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Class Level: Primary 6 (Advance)

Time: 30 minutes

Genre: Short Story (SHORTY)

Page 14-16

Literary Focus: Prose

Plot Characterization
Setting Point of View

Integrated Language Skills: Writing , Speaking & Listening

Thinking Skills: Literal Comprehension :

Recognition of sequence

Multiple Intelligences: Verbal /Linguistic

Learning Objectives:
At the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to:
1. differentiate the physical appearance between the two characters.
2. express their feelings for the main character.

Prior Knowledge: Pupils have been exposed to the two parts of the
Short story


Teacher’s Task/ Students’ Tasks Teaching Rationale

Procedures Resources

Preparatory Activities
( 5 minutes)

1.Teacher asks pupils to Pupils give their opinions. To enable pupils

share their feelings if they to think creatively
are Allison. and critically.

2. Teacher elicits answers

from pupils.
Main Activities
(20 minutes)

1. Shared reading
(20 minutes)

1.1 Teacher reads the Pupils listen to the story LCD Projector To enable pupils
third part of the story using read by teacher. to pronounce the
power point to the pupils words correctly
with appropriate gestures
and expressions.

1.2 Teacher asks pupils to Pupils identify the two To help pupils to
identify the two characters in the story. understand better.
characters in the story.

1.3 Teacher asks pupils to Pupils form groups of

work in groups of five. five.

1.4 Teacher distributes Pupils collect the

mahjong paper and marker materials given by A4 papers
pens. teacher

1.5 Teacher asks pupils to Pupils compare physical

compare physical appearance between two
appearance between the characters.
two characters.

1.6 Teacher displays To boost the level

pupils’ work. of confidence.

Closing Activities:
(5 minutes)

Tongue twister

1. Teacher puts up the

tongue twister on the Sentence strip of To enable pupils
board. tongue twister to cooperate with
2. Teacher recites the each other
tongue twister.
3. Teacher asks pupils Pupils recite the tongue Short Shorty shall
to recite. twister. buy shoes at
shoes shop.