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BMC Remedy

[Enterprise] Random Password Manager can make use of the remote API provided by BMC for integration into the Remedy ticketing system. The event sinks can then be used to output for ticket creation into the BMC Remedy system. To configure the integration, open SETTINGS | EXTENSION COMPONENTS | BMC REMEDY

Note: All fields are case sensitive. Login Section:

y y y y

User - the account used to create the ticket Password - password of the user Server - the remedy server name Authentication - server's domain or blank if user is a Remedy explicit user

Default Section:
y y y y y y y

Company - (Optional) the company that the user belongs to Customer First Name - user's first name Customer Last Name - user's last name Summary - (Optional) 100 character limit, can be left blank Support Company - See the 'Support Group' for the desired company Organization - (Optional) See the 'Support Group' for the desired organization; use the support group tab and select the support organization Assigned Group - (Optional) See the 'Support Group' for the desired organization; use the support group tab and select the group that belongs to the support company

Assignee - (Optional) first name (space) last name of the assignee login id (e.g. Fred Jones). If the ticket should be sent only to the support group and not a specific sub-user, leave this field blank Priority - default priority of the generated incidents

To find this information, open the BMC Remedy User tool and open the 'Application Administration Console' and select the proper company:

Available login users and pertinent information can be had by clicking 'view' for 'step 4'. Support information can be had by clicking 'view' next to 'Step 3'.

After all the information is entered, click the TEST button to validate the provided information. if the login is successful, the first message will indicate success:

After which a prompt to validate ticket creation will appear. Click YES to test the ticket creation.

If there are error messages reported, fix the errors and re-test. Typical error messages include:
y y y

y y

BMC message (623): Authentication failed - check the login details; typically an incorrect login password BMC message (59): No such user exists -- successfully connected as a guest user check the login details; typically an incorrect username BMC message (90): Cannot open catalog; Message number = 90 {Servername} : RPC: Name to address translation failed - no such hostname - check for the correct server name BMC Message (1291053): The Assigned Group fields are invalid... - if an assignee name is provided, ensure it is spelled correctly BMC Message (306): Value does not fall within the limits specified for the field (Pattern - $MENU$) : HPD:Help Desk : Assigned Support Company - validate the 'Support Company' field. BMC Message (48272): Required information is missing/invalid... - check all required fields are filled out, such as priority

In ERPM/RPM, open the Event Sink settings dialog from SETTINGS | EXTENSION COMPONENTS | CONFIGURE EVENT SINKS. Configure the event sink notification triggers as required; see 'Event Sink Creation' for specifics on this topic. On the top right of the event sinks dialog, select 'Pre-configured integration, then select "BMC Remedy" from the drop down list. All required information will be used from the previously configured BMC integration dialog.

Click OK to save your event sink. When the triggers configured in event sink occur, a ticket will be created within Remedy. The relevant information will be found in two locations within the ticket. The SUMMARY section, will have a preview of the information while the NOTES section will contain all information relevant to the event in question. Summary: