iubi. ordonat necessary [nesrsari] (adjJ (n) milk [rmlk] (Ill lapte mind [mamd] Iv) a fi atent la. mie lucky [Lcki] (adj) norocos [iAgId3] (/I) bagaj [iAg'zjwrigsj (adi) luggage (/1) rnancare... a lua 0 a emite principal merd] (irr v) a face make an appointment tntalnire make out a tntocrnt.!] (Qdj) local locatar log [IDg] In) butuc. [Irrrut] (v) a limlta. a face lata la ceva manager [mrerud""]lrr) manager. strident maths [mre6s) (n) maternatica match matter mixture model moment [mtksr]o] (11) arnestec. a vrea. taraba de piata casatorie marry need [ni:d] (v) a avea nevote neighbour neither nervous [nerbs] (n) vecin mitt [nut] (11) manusa de baseball mix [rnrks] (v.. a nu gas. meant. H) a ridica.] (/I) mama mijloeiu. (1'1) a-i pasa de minute [mmrt] (n) minut [mrra] (n) oglinda mirror maniera r meep] harta necesar necklace colan market market marriage [ma. name [nerm] (n) nume napkin [ruepkm] (n) servetel [n<eNU] (adj) strarnt [midl] (11) mijloe narrow (aaj) Tngust barbatesc man. (v) a (adil dragut. [modl] (1'1) model [moumcnt] [mxndi] (n) clipa. loud [laud] lounge ['[evol 'krnsnj] (adi) sonar. bine [meeno] (1'1) stil.kit] (H) plata staU ['mcrkn 'stJ:!] [mrertdj] (H) miss [nus] (v) a rata. suparat... 11) [naioc] (coni) niei [nsrvos] (aaj) nerves loss [los] (11) pierdere lost [lust) (Qaj) pierdut [meen] (v) a se casatori a arnesteca. furies madam magazine revlsta magic [mred3Ik] (1'1) magie [mred3[kgl] (adj) magical magician magician maid [meld] (/I) lecioara. lost.uk. vi a pierde lose control a pierde controlul pram. [hruc'zi:n] (n) a galben mend [mend) (v) a repara menswear mention [rnenzwec] [menjon] (n) haine pentru barbatt restrictiona limousine lirnuzlna list [Irst] (n I Iista listen literally litter [hsn] (v) a asculta miraeulos [mg'd3[Jn) (1'1) move [murv] (v) a se misca.) carne medicine medium meeting meeting melon [medsm] [mi:digm] mediu (~) tntalnlre ['mi:t..sk] (H) rnasca amestec net [net] (n) piasa. [rnerdjc] made. militar nasty [nc.tij {ll) nati ona Iitate near [mo] (advl aproape neat [nut] {adjl facut. a duee dorul mistake [mrs'tetk] (n) greseala [neklas] colter.Qajl pierdut lose. a roormai mummy museum musician [mxrnr] in) murrue. laptuca level [level] (11) nivel level crossing library licence trecere de nivel [Iaundg] (11) hal. rnasa meant [mi:n. (aajl major. a se muta move house ['mu. cortcluzie make up to sb a se revansa fata de eineva male sex ['metl 'seks] sex (un cec).nsj In) menu [menjut] ulcior much [mat]'] (adv) mult mumble [rnxrnbl] (v) a mess [mes] (11) Incurcatura. 'AVgnJ (n) euptor cu (n) [mxsl] (~l midie local [I. lnsemna r mAne] ment] (in. lorry [lori] (1'1) camion lost [lost] (. [mjurziom] [rnjo'zijn] (11) muzeu in) live [hv] (v) a tral liver [hvs] (/I) ficat living room [hvuj rutm] camera de zi loan [leon] (n) rmprumut lobster lodger [rnetl di'tekta] (/1) de metale mamica lmaikrofeonl oven l'maikrswerv muzician mussel [Iobstal (n) langusta [lod3g] (n) chinas. lata In casa. a conduce. lostl (irr. a privi look after a avea gri ja to a astepta eu look for a cauta look forward nerabdare look up a cauta ceva lntr-un anumit loc: a privi Tn sus lejer loose [luis] (aan dezlegat. motorbike mousse mountain [msotabatk] (n) motoctcleta.. lives [larf. men) (") [mremd3) (v) a de varsta mijlocie [mrdnart] [rnrmari] (n) miezul (adil noptii military rnilitaresc. (ad)1 national barbat manage [neejnl] gestiona. adorabil low [leo] (aail scund. director manner map [nreI. harababura. camerista maintenance lntretinere major make.. somptuos mad [meed] (aaj) nebun. v) a crede. lara exagerare (Lit.s] [mregazi:n] (~) like [I(I[k] (v) a places loc de tntalnlre lily [ldi] (n) crin limit [melonl (/I) pepene mouthpiece mustiuc. foaier. lost [lu'z. a aiunge la 0 [meedcm] (1'1) doarnna most [moust] (adj) cei mai mother viata lift [hft] (v.sti] urat national nationality (adO nesuferit.. a meat [mi:t] (~. lift light light lighter [Ian] (/I) lumina [lart] (adi) user [laito J In) bricheta (adj) [mA&.Word Bank: English-Romanian lettuce [lens] (n) salata verde. eurat.. [maet]'] (n) meci 111] cornpozitie lac de odihna love [lAY] (v.[!] 'pornt] [miitnj] point (/1) medicament moon [mum] (M)luna [moaurj] (n) dirnlneata [mosk] (11) mosehee majoritatea lunch [Ixnt]'] (~) pranz luxurious luxes. made [merk.. middle-aged midnight [rmdlerdjd] pI. maximise meal [mi:i] [meeksrrnaiz] moment Monday month morning mosque multi.] In) lucruri in gunoi dezordlne. message detector microphone microfon microwave microunde midday ora 12 middle [nuder] metal detector rnurdarie (n) [mestdj] mesaj bornbani. hotel) rnentiona. main [mem] (adi) principal [merntsn . pI.

a curata pepper [pepo] (n) piper. catran pizza [piuss] (n) pizza place [plers] In) loe plan [plsen] (n) plan planet [plzenrt] (11) planeta plant [plctnt] (II) planta.ut. ilustrata pot [pot) (/1) cala potato [po'tertcu] (H) cartel parrot [pseror] [n) papagal English in 20 minutes a day 43 . simpatic outdoors [aotdo.. situatie often [ofan] (adv) deseori oll lml] (11) ulei. prile] photo [f.i] (adv) doar. tn fata photography fotografie [fo'togrofi] (n) or [:J:] (w~j) sau orange [onndj] (/1) portocala order [oida] Ul. bob pedestrian pieton [pa'destrion] (n) notepad [nootpced] (11) suplimentare gras. petrol.t] (11) pasaport [perstriz] (/1) produse nice [nats] (adi) placut.'] (/1) opera opportunity l. nurnai open [.uvg'telkJ (iff. benzina onion [xnjon] (11) ceapa only [gunJ.m] [v) a efectua. tI) a panica. panics perform [ps'fo. ardei object [obdgrkt] ifl) obiect occassionally uneori [g'keI3gngli] (adv) painting [pemtin] (11) picture pair [peg] (11) pereche pale [petl] (adj) palid panic [pseruk] (v. a ordona physical [frzrkal] (adii tizic [pc'ttkjule] (~. zero noun [naun] (/1) substantiv novel [nnvl] (/1) roman nurse [n3:S] [11) asistenta medicala police [pe'li:s] In) politie polish [pnhj] (v) a slefui.u] (II) fotografie photocopier [fcutcukopic] [11) fotocopiator postcard [psustkmd] (M) vedere. see lake) a depasi In trafie 0 alta metoda de plate [plett] (11) farfurie platform [plterfotm] platf'orrna play [plei] (v) a [uca pleasure mult (n) overtime overweight [ouvarann] [n) ore [ouvawert] (adj) pearl [p::d] (n) perla peas [piiz] In) mazare. stilou penaJty area [penalti 'eona] zona de pedeapsa pencil [pensl] {fl} creion pensioner pensionar [penjcno] (11) nought [no.l] [adv) Tn general.}up. paid. a executa. hamal position [po'zt]n] (n) pozitie. priza point [pornt] (v) a arata. a culege pickle [prkl] (n) rnuratura pie [Pal] (n) placinta piece [pi:s] (11) bucata pier [pig] (11) dig.t] Ifl) nirnic.ts] (H) portar.kosrra] (II) orchestra pass [pcrs] (/1) perrnls passenger 1 (n) ornament ornament [omsmont] (n) pasager passport (adv) atara [poispo. pe ansamblu pavement trotuar. nici overall [otrvs'ro..]n] (11) poluare [psfounons] (11) In) parfum pond [pond) (/1) elesteu. uzina plastic [pleesnk] (n) plastic.z] din casa outside pasta [po.ta] apa rat de taxat pentru parcart phone [faon] In) telefon phone box [faun boks] cablna telefonica opera [DP. eu exces de greutate blocnotes [pleja] [11) placere nothing lnA611]] (/1) nimic notice [noutis] (n. v) ordine.. perd] (irr.saneeliti] [pa. adv) foarte plug [plxg] (11) stecar. a mdrepta spre owe [gu] (v) a datora own [con] (v) a detine. arniaza north [noiB] [11) nord note [naot] (/1) bancnota: Insemnare.prerg'medlk] (II) asistent medical parcel [pcrsal] (11) colet parents parking [peoronts] [poiknj] (11) parinti ('1) parcare petrol [petrol] (n] benzlna petrol station benzinane pharmacy [fccmesi] (H) farmacie possible [postbl] (adi) posibil (v) a trimite post [poust] prin posta post office [jXlust of IS] oficiu postal park (pork] (II) pare parking meter ['pa:kII] 'mi.dj) particular piano [pz'zeno»] (11) pian pick up [prk Ap] (v) a ridica.}f.'ZIt] (adv) peste part [po:t] (/1) parte part time [poit tann] [urnatate de norma drum. /1) [aotsaid] (adv) afara ['gOY. pay plastic a plat: cu card plastic bag [pleesnk 'bzeg] punga de plastic oven [xvon] (/1) cuptor over there acolo 'eie. a a da mai de parte [psesmdjo next [nekst] (adjJ urmator. debarcader pineapple ananas [pameepal] (n) [nju.ss'nel] (n) (11) population populatie office [ofrs] [fl) birou office block ['DfIS 'blnk] cladire de birouri personal itate persona Iitate pork [poik] [II) pore porter [po.zerdjsnts] special..) sarac popular iaz ocean [co]n] (II) ocean off-licence [of larsons] magazin de bauturi alcoolice perfume [perpoklrp] (n) agrafa [parfju. v) a plati pay attention [pet otenjon] da atentie pay back a rambursa payment method plata a noon [num] (11) pranz. transrnite.) popular [popjulerjan] (n) paper [perpa] (11) hattie.n] (adj) deschis open-plan office birou necompartimentat paperwork [perpowaik] (11) hartogarare paramedic [.sta] (n) paste pastries de patiserie night [nart] (n) noapte night club bar de noapte nobody [noobndi] nimeni (proll. paid [pel.. a netezl. macadam unul noodles [nu:dlz] (II) taietei overseas ['guv?'si:z] (adv) In strainatate oversleep overtake rnasina [aovosliip] (v) a dormi pana tarziu pay. alaturat next to [nekst tv) (adv) alaturi de ordinary [oidnari] (~dj) ordinar orchestra [o. a zugrav: peel [pi:l] (v) a curata de coala pen [pen] (/1) toe... anumit. notita L. a observa. deosebit pass [po:sj (v) a trece. a avea oyster [orstc] (n) stridie pack [peek] (v) a Tmpacheta package [pzekrdj] (n) pachet paint [pemt] (v) a picta..."tjunrti] (11) ocazie. poor [pool (ad. v) anunt. act paperclip de hartle person [pstssn] (/1) persoana personality personnel [pa.m] [popjuls] (ad.}] (adv) pate [peeter] (") pateu [peetand] [pervmont] (adj) cu (11) patterned lmprimeu noise [norz] (/1) zgomot noisy [notzi] (adj) zgomotos none [nxn] (pron) nimeni. a remarca plenty [plenti] (adj.. a juea un rei performance spectacol polite [po'lart] (adj) pol itieos political [po'lmkcl] (adj) politic pollution [ps'lu.Word Bank: English-Romanian never [neve] (adll) niciodata never mind nu conteaza news stand [njurzstsend] de ziare newsagent's newspaper chiosc de ziare [njusperpo] (II) ziar chiosc (/1) opposite [Dp..' pink [pnjk] [adj) roz pitch [prt]'] (/1) gudron. \/.. a cia dispozitie.vp.

.] (~dv) mai bine.ks] relevant [relevant] relevant. [kju.. [n] inchisoare tipografie prize [prarz] (11) premiu race [reis] (11) cursa. rae!].peid] (adj) platit [prrpeo] (v) a pregMi un slert (ca ora) to [kwort ... v) a promite promise promote properly cuvine property [prop .. control de la dlstanta [rt'murv] tv) a a transfera grosolan. bat [rrlar .~ntl:i] (adv) de rubbish [rxbt]'] (fl) gunoi. a revendica [rekemend] (~) a recomanda recommendation [rezs'lu. [rarr] (~dj) drept. preg.lais'brl . [ri'sejn] (n] retragere. ti] (n) train icie [rnkn] (11) racheta Tncredere. [raundsbaot] oeol (fl) pub [pab] (II) birt.uz] (fl) trandafir rough round [rxf] (adj) aspru. j (Il) rau (11) drum road [rsod] rutier road works [prmta] [prtzn] (11) irnprimata.1f18.nJip] (11) problema relatie relax [rrlseks] (v) a se relaxa release [n'lits] (v) a elibera (aaj) road sign ['raod 'sam] indicator [reidrer]n] (~) [rcodwa.. a tasa pretty [prtti] (adj) dragut.bel] (adj) demn pe care te potl roU [raol] (fl) sul (de hartie) promisiune. destul de.] (v) a repara [rrpi. scrtsoare de rapel control [rrmaot camera rose [r. de Incredere. a pune sub semnul tntrebarii queue quick quickly quiet quote biciclist corect rich [rrtj] (adj) bcgat ring [nil) (/1) press [pres] (v) a apasa. ct] (11) cltat ring sb back a returna un apel telefonic rinse [rtns] (v) a clati river [rtv .ta] (11) stert past [kworta [pri..j (v) a tine minte. carciuma [redi] (adil gata.Word Bank: English-Romanian potential pound power [pa'tenjl] (IT) potential [paond] (~)livra. a achlzltioria purse [p3:S] (It) portrnoneu. ti] (/1) avere (adj) public nations la proprietate.mender] ... neprelucrat [round] tn cere. coada. reliability reliable bizui remember remind reminder remote pertinent lucrarl la drumuri rob [rob] (v) a lura rocket rail [red] (11) sina. li] ladv) cu-adevarat din spate mirror ['n. bani push [puj] (v) a Impinge put. bin [rxbrjbm] representative requirement ceri reservation rezervare (nl reprezentant curand recession nta.. chitanta receive [rr'sirv] (v) a primi recently [ri.'tejon] (II) (II) [rrlet]. v] dus-rntors revive [rrvarv] rider right rice [rais] (n) orez prescription present [prrsknpjn] (11) reteta rnedicala [preznt] (11) cadou stert question redundant redundant. (adj. obisnuit relationship alergare [prnbl . a pleca curnpara. prostii.. read [rnd.. recesiune 44 English in 20 minutes a day . m] (II) [prs'sndj] [pr . rear-view oglinda reason receipt ksn'trool] remove holiday ['pAbhk 'holtder] [pxk] (11) puc [pul aut] (v) a smulge.t] {v] a rep eta a scoate. siguranta..] (~.hal] (adj) (v) a se tntoarce [rt'ts:n trktt] bilet (~) a invicra (rnoneda) [paoa] hotarare response ("J putere qualification quality [kwolrfrker] titl u (n) cantitate 'porst] si . number [refsrans lute 'nsmbol numar de referin ta refreshments tncantator price [prars] (11) pret price list lists de preturi printer prison problem procedure procedura profession profesie professional profesional profit [prnfrt] (11) profit (". exigerua (<dil grosolan. oarecum read.. tu] fara un (ca ora) [kwestjon] (11. a presa. prom ova rate of exchange schimb (valutar) rather curs de roller blades [.tit [rt. lntrebare. ut] (v) a [prnp ... put [put) (iff.t] (n) raport [repn'zentouv] [rt'kwarcm . bine. repair repeat replace report rent [rent) (v) a l'nchiria [n'pe .. sarbatoare tndeparta. registration mel... rntrecere racing racket tenis radium radiation radiatie rag [neg] (11) zdreanta [rerdt . cere ring. a rasu na [kw.m] (/'I) radiu [redjrstrei]n] [rerstn] (/1) cursa.. balustrade rare [reo] (~dj) rar rate [rert] (v] a evalua rate [ren] (H] pret.adj) [kwIkli] (adv] repede (mij) Ii nist it [rrfrejmants] (n) (~) rambursare (11) racontcare refund [riifxnd] despagubire. dinapoi. put. aminte cuiva de ceva read. red] (in [n'memb .vju: 'mIT<» retrovizoare (Il) ratiune. rod [rod] (fl) nuia. mai curand.. a restitu i bulan de porn ire a unui [preekns] [prornz] (v) a exersa (") creveti [kwolati] (11) caJitate [kwontcti] [rek .:JS] (v) a telecornanda.] [rarda] (11) calator. n] (nl [rrsirtl (n) prim ire. calaret.. adj) urrna. adv) rotund. carpeta iudecata. [reekn] (11) racheta de tnregistrare regular [regjola] (adj) regular.nt] (/1) [rezo'ver] . rung [nq. public public puck pullout purchase [pxblrk] [prnmrs] [prafe] . rubbish gunoi rude [ruid] nepolitieos rug [fAg] (11] patur'.mula 'bletdz] pati ne cu roti ie roof [rutf] tncapere room rate ['ru:m 'rea) coleg de [pro'm . quantity quarter quarter quarter power switch aparat practise prawns pre-paid fnainte prepare [paoa 'swrtj] recommend reactie responsible responsabil return return [rt'taml ticket a reveni. rang. n] (/1) capacitate.]n] (n) [rrs'pnns] (11) raspuns.. nal] (... rA!]] (irr. [p3:tJ. dreptate [rrplets] (v) a tnlocui [rrpo.] (H) coada [kwrk] [kwaiot] (adj) rapid.. [rt'spnns . ready really v) a citi [rt'mamda] (H) aluzie.n] (11) reeomandare record reduce [n'kord] [ri'djurs] (v) a fnregistra (v) a reduce. a red [red] (adj) rosu micsora [kwo. a-si aminti de [rr'marnd] (v) a aduce ("I acoperis room [rurm] (n) camera. real [rral] (adj) adevarat rear [n . rata [n. v] a pune put off a amana [run] (n) traseu of Arts nimieuri lada de [riizcn] RSA Royal Society for the Encouragement pleava..li] (adv) cum se [ra:o . v) a S1. referee reference [ri'dsndontl (adi! de prlscs (11) arbitru [refa'ri. impreiur roundabout route sens giratoriu. a interoga.. lira put sb through altcineva to sb a da cu recipe reclaim [resipi] (nl reteta reserve resolution lTl'Z3:V] (v) a rezerva cu iva legatura (la telefon) culinara [ri'k1erm] (v) a reclama.

[elvz] (n) (/1) raft. actiune skirt [Sk3:T] (II) fusta sky [skat] (11) cer slide [slard] (v) a aluneca [SI~Z] [1'1) foarteca [sku. a pune. v) a spune. speak ceva speaker orator special needs [spejol [spektakolz] 'nndz] (11) nevoi speciale spectacles [spiika] (11) vorbitor. a slim [slrm] (adi) suplu.:l] apa minerals stabili set up (a company) a crea (0 companie) shade shake. v) a vinde semi-detached [sad~nt] (adi) tacut [simpl] (adj) simplu [sorman] (Il) somon [sermdnet]t 'haus] casa lipita de 0 alta identica send. sent [send. v) a arania. conducere ruler [ru. elegant smoke smoked [smsok] (v) a furna [smookt] (adi) alumat spell [spell (v) a pronunta fiecare litera a un u i cuvant. saw. seen.l] (11) regula. marl! literal seat [si:t] (11) scaun. run [rAn.. a rasarl shower some [sxm] (adj. lncaltarninte shop [fop] (11) magazin ['s]. [con] (irr. (11) sesiune. fasung. a plin silver [srlvo] (II) argint sing. a scutura shape [jerp] (11) forma share [jea] (11. senslbJe [sensebl] rezonabil serious gray service a expedia (adj) sensibil. a fixa.la] (n) conducator. rezolva sound [saund] (n. [S3:VIS] In) serviciu. (la 0 societatej. said [set. sed] (in. set [set] (irr.. a se grabi.]n] (n) siguranta. shelves [jelf.ba daivnj] scufu ndart. said. seen (si:. etaiera shoes [Ju:z] (n) pantofi.] (11) dus shut up! [JAt ApJ gura! shy [Jar) (adj) timid sieve [si:v] (11) sita. set. domol slow down Tncetini (11) pants. vedere spre mare seaweed search seaside [si:wi:d] Ill) alge [S3:tJ] (v) a cauta [snsard] [11. [spi:d] (~) viteza limit limita de viteza socoteala. scor screen cearceaf shelf. a striga show. sortiment sort out st a pune in ordine.tslirvd] (adj) eu rnaneci scurte [sekntori] (11) secrerar In) 'go:d] [jo. jerkon] (irr. seet] (irr v) a sta. smoking [smookuj] (II) fumat snack [snzek] (/1) gustare soak up [sook xp] Iv) a absorbi.ont] ['JOPII] ceritru varuator shopping shopping basket centre 'borskn] cos de curnparatun comercial short [jort] (adjl scurt short of cash lipsit de bani ln numerar short-sleeved shorts [jo.drarva] screwdriver surubelnita small [smo. pI. acidulate speak. [Ju:p J (adj) ascutit ochelart speech speed speed sheet [Ji:t] (n) coala . adj) malul [skxlptjo] In) shop assistant ['fop ~'SISt. rigla run. 11) a semna: sernn house silent simple cineva someone cineva something ceva sometimes [sAmtaIm) (adv) (st) [SAmel!]] salad [seelod] (11) salata sale [sed] (n) vanzare. (~) cantar (11) stiinta [sarons] (v) 'WJ:t. sent. a [spers] (11) spatiu water [spaikhr] sparkling sauna [soma] (11) sauna save (money) a economist saxophone saxofon say. reducere de preturi sales [serlz] (11) vanzari sales assistant vanzator salmon [serlz ~'SISt. v) a zgudul.. de regrete sort [SJ:l] (n) gen. a zice say st to sb a spune ceva cuiva scale [sketl] science scissors scooter scuter score [sko. sat [sit. skiU [skrl] (11) lndernanare. gardian see. adv) ceva. satisfied satitacut Saturday saucepan saucer [szetrsfard] (adj) [seetedi] In) sarnbata [sorspon] (11) cratita [srarras] (adj) serios. sent] (irr.J] ora de varf rye [rai] (n) secara sack [seek] (v) a concedia sad [seed] (adj) trist safe [serf] (adj) tn siguranta saiUng [serlnj] (11) navigatie sosete sofa [saofo] soft drink solution nlste somebody (sb) [sxrnbedi] [ssmwxn] (proll) (prol1) (proll) secund [srkjoonti] guard (11) canapea ['soft 'drujk] bautura solutie racoritoare [so'lu. sediu second secretary security security [seksnd] a se repezi. sculpture sculptura sea view ['8i: 'vjur] peisaj marin. a sedea size [sarz] (/1) masura. sold [sel. sense [sens] (11) sirnt. mot suhacvatic English in 20 minutes a day 45 . sung [SII]. showed. shaken [jerk. v) a canta single single single [smgl] (adj) necasatorlt ticket bilet dus room camera de 0 saJt [sDII] (II) sare salty [solti] (adj) sarat sandals sandwich [seendlz] (11) sandale [seenwrdj] (11) sandvis ['ssetrsfsekjcn] rnultumire 111) satisfaction satisfactie. v) a vedea see somebody selfish off a conduce pe clneva cand pleaca show up a se ivi. [spi:tJ] (~) vorbire.ts] (11) sort shout [Jam] (v) a tipa. foaie. spouksnl to sb about (irr_ v) a vorbi st [spirk tu] shook. [seeksofaon] (n) [jerd] (1'1) umbra [ski :iIJ] (n) sc h i spouk. ciur Sightseeing [sansimj] (II) excursie. numar la haine sau tncaltarninte skating skeleton skiing ring [skemq 'rII]) [skeletan] (11) schelet patinoar sedinta set. zvelt sJope [sloup] povamls slow [slsu] (adj) fncet. nen] lirr_ v) a fugi. SA!)] (irr. sould] (irr.to] (11) troti neta. v) sunet soup [sutp] (11) supa source [SJ:s] (n) sursa. a lua cu asalt rush hour [rAJaU. sang. spoke. a rosti scuba dJving [sku. a imbiba social life ['s~uJal 'larf] vlata soclala socket priza socks [snks] (11) ciorapi scurti. 8J:. izvor south [saue] (/1) sud space persoana sink [srqk] (II) chiuveta sister service auto session [sejon] [srsto] (11) sora sauce [8J:S) (11) sos (SJ:SQ] (11) farfurloara [serv (mxnij] (bani) sit. a Infiinta. sat.:lnt 1 [selfrj] (adj) egoist sell. a alerga runner rrAn~] (II ) a lergator rush [rAJ] (v) a zori. ratiune uneon son [sAn] (n) fiu sore [SJ:) (adj) dureros sorry [sori] (adj) intristat. ran.] In) taietura. norma. [sokrt] (11) mula.}u 'daun] (v) a discurs [skn:n] (/1) ecran [skru. capacitate (irr. sim] (in. seeuritate [srkjuanti paznic. [and. [[au:. v) a vorbi cuiva despre [uk. v) a arata ladj) a doilea. a distruge rule [ru.l] (adj) rnlc smart [sma:t) (adjJ istet. spoken [spi:k. v) a trirnlte.Word Bank: English-Romanian ruin [rum] (v) a ruins. turism sign [sam] rv. impartasi sharp a tmparti. v) parte. shown [jeo. a zgaltai. sold.

