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REVIVAL OF RELIGIOUS LEARNINGS IMAM GHAZZALI'S THYA ULUM-ID-DIN ‘Translated by FAZL-UL-KARIM VOL. IIT Published by DARUL-ISHAAT Urdu Bazar, Karachi Pakistan - Phone : 213768 Publisher DARUL-ISHAAT ‘URDU BAZAR KARACHL-PAKISTAN. ‘Tel: 213768 - 2631861 First Ration : 1993 st: KODWAVI COMPOSING CENTRE « Pakistan Chowk, Karachi. DISTRIBUTORS: Bait-ul-Quran Urdu Bazar Karachi—1 ; dara Tul Ma‘arif, Darul Uloom Korangi Karachi-14 ‘Maktaba Dara! Uloon Darul Uloom Korangi Karachi-14 dara Tal Quran 437/D, G-E. Lasbella Karachi-5 ‘dara-e-Islamiat 190 Anar Kali Lahore. also available at: ‘Siddiqui Trust Al-Manzar Apartments Lasbella Karachi-5 Printed At AHMAD PRINTING CORPORATION KARACHI. PREFACE ‘The Book of Destructive Evils is the third book of Imam. Gazzali’s world renowned master piece Ihya Ulum-id-Din or the Revival of Religious learning. This work is an attempt to translate the third part of the Thya not too literally but in substance. This book deals with soul and its attributes, conduct, greed and passion, benefits and harms of tongue, anger and envy, attachment for the world, love for wealth and harms of miserliness, power, show, pride and erroneous beliefs. A literal translation is avoided in order to omit some unnecessary things which were prevalent in the then society, such as arguments of sects and sub-sects and also to omit the sayings of personages and sages of less importance but it should benoted that no verse of the Quran and saying of the Prophet has been omitted in this work. Translations of the other three books of the Ihya have by the grace of God already come out of press, namely the Book of worship, the Book of worldly usages arid the Book of constructive virtues. I pery to the Almighly Allah that He may guide the people of the world in accordance with the teachings of the Holy Quran and Sunnah and the spirit in which the Thya was written by ‘Hugatul Islam (proof of Islam), a title received by Imam Gazzali and about which it has been said "If all the books of Islam were destroyed, it would be buta slight loss if only the Ihya of Gazzali were preserved.” DACCA FAZLULKARIM | CONTENTS OF BOOK III THE BOOK OF DESTRUCTIVE BVILS CONTENTS CHAPTERI Soul andits attributes CHAPTERIL Riazat or efforts for good conduct in the ways of God CHAPTERII Harms of greed and sexual passion CHPATERIV Harms of Tongue CHAPTERV Harms of anger, hatred and Envy CHAPTER VI Evils of the world CHAPTERVII Evils of wealth and miserliness CHAPTER VIII Evils of power and show CHAPTERIX Evils of pride and self-praise CHAPTERX Evils of erroneous belief 47 69 n 127 153, 175 209 249 280

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