stole. v) tennis Items] (IT) tenis tennis racket [tenrs 'rsekrr] racheta de terns term [13:m] (11). striven [stratv. swum [SWim.l] sala de sport spot [SPDt] (11) lac. ] (11) splendoare. v) a lura step [step] (n) pas stick. geamantan sum [SAm] (n) surna summer [ssma] (~) vara sun [SAn) (H) soare sunny [SAni] (aaj) insorit sun cream ['SAn'krirm] crerna de protectie solara Sunday [SAndi] (~) durninlca sunglasses [sxnglc. v 'arrnc] arrnura suitable [su.m] (n] echipa teapot [tiipot] {~I ceainic supply [soplar] In) provizie suppose [sspauz] (v) a presupune surface mall rS3:fls'me!l] serviciu postal normal teenager [ti:neld3. stud] (irr v] a sta in picioare stapler [sterplo] (11) capsator suit [surt] (~) costum suit of armour [.psma. reusit sudden [sxdsn] tablecloth [teiblaklnd] (11) fata de rnasa tablet [rseblcr] (n) tableta take. v) a arunca thug [SAg] In I criminal. [tort] (n) rarta task Ito.neim] (IT) nume de lamilie.nd sweets [SWI:tS)(Il) dulcturi swim. split. a risipi splendour [splend .k] (v) a vorbi talk about st a vorbi despre ceva tip [tip) (n.:lS'PIJ~S] (adi) suspicios top [top] (H) varf ltg:t. tort] (irr v) a tnvata I~)tarter s (~) statuie station [sterjn] (11) gara stay Isrerl (IT.)u]ladv) star [sto. a porni a Tncepe starter statue [sto:t.ro] (n) teatru thief [8i:f1 (n) hot thin [8m] (adj) slab thing [SIl)] (n) lucru third [8s:d] [adj) al treilea thoughtless nechibzuit.:l] (~I prajitor de paine together [tg'ge1)g] (adv) impreuna toilet [toilet] I~I toaleta tomato [ts'mcusc] (n) rosie tomato paste [t. taken [tetk. porecla surprise surpriza [ss'pratz] (11.tkers 1 (~) valiza.. srolJl~nl [in.tabal] (adj). [Bonhs] (arliJ nepasator strive. arc [strarpt] [adj) cu dungi (irr v) a se thank you [8rel)kju] multumesc [81 . stxk] (iIT_ v) a llpi stick [strk] I~) bat.n] [in. termen. excelent survey [sarver] (~l studiu suspicious banultor.mmal] IN) terminal terraced house [terost haos] casa liplta de altele.stz] {~) ochelari de soare supermarket [su.. strove. v) sejur.. v) a cheltul.:l] [stsetju. stressed stretch striped [stress] (adj) accentuat [stretJ] (v) a tntinde swimming costume ['swnnIl) 'knstjurn] costum de baie swimming pool [swrmnj 'pu.. stricat spoon [spurn] (11) lingura sports hall [spous 'ho.. apa statatoare stock room [stokrnm] de provtzli stone [staon] (n) platra stop [stop] (v) a opri story [sto. v) a lua take a bath a face baie take a photo a face fotografie 0 through [Brui] (adv) prin throw [eNU] (irr. stnvn] stradui stuck [s!Ak] (tldj) lntepenit.MJ] (v). SWAm] (in..ksnv lladil vorbaret tall [1::. srool. trimestru terminal [ts.sl I~) broasca [~IJt<l [stcmtel . spilt [sprl. ] (111scuar.ri] (n) poveste storyteller povestitor rnagazle TV Ueh'VI3D] (~I surname [ss.::o:t apa .:lu'pelst] pasta de tomate tomorrow maine [ro'mor. tablou de distributle test [test] In) test thank goodness! Domnului! theatre slava string [strrq] (n) coarda. fast spoilt [spoilt] (adj) raslatat.l] bazin de Tnot switchboard [switjbord] (~) centrala teletonica. patrat squash [skwnj] staff [stcif] (il) (adil de tick (the box) [uk] (v) a bifa ticket [trkrt] in) bilet ticket office [ttkrt ofIS] casa de bilete tidy [tardi] (adn ordonat tidy up {vi a lace ordine tie [tall (ITI cravats tie (up) Iv) a lega timetable [tannterbal] In) orar (n) squash personal (~dil brusc take a shower a face dus take notes a lua nottte take over a prelua take time a dura. tuk. swam. [elk. a da bacsis tired [tarad] {adjl obosit toast [rccst] {n I paine prajita toaster [roust. gangster Thursday [Bs. stood [stsend. strouv.. v] a Tnota straight on [streIt on] direct strange [stremdg] street [stritt] (~) straos 46 (aan ciudat [toanemant] 1M) English in 20 minutes a day . taught [tin]. a rarnane steal. sweem. z] (11) seari stalls [stotlz] 1M) stalurl stamp [suemp] I~) timbru stand. 1 plata. stolen [srirl. [S. stood. pata spread sprinkle [spred] {vi a rntlnde [spnqkol] (v) a stropi. identice ca tatada terrible [tenbl] (~dil cumplit terrific [1~'rrfIk] (adj) grozav.:l'lllo:t.su:t.Word Bank: English-Romanian spend. spent.adj) prost. l (~l adolescent technical television. taught. potrivit suitcase [su. v) a varsa.. impotmolit student elev [stjutd ... baston sticky tape [sttki tetp] banda adeziva snll [still [OlaV) team [ti. T-shirt lti:J3:tl (N) tricou cu maned scurte table [tetbal] (IT) masa study [stadi] (IT) birou stuff [stxf] (~)Iucruri stupid [stjurprd] (.kat] (n) supermarket supervisor [supovarza] (M) supraveghetor talk [to.] {Il) stea start [stoul (v). spent] [in. a irosi spider [sparda] In) paianjen spill..zdi] (n) ioi a presara square [skwe .:1] (~dj) malt tap [teep] (11) robinet tart. a atinge tour [twItH) tur tournament turneu sweet and sour ['swix . took. Spilt] [irr. stuck [snk. spent [spend. a sta. stuck. nt] (/I) student. televlziune [tekmkl] (adj) tehnic tongue [rAIJ](n)limba tonight [ro'nalt] [adv) In seara asta toothache [tu.Oerk] (n) durere de dinti toothbrush [tU:ebrAJ] (n) peri uta de dinti toothpaste de dinti tortoise totally [tutBperst] (~) pasta Tnca still water ['strl 'w. 1 (n) (OlaV) sweater 'saw] [swetc] In) pulover dulce-acrisor tesroasa li] Iadv) to t<ll touch [t. v) bacsis.. a nu se grabi takeaway l'terk ower] (11) mancare la pachet stage [sterdg] In) scena stairs [ste . stupid submit [sab'mtt] (v) a supune suburb [sAb3:b] in) suburbie successful [sa'sesfl] succes..sk] (n) tnsarcinare taxi [treksl] (H) taxi teach.] talk to sb a vorbi cu cineva taLkative [to.

won [Will. turn [13:n] (itr. [xpsard 'daun] (advl cu susul in [os ['Ap'ste~z] (adv) sus. lOt. turn. (adil larg warvz] (11) pi wives [waif. worn [wee.Word Bank: English-Romanian towel tower [taoal] (/1) prosop unbeatable netntrecut uncle [A!)kl] (Il) unchi uncomfortable underground metrou... (adj) cotitura [tsrkwo.women ta] Femeie [worm] I~dj) cald (v) a spala rWOJII] [WUIll. woke. see stal1d) a Tntelege [xn'kamftabal] lAnd<J'graund] (11) (adj) inconfortabil [An'bi:t~bl] (adjJ de [taos] (/1) turn video player [vidrou 'plero] vedere west [west] (11) vest wet [wet] (adj) umed what [WDt] (prol1) ce when [wen] (adv) cand whenever oricand where while whisde white [weo] (adv) unde [wall] [WISl] aparat video view [vju:] (II) priveliste. a da drurnul (Ia un aparat) turning turquoise turcoaz twin [twrn] (111 gearnan type [tatp] (v) a dactilografia UFO [ju: efou] umbrella urnbrela (111 OZN (nl [tsmuj] In) curba. v. week. pret.O] (n) adevar 'klima] aspirator [veeljoobl] [worj] (n) ceas (n) drum. ospatar wake.oI1. [trem 'srerjonl [n) antrenor (N apa de mare foarte lirnpede walt [wert] Iv) a astepta who [hu. weather website (11) web wedding [vedj'teoricn] (n) (/1) vehicul miercuri week [wi:kJ (nl saptamana weekend weigh weight welcome welcome [wiik'end] (11) starsit de saptamana [wednj] (11) nunta (n) (about] [wxri] {vi a-si [w3:61 (n) valoare. woman.. a dori agentie de voiaj insurance rn'[ocrons] asigurare de waJl [\\IJ:1] (II) perete. [jeloo] (adj) galben [jestodei] (111 ieri lweil [weit] (v) a cantari (n) greutate bun venit fv) a yesterday 1111 victims ['vrdiou 'kzemars] [welkxm] [welkamj zebra crossing ['znbrc 'krnsm zebra 1 [xm'brela] video camera camera video trecere de pietoni. vi a tntoarce. cale.srn unlversitara sotie window (n) fereastra universitate drgri] diploma [wcik] (vi a merge [woltt] (Il) portofel (v) a vrea. (n) Ioloslnta: make l! maximum use of a prof ta la maximum de ceva (~) lemn.z] turn off a stinge. wo. rnarfuri [trAlxIlj problema [trauzaz'l (11)pantaloni 1/1) pastrav (n) trompeta [trxmptt] [tract] [rrzevclo] (n) calator cheque cec de [weohaus] (n) depozit de marfuri wish [WIJ] (/1. woken (up) ~. written [rait.skit] cos de a se intreba.And~'strend] (irr. wtmrnj wonder wonderful minunat wood [wudl word work pl. a se minuna (adj) [wxndafal] ms'[i:n] masina de spalat rwnJI!) de rufe 'panda] (n) detergent up (~) spalare 11') a risipi. padure ['w3:d de texte [werst] processing use [jutz] (v) a folosi usual IjU3ool] usually vacuum valuable valoros value [vrelju:] (n] wastepaper [weistperpa hartii water cooler 'prousesuj] prelucrare [W3:k] (v) a munci [wstkjop] ladiJ obisnult [jU3ooliJ (adv) de obicei cleaner [veekjuum de praf (adj) workshop In) atelier (~) [wnta 'kuilc] (II) pentru racirea apei workstation worktop worried worry worth write. vi donnta. wrote. wore. lntarnplna zoo [zu:] (n) gradina zoologica English in 20 minutes a day 47 . . try [trai] (v) a Tncerca try hard a se stradui Tuesday [tju.) [werk.] (pron) cine whole gara [trerns] [tretnaz] I pantof [arrhelpfl] I~dj) nefoiositor unit [jimrt] (111 un itate universe university university [junrvsrs] (~) univers walter [werto] (n) chelner. won. wxn] (in v) a castiga wine [warn] (nl 'lin winter [wmto] (11) iarna a dori until [cn'nl] (adv) pana cand unusual [An'jU3U~IJ (adj) neobisnult upset lAp'set] (v) a supara upside-down upstairs etaj use [jus] want [wnnt] warehouse warm calatorie traveller traveller's calatorie tray [trer] (n) tava tree [tri'] (/1) capac trial lesson [trarol leson] lectie de proba trolley trouble trousers trout truth trumpet [trnli] (n) carucior de (11) necaz. a opri (un way [well modaiitate valoare wear. zid wallet win. [wsrkstet]n] instalatie watch post de lucru la computer [waikrop] [warid] [/1) mesa de lucru pentru computer (aai) lngrllorat [tru.zdi] a cott (n) lol turn. [wtndou] travel ltneval] (v) calatorie travel travel agent's ['trsevcl 'erd3aflts1 ['trrev~1 [jumrvs.rkall Wednesday [wenzdi] [rnq] (atij) gresit yard [jaid] 111) curte year [jro] (N) an yellow [vc'rsndo] (II) veranda. van [veen] In) camioneta variety 1'1 a purta face griji (pentru ceva) importanta rrtan] wrong (irr. la wash [won washing washing washing waste machine powder (WAnda] (n. UK understand unfortunately (n) tren [. vi a serie [vararati] (11) varietate [vedjtabal] [weoa] (11) vreme [websartl 1M) site de vase (va:z] (M] vaza vegetable legurna vegetarian vegetarian vehicle veranda cerdac verb [vstb] (n) verb vet [vet] (n) medic veterinar victim [vtkrrml [vi. v) minune. wookan] (irr a se trezi walk [haul] (adj) Tntreg [waidl why [war] (adv) de ce wide wife. wom] (in. a irosi basket 'ba.)] (11) vizitator (n) in tirnp ce {tll fluier [xnfonjnatli] voice [vors] (11) voce volume [voljorn] (11) volum (adv) din nefericire unhappy nefericit unhelpful de [xn'heepi] (atij) water apa Inspumata. viUage [vrltdg] vinegar violin In) sat town [taun] In) eras town hall [taon 'horl] primarie toy [tOI] In) i ucarie traffic traffic traffic train train trainer trainers sport tram stop [treem 'stop] statie de tramvai [treefrk] island (H) trafic ['trrefik 'arland] [vmrgo] 1M) otet LVaI<i!'lm] (It) vloara [weneva] (~dv) refugiu In tratic jam ['Irreflk 'd3remJ [trem] station ambuteiaj visit [vizrt] (11) vizita visitor [VIZlt. aparat) turn on a aprinde.siti] (II) degree [junn'vs.

add. mixture noon amplifier fun bacsls tip bagaj baggage.'Word Bank: Romanian-English a ajunge out la 0 concluzle adjust Join make aparent apparently flat IImpede atragator autobuz automobiJ white water automobU automobU hatchback autor author a auzi hear. bara bar bar bar bar de noapte barba bard baston baterie beard boat stick battery night club a adorml adormit adresa a aduce remind a aduce brought a aduna aeroport afara afara! afara afumat agenda agentie agrafa insurance nurse paramedic aniversare de praf vacuum antic antique bring. petrol petrol station parcar! parking meter video player 48 English in 20 minutes a day . stick racorftoare baby oil. comedian act paper aluzle reminder kind amateur delay. atinge atitudine atletism atraetle expect. item throw listen insure insurance de calatorie medlcala medical travel suit of armour acordeon accordion actor actor. men soft drink a afla find out bat rod. point. own a avea grija a avea §rija aventura aventuros close. heard. run runner fourth altitude a avea nevoie adventure adventurous property jumbo jet board acolo over there a acoperi cover alergator al patrulea altltudine al treilea a aluneca amabil avere fortune. de epoca cu dnel u~1 acasa home acldulata water classic car a accesa internet) accesorlu a aclama a colora adresa de access alee lane alee pentru path alee pentru a alerga apa plata still water apa statatoare still water a apasa press apelant aprindere a aprlnde aproape apropiat aprozar a aranja caller ignition turn en almost. showed. close greengrocer's set. pool forward to fond workshop beware! touch attitude athletics attraction outside clear offl din casa outdoors smoked diary de vola] travel agent's de hartie paperclip anunt notice anunt publlcitar an year aparat aparat aparat aparat gear de distilal de taxat video atent careful pI. avizier bulletin a arata indicate. set acces entrance accessory purchase cheer colour a aehizitiona maslnl drive alergare racing run. had. show. collect airport anual annual a bate knock baton bar bazat pe based on bazin de inot swimming a se baga get into banultor barbat bautura bebelus benzlna benzlnane suspicious man. pictor artist a arunca a asculta a asigura as censor escalator band adezlva elastica de circulatle adltlonal additional a ad mite admit admitere adolescent a adora adorabil admission teenager lovely fall asleep asleep address aminte cuiva de ceva adore ampllflcator amuzament ananas ancheta angajare angajat animal antena antrenor anumlt a. laid a astepta a astepta atasat atelier atenttet decanter pentru a. brought. sharp astgurare asigurare asistenta aslstent aspirator cleaner aspru rough a aseza lay. laid. set. purse bani depusl in band! a angaja employ. anunta pineapple enquiry hire employment employee animal anniversary aerial trainer particular announce advertisement asc unt kee n. hesrd a avea have. shown avion cu reactie acoperls roof acoperitoare cover th ird slide aratos good-looking arbitru referee arc string ardei pepper a aresta arrest arest arrest argJnt silver arma de foe gun armura arta art articol article. wait cu nerabdare look bani money. luggage amator a amana amandol soeletate) share bagheta baguette baie bath baleon balet balcony ballet rail note cash machine sticky tape lane elastic band deposit bench actnta actress a action a act actlune (la acut keen a adauga add 0 ambitios ambitious ambulanta ambuteiaj a amellora a amesteca amestec amiaza acum multa vreme ages ago balustrada banca bancnota bancomat banda banda banda banda adanc deep adevarat real adevar truth artist. had. ran. near look after (la] beware need attractive bus car apartament audltle audition autogara bus station abordare absolut approach absolute graduate soak up stressed accept acceptable (0 aajusta a apartlne belong apa de mare foarte white water apa Inspumata apa mineralii sparkling alutor help a se alatura alaturat aiaturi albastru album aleool next de next to blue album alcohol bicidete cycle absolvent a absorbi accentuat a accepta aceeptabil clasic. put off both ambulance traffic i'am improve mix mix.

teapot clocolata chocolate clorapl scurtl socks citat quote a. rear coafeza hairdresser coala sheet coarda string English in 20 minutes a day 49 capital stapler character ceapa onion sheet carafa decanter cearceaf bucatlca bit buchet bouquet. traveller a calca iron a cara carry caructor de marfurl trolley a se disatori marry casatorte marriage a cauta look for. kind bun venit welcome bunal hi! cec de calatorie cheque traveller'S eei mai multi most eel mal putin! fewest ceIebru famous eel mal bun prleten best friend eel mai recent latest bunlca grandmother bunlc grandfather bunici grandparents busola compass bastean log casa home. strange dur sieve dzme boots dar clear claxon horn cladlre building cladlre de birouri office block a dati rinse dient dopot customer bell cllpa moment a eeace bake coada queue. present cadru frame cafenea cafe buton de pornirea unui aparat power switch butuc log casa de sine statatoare detached house casa Iipita de altele. chinezesc chlosc de zlare newsagent's. study left birou de bagaje pierdute luggage office birou necompartimentat open-plan office birt pub biscuit biscuit bloc de locuinte block of flats bloc notes notepad bluzii blouse bob peas bogat rich bol bowl bolnav il] a bombani mumble bombeana de clocolata chocolate borcan jar bordura kerb branza cheese branza «rasa cream cheese brlcheta lighter broasca testoasa tortoise brosa brooch brosura brutarie leaflet brusc sudden baker's bucata piece bucatar chef. read.Word Bank: Romanian-English betlsor. read dudat fancy. house casa de bilete ticket office .larie calatorie cildura fall. spent. fell. something (st) chele key biciclist rider a bifa tick (the box] bijuterii jewellery bUet ticket bilet dus si ngle ticket bilet dus-intors return ticket bine right blne facut neal blrou desk blrou (incapere) office. sofa candidate canteen. bunch hudat curly a se bucura de enjoy bucuros glad card card card de credit credit card card de debit debit card careu de cuvmte mcructsate ceas watch ceas de perete sau de masa clock ceas desteptator alarm clock cup cec anulat crossed cheque ceases crossword carne meat carnet de cecuri cheque book carpeta rug carte book carte de vlzlta business card cartela card cartef potato bufet canteen bun good. somebody (sb]. cook casler cashier casier!e cash-point castel castle castravete catedrala cucumber cathedral catalog catalogue catran pitch a calcula computing calculator cald warm calendar cale way cal horse calitate quality a calma calm down calm cool camera room camera de bale bathroom 0 calculator calendar a cauza cause cauza cause a cadea caIaret d. won ce what cealnlc kettle. ring cerdac veranda a-si cere scuze apologise cerere application cerin~a requirement a se certa argue certlficat certificate ceva anything. anyone. search a cauta ceva tntr-un chestiune matter Chinese de zl living room dubla double room video video camera maid. some. identice ca fatada terraced house casa Upita de 0 alta identki semi-detached house caserola casserole caseta case centrala telefontca switchboard centra comercial shopping centre centru de conferinte conference centre cer sky cere circle. news stand chipes handsome chirlas lodger chitanta receipt chluveta sink cidism cycling cina dinner cine who cinematograf cinema cineva anybody. skill canal channel canapea candldat cantina cantitate capacitate capac lid cap head capital capital capitala capsator caracter anum!t cana mare jug. chambermaid van chinez. won. spent a chema call camera de room camera camera camera persoana single cillator rider. dti read. sang. travel heat chel bald chelner waiter a cheltul spend. sung a candirl weigh carcinma pub a castlga win. diner quantity qualification. someone dnstit fair. mug loc look up caine dog cand when cantar scale a canta sing. fallen rider horse riding journey. be1iga~ (chinezesc) chopstick blblioteca bicicleta library bike cabana cabin cabina telefonlca phone box cadou gift. honest usa knock a ciocantla camerlsta camloneti cannon lorry couch.

Creii'a garden centre creta chalk crevetl prawns criminal thug erln lily crocant crispy. design a crea (0 companie) set up la company) curs lecture curs de schimb (valutar) rate 01 exchange cursa race. led. drew. cost costum suit costum de baie swimming costume cumpllt terrible cum se cuvine properly cu norma intreaga cuplu couple captor oven cuptor cu microunde microwave oven full time a decora decorate de curand recently de fiecare zj everyday deja already delegat delegate delicat delicate delicios delicious demn de incredere reliable timbre collecting coleg colleague coleg de camera colet parce I room rate colter necklace comedy comment company compensation competition curalos brave curat neat a curala dean. holiday sack a cot! turn. deosebit stomatolog particular dentist colt corner comedie comentarlu companie competltle de obicei usually de parte faraway a depasl in trafic 0 alta mru:. turn COtitUfa bend. gave. meant. given a da atentie pay attention concert concert conditle condition conducator ruler lead. racing curte yard cu slguranta definitely cu susul in [os upside-down deschis open a descoperi discover a descne describe a desena draw. led. drawn deseori often despagubire relund destinatle destination destul enough destul de rather de sucees successful desl although destept clever detaliu detail detector detector cutie case cutie de scrisorl letter box cutlt knife. meant a crede in ceva believe in st credit credit creion pencil crema de protectle cream concediu concediu break cu cuvant literally de odihna annual design a concepe solara sun a da give. right condor corridor corn horn a costa cost.Word Bank: Romanian-English a cobori (dlntr-un mljloc de transport) get off coctell cocktail colan necklace colectle collection a colectlona collect a colecttona stamps a contlne contain continut contents copac tree ccperta cover cu manecl lung! long-sleeved cu maned sleeved scurte shortpurchase declaratle vamala customs declaration a cumpara a copia copy copie copy copll child corect fair. polish a curata de (oala peel a demola demolish de neintrecut unbeatable dentist. turning covor carpet cratlta saucepan cravata tie a crea create. knives cuvant a crede mean. 1'1. hard d!ficultate difficulty dig pier dlmlneata morning unfortunately a culege pick up cui oar aisle culoare colour dinapoi rear declare din nefericire 50 English in 20 minutes a day . cost. crusty crosa de goH goll club crusta c r u st cu-adevarat exhaust conditioned really air- a da bacsls tip a da dick click ada cuiva legatura (la telefon) cu altcineva put sb through to sb order pass a conduce manage de metale metal de rufe washing a conduce drove. maslna drive. driven a da dispozltle a da 0 detergent powder a conduce pe cineva csnd pleaca see somebody off conducere conducta pipe rule a da mal departe hand mana de ajutor give a a determina determine a detlne own de varsta mijlocie middleaged de evacuare connection conference comfortable cu aer condftlonat a da peste clneva bump into sb conexiune conferiuta confortabil cu atenne carefully a dactilografia a dansa dance data nasterll data date a datora datorle a diinui a danlma debarcader de ce why a decide a declara decide owe duty last devreme type date 01 birth early disappointment disgusting dezamagire dezgustator dezlegat co blandete gently cu calm calmly cu crusta crusty cu dungi striped cu exces de greutate overweight loose conlitienta awareness cont account cont de economti savings account a dezvolta develop dlctionar dictionary diew diet diferit different pier contabil accountant a continua continue a continua cu get on with contlnuu continually control de la dlstanta control remote cofar chest cu Imprimeu patterned cuisoare clove break down de baza basic dlflcll difficult. turn.ina overtake depozlt de marfuri warehouse de prlsos redundant depunere a deranja deposit disturb comltat county compensatte COlichimney cos de cumparatur! basket shopping curba turning curent current curler courier COlide hartil wastepaper basket complet complete complicat complicated compliment compliment a se comporta behave comportament conduct ccmpozltle mixture comun common acomuta commute a concedla dismiss.

set fizic physical Oamand hungry floare fluier foaier foarte foarte flower whistle lounge scissors ancient batran every boil dosar file. mad fusta skirt gal ben yellow galerle de arta art gallery thug guarantee gangster a garanta a dod want. set. sent experience explain explanation exhibition expand draw fecioara felicitare functionar domtctllu home fund de tocat chopping domol dorinta a dormi slow wish pana taniu bedroom hangings pretty.Word Bank: Romanian-English din non again dinozaur diplomat diplomatic diploma directive director direct dinosaur diplomatic diplomatic unlversltera directions director. ruin division divizie division energle enervant epuizat est east etajera energy annoying excite exhausted a entuziasma doamna madam doar just. led a se duce Ia go to dulap cupboard dulce-sensor dulciuri dummlca sweet and sour sweets Sunday afternoon expozme a extinde extragere fiset filing cabinet extrem extremely a face do. photography frantuzesc French dlscars speech elesteu a ellbera lay fotoUu armchair frate brother a frana brake frana de mana handbrake frlgider fridge handsome. sightseeing perform copy requirement send. made a face autostopul hitchhike a face bale take a bath a face dUI> take a shower a face fata Ia ceva manage a-sl face grlji (pentru worry (about) a face 0 fotog:rafie photo take a ceva) gatit cooking geamantan geaman geanta generos gen sort a gestiona gheata {tbitara ice gu itar ghid guide manage bag generous suitcase twin dupa-amiaza a durea hurt durere durere dureros dur hard du~ shower a dura last.women window festival happy a. led. found a gatl cook a exersa practise drob haggis drum road. steal. university degree fantoma ghost farfurloara pharmacy fasole bean fast splendour Ia form botel guest registration fosila fossi I fotocopiator photocopier directle dlscheta a direction a direct Iotografle frances. wish dormltor draperii dragul drept dreptate drogherie exceptie excursie a executa a fi atent la mind ficat liver a fi de acord agree a Ii de acord asupra subiect agree on st fiecare a fierbe tier iron filca daughter a fl in stare afford filtru colander finalise a flnaliza fisier file fiu son a fixa set. pl. take time de cap headache de dinti toothache sore genlu genius foaie sheet toarfeca mult plenty English in 20 minutes a day 51 . train station garda guard gardlan security guard bed-sit garsontera gata ready gaura hole a gasi find. photo. run a dlsplacea disponibil sb off elev student a emite emit a emite (un eec) make out fasung socket fata girl fata in casa maid fata de masa tablecloth favorit favourite faina flour faral> dustpan fara exagerare to fara un sfert (ca ora) quarter a disponiblllza un angajat dlstractle fun a dlstruge diviziune break down. shelves a fuma smoke smoking clerk board fumat maid greeti ng woman. shape form de inregistrare formular formular faimos famous famUie family fantastic fantezist farfurie farmacie fantastic fancy plate saucer chemist shop. fruct fruit frumos beautiful.iment event a evita avoid exact exactly. only a doilea domestic second domestic esentlal essential shelf. just exa. pI. lovely literally a tugi run. way dublu double a duce carry a duce la lead. found. made. evalua rate even. sent. make. manager straight on direction floppy disk dislike available echlpament equipment a face ordlne facIlItate factura tidy up foc fire echlpa team economic (money) ecosez checked ecran screen editie edition a efectua perform egal evenly egiptean elegant Egyptian smart pond release egoist selfish economical (bani) save a economlsi a face rau hurt facility invoice a folosl use din spate rear folosin~a use a forma tun numar de telefon) forma dial band forma tie muzicala form.men exam oversleep excelent terrific exception excursion. lovely right reason chemist shop temeie Iereastra fericit festival a furs fob. stolen furcullta fork furlos angry. folder a excita excite anul exemplar exi{tenta a expedia experienta a explica explicatle garaj garage gara station. stole. ran.

i nteresti ng a intermedia intermediate Incalzlre heating incapere room Incarcator inca still incantator pretty charger in spatele behind frightened intern domestic. rubbish gura! shut up! gustare snack guvern government haina coat haine clothes haine pentru barbati menswear Innorat cloudy a inota swim. internal a interoga question intervlevat interviewee Interviu interview a intra get into Intrare entrance. spread. spent. swam. g:recesc Greek greseala mistake gresft wrong a se lmbraca get dressed Imbracammte a imbunatiti a impacheta greu difficu It. swum inot subacvatic in plus extra a inregistra inregistrare record check in registration scuba diving a imprumuta (de la clneva) Imprumut loan Inaintas forward inainte ahead.Inire prestablllta appointment a hotari decide a howl determine hot thief hrana food a intampina a se intampla Intamplator welcome happen casual a hrani feed. stretch incovoiere bend tncredere reliability a incuraja encourage incurcatura Indemsnare mess skill remove faraway winter laz pond Idee idea idioti idiots ieftin cheap ieri yesterday lesl afara! get out! lstet smart a Indeparta Indepartat indoire bend istorie historical a lubl love lublre love a intoarce turn. terrific gudron pitch weight incident incident a include include inconfortabU uncomfortable a indica indicate indicator rutier road sign indicatii instructions Indlvid guy inel ring infectle infection infirm disabled lnfractlune crime Inglner engineer inima heart a lnsera insert a instala install lnstalatle de aer condftlonat air conditioning a impartii$i share a impiiJtj share a impinge push impotmolit stuck impotriva against imprejur round Impreuna borrow together guma de sters eraser gunol litter. entry a intra undeva come into. rent Inchis closed inchisoare prison Inspalmantat in strainatate overseas Intalnire meeting Intalnlre amoroasa date inta. meant. tall inal~ime height Inauntru indoors. turn a se intoarce return. laid. waste a Tntan!a delay Intarzlat delayed. rude grozav great. go back to a indrazni dare a iotocml make out 52 English in 20 minutes a day . opposite llustrata postcard lmedlat immediately important important importan~a worth imposlbll impossible impresie impression a impresiona impress imprimatii printer imprimantii cu laser laser printer tnfatlsare appearance source a infiiota set up (a company) Tnforma fit mfrtcosator frightening in general overall inghetata ice cream Ingri jitor ca re ta ke r ingriiorat worried ingrozitor awful in gust narrow in Intregime entirely a Inlocu! replace in lung.Word Bank: Romanian-English gluma joke gol empty grad degree granl~a border gras fat. lunglme lengthways a mmana hand over a imbiba soak up a tmbraca dress clothing improve pack gradina zoologies zoo §Tec. in carouri checked In casa indoors incaltaminte shoes insemnare note harnle hard-working harta map hartie paper hartogarate paperwork hid rant hydrant hobby-uri hobbies hochei hockey hoi lounge horn chimney hotarare resolution in serie en suite in sfar~it finally in siguranta safe insorit sunny Insotltor de bord flight attendant Insula island Inteligent clever a interesa foarte tare excite interesant exciti ng. heavy greutate grl grey grosolan rough. prietenii girlfriend lute quick a se Ivi show up iZVOT a indrepta spre point a indruma direct in fata ahead. fed iar again Iarba grass. inside a se inregistra insarcinrue task In seara asta tonight a insemna mean. forward. fed. laid. rush gradinii botanlca gardens botanical a iesi la get out at llegal illegal lublt boyfriend lubit (de obicei. spent. overweight gray serious a se grab! hurry. ca forma de adresare) darling lubitii. meant hamal porter harababura mess lnstalatle pentru raclrea apei water cooler instructiunl instructions directions. late intan:iere delay in tlmp ce while in timpul during a intlnde lay. go in in cele din urma eventually a incepe start a incerca try in cere round incet slow a Incetml slow down a inchide close a inchiria hire. herb Iarna a introduce introduce invalid disabled a inventa invent a invita invite lnvltane invitation a irosi spend. forward inalt high. turn.

great. table Intr-o succestune a mijloci Intepenit stuck teach. goods shop magician magician magie magic mal bine rather mai curand rather major major majoreta majoritatea cheerleader most magazln de electrice medic veterinar murdarle musafir legatura connection leguma vegetable lejer loose lemn wood mediu environment melon bowler hat meniu menu a mentiona mention mereu always a merge go. grand. spot local local locatar lodger meeting point loc de intalnlre maslna de spalat vase dishwasher matematlca materie a maxlmallza maths maximise matter minut minute miraculos mobila Ioc de munca job lee de odlhna lounge lee gol gap a lua take. great a lift take notes make an road works a luanotlte moneda a lua 0 Intalnire appointment a monta install morcov carrot a mormal mort dead moschee mosque mumble lucrarl la drumuri lucru thing lucruri lumina stuff light martun goods lada de gunoi rubbish bin la etaj upstairs la moda cool.Word Bank: Romanian-English intotdeauna a se Intreba intrebare intrecere always wonder question race interrupt maintenance en suite limb a straina foreign language a limita limita limit de viteza speed limit limousine spoon malo! marii seaside mama mother manager manlera margine margine manager manner border a trotuarulut kerb mic low. dressing table matura broom matu$a aunt maine tomorrow mana hand mancare mecanic food. meal de locomotiva gear rnedlcine vet maneare la pachet takeaway engineer stock mecanism medicament liquor store electrical meci match luna moon luna a anulul month lungime lung long luni Monday length motocicleta motorbike motor cu reactle jet engine motoreta mult much motorbike mufa socket multnne crowd mul~umesc thank you larg wide lut clay luxos luxurious macadam pavement de provizii shop multumire satisfaction mumie mummy a munci work munte mountain muratura murdar pickle dirty mess guest mouthpiece a lasa pe cineva in pace leave sb alone Iectie lecture. lift nasture button national national nationality nattonalttate method English in 20 minutes a day 53 . gone: walk mesal message metoda metrou de plata payment underground musnuc a se muta move a se muta eu casa move house muzeu museum muzlclan musician lenes lazy Uber free llbrarle Iillac bat liJnba language. fashionable la multl ani! happy birthday langusta lobster lant chain lapte lamaie laptuca milk lemon lettuce rna scuzatl excuse me masura size masuta de toaletii. went. taught. tongue books hop lift escalator. lesson lectle de proba trial lesson a lega tie (up) magazle room magazin magazin de bauturt aJcoolice off-licence. large a a mlcsora reduce intrerupe mldle mussel miellamb miercuri Wednesday intermediate mlezul noptti midnight intretinere intristat intunecat a intelege a invala a inviora llnlstlt quiet a Ilpl stick. mediu medium mljloc middle militaresc minge ball mil i tary a mlntl lie a se minuna wonder minunat minune wonderful wonder magical [acheta jacket joe game joi Thursday los low a juca play loc place. chest kilo manuiiia de baie facec10th manusl gloves maT apple maret grand. stuck. taken a lua cu asalt rush a lua cu maslna pe clneva give sb a juca un rol perform [ucarle toy judecaUi j«matate reason de norma part time mazare peas macelane mamldi butcher's mummy bunch de baseball mitt a se mlsca move furniture way modalltate manunchl manu~ mod a fashion model model moment moment coin jurnal diary kilogram lac lake lada case. taught revive in varsta elderly lista list Usta de preturl price list litoral seaside a Una deliver Una pound mljloclu. stuck lips!t de bani In numerar short of cash lira (moneda) pound sorry dark understand maro brown masa de lucru pentru computer masca mask mEl$ina de ealculat machine ma$lna de spaIat washing machine adding worktop masa meal. took. small mlc dejun breakfast microfon microfon microphone mouthpiece lim pede clear limuzina lingura intreg whole mare big.

rf rush hour a pierdecontrolul orb blind nlvel level night orchestra ordinar ordine ordonat orez rice bill oribil a ordona orchestra ordinary noapte nor cloud nord north norma rule norocos lucky nostim funny nota de plata noti1a note nil conteaza nula rod numal only numarabtl countable auto number reference never mind order order neat.Word Bank: Romanian-English nav1ga~ie sailing a nascoci invent oala pot oarecum oaspete obiect usual obos!t tired a observa notice a obtlne get. personalitate personnel pertinent relevant peste drum opposite pasion at keen paslunl hobbies pas step pasta de dinp toothpaste pasta de tomate paste pasta tomato paste neoblsnutt fancy. stop a oprl (an aparat) oprire arrest orar timetable turn off pauza break paznlc security guard a pacani padure paIarie pamant par hair parintl parents a pasa de mind pastrav trout patrat square go in prin efractle keen break a patrunde a patrunde overtime patrunzator patura rug toast controls click wood hat earth plclor foot. object pantofi papagal shoes parrot car park. got ocazle opportunity ocean ocean ochelari ochI eye glasses. spectacles sunglasses rather guest item. pass perm is de conducere licence a permite allow afford a-st permite oblsnult common. unusual ncpasatcr nepoliticos neprelucrat nerabdator thoughtless rude rough impatient ochelarl desoare ocol roundabout ocupat busy oficiu postal post office oglinda oglinda mirror a omorr kill mirror pasaport pata spot pat bed rear-view passport peste fish petrol oil pe useat inland pian piano piatra stone pia1ii market nerves nervous nesuferit nasty special needs retrovizoare pateu pate patine patinoar cu rotiJe roller blades skating ring a netezi polish nevol speciale nlcl neither nlclodata never nid nnul none nlmenl fancy opera opera a opri arrest. none nothing pa. paid. left nlmicur! rubbish nlste some va. got. pI. paid a platl cu card pay plastic platit inainte pre-paid a plange cry a se plange complain plangere complaint panta slope pantofi de sport trainers perie brush 54 English in 20 minutes a day . share pasager passenger nechibzult thoughtless neferidt nefolositor negru black unhappy unhelpful pasare perna cushion persoaaa person persona] character personal staff personality. nought a parasi leave. parking perfume ground floor bird perle de par hairbrush periu1ii de din~ toothbrush nascnt born nasuros bad-tempered nebun mad necaz trouble necasatorit single necesar necessary pare park parcare parfum parter perla pearl driving permls licence. regular. feet. left. tidy pilot de aviatie ptslca cat pizza pizza plaja beach plan plan planeta planta planet plant ore suplimentare horri ble whenever (into a place) orlcand ornament ospatar 01'1 egg paine bread paine prajita parghle pana cand until de comanda overall pe ansamblu ornament waiter otet vinegar OZN UFO pachet package a unui planta aromata piasa net plastic plastic platforma a placea placere placinta placut herb pe care te poti bizul reliable pelsaj marin sea view pensionar pentru pepene perdea pereche perete pericol perforator periculos pensioner numar de inmatriculare car registration number numar Is hainesau incai1aminte nume name nume de famUie surname nunta wedding a nu se grab! take time nu te oprl keep going size numar de referin1ii platform like pleasure pie paglna de deschidere pahar glass palid panlcii pale panic panic trousers a panka pantalooi ea because gal ben melon curtain pair wall hole punch dangerous danger site de web home page nice a plati pay. lost lost lose control loss lost pedestrian airline pilot pepper cellar nobody. leg a pieta paint plctura painting piele (de marochmarle) comb lose. parte part.ianjen spider nlmic extraordinar oras town oras mare city orator ora de speaker leather pieptene a pierde pierdere pierdut pieton piper plvnlla nlmlc nothing.

laid. set. major a prinde catch. tennis a pleca depart. quickly sala de soslrl arrivals hall salol de sport sports hall salon de tnfrumusetare salon salutare greeting salut hello. pullout plecare departure pliant leaflet plic envelope plktisitor pUn full plin de regrete sorry boring a repeta repeat pret price. proprietareasa prosop towel prost stupid rece cold. laid.isiune promise revist. rang. mend. quick a returna un apel telefonic ring sb back a principal main. bridge podea floor politic political politicos polite privellste view a privi look ratlune reason. socket reusk successful a se revansa fa~ de dneva make up to sb proaspat problema fresh problem. cool recesiune a reclama reclamatle rosu red prostil rubbish provizie supply public public puc puck rotund round roz pink rucsac backpack rufe laundry a ruina ruin sac bag a recomanda recomandare povarnls slope poveste story povestitor praz leek a se prabusi crash praj!tor de paine toaster prajltura preferat cake favourite pram: lunch. caught. worth a prezenta introduce a se repezl rush reprezentant responsabil restaurant representative responsible modest diner limit radiatle radiation radlu radium prleten friend friendly prietenos raft shelf. waste robinet tap robot telefonic machine roman novel a rosti spell rosie tomato answering a promite promise a promova promote a pronunta fiecare portocala orange wallet a racai grate a rade laugh rau river reactie response recession reclaim complaint recommend recommendation award admit admission grateful sale mesager/calatcr unul ctlvant spell proprietar landlord proprietate property landlady carrier pigeon posibil possible post de lucru la computer workstation peseta handbag potential SUitable potential fit. left. hi sandale sandals beauty a se relaxa relax a remarca a renunta a repara repede prelucrare processing a purta wear. spl It. potrivlt appropriate. procedure trouble racoros cool a ramane stay a ranl hurt a rasari show up rasfatat spoilt a revendica reclaim populatle population pore pork procedura profesle a reven! return produse de patlserle pastries profession professional profesional profit profit prom. worn putere power premiu award. put. put. sense racoritoare polltle police poluare pollution a pomeni mention popular popular a prlvi in sus look up priza plug.i magazine a raspunde answer a raspunde the phone raspuns answer. midday. I'll shelves rama frame a rambursa rambursare raport report rar rare pay back refund prile] opportunity prlmarie town hall a prim! receive a restitui return a restrlctlona retragere recession poarta gate poarta (In sport) goalpost prim Ire receipt primul first rapid fast.Word Bank: Romanian-English pleava rubbish a presupune suppose racheta racket de tenls racket. repair fast. noon storyte IIer recompense a recunoaste recunoastere recunoscator reducere pul de gaina chicken pulover sweater punct dot a pune lay. set. response a rezerva book. pick up a risipi spill. spilt. leave. set a pune in ordine sort out st pozltle position de preturl redundant sacosa bag a reduce reduce salata salad salata verde lettuce redundant a pune sub semnul intrebarii question panga de plastic plastic bag punte de comanda flight deck pupitru desk (la avion) refuglu in traflc traffic island reglzor director regular regular regula rule sala de gimnastica salol de mese diner gym sala de plecarl departure lounge a pregati prepare pregattt ready a prelua take over de texte word relatie relevant relationship relevant notice give up fix. prize a presa press rabat discount racheta rocket a presara sprinkle English in 20 minutes a day 55 . left. caught prin through retea net reteta cullnara a retlne arrest retlnere arrest refreshments recipe reteta medicaJa prescription pocnl click raspel grater a rata miss rata rate pod attic. put. rung rau bad razatoare litera a grater a ridica lift. reserve rezervare reservation sensible a rezolva sort out st porecla surname la telefon answer a porni start port harbour portal (in sport) goalkeeper purse portrooneu portofel porumbel rezonabll rigia ruler a rasuna ring. rate. wore.

sat. seat a scapa eeva drop a splendoare splendour a spune say. exchange change pull out highlight telefonie stert q IJ arter stesmc candlestick slguranta reliability. sat stay a sta en ochll pe ceva keep an eye on st a supune submit surprise sursa so u r ce scapa de cineva de dilcat scar] sta irs seandura board seena stage schelet schimb skeleton change. sat. knew. wives studiu stupid subsol break. a stlnge scuar square scuba diving sculpture socoteala a solicita solicitant solicitare solutle stecar pl u g stiinta astl science know. seara evening secara secretar secund securltate sedlu seat sejur stay a semna sign semn sign rye secretary second security somon salmon somptuos senor loud sora sister sortiment sos sauce sos de fasole bean sauce a sosi arrive sosire arrival sot husband sotle wife. sat sedinta sef boss semlneu servetel ~ina rail st un sfert flight attendant glass past a ~lefui polish a sefa drive. stood. set hang on! stai asal hold onl stalls starter statue bus stop tram stop lamp-post ~ansa chance a sedea sit. rung sunet sound noun sare salt satar deaver satifacut satisfied satisfaction sensibi1 sensible spanu gol blank suburbie suburb separat apart (from) serlos serious spalare spalatorie special a spala wash particular satlsfactle sat village sertar drawer service servidu servieiu service serviciu mail servietii seslune sex briefcase session male sex female sex auto service job. felt honest alone security a sta in plcloare stand. said. shook. drove. stood susplcios suspicious sus upstairs sampanle champagne a stablli stal putin! stalurl starter statuie set.Word Bank: Romanian-English sandvls sandwich sens giratorlu roundabout spanu space washing up laundry substantiv sud south sufragerie dining room sui (de hartle] roll suma sum a suna ring. known screwdriver expensive stra da str eet a se stradnl stramtnarrow strecuratoare a strica colander break. driven sofer driver lifestyle sort shorts sosete socks (ea ora) quarter fireplace napkin half past session simpanc nice stare condition a schimba schi skiing a scoate scoica simt sense statie de autobuz statle de tramval stiilp de feUnar sUing left stea star thank steward stlcla sticia bottle (ce material) a scoate in evidenta receptorului earpiece scor score sita sieve site de web website sltuatle slab thin slava Domnulnlt goodness! a smulge pull out score apply applica nt (in scris] application solution luxurious position ~i iumatate a scrie write. strove. try hard scurt short scutit detaxe a scutura scuzii apology. siluetii simplu a simti sincer singur figu re simple feel. broken spart broken 56 English in 20 minutes a day .ta tart a tasa press tastatura keyboard de calculator board tablet de dlstributle hangings cutlery de piata market stall stricat strident stridie a striga a strop! struguri student switchboard pI. written a scrijeU grate scrlsoare scrisoare scufundar] sculpture scump scund scuter low scooter duty free excuse shake. set. service de livrari delivery sauna sauna sau or saxofon sanatate saptamana saxophone health week spectacol performance a spera hope speriat frightened hospital mousse spital spuma suparat angry. said a spune ceva culva say st to sb squash squash barbatesc nationala public sex femelesc sfat advice suplu slim suprafal. a sparge neagra black sort ~uncii ham ~urubelni~a tabla tableta tablou tablourl tacamurl taraba tar. broken broken. felt. mad a supara upset suparator supa soup supermarket supermarket area supervisor annoying postal normal surface sanatos healthy sarac poor sarat salty sarbatoare holiday sambata Saturday scaun chair. spoilt loud oyster cry.i supraveghetor surpriza sfatuitor adviser sfa~lt sfa~it get rid of sb ironing end de saptamana weekend a sta sit. rang. shaken letter de rapel reminder scare sun stil manner stll de viala stllou pen turn off strive. shout spri nkle grapes student survey stupid basement striven. broke. broke. wrote.

kept a tine minte tinut county a tlpa cry. see. drawn traseu route a zorl rush a zugravi zvelt slim paint vesel cheerful English in 20 minutes a day 57 . mail trumpet scurte 'f-shirt vioara violin a vizita come round vizitator Yiztta vi sit voce voice volum volume a vopsi dye urias huge a uri hate urma rear a urmarl keep an eye on st urmator uscat dry next telecomanda trimestru a trimite a trimite trist sad trompeta televiziune tenis tennis teren television. light uzlna plant vacanlli valoare valoros holiday value. shaken birthday a ~ine hold. forgotten a se uita look ulcior jug. keep. taxi tacut silent a tala chop: cut. ti. seen vedere vedere postcard. shout a ucide kill UE (Uniunea uimitor Europeaua] EU amazing remember toaleta toba drum a toea chop. meant.Word Bank: Romanian-English tastatura keypad tasta . gently. forgot. came. liber leisure varletate variety varza. uscator de par hair dryer usturol garlic vorbaret a vorbi talk talkative speak. shook. held. said toti. fare taxi cab.call" call key tasta "diez" tata father hache key de telefon mobil a trata cure cure cross reliability carriage. age vechi ancient vecin neighbour a vedea. mug vegetarian vehlcul veranda zid wall zona area zona de pedeapsa area penalty ulei oil ulnm last ultimul umbra umbrela umed wet latest shade umbrella a venl come. cut tocmai toe pen tort cake tot tlmpul full time total totally just assistant varf top varsta. sent prin po~ta post. unit university universe sometimes universitate unt butter unit nasty ureche ear viata sociala victima vln wine vlltor future tava tray taxa charge. spilt. woken (up) tricou cu manect term send. cut. pi lives social life victim unch! uncle unde where uneorl unltate univers occassionally. worth valuable termen term a termina terminal test test tichet pass tigaie frying pan de imbarcare tufls bush valiri suitcase a vorbl cu cineva a vorb! culva des pre ceva speak to sb about 5t a vorbi despre ceva talk about st vorbire vorbltor want vreme weather speech speaker tur sub Indrumarea guided tour turcoaz turism turquoise sightseeing valuta currency vama customs vara summer timbru stamp timid timp shy turn tower turneu tournament tuse cough a tust cough printer a vrea mean. held. shop a zbura fil'. sold. cut taietura taielei teatru tehnic telghea telefon telefon score noodles theatre technical counter remote control cell phone TV phone mobil trasura a trece trecere trecere treaz awake vin de casa house wine a vinde sell. woke. sent. flown zdreanta rag a zdrobl crush zebra zebra crossing zero nought a zgaltai shake. shook. spoken. come verb verb verde green a verifica check a transmite pass a trasa draw. sold a vindeca vineri viteza cure Friday speed visitor crossing tren train a se trezi get up: wake. spoke. view spre mare sea view vegetarian vehicle veranda zgomot noise zgomotos a zgudui zi day zl de nastere zlar newspaper a zice say. kept. toate every trafic a trage tragere trandafir a transfera traffic (cu 0 arma) draw rose remove fire a uita forget. shaken noisy shake. meant. cut.mpul zilei daytime tip guy tipografie ca bbage vast large vaza vase var cousin vreodata ever zbor flight tlrbuson corkscrew titlu qualification titluri universitare toilet academic Qualifications tara tigara country bad-tempered cigarette tamos a varsa spill. saw. said. cut. talk to sb de golf golf course finish terminal boarding trotineta scooter trotuar tunsoare tur tour pavement haircut unui ghid user easy. coach pass de nivellevel de pietoni crossing zebra umeras a umple hanger vestiar changing room tratament a traversa a trai live trainicie fill vest west vista life. flew. spilt vanzare vanzari vanzator sale sales sales assistant. drew.

a respecta 58 English in 20 minutes a day ..z] come [kAm] cost [kost] cut Lki\l] dig [dIgl do [dull dream [drinn] drink [dmjk] drive [drarv I eat [itt] fall [f:):l] feel [fi:I) fight [fait] PAST SIMPLE was I were [woz.z] get [get] give [g1VJ go [gau] grow [grau] have [heev] hear lhro] hide Ihard] hit [lut] hold [hoold] hurt [h3:1] keep [kirp] tine a rani a tine.nd/t] bought [bott] could [kud] caught [ken] chose [tjcoz] came [keun] cost [kost] cut [k .m] forgotten [fs'gotan] frozen [froozn] got I gotten [gotan] given [grvn] gone [gon] grown [grson] had [hted] heard [h3:d] hidden [hrdan l hit [hIt] held [held] hurt [ha.r] v dug [dag] did I'dId] dreamed I dreamt [drernt] drank [dreeqk] drove [droov] ate [ert] fell [fell felt [felt] fought [fJ:r] flew [flu:) forgot [fe'gnt] froze [fraoz] got [got] gave [gerv] went [went] grew [gru:] had lhzed] heard [ha.t] kept [kept] a prinde a alege a veni a costa a taia a sapa a face a visa a bea a conduce (rnasina] a manoa a cadea a slrntl a lupta a zbura a uita a ingheta a obtine ada a merge a creste a avea a auzi a ascunde a lovi oil fly [flar] forget [fo'get] freeze [fri. wee] became [brkerm] began [brgeen] bit [bn] built [bilt] burned I burnt [ba.d] hid [Iud] hit [hn] held [held] hurt [hair] kept [kept] PAST PARTICIPLE been [biro] become [brksm] begu n [bIgAIlI bitten [biran 1 built [bIlt] burned I burnt [bsmd/t] bought [bert] a fi a deveni a Tncepe a musca a construi a arde a curnpara a putea caught [kort] chosen [tJ<1'llW] come [kxm] cost [knst] cut [kAt] dug [dag] done [dAn] dreamed I dreamt [dremt] drunk [drxnk] driven [drtvan] eaten [itten] fallen [forlon] felt [felt] fought [fair] flown [f1~l.Irregular verbs VERB be [bi:J become [brkxm] begin [brgm] bite [bait I build [bird] burn [bam] buy [bar] can [ksen] catch [kretJJ choose [rju.

Iuld] sent [sent] shone [jcon] shut IJAt] sang [srel)J sat [seet] slept [slept] spoke [spaok] took [tuk] taught [I::>:t] told [tauld] thought [80:1] threw ISru:] woke [wook] wore [W0:) won [WAn] wrote [root] known [noon] led lied] lent [lent I let [let] lain [Iern] a cunoaste a conduce a da eu Irnprurnut.. a rasari a fug] a spune a vedea a vinde a trimite a straluci a Inchide a canta sit [srt] sleep [slitp] speak [spirk] take [terk] teach Iti:tJ] tell [tel] think [8I1)k] throw [Srdol wake [weik] wear [wee] win [wm] write [rart] a sta a dormi a vorbi alua a tnvata (pe cineva) a spune. a lase a Tmprumuta a sta culcat a aprinde a pierde a face a Tnsemna a tntaln: a plati a pune light [laIc] lose [lu. a permite. a povesti a gandi a arunca a trezi a purta a castiga a scrie English In 20 minutes a day 59 .z] make [merk] mean [mim] meet [min] pay [pel] put [put] read [ri:d] ride [raid] rise [ralZ] run [rsn] say [set] see [si'] sell [sell send [send I shine [jam] shut [JAt] sing [SH]] lit [LIt] lost [lost] made [meld) meant [ment] met [met] paid [perd] put [put] read [red] ridden [ndon] risen [nzan] run [rxn] said [sed] seen [sim] sold [sould] sent [sent] shone [joon] shut [JAt] sung [SA!]] sat [seer] slept [slept] spoken [spaokan] taken [terkon] taught [toa] told [toold] thought [S:m] thrown [Srnun] woken [woukan] worn [worn] won [WAll] written [ntsn] a citi a calan a se urea.Irregular verbs know [nou] lead [li:dl lend [lend] let [let] lie [lar] knew [njur] led lIed] lent [lent] let [let] lay LleI] lit [lIt] lost [lnst] made [merd] meant [ment] met [mel] paid [perd] put [put] read [red] rode [rood] rose [raoz] Tan [rum) said [sed] saw [S0:] sold [s.

debara cant curent perdele. draperti masinl semi-detached (house) casa lipita de alta identica shop snapping centre study single (ticket) store shopping den one-way (ticket) mall magazin centru birou cornereial (tncapere] bilet dus costurn rnancare la pachet de bale swimming costLime swimsuit takeaway tap terraced house take-out alee pentru perrnis de faucet row house robinet conducere movie apartment yard sick teakettle hamper railroad elevator math cell phone bulletin board crossing casa altele ljpita de ca film apartament gradina. BRITISH (UK) AMERICAN (US) post code porter public phone railway reception return (ticket) rubbish I Utter hin roundabout queue zip code bell captain! pay phone railroad front round desk trip (ticket) hop cod postal portar (de hotel) public $i engleza americana: aeroplane aerial bath bill biscuit bungalow caravan cash machine airplane antenna tub check cookie ranch house trailer automated machine telling (ATM) avian antena cada nota de plata tursec telefon cale Ierata receptie casa cu veranda rernorca bancornat bilet dus-Intors trash can traffic line duplex circle cos de gunoi sens giratoriu coOlda cashier chemist's cheque cinema cooker cupboard current account curtains drive driving licence fllm flat garden iIJ kettle laundry basket level crosslng teller drugstore check movie stove closet checking drapes driveway driver's licence account theatre easier farrnacie cec cinematograf saba.-~~-~.---. bauturi alcoolice package sidewalk rise phone booth colet sink chiuveta trotuar mar ire de salariu cablna teletonlca wastebasket crosswalk CO$ de harti i de trecere zebra pietoni 60 English in 20 minutes a day .~-~-y---~-.. tennis restroom teatru Grar bolnav ceainic cos de rufe trecere ascensor de nivel tosleta tenisi shoes / sneakers streetcar cart pants subway porch closet tramvai carucior pantaJoni metrou veranda dulap debara de lift maths mobile phone notice hoard off-licence parcel pavement pay rise phone box maternanca telefon avizler rnagazin mobil liquor store wardtobe washbasin wastepaper basket zebra crossing haine. aragaz dulap._-. curte identice fatada theatre timetable toilet trainers tram trolley trousers underground veranda de theater schedule bathroom.I British-American Diferente intre engleza britanica Glossary .

_1. _. " ... ~ '/ '7. ~ ~""" .l'~.•• ~''I.. " ~. . ' airplane antenna apartment automated telling machine (ATM) bathroom. . debara dulap de haine.¥. casa liptta de altele identice ca Iatada orar centru comercial bolnav trotuar chiuveta schedule shopping mall sick sidewalk sink store stove streetcar subway swimsuit take-out teakettle teller tennis shoes I sneakers theater traffic circle trailer trash can. .~" • ~_..'-' AMERICAN (US)'" " .American-British Glossary "'<. ... tub wastebasket yard zip code timetable shopping centre ill pavement washbasin shop cooker tram underground swimming costume takeaway kettle cashier trainers theatre roundabout caravan rubbish / litter bin bath wastepaper basket garden post code debars biscuit zebra crossing fursec trecere de pietoni. curte cod postal English in 20 minutes a day 61 .". restroom bell captain I hop bulletin board cart cell phone check check checking account doset closet cookie crosswalk den drapes driver's licence driveway drugstore duplex elevator faucet aeroplane aerial flat cash machine avian one-way (ticket) single (ticket) parcel trousers public phone phone box veranda level crossing railway bungalow pay rise return (ti cket) terraced house bilet dus colet pantaloni telefon public cabina teleforuca veranda trecere de nivel tale lerata casa cu veranda rnarire de salariu bilet dus-tntors antena apartam en t bancornat package pants pay phone phone booth porch railroad crossing raUroad ranch house rise round trip (ticket) row house toilet porter notice board trolley mobile phone bill cheque current account cupboard wardrobe toaleta portar {de hotel) avizier carucior telefon mobil nota de plata cec cont eurent dulap.. draperii permis de conducere alee pentru masini farmacie casa lipiW de alta Identica ascensor robinet receptie COS rnetrou costurn de baie rnancare la pachet ceainic easier tenisi teatru sens giratoriu remordi front desk hamper line liquor store math movie movie theatre de rute coada magazin de bauturi akoolice rnatematica film cinematograf cos cos de gunoi cada de hartii maths film cinema gradina.': _BRITI~tI (UK). zebra study curtains driving licence drive chemist's semi-detached (house) lift tap reception laundry basket queue off-licence birou (tncapere) rnagazin soba. \ .~.<~-: •• _(.. aragaz tramvai perdele.' .

Notes) 62 English in 20 minutes a day .

l Notes English in 20 minutes a day 63 .

250 top. 30(bureau. 33. 269(A. ©Sandro VanninilCorbis page 2511man reading. drum): The National Trust Photolibrary/Alamy page 17316): Frank Noon pages 2.F). 27 I (saxophone. 17313. cycle path). ©Hemera Technologies Inc pages I. soap]. 225 top. plate. 63{CI.9. 74 top. pens. 115(C). 250 bottom. bottom centre left & bottom centre right. towels. ©MetaTools Inc pages 202(ciipboard). 229. 202(fax. ImageState pages 9(At. ©Christie's Images/Corbis page 251(carpet). I 55lfan)[Matthew Ashton). currency. bottom left & bottom centre.D). 187. 257 page ©David page 29 Comstock left.29 left. ©Chuck Savage/Corbis page 269ID). 35(B. clarinet). 121(A. 149(1-4. ©Bruce Ayres/Stene page 202-203. glass. pot. letter box. bathroom). 63(A.4. III. ©Colin Barker/lmage Bank page IO(family): page 279. laser printer. 205. 122 bottom 154(sports equlprnent]. 283. 157 left. 219(bread]. 15(B.8. 64 top left. 182 left. keyboard. itsculpture. 80. M(S. football. I 27(toilet hanger. scale. bus stop).B.Cj. 121(£). 179. 207. 30(wallet.70 right. 217. paperclips.B.B. ©Robert LleweliynllmageSlate page 25(C): Lloyds TSB page 30-31: ©Tim Manloan. elastic bands. necklace. 185.51. ©Dex lrnages/Corbis page 269 top: Digi. 101. 74 bottom.276(backgroundJ.tal Vision pages 35(EJ. 233. staples).CI.uk page 173(2. pot. zebra crossing). ©Vittorio Sclosia/Alarny page 254: ©Carroll Se. ©Post Office Ltd 2003 page 139. 251(mask. IndCorbls pages 31(manager). armour. teapot. ©Ulead Systems. frying pan).177(21. 266. dryer.E.E). 265{3). 267.B). Inc pages 220. II(Car). 226 (D. ©Ariel Skelley/Corbis page 115(0). greek vase. 58 & 59. 252(silver). 272 left. eggs. 271(guitar. laundry cart.51. ring]. 211(holiday items). 200(tie rack).193. paper. 257 left. lmages/Atamy page 127(room pass): Corel pages 15(D). 55 top centre left. Ace Photo Agency page 125(A): page 6S(Ej. ring binder). ©Bo Zaunders/Corbis page 123(D)_ 64 English in 20 minutes a day . 60. bottom Empies pages 155©Ion Feingersh/Corbis page 151Ci.260(1. calculatort. 151 top right & bottom. 251ldlnosaur. scales. paper. 82. 170. 43 top left. I 561ice skater). fondue. 145.3.). DVD. 269(Ej.f). 26. 9(flagsl. 270(ballet dancer. car park). 163. B-D).5). right. 137. microphone. microwave.co. ©Neil Robi nowltz/Corbls page 19 top centre right. 273( 1. 108 right. ©Chrislopher right. 227. 2. 123(A). 252(gold). 67. I I (radto). mouse. 35(A. 241 centre. 122 top right. 125(B. 97 top.186. ©James LeynseiCorbis page 78(ba€€age). ©Iames GualilmageState 10(pets). date stamp). bottom centre & bottom 155(wnistle. boots. 2761womsnl.3. Powerstock page 108 left. 245(concert. 156(ice hockey)(TtlnY Marshall). brooch. offioe & home). 269(Cj.5. 90. 79. decanter. carl. 50(A. 222lmailboxl.E. 21 I (cheques]. 223 bottom. right. 251(mummy). 57 (OP right. dustpan & brush. tunnel. 251(sketcning statue). 91(D. 125(3). 39 top. Rubberball Productions/Alan Bailey page 99[C): ©Rob & SASICorbis pa€e 115(AJ: Sauce Guldes/Alamy page I 26{mini-bar). ATM. ©Royalty Free/Corbis pages 78(security).i/lmageState page 48 top centre left. American football). ©john Springer ColiectioniCorbis page 280: ©David Stover/lmagefState page 127(chambermaid). purse. vacuum. 245(restaurant. 182 right. i8-79 top & bottom. 204(ruler. I 75(toaster. 230. 198. 2SI. bench. 70 top left & bottom bottom left & bottom right. Digital Vision/lames Lauritz page 200(peoplej. valuables. I 56(Jon Buckle). 197. 173(1. 55 top left.B. 251(guide). ©Araldo de Luca/Corbis page 251(candlesticks). 48 top left & top centre right. Hotel pages 126 bottom. 269 centre.H). 174{saucepan). 57 left. 203lcomputer. 226 top. diary. 97IA-P). 126(tea tray. 49.68(1'. 241 left & right.C. 252{wood. 232 top Jeft & ©Esbin Anderson/lmagestate BisselllStone bowl. 41. coffee pot. 221 bottom left. 171(1.21. statue. 85 left.2). 135. 252 bottom. 202(envelope. 221 top right. John Aldridge pages 9(B. ©Picturescope International/Corbis Sygma page 4 top right. I 56(backgroundl. 126(dining room).250-251. 57 bottom right. 171(4.10). 147(2).lossil. travellers left. top right & bottom left. 271(drums). 164. 260(5). iron. ironing board. 62. 61. 121 top. camera). 1551stop watch. bottom right. 251(art gallery). 48 top right. 265{ 1.langstone-hotel. mummy case. 105. 270(pop singer). 201(C. BergmaniCorbis page 270(jaz:z): ©BettmanniCorbis IS(A). facecloth.ghers/Stock Connection IndAlamy page I ().151 top left. banjo. 177(1. 204(scissOTs.GI. 37 centre & right. day): ©Io-se Luis Pelaez.2). sketching sculpture): ©Michael S YamashitaiCorbis page 251{dinosaur display). 271 top. 53: Digital Vision/Airport CD pages 77 top. top right & bottom right. 223(bin. ©Reg Charity/Corbis page 127(lift). trumpet). right. amplifier. 27313.201 (A. 83.140. left. 232 top centre.F:G). 87 top.2. Photodisc Green page I27(porter). 222(rOUJ1dabout.). 64 bottom 91(A. 171(3.4. 39 bottom. stone. 219(milk. 200(product shots). cheque.4. 277. 1151B). Photodisc Blue pages 30(bankderk). 37 left. 123(C). bard disk. ©Marco Cristoforl/Corbis page 265(6).. 181.S. 81 bottom. 253. 2i2 right. magician). I 27(doorman). ©Kit Houghton page 99(1'.C. hole punch). 269(F). grater.Acknowledgements We are grateful to the following Al pix pages 7. ©AG£ Fotostock/lmage'State for permission to use photographs. 202(photocopier. plano. 243.7).B). I 56(skier. 235. I I (people. 226(1'. 203(leyboard). ©Robert Hoimes/Corbis page 270(comedian).D. pencil. I 75(colander. 77 bottom. marker pens. 149(AJ. page Ii.O. Nova pages 9(Ci. painting).E) 54. 203(ftoppydisk). 43 bottom right. crossing Sign). 160. 125( 1. wardrobe). hair dryer). 259. 245(sport). 19 bottom. 222(phone box. 265(2). 222 top left. 174(lettle. red/yellow card. 246. 123(B). violin. cheerleader).CJ. possessions).199.5). 212. ©Richard CumminsJCorbis 251(llSing computer}. 19 top left & top right. centre & bottom parking meter. top centre right & top right. visitor. 225 bottom. 104. sieve. ©TFIIAlamy page 232 top right: ©TaxYRob Brimson page 128: Thistle 126(swimming pool. calendar.D). monitor. 260(4.D).D).II. ©Catherine Karnow/Corbis page 4 top left: www. accordion. 56.6). S9 top. 106.DI. 127(key. 50(C. sticky tape. 194(bag. apples].B. 174-175. 177(4.o. 2S(A. 204(calculator. snowboarder).E). sheets & pillows. 31(advisor. ©Ingram Publishing pages 35(D). 223( level crossing. ©lmageD) pages 153(A. desk tidy). camera).3). no entrysign. 87 page roadworks. ©JeanPierre Lescourret/Corbis page 159. credit cards).c. ©Michael Kevin Daly/Corbis page 18 right.C).EI.6). chopping board.157 centre s right.6). 19 top centre left.6). 89 bottom.5): ©Walter Hodges/Corbis page 13. 99 E. 176. ©Robbie lack/Corbls page 270(actors): ©George K )onesilmageState page 88: ©R W [ones/Corbis page 18 left. 31(cheque book). electronic organlser. mouse mat). 107. 133. staplen.85 right. 81 top. mop). 194(ticketl. 153(B). 30(flags). broom).4. 223(i1ydrant. 99(B. 265(7). 147( I .

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